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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Limehouse, Middlesex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5110551, Longitude: -0.0399574


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGASTINA, Caroline Rosina  1858/9Limehouse, Middlesex I33073
2 ANSELL, Hannah  1846/7Limehouse, Middlesex I2087
3 ANSELL, Hannah  1862/3Limehouse, Middlesex I2094
4 ANSELL, Henry  Abt Nov 1870Limehouse, Middlesex I2097
5 ANSELL, Henry Richard  30 Sep 1866Limehouse, Middlesex I1954
6 ANSELL, John  1840/1Limehouse, Middlesex I1955
7 ANSELL, John  1874/5Limehouse, Middlesex I12839
8 ANSELL, John William  5 Sep 1859Limehouse, Middlesex I2082
9 ANSELL, Mary  1864/5Limehouse, Middlesex I2083
10 ANSELL, Mary Ann  17 Aug 1866Limehouse, Middlesex I2096
11 ANSELL, Richard  1805/6Limehouse, Middlesex I2084
12 ANSELL, Richard  1834/5Limehouse, Middlesex I2085
13 ANSELL, Richard Henry  20 Aug 1864Limehouse, Middlesex I2095
14 ANSELL, William  1837/8Limehouse, Middlesex I2086
15 ANSELL, William  1862/3Limehouse, Middlesex I2078
16 BELL, Emma Amelia Martha  1856/7Limehouse, Middlesex I31395
17 BOSWELL, William Thomas  1847Limehouse, Middlesex I35176
18 BOWLER, George  1852Limehouse, Middlesex I5522
19 BOWLER, Sarah Ann  1856/7Limehouse, Middlesex I5520
20 CANNON, Ann Elizabeth  16 Feb 1879Limehouse, Middlesex I7347
21 CANNON, John  1850/1Limehouse, Middlesex I13601
22 CANNON, John  Abt Jan 1881Limehouse, Middlesex I31630
23 CANNON, Robert  1884/5Limehouse, Middlesex I31627
24 CANNON, William  1887/8Limehouse, Middlesex I31628
25 CLARK, Sarah  1825Limehouse, Middlesex I1338
26 CLAUSON, Susan  29 Dec 1886Limehouse, Middlesex I3780
27 COCHRANE, Henry  1867/8Limehouse, Middlesex I12984
28 COLLINS, George  1827/8Limehouse, Middlesex I2156
29 COLLINS, George William  10 Feb 1849Limehouse, Middlesex I2162
30 DEEKS, Charlotte Mary Ann  1875Limehouse, Middlesex I27833
31 DEEKS, Joseph Charles  1877/8Limehouse, Middlesex I27820
32 ENEFER, Alfred Arthur  1863Limehouse, Middlesex I27855
33 ENEFER, Alice  15 Jul 1860Limehouse, Middlesex I27847
34 ENEFER, Ellen  15 Apr 1855Limehouse, Middlesex I27819
35 ENEFER, Emily  1866/7Limehouse, Middlesex I27856
36 ENEFER, Mary Ann Sweetingham  15 Apr 1855Limehouse, Middlesex I27846
37 ENNEVER, Willda Nellie  29 Jun 1886Limehouse, Middlesex I1578
38 FIELD, Richard Henry  1866/7Limehouse, Middlesex I12175
39 FOULGER, Elizabeth  1876/7Limehouse, Middlesex I31662
40 FOULGER, Francis  Abt Aug 1880Limehouse, Middlesex I31663
41 FOULGER, George James  Abt Jun 1870Limehouse, Middlesex I31637
42 FOULGER, John James  1842/3Limehouse, Middlesex I31646
43 FOULGER, John James  22 Mar 1865Limehouse, Middlesex I31658
44 FOULGER, Nancy  1873/4Limehouse, Middlesex I31664
45 GREEN, Alfred  1834/5Limehouse, Middlesex I28400
46 GREEN, Sarah Jane  1869/70Limehouse, Middlesex I28398
47 HARROLD, Elizabeth  1870Limehouse, Middlesex I1027
48 HARROLD, John  1868/9Limehouse, Middlesex I1026
49 HART, Eliza  1847/8Limehouse, Middlesex I21001
