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Marrying the boy or girl next door


Before the advent of steam railways in the Victorian era it would have been unusual for any but the wealthier members of society to have travelled any great distances during their lifetime.  Life was based around the parish where you were born and most marriages would have been made with people from your own, or an adjacent, parish or village.  Travel outside the area you were born in, would have been the exception.

The following are some examples of marrying the boy or girl next door (well, almost):

Names Details
Henry John Adams & Ethel Grace Barnard
Henry was living at 40 Martindale Road, Custom House, Essex when he and Ethel married in 1929 and Ethel was living at number 34, moving to number 40 when they married.
Henry Albert Allars and Emily Rosina Annison
Henry and Emily married in West Green, Middlesex in 1923 and at the time Henry was living at 13 Stanley Road and Emily at number 23.  Not quite next door, but very close!
William Frederick Almeroth to Eleanor Mary Nicholls
William Frederick Almeroth married Eleanor Mary Nicholls in 1848 in St George in the East (East London) and it appears he was later blinded, possibly in a work accident.  At the time of their marriage both were living in the same building, William at 1 Normans Buildings and Eleanor at No. 7.
George Anderson and Nellie Louise Grout
George Anderson married Nellie in 1917 in Bromley-by-Bow, London. The family had strong connections to Marner Street, Bromley-by-Bow, George living at number 79 when he and Nellie married when Nellie was living at number 93, the address she was at in 1911. The family later lived at number 101.
Charles Ralph Anquetil & Elizabeth Enever
Charles and Elizabeth married in 1842 in Hornsey, Middlesex and at the time of the 1841 census can be found living almost next door to each other in Muswell Hill, Hornsey.  The 1841 census rarely gave detailed addresses, particularly, for rural areas and so it's not possible to know just how close this was but if the enumerator's records are accurate they were two doors away from each other.
William Ault to Hannah Rebecca Hedger
William Ault married Hannah Rebecca Hedger (or Hedges) in Kensington, London in 1843.  In the 1841 census William is with his parents at 29 Regent Street, Chelsea while Anne was living, presumably with her mother Mary, at number 30.
Alfred Barnes & Harriett Ince
Alfred & Harriett married in Bow Common in 1885 and at the time Alfred was living at 23 Devon's Road, Bow while Harriett was next door at No. 25.
Horace William Batchelor & Mary Ann O'Brien Horace and Mary Ann married in 1913 in Wandsworth when Horace lived at 40 Garrett Lane and Mary Ann next door at number 42.
Joseph Charles Bird & Mary Elizabeth Torr
Joseph and Mary married in 1892 in Bow Common, Middlesex later London when Joseph was living at 8 St Thomas Road and Mary was living at number 59 (see also Edward Charles House & Ann Elizabeth Bird below, their daughter).
William Henry Bird & Lilian Mabel Sainsbury William and Lilian married in 1915 when William was living at 6 Frederick Street, Walthamstow, then in Essex and Lilian at number 3.
Frederick George Brownsell & Henrietta Moody and Robert William Goodridge & Elizabeth Moody
Frederick and Henrietta married in Islington, then in Middlesex, in 1886.  At the time Frederick lived at 112 Hornsey Road, Islington while Henrietta lived at number 119.  Henrietta's sister, Elizabeth, then married Robert William Goodridge in 1887, also in Islington, when Robert was living at 214 Hornsey Road and Elizabeth was next door at number 216.  You didn't have to travel far to find a spouse!
Frederick Butt to Amelia Currie
At the time of their marriage in 1870 Frederick was living at 15 Bristol Gardens, Paddington while Amelia was at No. 10.  See also the "Questions" page for information I am seeking about Amelia Currie and her father, Matthew Currie.
James Campayne & Mary Ann Farranton
When James and Mary Ann married in 1858 in Bethnal Green, then in Middlesex, James's address was 5 White Street, Bethnal Green while Mary Ann's was given as just White Street.  I haven't discovered the reason but two of James & Mary Ann's children, John & Eliza Campain born in the early 1860s, were adopted by James & Elizabeth (nee Denton) Ennever some time during the 1870s.
James Canfield & Fanny Smith
James and Fanny married in June 1864 in the parish of St George in the East in the East End of London.  At the time James was living at 25 Martha Street, St George in the East while Fanny was lioving at number 12.  Their daughter, Florence, went on to marry her cousin, George Edward Harvey.
