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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Notes: The name Sydney comes from "Sydney Cove" which is where the English admiral Arthur Phillip established the first settlement, after arriving with the First Fleet. On 22 January 1788, he named it after Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney, who was the home secretary at the time, and the man responsible for the plan for the convict colony in Australia.
The "City of Sydney" was established on 20 July 1842[4] by the Corporation Act which encompasses present-day Woolloomooloo, Surry Hills, Chippendale and Pyrmont, an area of 11.65 km². There were six wards established by boundary posts. A boundary post still exists in front of Sydney Square.
The boundaries of the City of Sydney have changed fairly regularly since 1900. The Municipality of Camperdown was merged with the city in 1909. Added in 1949 were Alexandria, Darlington, Erskineville, Newtown, Redfern, Glebe, Waterloo, and Paddington. In 1968 the boundaries were changed and many of these suburbs moved to be part of a new municipality of South Sydney. South Sydney was brought back into the city in 1982, but became separate again under the City of Sydney Act of 1988 and then became smaller than its original size at 6.19 km². It grew again in February, 2004 with the merger of the two council areas, and now has a population of approximately 170,000 people.


Latitude: -33.8678500, Longitude: 151.2073222


Matches 1 to 148 of 148

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AIKEN, John Edward  1813Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I28736
2 ANGUS, Geoffrey Leighton  19 Jun 1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I4530
3 ANGUS, William  28 May 1860Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I4514
4 BARKUS, Ann  2 Jan 1829Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2961
5 BRADLEY, Rebecca Leigh   I32948
6 BRANNON, Beverley Dawn   I30770
7 BRANNON, Patricia Joan   I30772
8 BREDEN, Elizabeth Jane   I21680
9 BREDEN, Neale Bligh   I21684
10 BREDEN, Roger Octavius  1868Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21665
11 BRUNTON, Frances Elizabeth M  1864Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21464
12 BRUNTON, Maria L J  1861Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21463
13 BRUNTON, unknown  1858Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21462
14 BRYANT, Mary Ann  1846/7Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19479
15 CARROLL, Mary Anges Matilda  Abt 1851Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21465
16 CARTER, Beryl Alison  26 Oct 1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13559
17 CHALLIS, Martin Andrew   I21630
18 CLARKE, Mary Ann  22 Oct 1843Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22719
19 CORFE, Elsie Pryor  1891Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11475
20 CUMMING, Tracy   I13571
21 CURTIS, Irene Violetta Jean  22 Dec 1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I30277
22 DAVIES, George Ernest  1885Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17467
23 DAWSON, Eliza  15 Jul 1851Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2965
24 DAWSON, James  1 Jun 1848Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2964
25 DECK, Ernest Feild  1877Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9763
26 DECK, John Shortland Baring  18 Jan 1909Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I4519
27 DECK, Maurice Feild  11 Jan 1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10830
28 DECK, Phyllis Ruth Baring  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I4520
29 DINGWALL, Daisy  Abt 1890Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21498
30 DOWNING, Peter Alan   I21676
31 DUBOS, Andrew Joseph  1912Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17420
32 DUBOS, William  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17406
33 DUNSTAN, Kenneth George   I23021
34 DURIE, Winsome Edith  6 Dec 1910Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9812
35 EAGAR, Emily  1854Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23148
36 EAGAR, Fanny  1852Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23146
37 EAGAR, Geoffrey  1818Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6663
38 EAGAR, Grace Louisa  2 Apr 1848Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2988
39 EAGAR, Richard Edward  1816Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6664
40 EAGAR, Robert G  1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22006
41 EAGAR, Unnamed  1857Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23147
42 EDGAR, Eckram Wilkinson  20 Jun 1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21871
43 ENNEVER, Ammie L   I2454
44 ENNEVER, Charles Henry  1 Aug 1825Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I271
45 ENNEVER, George William James  22 Oct 1818Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I269
46 ENNEVER, John  28 Sep 1827Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I313
47 ENNEVER, John Michael   I2439
48 ENNEVER, Louisa  15 Jul 1823Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I270
49 ENNEVER, Mary  20 Sep 1833Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I314
50 ENNEVER, Nicole   I2453
51 ENNEVER, Sandra Lesley   I2444
52 ENNEVER, Sarah  15 Oct 1820Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2903
53 ENNEVER, Sue Ellen   I2441
54 ENNEVER, Wanda  18 Dec 1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1469
55 ERSKINE, Rose May  1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5163
56 FARRELL, Stella Gwendoline  1905Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23269
57 GILES, Fanny Mary  20 Jan 1855Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3040
58 HAMPSHIRE, Gertrude Mildred  1887Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I29815
59 HAYES, Mary Louisa  1843Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22140
60 HELMAN, Betty Colleen  16 Nov 1928Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21595
61 HIGGINS, Abigail Ruby   I32970
62 HIGGINS, Grace Louise   I32969
63 HIGGINS, Lyndon Hamilton   I32968
