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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Multiple close marriages between two families
NoHusband Dates & anniversaries WifeDates & anniversaries Marriage PlaceDate
Type Sibling/Cousin/Person  Spouse    
1Colonel Francis MACERONI 1788-1846 Bethena Charlotte WILLIAMS 1805- Spain1824
p-sColonel Francis MACERONI [2]1788-1846 Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS 1802-1883
2William Edmund OVERTON 1802- Sarah FAILES Parish Church, All Saints, Tilney All Saints, Norfolk1826
s-sBenjamin Turner OVERTON 1804-1878 Ann FAILES 1811-1902 Parish Church, All Saints, Tilney All Saints, Norfolk1832
3William ENNEVER        -1869 Mary WADE Parish Church, Weld Chapel, Edmonton, Middlesex1833
p-sWilliam ENNEVER [2]       -1869 Elizabeth WADE 1813-1888 Parish Church, St Luke, Middlesex1839
4Thomas ENEVER 1810- Elizabeth RILEY 1816-1905 Parish Church, St Thomas the Apostle, Navestock, Essex1834
h-cJohn ENEVER 1797-1858 Rebecca RILEY 1815-1849 Parish Church, St Nicholas, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex1835
5William ENEVER 1813-1888 Sarah CARTER 1814-1856 Parish Church, Little Stanmore, Middlesex1838
p-sWilliam ENEVER [2]1813-1888 Esther CARTER 1817-1880 Parish Church, St Alphege, Greenwich, Kent1857
6William ENEVER Mary PERCIFULL 1820- Parish Church, St John, Croydon, Surrey1843
s-sMary ENEVER 1830-1865 William PERCIFULL 1827- Parish Church, St John, Croydon, Surrey1852
7Charles MARSTON 1825-1899 Hannah DUBOIS 1823- Parish Church, St George in the East, Middlesex1848
s-sHarry MARSTON 1829- Eliza DUBOIS 1829-1891 District Church, St Jude, Whitechapel, Middlesex1849
8William Christopher STYLES 1831- Ellen CURTIN 1831-1870 St Philip's Church, Bethnal Green, Middlesex1850
p-sWilliam Christopher STYLES [2]1831- Bridget Elizabeth CURTIN 1829- Parish Church, St Gabriel, Bromley, London1890
9John LLOYD 1825-1879 Catherine QUINN 1833-1894 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia1852
s-sThomas LLOYD 1831-1900 Jane QUINN 1837-1904 Victoria, Australia1857
10John ANSELL 1841-1885 Elizabeth ROBERTS 1842- Parish Church, St Anne, Limehouse, Middlesex1859
s-sRichard ANSELL 1835- Emma ROBERTS 1845- Parish Church, St Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex1861
11George Eli PIPKIN 1842- Martha Letitia FOUNTAIN 1837- Aylesbury District, Buckinghamshire1861
p-sGeorge Eli PIPKIN [2]1842- Emma FOUNTAIN 1850-1910 St Peter's Church, Islington, London1899
12Charles CURTIS 1837-1890 Harriet LOCKYER 1843- Parish Church, St Matthew, Oakley Square, St Pancras, Middlesex1861
s-sEleanor Agnes CURTIS 1834-1917 George LOCKYER 1832-1895 Parish Church, St Marks Road, Shoreditch, Middlesex1862
13George John WARNE 1841- Louisa Caroline TANNER Holy Trinity Church, Islington, Middlesex1862
s-hWilliam Henry WARNE 1851- Cornelia TANNER Parish Church, St John the Baptist, Hoxton, Middlesex1874
14Robert Henry HELMORE 1832- Elizabeth Gullock SULLY 1834- St Thomas Devon District, Devon1863
s-sThomas Edmond HELMORE 1837- Adelia Jane SULLY 1835- St Thomas Devon District, Devon1873
15Benjamin Johnson POLLYN 1843-1907 Elizabeth Sarah OVERTON 1841-1920 Parish Church, All Saints, Tilney All Saints, Norfolk1864
s-sRobert Remington POLLYN 1840- Ann Abigail OVERTON 1833-1875 Parish Church, St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey1865
16Thomas John BEDLOW 1836- Phoebe SUCH 1837-1890 Billericay District, Essex1864
s-sHenrietta Eliza BEDLOW 1835- David SUCH 1835-1873 Gravesend, Kent1870
17Daniel INMAN 1838- Rebecca ENEVER 1839-1877 Parish Church, St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex1866
s-sMartha INMAN 1847-1883 George ENEVER 1841-1893 Parish Church, St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex1867