Benjamin Chattaway & Alice Enever
Benjamin and Alice married in 1902 in Stepney, London both gave the same Oxford Street (Stepney) address although in the 1901 census they had been living at Nos. 3 & 4 Yule Court, St George in the East respectively.
Edward Chittenden & Harriett Metcalf
Edward and Harriett married in 1862 in Shoreditch, then Middlesex.  A the time Edward was living at 36 Church Street, Shoreditch, Middlesex while Harriet was at No. 25.
Frank Clear & Martha Thorpe
Frank and Martha married in 1909 when Frank was living at 45 Brabazon Street, Bromley, London and Martha was close by at number number 51.
Robert Lyde Collins to Emma Elizabeth Bull
Robert married Emma in 1862, dying just two years later in 1864 at the young age of 29.  In 1861 he was living at 3 Royal Fort Road, Bristol next door to Cornelius Meaker who had married Emma's sister, Sarah Ann Bull, in 1848.
James Cornwall & Mary Ann Eliza Enever
James and Mary married on the 8th April 1882 in Kentish Town, then in the county of Middlesex when James was living at 15 Grafton Terrace, Kentish Town, Middlesex and Mary lived at number 11.
Alfred Crease & Sarah Ann Littlechild
Alfred and Sarah Ann married in 1881 in St Thomas Church, Bethnal Green, then in Middlesex. Alfred lived at 26 Collingwood Street, Bethnal Green while Sarah Ann lived at number 25. After their marriage they moved to number 21.
Ernest Arthur Percy Davis & Mary Ann Christina Ross
Ernest and Mary Ann married in 1931 in Kensington, London. At the time Ernest lived at 11 The Caxtons, Langton Road, Kensington while Mary was living at 6 The Woodlands, Langton Road, Kensington. According to the 1939 Register the houses were four doors away from each other when the couple were living in 6 The Woodlands.
George Samuel Davis & Rosetta May Bracey
When George and Rosetta married in 1919 in Haggerston, London, George lived at 33 Weymouth Terrace, Haggerston while Rosetta lived a few doors away at number 23.
John James Day & Elizabeth Enever aka Edwards
Before John and Elizabeth married in 1896 in the Parish Church, St Mary, Stratford Bow, London John had been living in Faraday Road, Leyton, Essex in 1891, John at number 24.  Elizabeth's family had also been living in the Faraday Road although Elizabeth hasn't been found in the 1891 census. See also John James Day & Elizabeth Enever (below) and the name change from Enever to Edwards.
Frederick William Duck & Rosina Ellen Binder
Frederick William Duck and Rosina Ellen Binder married on the 21st March 1896 at St Dunstan's, the famous parish church of Stepney in London. At the time of their marriage Frederick was living at 26 Patterson Street, Stepney while Rosina was at No. 5, the family home for a number of years. Rosina was the granddaughter of Ann Cook Enever.
Robert William Durrant & Sarah Anna Powell
Robert Durrant and Sarah Anna Powell (aka Sarah Annie and sarah Anne) married in 1883 in Holy Trinity Church, Barking Road, Canning Town, Essex and although their marriage certificate records them both living at 42 Bolton Road the parish register records them as next door neighbours, Robert at 42 and Sarah at number 44. It was not unusual for brides and grooms to give the same address as some will have been living or staying together before their marriage while some will have given their new address but it is unusual for the parish register and marriage certificate to differ and we may have to blame the priest for a lapse in concentration on this occasion.
James Enever & Rose Alice Harrington
James & Rose Alice married in 1904 at the Parish Church of St Andrew in Stockwell, south London.  At the time of their marriage James was living at 51 Dalyell Road, Stockwell while Rose was living at number 97.
Edgar Cecil Morgan & Lily Rose Enever
Edgar Cecil Morgan and Lily Rose Enever married in Summerstown, south London in 1923.  At the time Edgar was living at 36 Summerstown while Lily was a few doors away at number 46.  See also Edgar's father, Charles George Morgan.
Edward G Alexander & Mary Ann Florence Enever
In the 1939 Register Edward and Mary were living next door to each other at numbers 37 and 39 Devonshire Street, Brentford, Middlesex. They married in 1940 in the Romford area of Essex.