64 HILL, Susanna Kathleen   I22043
65 HILL, Tamara Joy   I22042
66 HOOPER, Andra Lesley   I21825
67 HOOPER, Bruce Alexander   I21824
68 HOOPER, Geoffrey Adam   I21823
69 HOOPER, Mary Alice   I21808
70 HOOPER, Thomas Leslie   I21821
71 IRELAND, Griffith James  1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17401
72 JACOB, Henry Thomas  12 Aug 1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I30265
73 KILLIAN, Claudia Nicole   I32963
74 KIRKPATRICK, John Hunter  Abt Dec 1895Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18024
75 LEARY, George J  1838Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2969
76 LEARY, Louisa Jane  1836Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2968
77 LITTLE, David M  1908Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23033
78 LITTLE, Lynn David  1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21484
79 MARSHALL, Virginia   I30738
80 MCINERNEY, Andrew Blake   I32962
81 MCINERNEY, Flynn William   I32961
82 MCINERNEY, Gabrielle Mary   I32967
83 MCINERNEY, Lauren Heather   I32960
84 MCINERNEY, Michael Gregory   I32957
85 MCINERNEY, Simon Robert   I32958
86 MCINERNEY, Stephen Gregory   I32971
87 MCLAUGHLIN, Arthur William  21 Feb 1894Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13524
88 MCLAUGHLIN, Colin Winton   I13568
89 MCLAUGHLIN, Ethel Lillian Bridget  1902Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I30730
90 MCLAUGHLIN, Ruby H  1896Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I30729
91 MCLAUGHLIN, Winton E E  1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I30725
92 MELDRUM, Timothy   I7133
93 MEREDITH, Frederick  17 Mar 1801Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22735
94 MEYER, Stella Edith May  8 Dec 1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13565
95 MOORE, Marguerite Wood  1873Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3090
96 MORRIS, Catherine  1876Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21469
97 MORRIS, Charles Alfred  1847Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2972
98 MORRIS, Charles E A  1891Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9717
99 MORRIS, Charles Gordon  1874Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3002
100 MORRIS, Ernest Benjamin  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2999
101 MORRIS, Ernest Charles  1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21471
102 MORRIS, Ernest E Benjamin  1890Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8716
103 MORRIS, Frederick  15 Apr 1832Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2901
104 MORRIS, George Stephen  1842Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2970
105 MORRIS, Henry Francis  1856Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2974
106 MORRIS, Herbert George D  1878Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3003
107 MORRIS, Irene Gladys Royale  1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13966
108 MORRIS, James  1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3001
109 MORRIS, Myrtle Marie Louise  1896Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9719
110 MORRIS, Walter H  1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9718
111 MORRIS, William Barkus Ennever  6 Jul 1830Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2900
112 PAPPIN, William  1845Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2971
113 PEARSON, Dorothy Valerie   I22044
114 PEISLEY, Roy Lawson  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I33412
115 PERCY, Edward Alfred William  1889Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22404
116 POWELL, Evan Thomas  16 Mar 1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17391
117 SAVAGE, Mary Ann  1828/9Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I14899
118 SHAW, Nicholas Aaron   I2446
119 SIMPSON, Benjamin D  1869Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25032
120 SIMPSON, Caroline L  1877Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25030
121 SIMPSON, Esther Maud  1881Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25036
122 SIMPSON, Georgean  1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25034
123 SIMPSON, Harriet J  1865Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25028
124 SIMPSON, Joseph John  1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25037
125 SIMPSON, Martha A  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25031
126 SIMPSON, Mary E  1873Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25035
127 SIMPSON, Nellie May  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8774
128 SIMPSON, Thomas Verrell  1876Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25029
129 SIMPSON, Walter John  20 Jul 1912Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8775
130 SIMPSON, William Webster  1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25033
131 SMART, Wayne Alex   I19417
132 SMITH, Clifton Robert  4 Oct 1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3177
133 SMITH, Gerard Joseph  26 Jun 1962Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11543
134 TAFT, Susan I  1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22477
135 THOMAS, Ivor Guthrie   I33614
136 TUZO, Priscilla  1815Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22372
137 VERITY, Audrey Annette Maynard  1906Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I28729
138 WATSON, Marion Bennie  1848Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17363
139 WHITE, Amanda Jane   I22037
140 WHITE, Melissa Joy   I22038
141 WHITE, Rebecca Jade   I22039
142 WILD, Winton Maybelle  15 Jun 1877Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13533
143 WILKINSON, Sydney Augustus  15 Dec 1913Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I26759
144 WILSON, Valda Elvira  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I26474
145 WINCH, Arthur F  1904Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I31293
146 WINCH, Florence Mary Muriel  1896Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I31292
147 WINCH, Mabel May  6 Oct 1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17472
148 WINCH, Robert H C  1894Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I31291


