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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Hillingdon, Middlesex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5260919, Longitude: -0.4430080


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Alfred  1859/60Hillingdon, Middlesex I13051
2 BARNES, Caroline  Abt May 1870Hillingdon, Middlesex I13054
3 BARNES, Mary Ann  1864/5Hillingdon, Middlesex I13052
4 BARNES, Rose Jane  1867/8Hillingdon, Middlesex I13053
5 BARNES, Sarah Elizabeth  1861/2Hillingdon, Middlesex I13019
6 BARNES, William  1856/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I13050
7 BLOWER, Alice Jane  1853/4Hillingdon, Middlesex I14296
8 DEW, Mary Ann  1836/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I1987
9 ENEVER, Alfred James  19 Feb 1864Hillingdon, Middlesex I14281
10 ENEVER, Alice May  7 Jun 1886Hillingdon, Middlesex I14300
11 ENEVER, Florence Alice Mary  3 Oct 1880Hillingdon, Middlesex I14298
12 ENEVER, George Arthur  23 Sep 1878Hillingdon, Middlesex I14299
13 ENEVER, George Daniel  1857Hillingdon, Middlesex I14283
14 ENEVER, Mary Ann  1853/4Hillingdon, Middlesex I14282
15 ENEVER, Robert  23 Mar 1860Hillingdon, Middlesex I14279
16 ENEVER, Sarah Ann  15 Apr 1862Hillingdon, Middlesex I14280
17 FARR, Amy Eliza  Abt Nov 1900Hillingdon, Middlesex I13021
18 FARR, Caroline  1856Hillingdon, Middlesex I13045
19 FARR, Cecilia Elizabeth  1887Hillingdon, Middlesex I13022
20 FARR, Dallcie Rebecca Rose  1884/5Hillingdon, Middlesex I13024
21 FARR, Florence Emily  1889Hillingdon, Middlesex I13023
22 FARR, George  1854Hillingdon, Middlesex I13042
23 FARR, Henry  1828/9Hillingdon, Middlesex I13034
24 FARR, Henry  1848Hillingdon, Middlesex I13040
25 FARR, James  1849/50Hillingdon, Middlesex I13047
26 FARR, John  1860/1Hillingdon, Middlesex I4640
27 FARR, Joseph  1857/8Hillingdon, Middlesex I13044
28 FARR, Rebecca  1871Hillingdon, Middlesex I13038
29 FARR, Richard  1851/2Hillingdon, Middlesex I13041
30 FARR, Robert  1866/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I13037
31 FARR, Sarah  Abt Jul 1860Hillingdon, Middlesex I13046
32 HARDY, Andrew Allen  1856/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I15062
33 HARDY, Elizabeth A  1863/4Hillingdon, Middlesex I15065
34 HARDY, George Allen  1 Aug 1861Hillingdon, Middlesex I15064
35 HARDY, Harry Allen  1 Aug 1861Hillingdon, Middlesex I14332
36 HARDY, Jack Allen  1858/9Hillingdon, Middlesex I15063
37 HERBERT, Margaret  1856/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I14320
38 ODELL, Marianne  1829/30Hillingdon, Middlesex I13035
39 PUNT, William Henry  1868Hillingdon, Middlesex I16920
40 ROSE, Eliza  1846/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I15066
41 SUCH, Cecil James  1898Hillingdon, Middlesex I8358
42 SUCH, Eric Albert  1897Hillingdon, Middlesex I8357
43 SUCH, Iris Hilda  1895Hillingdon, Middlesex I8356
44 SUCH, Ivy Gladys  1902/3Hillingdon, Middlesex I12664
45 UNKNOWN, Rebecca  1834/5Hillingdon, Middlesex I13049
46 WEST, Alfred  1857/8Hillingdon, Middlesex I27347
47 WEST, Ann Elizabeth  1848/9Hillingdon, Middlesex I27346
48 WEST, Emily Maria  1855/6Hillingdon, Middlesex I14341
49 WEST, John  1843/4Hillingdon, Middlesex I27350
50 WINTER, Arthur C  1869/70Hillingdon, Middlesex I1996
51 WINTER, George James  1836/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I1990
52 WINTER, Georgina  1872Hillingdon, Middlesex I1998
53 WINTER, Henry E  1865/6Hillingdon, Middlesex I1994
54 WINTER, Hester  1856/7Hillingdon, Middlesex I1991
55 WINTER, James G  1862/3Hillingdon, Middlesex I1993
56 WINTER, John  1858/9Hillingdon, Middlesex I1997
57 WINTER, Mary  1867/8Hillingdon, Middlesex I1995
58 WINTER, William  1860Hillingdon, Middlesex I1992


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Sarah Elizabeth  8 Jun 1862Hillingdon, Middlesex I13019


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, George  26 Jul 1857Hillingdon, Middlesex I14275
2 ENEVER, George Daniel  26 Jul 1857Hillingdon, Middlesex I14283
3 ENEVER, George Daniel  10 Mar 1878Hillingdon, Middlesex I14283
4 ENEVER, Mary Ann  26 Jul 1857Hillingdon, Middlesex I14282
5 MCCOMBIE, Charles John  24 May 1861Hillingdon, Middlesex I25196
6 MCCOMBIE, Louisa Jane  24 May 1861Hillingdon, Middlesex I27354
7 MERCER, Eliza  25 Dec 1844Hillingdon, Middlesex I27345
8 PAGE, Louisa  24 May 1861Hillingdon, Middlesex I25197
9 STEVENS, Eliza Ann  26 Jul 1857Hillingdon, Middlesex I14276
10 WEST, Jesse  25 Dec 1844Hillingdon, Middlesex I14340
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