18John Frederick BROWN 1846- Mary Ann HACKETT 1845-1933 Parish Church, St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex1871
s-sAnn BROWN 1841-1919 Joseph Richard HACKETT 1840- St Jude's Church, Whitechapel, Middlesex1883
19James DEEX 1849-1913 Ellen ENEFER 1855- Parish Church, St John, Limehouse, Middlesex1872
s-sSarah Ann DEEKS 1862- Alfred Arthur ENEFER 1863-1890 Parish Church, St Mary, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex1886
20James BAKER 1851-1875 Julia BRAYBROOK 1856- Cambridge District, Cambridgeshire1875
s-pJohn BAKER 1853- Julia BRAYBROOK [2]1856- Chesterbrook District, Cambridgeshire1878
21Thomas CLOTHIER 1848-1890 Jane POOK 1843- Penzance District, Cornwall1876
s-sRuth CLOTHIER 1853- Frank POOK 1847- Exeter District, Devon1876
22Robert Ponder ENNEVER 1856-1917 Emma COLLINS 1857-1931 Parish Church, St Mary, Bromley St Leonard, Middlesex1877
s-sHenry ENNEVER 1846-1929 Priscilla Ann COLLINS 1850-1906 Parish Church, Christ Church, Stratford, Essex1900
23Robert Archer ENEVER 1852-1937 Maria Emma COLEMAN 1856-1899 New South Wales, Australia1880
s-sMary ENEVER 1865-1948 Edwin COLEMAN 1856-1901 Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia1882
24Harry Allen HARDY 1861-1938 Sarah Ann ENEVER 1862- Islington District, Middlesex1882
s-sJames Allen HARDY 1853- Mary Ann ENEVER 1854- Islington District, Middlesex1883
25John Henry WILLIAMS 1861-1925 Charlotte ENEVER 1864-1940 Church of the Holy Trinity, Dalston, Hackney, Middlesex1883
s-sMary Ann WILLIAMS 1860- John Peter ENEVER 1857-1916 Parish Church, Emmanuel, Forest Gate, Essex1886
26Lt.-Col. William Henry LENSH 1863- Kathleen Elizabeth MULLEN 1864-1909 Islington District, Middlesex1883
s-sEdwin John LENSH 1861-1898 Frances Maria MULLEN 1866- Hackney District, London1888
27Joseph FENNESSY 1857- Fanny STRANGE 1854- Barton Regis District, Gloucestershire1886
s-pJohn FENNESSY 1852-1880 Fanny STRANGE [2]1854-
28Henry Martyn HELMORE 1865- Elizabeth PICKARD 1865- West Ham District, Essex1889
p-sHenry Martyn HELMORE [2]1865- Mary Ann PICKARD 1861- Rochford District, Essex1893
29Charles BOURNE 1873-1945 Caroline Ann BOLTON 1873-1903 Church of St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire1892
p-sCharles BOURNE [2]1873-1945 Ellen BOLTON 1884- Church of St Ambrose, Walton-on-the-Hill, Lancashire1904
30Henry Wade ENNEVER 1876-1932 Florence Alice HUFF 1879-1929 The Register Office, Islington, London1895
s-sEdith Jane ENNEVER 1871- Henry Thomas HUFF 1875- The Register Office, Islington, London1897
31Adam OVERTON 1864-1947 Ada Ellen POLLYN 1867-1960 Freebridge Lynn District, Norfolk1895
c-sGeorge Henry SPRATT 1876- Elizabeth Ann POLLYN 1869- King's Lynn District, Norfolk1898
32Joseph James ASH 1875- Frances ENEVER 1879- Parish Church, St James, Forest Gate, Essex1896
h-pAlfred George ASH 1880- Frances ENEVER [2]1879- Parish Church, Christ Church, Leyton, Essex1904
33Thomas George HAMANT 1876-1952 Emma MASON 1881-1937 Parish Church, St Thomas, Camden Town, London1901
s-sRosina Sarah HAMMANT 1881-1974 Frank MASON 1877- Parish Church, St Thomas, Camden Town, London1903
34Joseph Charles DEEKS 1878- Rosetta Mary J REYNOLDS 1880- Parish Church, Poplar, London1901
s-sHorace Cornelius DEEKS 1898- Edith REYNOLDS 1899- Poplar District, London1926
35Leonard Percy MARTIN 1880-1917 Nellie ENNEVER 1878-1959 Parish Church, St Mary, Stratford Bow, London1902
s-pHubert Walter MARTIN 1874-1937 Nellie ENNEVER [2]1878-1959 The Register Office, Poplar, London1918
36Arthur Rhodes HAYLOCK 1875- Mary Adelaide RHODES 1882-1973 New Zealand1905
s-cMabel Mary HAYLOCK 1879- Ambrose Israel Edward RHODES 1883- New Zealand1911