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 THOMPSON, John Gilbert  17 Oct 1847Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2979
2 TRIBE, Ann Edwina Oldacre   I2926


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARKUS, Ann  Abt 1829Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2961
2 BENDALL, Louise Margaret  1945Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12179
3 BOWD, Richard Vere  2009Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I35766
4 BRADSHAW, Henry Benjamin  Abt 1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13528
5 BUCHANAN, Allan McLeod  1970Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3250
6 BUCHANAN, Neil Arthur Wellesley  1957Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3113
7 CLARKE, Mary Ann  22 Jun 1921Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22719
8 DECK, George Henry Baring  1960Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I4517
9 EAGAR, Arthur G  1906Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I33637
10 ERSKINE, Rose May  5 Jan 1941Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5163
11 FERRARIN, Aldo  1 Jan 1986Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I31008
12 FORTESCUE, George Edward  Jul 1968Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23159
13 GOODALL, Annie Dorothy  4 Jun 1981Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25912
14 HAMPSHIRE, Agnes Elizabeth  1951Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3118
15 HANDLEY, Edith Nellie  1950Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3162
16 HARRIS, Frederick Henry  1967Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12178
17 HENNESSY, Stella Frances  1967Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21607
18 KEARNEY, Dorothy  1986Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3225
19 LAYZELL, John Persia  14 Jun 1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5162
20 MACGARRIGLE, Constance Alice Mary  1949Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22406
21 MARSLAND, Albert Edgar  22 Jan 1970Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22415
22 MCLAUGHLIN, Winton E E  1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I30725
23 MORRIS, Charles E A  1891Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9717
24 MORRIS, Charles Gordon  1875Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3002
25 MORRIS, Clarice Mary  30 Apr 1975Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I20712
26 MORRIS, Ernest Charles  1880Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21471
27 MORRIS, Frederick  21 Apr 1832Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2901
28 MORRIS, Honor Phoebe  1969Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3033
29 MORRIS, James  1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3001
30 MORRIS, Lloyd C  1901Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9722
31 MORRIS, Walter H  1893Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9718
32 PART, Marion Edith  1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I26755
33 PETERSEN, Rasmus Henrick  1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I34768
34 POWELL, Matilda Lucinda  1880Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17396
35 SAUNDERS, Allan Bruce  10 Nov 1974Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13915
36 SIMPSON, Norman Douglas  1966Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8776
37 SMITH, Gerard Joseph  26 Jun 1962Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11543
38 THOMPSON, Female  7 Mar 1849Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2980
39 THOMPSON, James  28 Aug 1840Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2962
40 THOMPSON, Muriel Frances  12 Dec 1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3047
41 TUSO, Joseph  6 Oct 1825Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22375
42 WESTWOOD, Hugh Rene  2006Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11395
43 WILSON, Oriel Josephine  1961Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6388


