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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Family histories

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Marriages to a closely-related family member

(including to a dead spouse's sibling and a dead sibling's spouse and some bigamous and other illegal marriages)

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Linked toFamily (spouse): NICHOLLS/HIBBITT (F4012); Family (spouse): NICHOLS/NICHOLS (F3460); Family (spouse): NUNNS/ENNEVER (F218); Family (spouse): OLSEN/PARR (F8982); Family (spouse): ORCHARD/TADMAN (F1871); Family (spouse): ORCHARD/CLINKER (F1879); Family (spouse): OVERTON/POLLYN (F3415); Family (spouse): OVERTON/FAILES (F155); Family (spouse): OVERTON/FAILES (F3480); Family (spouse): OXLEY/ENEVER (F4303); Family (spouse): PARSONS/GOODRIDGE (F137); Family (spouse): PATTERSON/BURLEY (F8290); Family (spouse): PENFOLD/HALEY (F5595); Family (spouse): PERCIFULL/ENEVER (F5140); Family (spouse): PERONA/FURLONG (F7436); Family (spouse): PERONA/FURLONG (F7442); Family (spouse): PIPKIN/FOUNTAIN (F9057); Family (spouse): PIPKIN/FOUNTAIN (F9060); Family (spouse): POLLYN/OVERTON (F3468); Family (spouse): POLLYN/OVERTON (F3465); Family (spouse): POOK/CLOTHIER (F405); Family (spouse): PORTER/ENEVER (F5078); Family (spouse): PORTER/HARRIS (F5080); Family (spouse): PORTER/RILEY (F5162); Family (spouse): PORTER/ENEVER (F4619); Family (spouse): PORTER/UNKNOWN (F4620); Family (spouse): POWELL/TIDD (F5582); Family (spouse): POWELL/TIDD (F5581); Family (spouse): PRICE/LANCELEY (F10934); Family (spouse): PRICE/POWER (F4153); Family (spouse): PURNELL/CURTIS (F203); Family (spouse): QUILTER/WESTMORELAND (F11765); Family (spouse): REDDALL/ENEVER (F4252); Family (spouse): RENECLE/BROOMAN (F1007); Family (spouse): RENECLE/BROOMAN (F673); Family (spouse): RENECLE/ROGERS (F672); Family (spouse): RHODES/HAYLOCK (F10307); Family (spouse): RILEY/MALYON (F9373); Family (spouse): RILEY/COPSEY (F9359); Family (spouse): RILEY/KENT (F9371); Family (spouse): ROBERTS/ENEFER (F8895); Family (spouse): SHEPPARD/SHEPPARD (F9526); Family (spouse): SKEELS/BONES (F8597); Family (spouse): SLOMAN/GORRILL (F9143); Family (spouse): SLOMAN/GORRILL (F9134); Family (spouse): SMITH/FARROW (F9135); Family (spouse): SMITH/TILSON (F614); Family (spouse): SPRATT/POLLYN (F3925); Family (spouse): STARKEY/WALLWORTH (F9545); Family (spouse): STARKEY/WALLWORTH (F9547); Family (spouse): STRATFORD/LOWE (F7815); Family (spouse): STYLES/CURTIN (F9165); Family (spouse): STYLES/CURTIN (F9163); Family (spouse): SUCH/BEDLOW (F3005); Family (spouse): SUCH/SUCH (F3901); Family (spouse): TADMAN/LONG (F1806); Family (spouse): TADMAN/SOUTHGATE (F1804); Family (spouse): TAYLOR/BOURDON (F10843); Family (spouse): TAYLOR/HARPER (F5381); Family (spouse): THOMPSON/ALDRIDGE (F6518); Family (spouse): THOMPSON/ALDRIDGE (F7357); Family (spouse): TODD/EVERETT (F151); Family (spouse): TODD/GRIFFITHS (F3715); Family (spouse): TONG/HAMMANT (F11792); Family (spouse): TONG/HAMMANT (F11794); Family (spouse): TONG/HAMMANT (F11793); Family (spouse): TOSH/HOFFMAN (F11831); Family (spouse): UNKNOWN/TILSON (F2775); Family (spouse): WALLWORTH/LOVATT (F11292); Family (spouse): WALLWORTH/LOVATT (F9550); Family (spouse): WALTER/ENNEVOR (F2199); Family (spouse): WALTER/LENTEH (F2200); Family (spouse): WARD/COKER (F7456); Family (spouse): WARING/HUTCHISON (F7025); Family (spouse): WARING/HUTCHISON (F7027); Family (spouse): WARNE/TANNER (F2083); Family (spouse): WARNE/TANNER (F2084); Family (spouse): WAYMAN/MARSH (F9206); Family (spouse): WELLS/PAGE (F5442); Family (spouse): WESTERN/SULLY (F1772); Family (spouse): WESTON/BOWERS (F1885); Family (spouse): WHITTAKER/BUNTON (F6312); Family (spouse): WILKS/ENEVER (F6248); Family (spouse): WILKS/WILKS (F6249); Family (spouse): WILLIAMS/MORRISH (F7663); Family (spouse): WILLIAMS/ENEVER (F4267); Family (spouse): WILLIAMSON/ENNEVER (F115); Family (spouse): WILLIS/BURLEY (F8235); Ethel Marie Louise ALMOND; Aubrey Alexander BOND; Albert Sydney ENEVER; Edwin Alexander ENEVER; Edwin D ENEVER; Sarah ENEVER; Elizabeth ENNEVER

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