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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

West Ham, Essex


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5282989, Longitude: 0.0040398


Matches 1 to 99 of 99

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AIANO, Ethel Gladys  1907West Ham, Essex I25631
2 BUTLER, Alfred  Abt Feb 1901West Ham, Essex I21135
3 CROXFORD, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1909West Ham, Essex I10423
4 CROXFORD, Arthur Henry  Abt Feb 1911West Ham, Essex I10424
5 DONAGHY, Lewis  1888West Ham, Essex I14420
6 DOW, Susan  1905/6West Ham, Essex I14721
7 ENEVER, Aaron  Abt Mar 1901West Ham, Essex I14849
8 ENEVER, Amanda Jane   I17950
9 ENEVER, Cyril Stanley   I17489
10 ENEVER, Edith Clara  1887/8West Ham, Essex I14418
11 ENEVER, Frances Mary   I17949
12 ENEVER, Frederick Joseph  1900West Ham, Essex I17338
13 ENEVER, Jessie Maud  1882West Ham, Essex I14397
14 ENEVER, Joseph  1898/9West Ham, Essex I14848
15 ENEVER, Nellie Elizabeth  8 Jan 1895West Ham, Essex I14381
16 ENEVER, Norman Stanley  10 May 1939West Ham, Essex I15969
17 ENEVER, Percy George  1906West Ham, Essex I15352
18 ENEVER, Vernon Godfrey   I15971
19 ENEVER, Violet Lilian G  Abt Sep 1900West Ham, Essex I14422
20 ENEVER, William  1853West Ham, Essex I14795
21 ENIFER, Horace Edward  19 Mar 1898West Ham, Essex I14847
22 EVERETT, Ethel Mary  1884West Ham, Essex I33396
23 EWEN, Jessie Marian  1888West Ham, Essex I17014
24 FORSTER, Sarah  1859/60West Ham, Essex I1048
25 FOSKETT, Albert  1908/9West Ham, Essex I13031
26 FOSKETT, Albert John J  1883/4West Ham, Essex I13030
27 GIBSON, Phoebe Sophia  1859/60West Ham, Essex I26818
28 GRANT, Francis E  1866West Ham, Essex I28397
29 GRANT, Frederick  1895/6West Ham, Essex I28413
30 GRANT, George  1891/2West Ham, Essex I28412
31 GROUT, Emma Louisa  1877West Ham, Essex I19791
32 GROUT, James Thomas  1878West Ham, Essex I19782
33 GROUT, Mary Ann S  1879/80West Ham, Essex I19793
34 HALL, Doris Lilian  1906/7West Ham, Essex I14863
35 HALL, Vera Gladys  1908/9West Ham, Essex I14864
36 HARVEY, Christopher Edwin  1893/4West Ham, Essex I19839
37 HASKELL, Ivy Ellen  14 Jul 1908West Ham, Essex I21321
38 HASKELL, Rebecca Elizabeth  1902West Ham, Essex I33912
39 HELMORE, Gerald H  1885/6West Ham, Essex I6027
40 HORT, Katie  1873/4West Ham, Essex I21032
41 HORT, Minnie  1866/7West Ham, Essex I21028
42 HUMPHREY, George  1891/2West Ham, Essex I14466
43 HUMPHREY, Kate  1894/5West Ham, Essex I14467
44 IZARD, Jack Leslie  1915West Ham, Essex I19085
45 JOHNSON, Alice  1877/8West Ham, Essex I21039
46 JOHNSON, Florence  1878/9West Ham, Essex I21040
47 JOHNSON, Nellie  1887/8West Ham, Essex I21042
48 JOHNSON, Robert  1884/5West Ham, Essex I21041
49 KELLY, Ellen  1909/10West Ham, Essex I14923
50 KELLY, William  Abt Jan 1911West Ham, Essex I14924
51 LAWRENCE, Tracy   I19726
52 LOWE, Frederick Charles  1909/10West Ham, Essex I12604