s-hHenry Oriano Grandi HAYLOCK 1873- Elsie Elizabeth RHODES 1892-1959 New Zealand1911
37Francis George WILLIAMS 1887-1962 Matilda Rosa MORRISH 1888- Woolwich District, London1908
s-sEleanor Grace WILLIAMS 1897-1992 Thomas James MORRISH 1891-1974 Southend-on-Sea District, Essex1956
38Arthur Herbert ENNEVER 1887-1924 Alice Emma WILLOCK 1889-1976 Congregational Church, Burdett Road, Mile End Old Town, London1912
s-pFrederick James ENNEVER 1886-1963 Alice Emma WILLOCK [2]1889-1976 The Lighthouse, Devons Road, Bow, London1933
39Archibald Cyril GOODRIDGE 1891- Laura Anne PARSONS 1890- Edmonton District, Middlesex1912
s-sFlorence Eva GOODRIDGE 1889-1968 Charles Frederick PARSONS 1880-1933 Edmonton District, Middlesex1914
40George Marin POWELL 1891-1942 Nellie May TIDD 1894-1952 1913
s-sArthur Godfrey POWELL 1895-1976 Edna Gertrude TIDD 1899- 1915
41Percy THOMPSON 1891- Rose Ethel ALDRIDGE 1893-1917 West Ham District, Essex1913
p-sPercy THOMPSON [2]1891- Dorothy Maud ALDRIDGE 1900- Rochford District, Essex1918
42John Charles FEATHERSTON 1889-1969 Ethel Mary HEWITT 1890-1978 Methodist Church, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia1917
s-cHarold Thomas FEATHERSTON 1894- Dorothy Gladys ANLEZARK 1894-1980 Methodist Church, Thornleigh, New South Wales, Australia1918
43Eric Page WARING 1897-1965 Phyllis Edna HUTCHISON 1893-1982 1920
s-sReginald William WARING 1892-1973 Nellie Eileen HUTCHISON 1895-1989 1921
44William Cyril KELSEY 1890-1957 Grace Victoria BODDY 1897-1970 St Helen's Church North Kensington, Kensington, Middlesex1920
s-cMary Constance KELSEY 1890-1946 William Gordon KELSEY 1898-1980 Middlesbrough District, Yorkshire1921
45Harry ANTHONY 1901- Lily Florence ENNEVER 1901- St Aidan's Church, St Aidan, Manchester, Lancashire1921
s-sFrank ANTHONY 1909- Mary Nora ENNEVER 1910- Parish Church, St Christopher Withington, Manchester, Lancashire1934
46John James William BANKS 1898-1972 Grace ENEVER 1898-1985 Parish Church, All Saints, West Ham, Essex1921
s-sCharles Ernest BANKS 1902-1989 Rosina Lee ENEVER 1902-1977 Parish Church, All Saints, West Ham, Essex1926
47Walton Albert COUSINS 1904-1980 Rose Adelaide HALLIER 1900-1969 New Zealand1924
p-sWalton Albert COUSINS [2]1904-1980 May Caroline HALLIER 1905-
48Frank Thomas LUBNOW 1902-1966 Beatrice Wilhelmina Irene FERGUSSON 1896-1967 Hammersmith District, London1927
s-sWilhelmina Vera LUBNOW 1907-1987 Albert Alexander FERGUSSON 1899- Pancras District, London1934
49John Shortland Baring DECK 1909-1994 Betty Muriel ANGUS 1911-1990 Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia1935
c-sEdward Humfrey Rayment DECK Ruth Marion ANGUS 1923-1985
50James J FLEWITT 1913-1986 Mary Ellen ENEVER 1915-1989 Stepney District, London1937
s-sFrederick Robert FLEWITT 1915-1995 Marie ENEVER 1919-1996 Stepney District, London1943
51George Henry Robert MILLER 1916-1984 Harriet Daisy PETTS 1920-2005 Epping District, Essex1939
s-sAlphonso J MILLER 1917-2000 Dorothy PETTS
52Henry Francis HUMBERSTONE 1924- Elizabeth Eileen WEBB
s-sWilliam John HUMBERSTONE 1929-2007 Stella M WEBB
53Alfred Emmanuel BEER 1927-1999 Effie Jean WILLIS 1929-2008 Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada1954
s-sThomas Charles BEER Gwyneth Ada Maybell WILLIS
54Hansal Lawrence HARI 1945-1982 Lesley-Ann DACOSTA
s-sHarold Sherman HARI 1943-1975 Colleen DACOSTA

The table records where two siblings, half-siblings or cousins have married siblings or cousins in a second family. It also records cases where one person has married two siblings or cousins. s-s stands for sibling-sibling, s-c for sibling-cousin, p-s for same person-sibling, s-h for sibling-half sibling, etc.

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