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MORRIS, Frederick  23 Apr 1832Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2901
2 SUTTOR, John Bligh  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9778


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 MORRIS, Betty Aileen   I20714


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Criminal    Person ID 
1 LAYZELL, John Persia  1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5162
2 MORRIS, Arthur Daniel  Sep 1934Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21295


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last name, First name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 BETTS, Lizzie Jane  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10041
2 EAGAR, Edward  1811Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2986
3 EAGAR, Ellen May  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2996
4 EAGAR, Sydney Ernest  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2995
5 EGDELL, John Robert  5 Nov 1907Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22729
6 ENNEVER, Ann  From Jul 1817 to Jan 1818Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2397
7 ENNEVER, Arthur Sidney  17 Apr 1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22
8 ENNEVER, Doris Violet  24 Aug 1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I984
9 ENNEVER, Eileen Ruth   I1210
10 ENNEVER, Eliza Sarah  From Jul 1817 to Jan 1818Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2394
11 ENNEVER, Ernest Ralph  24 Aug 1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I983
12 ENNEVER, Rosetta Ivy  18 Jun 1925Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2283
13 LAYZELL, Alice  24 Aug 1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I110
14 PEARE, Andrew  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1712
15 PEARE, Andrew Reuben  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10042
16 PEARE, William Henry  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10043
17 POTTON, Madeline Gladys  17 Apr 1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I463
18 WALTON, Mary Anne  From Jul 1817 to Jan 1818Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I268


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BATH, David   I28740
2 BINKS, Sarah   I24313
3 CLENTON, Malynda Alice   I22902
4 EAGAR, Louisa May Maud  1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3069
5 ENEVER, William Baxter  30 Aug 1958Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I15699
6 GENT, Patricia A   I6827
7 HARRIS, Susan Jane   I7336
8 WARNE, Ian   I5953


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Albert James Percival  From 1 Sep 1944 to 3 Sep 1946Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I34712
2 ENEVER, Graham   I23380


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Walter  7 Dec 1866Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I16618
2 KIRKPATRICK, Herwald Gordon  1930Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3131
3 KIRKPATRICK, Lily Eugenie  21 Feb 1929Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3129
4 KIRKPATRICK, Lily Eugenie  12 Feb 1930Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3129


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 FERRARIN, David Aldo   I31009
2 FERRARIN, David Aldo   I31009
3 MORRIS, Charles Alfred  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2972
4 THOMPSON, John  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2977


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last name, First name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 BUCHANAN, Norah Wellbank  Abt Aug 1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3018
2 BUCHANAN, William  Abt Aug 1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3017
3 EAGAR, Edward James  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2989
4 EAGAR, Grace Louisa  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2988
5 EAGAR, Henry Austin  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2994
6 EAGAR, Janet Emma  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2990
7 EAGAR, Kate Ellen Anne  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2987
8 EAGAR, Nicholas Henry  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2985
9 ENEVER, Georgina Dorothy M   I15572
10 ENEVER, Georgina Dorothy M   I15572
11 ENNEVER, Louisa  30 Aug 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I270
12 ENNEVER, Mary  Abt Aug 1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I314
13 GUTHRIE, Anne Beryl  1947Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I33613
14 GUTHRIE, Anne Beryl  11 Jul 1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I33613
15 KIRKPATRICK, Lily Eugenie  Mar 1933Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3129
16 MORRIS, Arthur Daniel  Abt 1932Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21295
17 PLOWRIGHT, Frank Henry   I15579
18 PLOWRIGHT, Frank Henry   I15579
19 PLOWRIGHT, Gina Susan   I15580
20 PLOWRIGHT, Gina Susan   I15580
21 PLOWRIGHT, Michael   I15581
22 PLOWRIGHT, Michael   I15581
23 PLOWRIGHT, Peter Frank   I15574
24 PLOWRIGHT, Peter Frank   I15574
25 POTTON, Madeline Gladys  26 Oct 1949Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I463
26 THOMAS, Alfred John  1947Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25658
27 THOMAS, Alfred John  11 Jul 1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25658
28 THOMAS, Ivor Guthrie   I33614
29 TOMSETT, Geoffrey Edward  10 Sep 1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I34896
30 TOMSETT, George Ernest  10 Sep 1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I34893


