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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

All cousin marriages
  Marriages Ancestors
NoDescent HusbandDates & anniversaries WifeDates & anniversariesMarriage PlaceDateHusbandDates & anniversaries WifeDates & anniversariesMarriage PlaceDate
1 1:1 Wallace George UNKNOWN Violet Maude POOLEY unknown POOLEY
2 2:2 John Augustus LAPIDGE Mary Ann LAPIDGE 1831-1909Parish Church, St John, Hackney, Middlesex1862Edward LAPIDGE Susannah DYER
3 2:2 James ENEVER 1802- Elizabeth ENEVER 1811-Parish Church, St Anne, Limehouse, Middlesex1851William ENEVER        -1814Agnes BRAGGENS Parish Church, St John the Baptist, Loughton, Essex1763
4 2:2 Fletcher CHRISTIAN 1812- Peggy CHRISTIAN 1815-Fletcher CHRISTIAN 1764-Mauatua UNKNOWN Tahiti1789
5 2:2 John LEDGER 1822- Eliza LEDGER 1825-Parish Church, St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey1845John LIDGARD Mary DUCK
6 2:2 Henry NUNNS 1833-1892 Mary Amelia ENNEVER 1832-1884Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA1864William NUNNS 1757-1835Mary GIBBS 1770-1831 Tiverton, Devon1792
7 2:2 Reverend Watson FAILES, M.A. 1847-1920 Elizabeth Caroline FAILES 1855-1932Downham District, Norfolk1880Watson FAILES 1775-1830Catharine FISHER 1781-1841 Parish Church, St Margaret, King's Lynn, Norfolk1802
8 2:2 Thomas Peter LLOYD 1857-1927 Margaret Mildred KELLY 1857-1896James QUINN 1803-1869Mary Anne MCCLUSKEY 1809-1894 County Antrim, Ireland
9 2:2 Adam OVERTON 1864-1947 Ada Ellen POLLYN 1867-1960Freebridge Lynn District, Norfolk1895Benjamin Turner OVERTON 1804-1878Ann FAILES 1811-1902 Parish Church, All Saints, Tilney All Saints, Norfolk1832
10 2:2 Benjamin Roger ENEVER 1864-1927 Martha Mary ENEVER 1867-1940Kingston District, Surrey1890John ENEVER 1788-1851Martha RAY 1792-1874 Parish Church, Elstree, Hertfordshire1813
11 2:2 Edwin Joseph Arthur NICHOLLS 1866-1942 Laura HIBBITT 1865-1917Parish Church, St Luke, Chelsea, London1898John SKINNER 1798-Sarah ENNEVER 1798-1871 St Paul's Church, Bristol, Somerset1821
12 2:2 William John PORTER 1866- Laura ENEVER 1876-Parish Church, St Mary Magdalene, Peckham, London1898John ENEVER 1797-1858Rebecca RILEY 1815-1849 Parish Church, St Nicholas, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex1835
13 2:2 George Edward HARVEY 1867- Florence CANFIELD 1867-Parish Church, St Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey1887James CANFIELD 1815-Sarah UNKNOWN 1818-
14 2:2 Sydney ENEVER 1871-1941 Sarah Ann OVERHEAD 1865-1937Parish Church, Emmanuel, Forest Gate, Essex1894Webb OVERHEAD 1781-Susan BURGESS 1799- Parish Church, St Peter, South Weald, Essex1815
15 2:2 George Henry SPRATT 1876- Elizabeth Ann POLLYN 1869-King's Lynn District, Norfolk1898Benjamin Turner OVERTON [2]1804-1878Ann FAILES [2]1811-1902 Parish Church, All Saints, Tilney All Saints, Norfolk1832
16 2:2 James Thomas GROUT 1878- Mary Enever GROUT 1879-Parish Church, St John the Baptist, Loughton, Essex1902James GROUT 1796-1870Louisa WARD 1809-
17 2:2 Herbert REDDALL 1879-1918 Flora Elizabeth ENEVER 1878-1932Church of St Mary Boltons, West Brompton, London1910William REDDALL 1825-Elizabeth RANDALL 1832- Parish Church, Bethnal Green, Middlesex1854
18 2:2 Sydney Horatio SHEPPARD 1880- Ada Rose SHEPPARD 1889-Parish Church, St George, Tufnell Park, Islington, London1914Richard SHEPPARD 1829-Elizabeth LONG 1825- Taunton District, Somerset1850
19 2:2 Charles Gordon McLeod BUCHANAN 1885- Gracie Jeanetta Annie EAGAR 1889-Scone, New South Wales, Australia1915Nicholas Henry EAGAR 1824-1872Louisa ENNEVER 1823-1891 Holy Trinity (Garrison) Church, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia1845
