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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Lambeth, Surrey


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.4855046, Longitude: -0.1274846


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGATES, Emily  1841/2Lambeth, Surrey I28766
2 ATTWOOD, William Henry  1838/9Lambeth, Surrey I18283
3 AXTELL, Clarissa Mary  Abt Aug 1880Lambeth, Surrey I25310
4 AXTELL, Frederick  1883/4Lambeth, Surrey I25313
5 AXTELL, Nathaniel James  1878/9Lambeth, Surrey I25309
6 BARRINGTON, Caroline  1826/7Lambeth, Surrey I1863
7 BARRINGTON, Rachel  1835/6Lambeth, Surrey I1868
8 CHANDLER, Henry  1831/2Lambeth, Surrey I16969
9 DEAR, Joseph Cox  Abt Feb 1854Lambeth, Surrey I15165
10 DEAR, Thomas Oldacres  Abt Aug 1855Lambeth, Surrey I15166
11 DERMEDY, John  1835/6Lambeth, Surrey I34110
12 DERMODY, Elizabeth E  1864/5Lambeth, Surrey I34117
13 DERMODY, George A  1864/5Lambeth, Surrey I34116
14 DERMODY, Martha E  1860/1Lambeth, Surrey I34115
15 DERMODY, Mathias  1868/9Lambeth, Surrey I34118
16 ENEVER, Ann  1827Lambeth, Surrey I14867
17 ENEVER, Emma  1887Lambeth, Surrey I15127
18 ENEVER, James Charles  Abt Aug 1890Lambeth, Surrey I18989
19 GORRILL, Charles  1863/4Lambeth, Surrey I18293
20 GORRILL, Elizabeth Ann  1859Lambeth, Surrey I28767
21 GORRILL, Hannah Emily  1861/2Lambeth, Surrey I28768
22 GORRILL, Robert  1836/7Lambeth, Surrey I28765
23 GRADY, Thomas  1836/7Lambeth, Surrey I1116
24 HALL, Charles  1845/6Lambeth, Surrey I4151
25 HALL, Ellen  1841/2Lambeth, Surrey I4149
26 HALL, Henry  1843/4Lambeth, Surrey I4150
27 HARVEY, George Edward  1866/7Lambeth, Surrey I23930
28 HARVEY, Harry Enever  1 Feb 1869Lambeth, Surrey I19794
29 HARVEY, Rosina Alice  Abt Jan 1871Lambeth, Surrey I23931
30 HARVEY, Sarah Ann Louisa  1879/80Lambeth, Surrey I25280
31 HARVEY, William Henry  1883/4Lambeth, Surrey I25278
32 HASKELL, Samuel Frederick  1867Lambeth, Surrey I21349
33 HERBERT, James Charles  1844/5Lambeth, Surrey I16567
34 HILLYARD, Caroline  1852/3Lambeth, Surrey I35862
35 HILLYARD, Emma  1868/9Lambeth, Surrey I35866
36 HILLYARD, Harriet  1864/5Lambeth, Surrey I35865
37 HUGHES, Eleanor  1829/30Lambeth, Surrey I3902
38 HYDE, Charles Henry  1863/4Lambeth, Surrey I27170
39 LAMBOURNE, Frederick  Abt Mar 1881Lambeth, Surrey I29628
40 LLEWELLYN, Edward  1847/8Lambeth, Surrey I29133
41 LLEWELLYN, Richard  1845/6Lambeth, Surrey I29132
42 LUMB, Eliza  1852/3Lambeth, Surrey I1836
43 PIRIE, Matilda  1854/5Lambeth, Surrey I3904
44 POLLYN, Ada Ellen  Abt Feb 1867Lambeth, Surrey I11894
45 PUNT, Arthur Augustus  1863Lambeth, Surrey I16918
46 SHERWOOD, William Edward  1872Lambeth, Surrey I6884
47 SMETHAM, Sidney  1841/2Lambeth, Surrey I3988
48 SPORTON, Alice Maud  1848/9Lambeth, Surrey I4804
49 SPORTON, Josephine Caroline  1844Lambeth, Surrey I4802
50 SPORTON, Katherine Augusta  1845/6Lambeth, Surrey I4803
51 SYMES, Charles  1834/5Lambeth, Surrey I7600
52 TREBLE, Caroline Elizabeth  1818/9Lambeth, Surrey I4801
53 TRIBE, Mary A J  1854/5Lambeth, Surrey I2424
54 TRIBE, Thomas  24 Nov 1817Lambeth, Surrey I2421
55 TRIBE, Thomas  1848Lambeth, Surrey I2423
56 WILTSHIRE, Sarah  1836/7Lambeth, Surrey I34114
57 WRIGHT, Albert Edward James  26 Aug 1874Lambeth, Surrey I23877
58 WRIGHT, Sarah Ann  24 Feb 1865Lambeth, Surrey I23873
59 WRIGHT, Sidney Augustus Joseph  16 Jan 1880Lambeth, Surrey I23878


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 CHUBB, John William  13 Feb 1851Lambeth, Surrey I33316
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