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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Islington, London


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5302119, Longitude: -0.1112312


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANNISON, Alfred  1892/3Islington, London I5422
2 ANNISON, Alice L  1895/6Islington, London I5424
3 ANNISON, Charles  1897/8Islington, London I5425
4 ANNISON, Elizabeth  1891/2Islington, London I5421
5 ANNISON, Emily Rosina  1899/1900Islington, London I5292
6 ANNISON, Nellie  1898/9Islington, London I5426
7 ANNISON, William F  1893/4Islington, London I5423
8 BRANNON, Ernest Edward  Abt Feb 1911Islington, London I30943
9 BRYAN, William Thomas  1906/7Islington, London I28347
10 ENEVER, Albert William  14 May 1903Islington, London I16827
11 ENEVER, Annie Edith  5 Sep 1892Islington, London I16823
12 ENEVER, Ellen Jane  24 Oct 1894Islington, London I16824
13 ENEVER, Grace  2 Sep 1898Islington, London I14471
14 ENEVER, Grace May  27 Apr 1908Islington, London I16828
15 ENEVER, Rosina Lee  28 Aug 1902Islington, London I14472
16 ENNEVER, Alice Amelia  10 Jan 1897Islington, London I284
17 ENNEVER, Ellen Maud  1886Islington, London I1462
18 ENNEVER, Emily Amelia  8 Jun 1889Islington, London I234
19 ENNEVER, Ethel Elizabeth  1896Islington, London I283
20 ENNEVER, Florence Ada  1882Islington, London I280
21 ENNEVER, Henry Wade  10 Apr 1900Islington, London I286
22 ENNEVER, Winifred Maud  18 Apr 1898Islington, London I285
23 FOWLER, Alice M  1887/8Islington, London I6504
24 GANDY, Emily Alice  1889Islington, London I13261
25 GOODGER, Fred  Abt Jan 1901Islington, London I31545
26 GOODGER, Rhoda Lizzie  1892Islington, London I31542
27 GOODGER, Rosie May  1899Islington, London I31543
28 GOODRIDGE, Archibald Cyril  Abt Feb 1891Islington, London I23486
29 HAMMANT, Ivy  1907/8Islington, London I13315
30 HAMMANT, Percy  1909/10Islington, London I13316
31 HANDFORD, Alan Grant  Abt Aug 1890Islington, London I18161
32 HANDFORD, Ellen Mary  1892/3Islington, London I18163
33 HOLL, Dorothy Marion  1886Islington, London I7591
34 HOLMES, Marion Isabella  1857/8Islington, London I1513
35 HUFF, Edith Elizabeth E  1898Islington, London I502
36 HUFF, Minnie Mabel  1901/2Islington, London I12586
37 JONES, George Charles  1886/7Islington, London I34268
38 KELLY, Margaret Louisa  1908Islington, London I29319
39 LENSH, Edith Bertha  1888/9Islington, London I9374
40 LENSH, Edwin John  Abt Jun 1890Islington, London I9375
41 LILLY, Robert  1865/6Islington, London I7270
42 MASON, Nellie Violet  1910Islington, London I13321
43 MOTT, Dorothy Lilian  1899Islington, London I34032
44 MOTT, Gladys Lucy  1906Islington, London I34035
45 MOTT, Leslie Victor  1904Islington, London I34034
46 OSBORNE, George E  Abt Jan 1851Islington, London I24320
47 OSBORNE, Henry J  1852/3Islington, London I24321
48 OSBORNE, Jane  12 Jan 1857Islington, London I1410
49 PHOENIX, Jesse  1869Islington, London I6669
50 PITTS, Rosa Mary  1863/4Islington, London I16822
51 POTTS, Phoebe Sophia  1879Islington, London I7027
52 RAINBIRD, George  2 Jul 1887Islington, London I34302
53 RAINBIRD, Henry George  Abt Mar 1911Islington, London I34304
54 RAINBIRD, May Frances  1909Islington, London I34307
55 ROBINSON, Stephen  1864/5Islington, London I3847
56 SHARP, Ada  1874/5Islington, London I12211
57 SIMMONS, Albert J  1881/2Islington, London I5076
58 SIMMONS, Edith  1888/9Islington, London I5081
59 SIMMONS, Edward Wickham  Abt Aug 1880Islington, London I4677
60 SIMMONS, William H  1878/9Islington, London I5075
61 SPORTON, Bertie Victor  16 Mar 1896Islington, London I1416
62 SPORTON, Ernest Charles  25 Jun 1888Islington, London I1413
63 SPORTON, Florence Kate  Abt Nov 1890Islington, London I1414
64 SPORTON, Henry James  19 Sep 1883Islington, London I755
65 SPORTON, Nellie Gladman  1893/4Islington, London I1415
66 TREW, Charlotte  1872Islington, London I5420
67 TREW, Jane  Abt Dec 1870Islington, London I5755
68 WHITE, Ada Frances  29 May 1897Islington, London I13417
69 WHITE, Alice Maud  1 Jun 1891Islington, London I13414
70 WHITE, Arthur  1892/3Islington, London I13415
71 WHITE, Charles James  1895/6Islington, London I13416
72 WYATT, Alice Dorothy  1909/10Islington, London I13593
73 WYATT, Lilian Margaret  1905/6Islington, London I13591
74 WYATT, Rose Elizabeth Alice  1903/4Islington, London I13590
75 WYATT, Sydney Charles  1885/6Islington, London I13588
76 WYATT, Sydney James Frederick  1907/8Islington, London I13592
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