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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 52.6586889, Longitude: 0.1588806


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COCKLE, Edith Elizabeth  1 Aug 1873Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I34808
2 COCKLE, Elizabeth  1848/9Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12083
3 COCKLE, Esther  1847Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12082
4 COCKLE, Female  1843Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12081
5 COCKLE, Female  1851Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12085
6 COCKLE, Frederic William  1839/40Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I34807
7 COCKLE, Lucy Esther  1 Aug 1873Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I34809
8 HART, Susan   I12519
9 MASON, Female  1879/80Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I34814
10 MILLER, Edith M  1912Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12010
11 MILLER, Frederic J   I12011
12 MILLER, Harold Overton  Abt Sep 1900Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12002
13 NAPIER, Gerald L G   I26504
14 SAINTY, George  1895Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I14168


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Jane  Abt May 1857Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I4368
2 BARNES, Julia  1905Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I4354
3 BARNES, William  1894/5Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I480
4 BELL, Mary  Abt May 1843Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11772
5 COCKLE, Esther  1847Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12082
6 COCKLE, Female  1843Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12081
7 COCKLE, Female  1851Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12085
8 COCKLE, Frederic William  1840Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I34807
9 COE, Caroline  1896Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12057
10 FAILES, Ann  31 Mar 1902Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I507
11 FAILES, Watson Arthur  1882Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I19139
12 FISHER, Catherine  Oct 1841Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11946
13 HOWARD, Emma  Abt Aug 1881Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I469
14 OVERTON, Ann Abigail  19 Jan 1875Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I3521
15 OVERTON, Benjamin Turner  22 Oct 1878Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I506
16 OVERTON, Catherine  1894Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11978
17 OVERTON, Hannah Elizabeth  Sep 1864Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11984
18 OVERTON, Maria Failes  1837Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I13481
19 OVERTON, Maria Failes  Dec 1837Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11621
20 OVERTON, Richard  3 Jun 1852Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11625
21 POLLYN, Maria Johnson  1866Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I11970
22 SECKER, John  1886Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I1363
23 SECKER, John William  1885Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I9566
24 SHARMAN, Mary  1886Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire I12027


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / FAILES  1868Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F8536
2 BARNES / EMMERSON  1905Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F11546
3 BARNES / WESTFIELD  1884Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F351
4 BECKETT / FAILES  1869Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F8422
5 BOSWELL / BARNES  1899Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F11437
6 COCKLE / WATTS  1902Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F8426
7 COCKLE / WILES  1863Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F8427
8 FAILES / COE  1845Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3518
9 GOOSE / POLLYN  1867Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3482
10 JERRY / BELL  Abt Feb 1843Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3420
11 MILLER / BEAKLEY  Abt Sep 1911Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3494
12 MILLER / FARRIN  1886Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3496
13 MILLER / LEMMON  1890Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3490
14 MILLER / MURFITT  1894Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3492
15 MILLER / OVERTON  1856Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3489
16 PEPPER / SECKER  1891Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F6403
17 POLLYN / DESBOROUGH  1877Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3475
18 RICHES / BARNES  1890Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3844
19 ROSINGTON / BARNES  1869Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F7821
20 SAINTY / BARNES  1893Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F4177
21 SUTTON / MOORE  1851Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3516
22 TYLER / OVERTON  1884Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3438
23 WOODS / ASHBY  1858Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F6461
24 YALLUP / MILLER  1887Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3499
25 YALLUP / SHARMAN  1860Wisbech District, Cambridgeshire F3500
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