Percy Alexander Enever and Elizabeth Morgan Percy and Elizabeth married on the 3rd January 1906 in West Ham, Essex. At the time Percy lived at 33 Waghorn Road, West Ham while Elizabeth was at number 25.
Walter Enever & Jessie Priestley
Walter and Jessie married on Christmas Day 1901, a popular day for marriages in the Victorian era, while Walter was living at 39 Old Church Road, Mile End Old Town, London and Jessie was at No. 54.
Ann Ennever & George Studd
Ann Ennever married James Ward in about 1825 and married George Studd in 1846 at the Parish Church, Bethnal Green then in Middlesex. At the time of their marriage George lived at 2 Orange Street, Bethnal Green and Ann at number 6.
Ethel Elizabeth Ennever & Henry Hesford
At the time of their marriage in 1916, Henry was living at 35 Chatham Street, Bradford and Ethel was living next doot at number 33.
George deBeaumont Ennevor & Joyce Elaine Juanita Duncan
When George and Joyce married in October 1941 in Kingston, Jamaica George lived at 4 Lincoln Road, St Andrew, Jamaica and the 16 or 17 year old Joyce was living at 3A Lincoln Road, St Andrew, Jamaica.
Grace Ennever to Charles Albert Walker
At the time of their marriage in 1910 Grace was living at 119 Grafton Street, Stepney in London while Charles lived at No. 121.
James Ponder Ennever & Mary Ann Hill
James was living at 9 Prospect Place, Stepney at the time of his marriage to Mary Ann, who was born in Southwark to Matthew Hill and Ann Hudson and was living at No. 6.
James Failes & Edith Sarah Broadbent
When James married Edith in Stoke Newington in 1900, he was living at 6 Park Street while Edith was living No. 12.
Charles Edward Fennell & Edith Fanny Tyler
Charles and Edith marrried in 1927 in Lambeth, London. Charles was living at 73 Hercules Road, Lambeth while Edith was next door at number 71.
Alfred Fisher & Eliza Hodgins
Alfred & Eliza married in 1890 when Alfred was living at 24 Canrobert Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex (now London) and Eliza lived at number 13. Eliza is a sister of Elizabeth Hodgins who married Samuel James Augustus Loftus (see below).
William Edmund John Franklin & Lily Cordelia Enever (aka Edwards)
Before William and Lily married in 1900 in the West Ham district of Essex (now London) both had been living in Faraday Road, Leyton, Essex in 1891, William at number 19 and Lily at number 13.  See also John James Day & Elizabeth Enever (above) and the name change from Enever to Edwards.
Leslie George Furlong & Evelyn Eva Nash
When Leslie and Evelyn married in 1931 Leslie was living at 12 Popes Mead, Haslemere, Surrey and Evelyn was living at 8 Popes Mead, the address the couple were living at in 1939 just as World War II broke out.
Pantalioni Gambardella & Rosetta Ince
Pantalioni Gambardella and Rosetta Ince (also known as Rosina & Rose Ince) married in February 1912 in Stepney, London when Pantalioni gave his address as 80 Blount Street, the address at which the Ince family were living at the time of the 1901 census.  It is possible that this is how the couple met although there are no Gambardellas at this address in 1911 so it may be that Pantalioni gave a false adddress.
James Grady to Hannah (Ann) Driscoll (or Anderson)
James was living at 3 Upper Well Alley, Wapping when he married Hannah (Ann), who was living at No. 2.  There are some interesting questions remaining about this family and their names which you can find on our "Questions" page.
Joseph James Grout & Martha Elizabeth Howard
Joseph's first marriage took place in Bow Common, London in 1875 when he was living at 16 Burgess Street, Bow Common and his bride, Ann Major, was living at number 10. See also Joseph's son below.
Joseph James Grout & Elizabeth Evenett
Joseph James Grout, fatrher of Joseph above, married Elizabeth Evenett in 1852 in Midlesex's Bethnal Green (later to become part of the county of London). At the time Joseph lived at 26 Sclater Street, Bethnal Green and Elizabeth at number 12.
Charles Louis Halfmann & Dalcye Rutherford
Charles Louis Halfmann's second wife, Florence Neale, died in 1943 and he became close to his neighbour Dalcye Barker nee Rutherford who was in the process of a divorce. They married in 1945.
Frederick Hall and Lucy Garrett
Frederick and Lucy married in Bethnal Green, then in Middlesex, on the 15th November 1846 and both were living in the same street. Frederick was at 3 Glebe Lane, Bethnal Green and Lucy was living at number 24.