50 HOLMES, William John  1831/2Limehouse, Middlesex I20975
51 HUTCHINGS, Alice  4 Aug 1850Limehouse, Middlesex I21857
52 HYDON, Ernest Walter  Abt May 1878Limehouse, Middlesex I10334
53 INCE, Charles  1874/5Limehouse, Middlesex I31728
54 INCE, Elizabeth  28 Apr 1881Limehouse, Middlesex I31703
55 INCE, Elizabeth  1885Limehouse, Middlesex I7349
56 INCE, Elizabeth Maria  10 Jul 1860Limehouse, Middlesex I7194
57 INCE, Esther  1850/1Limehouse, Middlesex I31730
58 INCE, George  1827/8Limehouse, Middlesex I32190
59 INCE, George  1862/3Limehouse, Middlesex I31726
60 INCE, George Matthew  1 Jan 1897Limehouse, Middlesex I1625
61 INCE, Gertrude Maud  1890/1Limehouse, Middlesex I1621
62 INCE, Harriett  27 Dec 1866Limehouse, Middlesex I7191
63 INCE, James George  1869Limehouse, Middlesex I7192
64 INCE, John  5 Aug 1839Limehouse, Middlesex I1619
65 INCE, Maria  1852/3Limehouse, Middlesex I31731
66 INCE, Maria  1873Limehouse, Middlesex I7195
67 INCE, Mary  1836/7Limehouse, Middlesex I7253
68 INCE, Mary  5 Feb 1865Limehouse, Middlesex I7190
69 INCE, Mary Ann  1855/6Limehouse, Middlesex I31729
70 INCE, Matthew Henry  8 Sep 1876Limehouse, Middlesex I7196
71 INCE, Nancy  28 Nov 1884Limehouse, Middlesex I7350
72 INCE, Phoebe Ann  Abt Oct 1860Limehouse, Middlesex I31732
73 INCE, Rebecca  1877/8Limehouse, Middlesex I7197
74 INCE, Robert  Abt Feb 1871Limehouse, Middlesex I31727
75 INCE, Rosetta  Mar 1871Limehouse, Middlesex I7193
76 INCE, Rosina  9 Aug 1888Limehouse, Middlesex I1622
77 KELLY, Edward  1883/4Limehouse, Middlesex I21201
78 KELLY, Maria  1889/90Limehouse, Middlesex I31828
79 KELLY, Mary  1887/8Limehouse, Middlesex I31827
80 LEARY, Ellen  1870/1Limehouse, Middlesex I31659
81 LEE, Ellen C  1858/9Limehouse, Middlesex I1651
82 MAYO, Adam  1864/5Limehouse, Middlesex I5022
83 MAYO, Eliza  1856/7Limehouse, Middlesex I5019
84 MAYO, Elizabeth  1853/4Limehouse, Middlesex I4274
85 MAYO, George  Abt Feb 1861Limehouse, Middlesex I5021
86 MAYO, Hannah  1851/2Limehouse, Middlesex I5018
87 MAYO, Peter  1858/9Limehouse, Middlesex I5020
88 MAYO, William  1861/2Limehouse, Middlesex I5023
89 MEDCALFE, Isabella  1869/70Limehouse, Middlesex I34727
90 MEDCALFE, William  1843/4Limehouse, Middlesex I31712
91 MEDCALFE, William  1866/7Limehouse, Middlesex I34726
92 MOSEY, Elizabeth  1879/80Limehouse, Middlesex I2666
93 NEWSUM, Sarah  1823/4Limehouse, Middlesex I31648
94 NOTINI, Joseph  1855/6Limehouse, Middlesex I33065
95 NOTINI, Joseph Watts  1881Limehouse, Middlesex I33066
96 PALMER, Anne Alice  29 Dec 1854Limehouse, Middlesex I15098
97 PEARE, Richard George  1827/8Limehouse, Middlesex I1509
98 PECKHAM, Esther  1831/2Limehouse, Middlesex I31725
99 PIRIE, Ada Lucy  1864/5Limehouse, Middlesex I3908
100 PIRIE, Eliza  1855/6Limehouse, Middlesex I3905
101 PIRIE, James  1828/9Limehouse, Middlesex I3901
102 PIRIE, James  1851/2Limehouse, Middlesex I3903
103 PUGH, Emma  21 Nov 1847Limehouse, Middlesex I14242
104 PUGH, George John  13 Dec 1850Limehouse, Middlesex I3462
105 PUGH, Sarah  1845/6Limehouse, Middlesex I14241
