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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: -33.7000000, Longitude: 150.3000000


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLUM, Adam John   I21980 1. Essex Ennevers 
2 BLUM, Cheryl Dawn   I21986 1. Essex Ennevers 
3 BLUM, Keith   I21981 1. Essex Ennevers 
4 BUCHANAN, Ailsa Ethel June  1 Jun 1918Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21974 1. Essex Ennevers 
5 BUCHANAN, Edward William McLeod  11 Oct 1915Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I3085 1. Essex Ennevers 
6 BUCHANAN, Kathleen Janet  11 Sep 1910Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21947 1. Essex Ennevers 
7 COUSINS, Walton Albert  1904Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I3145 1. Essex Ennevers 
8 KEARNEY, Frank Henry  15 Jul 1918Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21876 1. Essex Ennevers 
9 KEARNEY, John Denis  21 Feb 1914Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I17542 1. Essex Ennevers 
10 KEARNEY, William Louis  21 Feb 1914Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21874 1. Essex Ennevers 
11 LAVENDER, Sarah  1890Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21896 1. Essex Ennevers 
12 SKEEN, Ivy Hazel  1914Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I17543 1. Essex Ennevers 
13 SMITH, Roslyn Anne   I21929 1. Essex Ennevers 


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   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANGUS, William Reginald  11 Nov 1967Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I3055 1. Essex Ennevers 
2 BLUM, James Andreas  1997Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21975 1. Essex Ennevers 
3 BUCHANAN, Kenneth McLeod  1955Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I3061 1. Essex Ennevers 
4 BUCHANAN, William  17 Oct 1898Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I3017 1. Essex Ennevers 
5 BYRNE, Norman Hamilton  4 Jun 1971Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I22016 1. Essex Ennevers 
6 EAGAR, Alice Ellen May  1936Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I3081 1. Essex Ennevers 
7 EAGAR, Harrie Douglas  6 Jan 1972Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I22013 1. Essex Ennevers 
8 EAGAR, Kate Ellen Anne  14 Jul 1928Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I2987 1. Essex Ennevers 
9 MILGATE, James Samuel  16 Nov 1943Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I21949 1. Essex Ennevers 
10 YOUNG, Emily Baring  1914Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I9760 1. Essex Ennevers 


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   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID   Tree 
1 HUNT, Nellie Amelia  Abt 1986Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia I28073 1. Essex Ennevers 


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   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANLEZARK / SMITH  1937Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia F4087 1. Essex Ennevers 
2 BUCHANAN / CLOUGH  22 Feb 1908Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia F926 1. Essex Ennevers 
3 COUSINS / MORRIS  1903Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia F958 1. Essex Ennevers 
4 KEARNEY / SKEEN  1938Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia F5268 1. Essex Ennevers 
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