George Thomas Hallier & Margaret Mary Silk
George was living at 25 Thomas Street, Waterloo, Surrey when he and Margaret married in 1871 while Margeret was living, probably next door, at number 27.
George Abraham Handford to Agnes Grant Smith
George and Agnes married in 1887 in St Pancras, then in Middlesex.  At the time George was living at 70 Marquis Road, London N W and Agnes was living at number 8.
Harry Enever Harvey & Jessie Maria Wright
Harry Enever Harvey was the grandson of Ann Cook Enever and married Jessie in December 1889 in Lambeth, then in Surrey.  Harry was living at 18 Lower Kennington Road, Lambeth while Jessie was a few doors away at No. 10.
Samuel Frederick Haskell & Sarah Freeman
When Samuel and Sarah married in 1898, Samuel was living at 12 Nelson Street, Stepney inLondon while Sarah was living at 7 Nelson Street.
Alfred George Hatt & Sarah Thomas
Alfred and Sarah married in 1874 in Bethnal Green, then in Middlesex, when Alfred was living at 12 Cambridge Circus and Sarah was at number 6.
Frank Joseph Hill to Agnes Smith
In the 1891 census, shortly before their marriage in 1895 Frank was living at 3 Kearsley Terrace, Hunslet while Agnes (Aggie) was a general servant at No. 4 and her family was living at No. 1.
John Hill & Harriet Noakes
John married Harriet in Whitechapel in 1871 while John was living at 16 Chamber Street and Harriet was at number 21.
Richard Edward Cox Hogg & Florence Elizabeth Branston
Richard and Florence married in Peckham, Surrey on the 7th July 1880 when Richard was living at 22 Edith Road, Peckham, Surrey and Florence was at No. 13.
George Holmes & Alice Mary Malin
George Holmes and Alice Mary Malin married in 1892 at the Parish Church, St Peter, Stepney, London. George was living at 26 Sidney Street, Stepney and Alice at number 1.
George Holmes & Annie Whyman
George Holmes and Annie Whyman married in 1880 at the Parish Church, St Thomas, Bethnal Green, Middlesex. At the time George was living at 76 Wellington Square, Bethnal Green while Annie lived next door at number 74.
William John Holmes & Charlotte Booker
William and Charlotte married in 1878 at the Parish Church, St Luke, Middlesex while William lived at 11 Macclesfield Street South, St Luke and Charlotte at number 9. William had previously been married to Elizabeth Garwood and Charlotte to James William Blackborow.
Edward Charles House & Ann Elizabeth Bird
Edward and Ann married in 1919 in London when Edward was living at 4 Arcadia Street in Poplar and Ann was living at number 2, the address the family was still living at in 1939 (see also Joseph Charles Bird and Mary Elizabeth Torr above, Ann's parents).
George Montague Hubbard & Ann Bedford
George & Ann married on the 23rd May 1869 at the Parish Church, St Simon Zelotes, Bethnal Green, then in Middlesex. George lived at 7 Cordova Road, Bethnal Green while Ann lived at No. 8.
Edward Robert Humberstone & Doris Amelia Pugh
When Edward and Doris married in 1953, Edward was living at 34 Mildmay Grove, Islington, London while his bride lived next door at number 32.
George Hussey & Frances Ennever
At the time of their marriage in 1893 George was living at 217 St James Road, Bermondsey, London while Frances was living at No. 195.  George was 15 years younger than Frances at the time and no trace has been found of them or a family since their wedding.
Ince sisters (Maria & Rebecca)
Maria Ince married Samuel Joseph Garrett on the 21st November 1898 in Limehouse and her younger sister, Rebecca Ince, married Cornelius Shea on the same day. At the time Maria was living at 114 Elsa Street, Limehouse, her husband giving the same address, while Rebecca was at 149 Elsa Street and her husband was, possibly suspiciously, at 49 Elsa Street.
James Ince & Minnie Fulcher
James married the girl next door, Minnie, in 1923. James was living at 90 Maroon Street, Limehouse, London while Minnie was at number 88. James is the father of George Henry Ince who is featured on the home page.
John Henry Kirby & Sarah Ann Stanley
John and Sarah Ann married in June 1838 in Aldgate in the City of London, John living at 5 Upper East Smithfield and Sarah Ann possibly next door at number 3.