53 LOWE, Lizzie  1886/7West Ham, Essex I8351
54 LOWE, Minnie  1894/5West Ham, Essex I8353
55 LOWE, Rosina  1892West Ham, Essex I8352
56 LOWE, William  1878/9West Ham, Essex I8350
57 MARNEY, Elizabeth  1865/6West Ham, Essex I30546
58 MARNEY, James  1861/2West Ham, Essex I30545
59 MARNEY, Mary A  1859/60West Ham, Essex I30544
60 MARNEY, Rosetta  1869/70West Ham, Essex I30548
61 MARNEY, William  1867/8West Ham, Essex I30547
62 MARTIN, Leonard Hubert  Abt Feb 1909West Ham, Essex I561
63 NUNNERY, Alfred Joseph  1906/7West Ham, Essex I19148
64 NUNNERY, Annie Lilian  Abt Dec 1910West Ham, Essex I19149
65 PERRY, Alice Catherine  21 Feb 1891West Ham, Essex I16394
66 PERRY, Annie Elizabeth  1886/7West Ham, Essex I19147
67 PERRY, Charles  1895/6West Ham, Essex I30800
68 PERRY, Emily  1907/8West Ham, Essex I30804
69 PERRY, Frederick  1905/6West Ham, Essex I30803
70 PERRY, George  1897/8West Ham, Essex I30801
71 PERRY, James  1901/2West Ham, Essex I30802
72 PERRY, Nellie  1893/4West Ham, Essex I30799
73 PICKARD, Elizabeth  1864/5West Ham, Essex I6026
74 PRACY, Annie Flora  1899/1900West Ham, Essex I20000
75 PRACY, Eliza Ann  1900/1West Ham, Essex I20001
76 PRACY, Emily Sarah  1906/7West Ham, Essex I20003
77 PRACY, Richard William  1902/3West Ham, Essex I20002
78 PRACY, Rose Gertrude  1909West Ham, Essex I20004
79 PRACY, Violet Helen  Abt Feb 1911West Ham, Essex I20005
80 SCAIFE, Alice Eva  7 Sep 1871West Ham, Essex I14458
81 SEWELL, Lily Violet  6 Sep 1922West Ham, Essex I26403
82 SMERDON, Wilfred George  1884West Ham, Essex I21029
83 SMITH, Alfred  Abt Jun 1910West Ham, Essex I18479
84 SMITHURST, Edith Rose  1879/80West Ham, Essex I21071
85 SMITHURST, Herbert T  1875/6West Ham, Essex I21069
86 SMITHURST, Percy H  1877/8West Ham, Essex I21070
87 SPURLING, Sarah Anne  1812/3West Ham, Essex I1047
88 TROTT, Alexander Robert  Mar 1881West Ham, Essex I21061
89 TROTT, Beatrice Hannah  1882West Ham, Essex I21072
90 TROTT, Bernard George  1883/4West Ham, Essex I21073
91 TROTT, Ethel Annie  1882West Ham, Essex I21083
92 TURNER, Adelaide  1904/5West Ham, Essex I13704
93 TURNER, Rose  1907/8West Ham, Essex I13705
94 UNKNOWN, Ann  1843/4West Ham, Essex I30543
95 WEBBER, George Henry  1894/5West Ham, Essex I25389
96 WEBBER, Thomas Albert  1895/6West Ham, Essex I25390
97 WHITE, George Thomas  1863/4West Ham, Essex I28396
98 WRIGHT, Edward  1896/7West Ham, Essex I5335
99 WRIGHT, Frederick  1894/5West Ham, Essex I5334


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Frederick Joseph  1900West Ham, Essex I17338
2 POWER, Susan Amelia  1884West Ham, Essex I19743


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 PINKNEY, Joseph  16 Mar 1891West Ham, Essex I17491


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 HOWES / NICHOLS  1915West Ham, Essex F10243
2 LAWRENCE / ENEVER  1954West Ham, Essex F6055
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