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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Wandsworth District, London


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.4506797, Longitude: -0.2008804


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Cyril Bristow   I28814
2 ADAMS, Ruth   I28815
3 ALMOND, George Edward  1911Wandsworth District, London I34393
4 BLEACH, Beatrice Louisa  1893Wandsworth District, London I26610
5 BLEACH, Keith S  20 Sep 1923Wandsworth District, London I33022
6 BLEACH, Leonard Dallas  20 Sep 1911Wandsworth District, London I26613
7 BODDY, Doris M   I34319
8 BODDY, Hettie E  17 Sep 1916Wandsworth District, London I34320
9 BROWN, Harold Francis Edward  29 Mar 1911Wandsworth District, London I20120
10 BROWN, Norman J   I20122
11 CAIGER, Betty P   I29357
12 CURNOCK, Rose Magdalene A  2 Jun 1905Wandsworth District, London I18146
13 EDWARDS, Stewart D H   I28783
14 ENEVER, Gladys  1909Wandsworth District, London I18488
15 FISHER, Sylvia   I25221
16 FORDHAM, Constance M  19 Dec 1927Wandsworth District, London I17937
17 FRENCH, Marion L   I32854
18 GODBOLT, Dorothea Gertrude  2 Jun 1914Wandsworth District, London I31249
19 GORRILL, Joyce Dorothy  1911Wandsworth District, London I28784
20 HANCOCK, Peter F C M  1923Wandsworth District, London I34425
21 HATLEY, Peter G   I35048
22 HAY, Evander William Cameron  16 Dec 1922Wandsworth District, London I8221
23 HAYZELDEN, Florence  25 Feb 1895Wandsworth District, London I33023
24 HIBBITT, Raymond A   I19125
25 HIGGINS, Albert Victor  15 Jun 1906Wandsworth District, London I24181
26 HIGGINS, Elsie Robina   I24182
27 HOBBS, Ivor H  1914Wandsworth District, London I23259
28 HOBBS, Vera F J  1913Wandsworth District, London I23258
29 HUTTON, Georgina Louise   I19712
30 IVE, James Alfred  6 Feb 1904Wandsworth District, London I32888
31 JAMES, Gwendoline V   I25465
32 JAMES, Thomas W   I25466
33 KERBEY, Geoffrey Roland  26 Apr 1913Wandsworth District, London I35924
34 MORGAN, Albert W   I19173
35 MORGAN, Doris M   I19174
36 RAVENSCROFT, Eric S  1917Wandsworth District, London I26815
37 SYMES, Doris S  1911/2Wandsworth District, London I26574
38 SYMES, Hilda Sassie  2 Oct 1914Wandsworth District, London I26575
39 WILKINSON, Patricia   I26760


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLEACH, Beatrice Louisa  1893Wandsworth District, London I26610
2 BLEACH, Leonard James  1933Wandsworth District, London I26541
3 BROWN, Amy  1893Wandsworth District, London I18289
4 CATCHPOLE, George Frederick  Jan 1998Wandsworth District, London I20960
5 DAINES, Robert Thomas  Abt Aug 1967Wandsworth District, London I16549
6 ENEVER, Catherine Maria  1975Wandsworth District, London I18991
7 ENEVER, Elizabeth Lydia  1898Wandsworth District, London I18485
8 ENEVER, Elsie  1994Wandsworth District, London I18487
9 ENEVER, James Charles  Abt Feb 1910Wandsworth District, London I18989
10 ENEVER, Rosina May  1894/5Wandsworth District, London I18460
11 ENEVER, Thomas  19 Dec 1912Wandsworth District, London I18263
12 ENEVER, unnamed  1922Wandsworth District, London I34412
13 ENEVER, Violet May  1903Wandsworth District, London I18484
14 EVANS, Charles Joseph  1955Wandsworth District, London I19002
15 HATLEY, Pamela R  1940Wandsworth District, London I35047
16 HIGGINS, Albert Victor  1952Wandsworth District, London I24181
17 HOWE, Henry  1934Wandsworth District, London I26588
18 NICHOLLS, Edwin Joseph Arthur  1942Wandsworth District, London I13727
19 SCUTT, Frederick  1963Wandsworth District, London I20897
20 SHERWOOD, Annie Maria  14 Dec 1915Wandsworth District, London I6846
21 TANNER, Anora  Feb 1917Wandsworth District, London I18988


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 BLEACH / GRAVNER  1915Wandsworth District, London F10662
2 BLEACH / HAYZELDEN  1915Wandsworth District, London F10663
3 BLUNT / HIGGINS   F11097
4 BROWN / ENEVER  1935Wandsworth District, London F6191
5 CAIGER / COLE  1924Wandsworth District, London F9358
6 COMLEY / DALLISON  1905Wandsworth District, London F8447
7 CROSS / WATTS  1884Wandsworth District, London F9147
8 CROWE / WATTS  1894Wandsworth District, London F9149
9 DALY / LENNON   F9911
10 EDWARDS / GORRILL  1928Wandsworth District, London F9132
11 ENEVER / JAMES  1925Wandsworth District, London F7328
12 FRY / ALMOND  1920Wandsworth District, London F9492
14 GERRARD / HOWE  1921Wandsworth District, London F10580
15 GODBOLT / ANDREWS  1912Wandsworth District, London F10014
16 GORRILL / HALL  1917Wandsworth District, London F9133
17 HAYES / ENEVER  1902Wandsworth District, London F5420
18 HIBBITT / BEADLE  1923Wandsworth District, London F5828
19 HIGGINS / ENEVER  1930Wandsworth District, London F7611
20 HOLDER / ENEVER   F11099
22 HUTTON / ENEVER   F6051
23 KESNER / SACKEY   F10731
24 MANSFIELD / LYNN  1898Wandsworth District, London F8053
25 MATSON / PURDIE   F8171
26 MAYHEW / CHOPPING  Abt Nov 1939Wandsworth District, London F11096
27 O'DOWD / BROWN   F11100
28 PENNINGTON / ENEVER  1936Wandsworth District, London F6192
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