Samuel James Augustus Loftus & Elizabeth (Lily) Hodgins
Samuel and Elizabeth married in 1905 when Samuel was living at 64 Sackville Gardens, Ilford, Essex and Elizabeth was at number 68. Elizabeth is a sister of Eliza who married Alfred Fisher (see above).
George Lovell & Ethel May Button George was living at 333 Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex and Ethel at number 307 when they married in 1910.
Joseph Edward Lynch aka Lensh to Eliza Symes
At the time of their marriage in 1873 Joseph was living at 21 Little Gower Place, Pancras in London while Eliza Symes was living at No. 15. Joseph was born Joseph Edward Lynch although many of the family later modified the spelling to Lensh and it was by this name that Joseph was married.
William Maiden & Eliza Hays
William Maiden and Eliza hays married in 1891 in Bow Common, London. At the time Eliza was living at 30 Turner's Road, Bow Common and William at number 6. William had previously married Mary Eliza Cobden who died in 1882.
Charles Cornelius Meaker & Mary Ann Rees
Charles and Mary Ann married in Merthyr Tydfil in 1895 while Charles was living at 35 Taff Street, Merthyr Vale and Mary Ann was at No. 38.
Charles George Morgan & Hannah Binding
Charles George Morgan and Hannah Binding married in the City of London in 1895.  Both Charles and Hannah were living at St Ann's Chambers.  The marriage took place in the Church of St Andrew & St Ann, better known as St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe. The history of St Andrew's dates back to the thirteenth century when it was associated with Baynard's Castle, a royal residence that has long since disappeared. When King Edward III moved his state robes and other effects from the Tower of London to a large building close by, St Andrew's became better known for its connection with the Great Wardrobe. The name stayed to specify its location although the King's store room is now only remembered in Wardrobe Place.  See also Edgar Cecil Morgan, Charles's son, & Lily Rose Enever.
George Newman to Louisa Ferry (nee Lynn)
George married Emily Charlotte Page in 1874 and very shortly after her death in 1892 married the widow next door.  She was Louisa Ferry (nee Lynn) whose husband, John Ferry, had died in 1890.  George was living at 82 Wellington Street, Bethnal Green, London while Louisa was at 84 and after their marriage in 1892 they moved to No. 94.
Stanley Joseph Nickless & Dorothy M R Crook
Stanley Joseph Nickless amd Dorothy Crook married in 1940 in Southend-on-Sea just after WW2 broke out. Stanley and his family had moved into a new house at 8 Wentworth Road in the 1930s and Dorothy and her family were next door at No. 6.
Thomas Parducci & Elizabeth Ann Pommoroy
Thomas & Elizabeth had had 7 children by the time they married in Shoreditch in 1859 and yet gave different addresses when they did marry, despite having lived together at one of the addresses for some time.  Thomas gave what was their previous address of 2 Motley Court, Shoreditch St Leonard, while Elizabeth gave No. 1 Motley Court as her address.
John Henry Payne & Sarah Holmes nee Percival
John and Sarah married in 1897 at St Peter's Church, Bethnal Green, London after Sarah's first husband Walter Holmes had died. John lived at 101 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green while Sarah had previously lived at numbers 90 and 91.
Frederick George Pearce and Jane Boggiss
At the time of their marriage in 1893 in Whitechapel, Frederick lived at 14 Dunk Street, Mile End New Town in London and Jane lived at number 11 Dunk Street.
Frederick Edwin Purnell to Harriet Emma Curtis
Frederick Purnell married Emma Curtis in 1886 when he was about 26 years old and Emma was 18.  At the time Frederick was living at 13 Wybert Street, St Pancras while Emma was at No. 35.  On their marriage certificate Frederick is recorded as 23 and Emma as 20 years old. After Frederick's death Emma had two children with Frederick Ennever and later married William Thomas Cockerell.  Although Frederick Ennever and Emma never married, Emma married William before Frederick's death in 1906.
John Francis Putt & Ann Elizabeth Bozier
John and Ann married in 1856 at the District Church, St John, Deptford, Kent, the first of three or four marriages for Ann, who later married the elusive Henry Enever, who can only be found in one census. At the time of their marriage John lived at 12 Friendly Street, Deptford while Ann lived at number 13.