106 RICKETTS, Caroline  1829/30Limehouse, Middlesex I29767
107 RICKETTS, Henry  1824/5Limehouse, Middlesex I29766
108 RICKETTS, James  1818/9Limehouse, Middlesex I29765
109 ROBERTS, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1842Limehouse, Middlesex I2072
110 ROBERTS, Emma  1844/5Limehouse, Middlesex I2092
111 ROBERTS, Henry  1811/2Limehouse, Middlesex I2088
112 ROBERTS, Henry  1838/9Limehouse, Middlesex I2091
113 ROBERTS, Mary  1834/5Limehouse, Middlesex I2090
114 ROBERTS, Rebecca  21 Sep 1847Limehouse, Middlesex I2093
115 ROGERS, Ann  1858/9Limehouse, Middlesex I31626
116 SAWYER, Ellen Harriett  1864/5Limehouse, Middlesex I31638
117 SAWYER, George  1854/5Limehouse, Middlesex I31651
118 SAWYER, Hannah  1856/7Limehouse, Middlesex I31654
119 SAWYER, Henry  1846/7Limehouse, Middlesex I31649
120 SAWYER, James J  1862/3Limehouse, Middlesex I31650
121 SAWYER, Mary Ann  Abt Oct 1860Limehouse, Middlesex I31655
122 SAWYER, Sarah A  1851/2Limehouse, Middlesex I31653
123 SAWYER, William  1849/50Limehouse, Middlesex I31652
124 SAWYER, William John  1817/8Limehouse, Middlesex I31647
125 SCALES, Mary A  1868/9Limehouse, Middlesex I30815
126 SCOTT, Emma  1867/8Limehouse, Middlesex I3947
127 THOROUGHGOOD, Joseph Day  1858/9Limehouse, Middlesex I5724
128 THOROUGHGOOD, Lavinia Matilda  1864Limehouse, Middlesex I5727
129 THOROWGOOD, Andrew  1861/2Limehouse, Middlesex I5726
130 THOROWGOOD, Catherine  1867/8Limehouse, Middlesex I5728
131 THOROWGOOD, Elizabeth Day  Abt Jan 1861Limehouse, Middlesex I5725
132 THOROWGOOD, James  1855/6Limehouse, Middlesex I5693
133 THOROWGOOD, William James  1852Limehouse, Middlesex I5723
134 THORPE, Mary Ann  Abt 1880Limehouse, Middlesex I31335
135 THORPE, Thomas  1853/4Limehouse, Middlesex I31044
136 THORPE, Thomas  1877/8Limehouse, Middlesex I31334
137 TUSTIN, William Bucknall  1843/4Limehouse, Middlesex I21299
138 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1792/3Limehouse, Middlesex I29763
139 VINCENT, Mary Maria  Before 27 Aug 1820Limehouse, Middlesex I1094


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1840Limehouse, Middlesex I1040
2 DEEX, James  8 Sep 1872Limehouse, Middlesex I27815
3 ENEFER, Ellen  8 Sep 1872Limehouse, Middlesex I27819
4 ENEVER, Elizabeth  27 Oct 1851Limehouse, Middlesex I16177
5 ENEVER, James  27 Oct 1851Limehouse, Middlesex I16707
6 ENNEVER, Albert Frederick William  6 Oct 1887Limehouse, Middlesex I101
7 ENNEVER, Ernest James Cyril  6 Oct 1887Limehouse, Middlesex I104
8 ENNEVER, Fred  6 Oct 1887Limehouse, Middlesex I1579
9 ENNEVER, Frederic  6 Oct 1887Limehouse, Middlesex I102
10 ENNEVER, Grace Lydia  6 Oct 1887Limehouse, Middlesex I105
11 HARROLD, John  25 Dec 1840Limehouse, Middlesex I1039
12 INNIVER, Lydia  5 Jun 1844Limehouse, Middlesex I14811
13 NEWSUM, Sarah  11 Sep 1842Limehouse, Middlesex I31648
14 SAWYER, William John  11 Sep 1842Limehouse, Middlesex I31647
15 VINER, Sarah Wilder  6 Oct 1887Limehouse, Middlesex I103
16 WARD, William  5 Jun 1844Limehouse, Middlesex I14812
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