20 2:2 Ernest Dudley SUCH 1892-1962 Olive Margaret SUCH 1891-Parish Church, St Peter, Ealing, Middlesex1917James SUCH 1834-1909Mary Ann ENNEVER 1834-1906 Parish Church, Woolwich, Kent1853
21 2:2 William Gordon KELSEY 1898-1980 Mary Constance KELSEY 1890-1946Middlesbrough District, Yorkshire1921Gideon KELSEY 1824-1883Sarah HYDE 1820-1892 Market Weighton, Yorkshire1849
22 2:2 James A SKEELS 1901- Charlotte Eliza BONES 1903-1985Romford District, Essex1928Richard SKEELS 1841-1890Harriet UNKNOWN 1838-
23 2:2 Henry NICHOLS 1909-1993 Beris Esther NICHOLS 1914-2012Midhurst District, Sussex1938Jonathan NICHOLLS 1836-Amy HAWES 1837- Freebridge Lynn District, Norfolk1860
24 2:2 Raymond Leonard ENEVER Hazel Ruth ENEVER 1943-2008William Joseph ENEVER 1884-1962Emily Maud MCDONALD 1888-1955 Parish Church, Holy Trinity, Harrow Green, Essex1906
25 2:3 Edward BROWN 1835-1910 Mary Emily POWELL 1852-Parish Church, Stepney, Middlesex1883Henry ENEVER        -1826Mary BRITAN St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex1790
26 2:3 Arthur Charles BALLINGER 1847-1921 Sarah Amelia ENEVER 1865-1927Monmouth District, Monmouthshire, Wales1888John BALLINGER
27 3:2 Frederic ENNEVER 1854-1897 Sarah Wilder VINER 1856-1934Parish Church, St Mary, Stratford Bow, Middlesex1877Francis VINER 1779-1850Sarah Willder READ 1780-1859 Parish Church, St George in the East, Middlesex1800
28 2:3 Albert Edward HENSHAW 1879- Caroline WHEATLEY 1882-Basford District, Nottinghamshire1900Benjamin BOSTOCK 1807-1879Grace HUTCHINSON 1813-1872 Ilkeston, Derbyshire1831
29 3:3 John ENEVER        -1898 Emma BROWN 1825-1905Parish Church, St John the Baptist, Loughton, Essex1850William ENEVER [2]       -1814Agnes BRAGGENS [2] Parish Church, St John the Baptist, Loughton, Essex1763
30 3:3 Jesse PORTER 1840- Fanny ENEVER 1837-Parish Church, St Nicholas, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex1861William RILEY 1755-Mary KENT Parish Church, St Thomas the Apostle, Navestock, Essex1777
31 3:3 Ernest William ENEVER 1899-1981 Agnes Ellen PORTER 1902-1985Parish Church, St Nicholas, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex1925John ENEVER [2]1797-1858Rebecca RILEY [2]1815-1849 Parish Church, St Nicholas, Kelvedon Hatch, Essex1835
32 3:3 Malcolm John CARTER 1941-2001 Candida Grace WILLIAMS Edward James EAGAR 1849-1937Jane DRAKE 1849-1930 Concord, New South Wales, Australia1869

The table shows families where the husband and wife are already closely related, showing also the common ancestors. To view the relationships, click on the individuals, or to view the descent line of the common paternal or maternal ancestor click the ancestors.
† indicates that the relationship is only through one parent (i.e. a half relationship).
* indicates that the relationship is through an adoption or other legal relationship.

The descent column shows the number of generations to the common ancestor (husband:wife), so that

  • 2:2 is a first cousin
  • 2:3 and 3:2 are first cousins once removed (these can occur in either order)
  • 2:4 and 4:2 mark a twice-removed first cousin.
  • 3:3 is a second cousin (4:4 is third cousin and so on).

If present, 1:2 and 2:1 are uncle/niece and aunt/nephew and 1:1 are siblings and 0:1 or 1:0 are parent/child (if at least one grandparent is present).
[2] indicates this is the second occurrence of a person in the list. Clicking on the link will show just relationships involving that person.

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