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 MORRIS, Annie Elizabeth Douglas  6 Dec 1930Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3000


Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ADDISON / DURIE  9 Mar 1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2833
2 AIRD / GOLDSMITH  1915Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6929
3 ALLSOPP / HANDLEY  1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F966
4 ANDERSSON / MCLAUGHLIN  1936Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F9832
8 BULL / HENDRY   F6721
10 CARLETON / BELL  1918Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6914
11 CARROLL / HAYES  1866Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6893
12 CHRISTIE / BOYD  1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6975
13 CLARK / HARRIS   F2095
14 COE / FRANKLIN  1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6854
16 CURTIS / TORGUSSON  20 Jun 1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F9659
17 DECK / RAYMENT  1909Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2813
18 DECK / YATES  1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3093
19 DINGWALL / ROBERTSON  1852Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6669
20 DUBOS / POWELL  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5210
22 EAGAR / CULLEN  1934Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6996
23 EAGAR / EMBLEM  1843Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7250
24 EAGAR / JAMES  20 Apr 1938Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6847
25 EAGAR / SINCLAIR  1890Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F944
26 ELLIS / PAWSON   F3993
28 ENNEVER / JAMES  1954Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F172
29 HALL / BIRD  6 Jun 1949Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2895
30 HARRIS / SURMAN  1915Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F10032
31 HENDERSON / MCMAHON  1908Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F10167
32 HENNESSEY / MORRIS  1890Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F914
34 JACK / PAWSON   F3989
35 JACKA / BRANNON   F9900
36 JOHNSON / GRIFFITHS  1866Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6743
37 JONES / IRELAND  1925Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5246
38 KELLY / SMITH  1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7054
39 KIRKPATRICK / MORRIS  24 May 1887Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F955
40 KIRKPATRICK / MURDOCH  1926Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5503
41 KIRKPATRICK / WILSON  21 Dec 1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F1787
42 KNIGHT / HICKS  1913Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7036
43 KNOTT / WHEELER  1909Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6846
44 LAWLESS / EAGAR  1927Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6998
45 LAYZELL / ERSKINE  1904Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F1443
46 MADDEN / FOLEY  1907Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7031
47 MARSLAND / FOLEY  1943Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6984
48 MATE / BARDWELL  1836Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3087
52 MCLAUGHLIN / WILD  1893Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3944
53 MEREDITH / MASON  1811Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7115
54 MEREDITH / WILSON  1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7112
57 MORRIS / CHAUMONT  1889Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2482
58 MORRIS / MATTHEWS  1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7289
59 PAWSON / SAYERS   F3992
60 PEISLEY / CHAPMAN  1909Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F10798
61 PEMBROKE / MULLIGAN  1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6749
62 PERCY / BAILEY  1912Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6977
64 POWELL / MACKAY  1898Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5212
65 ROBERTS / THOMPSON  1912Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6754
66 ROGERS / SPICER  1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7204
67 ROSS / DINGWALL  1908Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6668
68 SEDGWICK / BULL   F6720
69 SIMPSON / EAGAR  1923Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7009
70 SIMPSON / MORRIS  1909Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F971
71 SIMPSON / TAFT  1881Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7010
72 TAYLOR / VERITY  Dec 1925Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F9121
73 THOMPSON / IRELAND  1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5218
74 THOMPSON / NALL  3 May 1941Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2823
75 TIGHE / GROVE  1859Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6758
76 TURNER / POWELL  8 Sep 1928Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5213
77 TUSO / WARD  1810Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6967
78 WILKINSON / KIRKPATRICK  1923Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5504
81 WILSON / YEOMANS  1898Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5532
82 WINCH / SAMUEL  1894Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F10030


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   Family (spouse)    Divorced    Family ID 
2 PAINTER / MORRIS  Feb 1927Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F10433
3 SMITH / MORRIS  Nov 1908Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F975
4 TAYLOR / VERITY  Nov 1936Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F9121


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   Family (spouse)    Engaged    Family ID 
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