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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Multiple close marriages between two families
NoHusband Dates & anniversaries WifeDates & anniversaries Marriage PlaceDate
Type Sibling/Cousin/Person  Spouse    
1Robert ENNEVER 1818-1847 Mary Stothart THOMAS 1818-1843 Parish Church, St Anne, Limehouse, Middlesex1839
p-sRobert ENNEVER [2]1818-1847 Harriet Agnes THOMAS 1822-1894 Parish Church, Christ Church, Middlesex1843
2Charles Green APPLETON 1823-1865 Harriet Agnes THOMAS [2]1822-1894 Parish Church, St Botolph Aldgate, City of London1850
p-sCharles Green APPLETON [2]1823-1865 Sarah Jane THOMAS 1832-1907 Parish Church, St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey1852
3Robert George ENNEVER 1845-1937 Maria Eliza COLLINS 1836-1929 Trinity Church, Latrobe Terrace, Geelong, Victoria, Australia1868
s-cMary Stothart ENNEVER 1840-1933 Henry COLLINS 1834-1910
4James Edward COMMON 1856-1884 Jane ENNEVER 1858-1930 Ebenezer Congregational Chapel, Watney Street, St George in the East, Middlesex1884
s-pSimon Robert COMMON 1839-1917 Jane ENNEVER [2]1858-1930 Church of St Thomas, Stepney, Middlesex1885
5Arthur William ENNEVER 1872-1909 Elizabeth Harriet PAUL 1872-1953 Parish Church, Bethnal Green, London1898
s-pRobert Edgar ENNEVER 1869-1955 Elizabeth Harriet PAUL [2]1872-1953 The Register Office, Hackney, London1918
6George Alfred ENNEVER 1875-1952 Caroline OLD 1875-1903 Parish Church, St Jude, Bethnal Green, London1899
p-cGeorge Alfred ENNEVER [2]1875-1952 Susannah PARDUCCI 1877-1935 St Peter's Church, Bethnal Green, London1908
7Arthur James MIDLANE 1877- Elizabeth SPRINGALL 1883- West Ham District, Essex1905
s-sFrederick MIDLANE 1881-1917 Emma SPRINGALL 1889- West Ham District, Essex1910
8James DAVEY 1881- Jane Elizabeth WISEMAN 1885- Parish Church, St John, Limehouse, London1906
s-sRichard DAVEY 1890- Esther WISEMAN 1894- Parish Church, St John, Limehouse, London1916
9David McLane CORSON Anne-Maree WALSH
s-sLeslie James CORSON Nicole Louise WALSH

The table records where two siblings, half-siblings or cousins have married siblings or cousins in a second family. It also records cases where one person has married two siblings or cousins. s-s stands for sibling-sibling, s-c for sibling-cousin, p-s for same person-sibling, s-h for sibling-half sibling, etc.

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