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Bow, Middlesex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Notes: The two parishes of Bow and Bromley-by-Bow in London's East End have a long and distinct history although they have struggled for identity. These parishes, linked as they are by industry and the River Lea, are located within the following geographical boundaries: Victoria Park to the north, River Lea to the east, Grove and Burdett Roads to the west and the Limehouse Cut to the south. The Limehouse Cut was created in 1770 to connect the Thames to the River Lea at Bromley-by-Bow.

Bow became a parish in its own right in 1719 and at that time was very much a rural retreat and remained that way throughout the 18th century. Bow's neighbour, Bromley-by-Bow, was originally known as the parish of Bromley St Leonard in reference to the priory and convent in the area. The area was known simply as Bromley, but confusion with Bromley in Kent led to postal services calling it Bromley-by-Bow.

Bow and Bromley-by-Bow parishes were absorbed into the Borough of Poplar in 1900. Poplar was one of three boroughs , along with Stepney and Bethnal Green, which became Tower Hamlets in 1965.


Latitude: 51.5287889, Longitude: -0.0247778


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLARS, Amy E  1889/90Bow, Middlesex I5775
2 ALLARS, George William  28 Feb 1889Bow, Middlesex I5774
3 ASH, Alfred George  Abt Nov 1880Bow, Middlesex I20470
4 ASH, Miriam  1882Bow, Middlesex I24961
5 ASKEY, Alpha Harry  1890Bow, Middlesex I17058
6 BARNES, Henry  1862/3Bow, Middlesex I2021
7 BELL, John  1879/80Bow, Middlesex I25005
8 BELL, Madeline  1885/6Bow, Middlesex I25007
9 BELL, William Ewart Gladstone  1881/2Bow, Middlesex I25006
10 CHALLIS, Agnes Hannah  1879/80Bow, Middlesex I19311
11 CHALLIS, Hannah  1881/2Bow, Middlesex I29983
12 CHALLIS, Phebe E  1878/9Bow, Middlesex I29982
13 CLAUSON, Alfred John  1888/9Bow, Middlesex I3781
14 ENEVER, Charles Richard  25 Jul 1868Bow, Middlesex I14372
15 ENEVER, Flora Elizabeth  21 Jul 1878Bow, Middlesex I14395
16 ENEVER, John Peter Edward  16 Mar 1880Bow, Middlesex I14396
17 ENEVER, Sydney  22 Nov 1871Bow, Middlesex I14374
18 FOOTMAN, Jane Mary Ann  1871/2Bow, Middlesex I30781
19 GAD, William  24 Jul 1829Bow, Middlesex I12328
20 GREEN, William  1859/60Bow, Middlesex I3442
21 HALL, John W  1880/1Bow, Middlesex I14857
22 HOUCHEN, James W  1877/8Bow, Middlesex I3774
23 JAMES, Ada  1871/2Bow, Middlesex I5778
24 JAMES, Hannah Elizabeth  1867/8Bow, Middlesex I5773
25 JAMES, Harry  1878/9Bow, Middlesex I5780
26 JAMES, Lucy  1873/4Bow, Middlesex I5779
27 JOHNSON, Alice Frances  1861/2Bow, Middlesex I21045
28 JOHNSON, David Frederick  1855/6Bow, Middlesex I21051
29 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  1848/9Bow, Middlesex I21050
30 JOHNSON, William Edward  1857/8Bow, Middlesex I21052
31 JURY, Henry  1861/2Bow, Middlesex I30577
32 PARR, William George  1874/5Bow, Middlesex I70
33 PRICE, Alice  1866/7Bow, Middlesex I2017
34 PRICE, John  1830/1Bow, Middlesex I2014
35 REDDALL, Arthur S  Abt Sep 1890Bow, Middlesex I14406
36 REDDALL, Charles  1867/8Bow, Middlesex I21432
37 REDDALL, Henry  1869/70Bow, Middlesex I21433
38 REDDALL, Herbert  1878/9Bow, Middlesex I14398
39 REDDALL, John  1865/6Bow, Middlesex I21431
40 REDDALL, Letitia Mary  1887/8Bow, Middlesex I14405
41 REDDALL, William  1877/8Bow, Middlesex I14402
42 SHEERS, Alice Maud  17 Feb 1882Bow, Middlesex I24447
43 SHEERS, Annie C  1874/5Bow, Middlesex I24458
44 SHEERS, Emma Louisa  1880/1Bow, Middlesex I24452
45 SHEERS, Harriet R  1876/7Bow, Middlesex I24459
46 SHEERS, Minnie  1885/6Bow, Middlesex I24453
47 STAPLETON, Frederick George  Abt Nov 1880Bow, Middlesex I34795
48 UNKNOWN, Mary  1840/1Bow, Middlesex I5777
49 WAKEFIELD, Sarah Ann  1867/8Bow, Middlesex I24499
50 WAKEFIELD, Sophia Louisa  1869/70Bow, Middlesex I24500


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BLAKELOCK, Emma  21 Apr 1862Bow, Middlesex I29153
2 COLLINS, Priscilla Ann  16 Oct 1870Bow, Middlesex I323
3 ENEVER, John  29 May 1882Bow, Middlesex I15499
4 ENEVER, John Peter  24 Dec 1877Bow, Middlesex I14361
5 ENEVER, Mary Emily  21 May 1876Bow, Middlesex I14359
6 ENNEVER, Daisy Florence  29 Aug 1889Bow, Middlesex I20
7 ENNEVER, Frances Ethel  14 Jul 1887Bow, Middlesex I21
8 ENNEVER, Frederic  14 Feb 1877Bow, Middlesex I102
9 ENNEVER, John  14 Jul 1887Bow, Middlesex I14
10 ENNEVER, John  29 Aug 1889Bow, Middlesex I14
11 ENNEVER, John  21 Oct 1894Bow, Middlesex I14
12 ENNEVER, Sarah  16 Aug 1829Bow, Middlesex I530
13 GAD, William  16 Aug 1829Bow, Middlesex I12328
14 GAD, William  16 Aug 1829Bow, Middlesex I12327
15 HARMAN, George David Francis  21 Apr 1862Bow, Middlesex I29152
16 HOLMES, Sarah Anne  27 Feb 1848Bow, Middlesex I20994
17 JONES, Morgan Butler  16 Oct 1870Bow, Middlesex I5025
18 LAMBOURN, James  21 May 1876Bow, Middlesex I15034
19 PARR, Frances  14 Jul 1887Bow, Middlesex I67
20 PARR, Frances  29 Aug 1889Bow, Middlesex I67
21 PARR, Frances  21 Oct 1894Bow, Middlesex I67
22 PEPPERELL, Mary Ann Elizabeth  20 Nov 1883Bow, Middlesex I12981
23 REDDALL, Mary Elizabeth  24 Dec 1877Bow, Middlesex I14393
24 THOMPSON, Mary Ann  29 May 1882Bow, Middlesex I16369
25 TROTT, Robert  27 Feb 1848Bow, Middlesex I20995
26 VINER, Sarah Wilder  14 Feb 1877Bow, Middlesex I103
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