Thomas Rockliff & Lucy Eniver nee Savill
Lucy Savill and Charles Enever/Ennever were married in 1868 in Shoreditch.  Charles died young at about the same time that his son George was born in February 1869.  Lucy remarried in 1876 to a Thomas Rockliff and at that time, Thomas was living at 15 St James's Mews, Marylebone, Middlesex while Lucy was living at No.1.
Edmund Rossiter & Isabella Joyce
Edmund and Isabella married late in 1851 and were recorded as living 2 doors away from each other in the 1851 census.  They both lived at Bodden, near Doulting in Somerset.
Walter Rowley & Emily Robinson
Walter Rowley and Emily Robinson married in 1915 in Leeds, Yorkshire and Walter was living at 50 Back Nile Street, Leeds at the time and Emily at 22 Back Nile Street, having previously lived at numbers 39 and 23 Back Nile Street.
William Osborne Shears & Annie Just
William and Annie married on the 21st August 1864 in Shoreditch, then in Middlesex.  William gave his address as 3 Norfolk Gardens, Shoreditch while Annie was living at number 8.
George Smith & Harriett Weston George and Harriett married in Fitzroy Square in 1883 when George was living at 46 Whitfield Street, St Pancras and Harriett at number 62. The family later lived at number 58 Whitfield Street.
Jesse Ide Smith to Sarah Farrow
Jesse and Sarah (also known as Sally) married in 1882 and in the 1881 census were living next door to each other in the village of Rainham, Essex.
Arthur Solomns & Beatrice Mason
Arthur and Beatrice married in London in 1907 when Arthur was living at 42 Egleton Road, Bromley St Leonard and Beatrice was at number 32, having previously also lived at 19 Egleton Road.
Springall to Midlane and Enever to Midlane
Elizabeth Springall married Arthur James Midlane in 1905.  Arthur was living at 48 Abbey Lane, West Ham in 1891 and it is probable that Elizabeth, born circa 1882, was born at 57 Abbey Lane as her family were living there in April 1881.

Elizabeth's sister, Emma Springall, married Frederick Midlane in 1910. Frederick was living at 48 Abbey Lane in 1891 and again it is probable that Emma was born at No. 57.

George Samuel Arthur Enever married Ellen Midlane, sister of Arthur and Frederick in 1912 and while Ellen was born in Irelan she was living at 48 Abbey Lane in 1891 while George was living at No. 53 in 1891 and 1901.
George James Tomlinson to Elizabeth Emily Weston
When George married Elizabeth Emily Weston in 1907 at the Parish Church, All Saints, Haggerston, London he was living at 23 Loanda Square, Haggerston while Elizabeth was living at number 18.
Edward Tyrrell & Selina Jane Holder
Edward and Selina married in 1883 when Edward was living at 173 Globe Road, Bethnal Green, Middlesex (now London) and Selina was at number 174.
William Walledge to Mary Ann Olney
William Walledge married Mary Ann Olney in 1882 in the district of West Ham.  In the 1881 census William can be found living at 21 Union Street, Stratford while Mary Ann is living with her grandmother at No. 24.  After their marriage they lived at 24 Union Street and later at No. 13.
George Henry Waller & Ruby Constance Tilliduff
When George and Ruby married in 1916, George gave his address as 3 Plum Lane, Plumstead in London and Ruby gave 5 Plum Lane, Plumstead. In 1911 George had been boarding with Charles Prudden Tilliduff and his family, including Ruby his daughter.  It is unclear whether George gave a 'convenient' address when he married or had in fact moved next door at some time between 1911 and 1916!
Alfred Weston to Emily Bowers
Alfred and Emily were both underage when they married in March 1881 and it is probable they were both living in Ion Square, Bethnal Green, London at the time.  In the April 1881 census they are both in the square living with their parents despite their recent marriage.

Unusually, their marriage certificate records that both bride and groom gave an identical false address, 21 Crozier Terrace, and they are both themselves named as the marriage witnesses although Alfred's father and Emily's grandmother are both recorded as being present.
William Holland Williams to Elizabeth Jane Raymond
William and Elizabeth married on the 8th April 1906 at the Parish Church, St Peter's London Docks, Wapping, London.  William was living at 2 Watts Street, St George in the East, London while Elizabeth was living at number 5.  After the marriage they lived at William's previous address, 2 Watts Street.

If you know of any other examples please do make contact.

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