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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Victoria, Australia


Note: pins may represent approximate locations

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: -37.0000000, Longitude: 145.0000000

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: -37.0000000, Longitude: 145.0000000

Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: -37.0000000, Longitude: 145.0000000

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: -37.0000000, Longitude: 145.0000000


Matches 1 to 123 of 123

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Ben   I4995
2 ARMSTRONG, Emily  1876Victoria, Australia I32946
3 COLEMAN, Alice Adelaide  1895Victoria, Australia I15396
4 COLEMAN, Ernest Edwin  1885Victoria, Australia I15393
5 COLEMAN, Lillian  1887Victoria, Australia I15391
6 COLEMAN, Maria Emma  1898Victoria, Australia I15395
7 COLEMAN, Mary Clara  1891Victoria, Australia I15388
8 COLEMAN, Mary Ellen  1890Victoria, Australia I15389
9 COLEMAN, Thomas Walker  1900Victoria, Australia I15394
10 CONWAY, Joseph Stanley  1886Victoria, Australia I31471
11 CONWAY, Lillian Frances  1890Victoria, Australia I10148
12 CURTIS, Fanny  1865Victoria, Australia I30205
13 CURTIS, Henry Allen  1868Victoria, Australia I30203
14 CURTIS, Mara  2 May 1874Victoria, Australia I30204
15 CURTIS, Selina Fanny  17 Mar 1872Victoria, Australia I30200
16 DENHAM, Charles  1886Victoria, Australia I23176
17 DENHAM, Frances Louisa  1878Victoria, Australia I23174
18 DENHAM, Harriet Avon  1888Victoria, Australia I23177
19 DENHAM, Susan  1883Victoria, Australia I23175
20 DOVASTON, Alfred Edward  1911Victoria, Australia I34567
21 EDMISTON, Amy Beauclerk  Abt 1861Victoria, Australia I16774
22 ELLIOTT, Charles S  1889/90Victoria, Australia I16776
23 ELLIOTT, Charlotte M W  1896/7Victoria, Australia I16777
24 ENEVER, Alan James  1913Victoria, Australia I15272
25 ENEVER, Albert James  1913Victoria, Australia I15186
26 ENEVER, Albin Harold  1914Victoria, Australia I15295
27 ENEVER, Alice  4 Feb 1870Victoria, Australia I15200
28 ENEVER, Arthur John  1910Victoria, Australia I15184
29 ENEVER, Charles  1887Victoria, Australia I15226
30 ENEVER, Elsie May  1892Victoria, Australia I15192
31 ENEVER, Emily Gladys  1918Victoria, Australia I15187
32 ENEVER, Ethel May  1906Victoria, Australia I15197
33 ENEVER, Eva Elizabeth  8 Nov 1890Victoria, Australia I15280
34 ENEVER, Harold Arthur  1891Victoria, Australia I15191
35 ENEVER, Harriet  20 Dec 1863Victoria, Australia I15198
36 ENEVER, Jack Sutherland  1916Victoria, Australia I15273
37 ENEVER, James  1898Victoria, Australia I15230
38 ENEVER, John Alexander  1899Victoria, Australia I15266
39 ENEVER, John George  Abt Apr 1894Victoria, Australia I15277
40 ENEVER, Kenneth James  1916Victoria, Australia I15296
41 ENEVER, Lena Ada  1912Victoria, Australia I15185
42 ENEVER, Leslie John  1919Victoria, Australia I15291
43 ENEVER, Lorna May  24 Aug 1926Victoria, Australia I23388
44 ENEVER, Maria Emma  1883Victoria, Australia I15224
45 ENEVER, Mary Jane  1893Victoria, Australia I15228
46 ENEVER, Millie  1898Victoria, Australia I15196
47 ENEVER, Muriel Myrle   I15297
48 ENEVER, Robert Walker  1887Victoria, Australia I15276
49 ENEVER, Thomas  1885Victoria, Australia I15225
50 ENEVER, Thomas William  1885Victoria, Australia I15275
51 ENEVER, William Joseph  1897Victoria, Australia I15278
52 ENEVER, William Mathew  1907Victoria, Australia I15268
53 HALL, Arthur Norman  1898Victoria, Australia I10154
54 HALL, Dorris Victoria  1899Victoria, Australia I10155
55 HALL, Elsie Mabel  Nov 1883Victoria, Australia I10069
56 HALL, Frederick George  1887Victoria, Australia I30372
57 HALL, Henry James  1892Victoria, Australia I30376
58 HALL, Myrtle Napier  1904Victoria, Australia I30377
59 HALL, Robert Alexander  1891Victoria, Australia I10153
60 HARTLEY, Ellen Jane  1895Victoria, Australia I15400
61 HARTLEY, Eva Frances  1899Victoria, Australia I15399
62 HARTLEY, Stephen Hugh  1900Victoria, Australia I15398
63 HARTLEY, Thomas Stephen  1902Victoria, Australia I15401
64 HIBBERSON, Alice May  1889Victoria, Australia I15470
65 HIBBERSON, Charles George  1896Victoria, Australia I15468
66 HIBBERSON, Ellen Rainbird  1898Victoria, Australia I15467
67 HIBBERSON, Emma Jane  1891Victoria, Australia I15471
68 HIBBERSON, Ida Mary  1902Victoria, Australia I15465
69 HIBBERSON, James Francis  1900Victoria, Australia I15464
70 HIBBERSON, Joseph Archer  1908Victoria, Australia I15466
71 HIBBERSON, Robert Enever  1893Victoria, Australia I15469
72 HUFER, Edna Alviena May  1916Victoria, Australia I15305
73 HUTCHISON, Reginald Angus  26 May 1897Victoria, Australia I24596
74 JERROM, Roy Clarence  1894Victoria, Australia I32233
75 LENNON, Maureen  1923Victoria, Australia I20776
76 LLOYD, Bedelia Agnes  1903Victoria, Australia I34583
77 LLOYD, Leo Richard  1910Victoria, Australia I34584
78 LLOYD, Thomas Patrick  1908Victoria, Australia I34585
79 MARSACK, Rosalie Godlington  Abt Jan 1862Victoria, Australia I3851
80 MARSACK, William Augustus  1866Victoria, Australia I3850
81 MCGREGOR, Charles  1866Victoria, Australia I35662
82 MCGREGOR, Elizabeth  1858Victoria, Australia I35658
83 MCGREGOR, Henry  1865Victoria, Australia I35660
84 MCGREGOR, Robert John  1857Victoria, Australia I35659
85 MCGREGOR, William Henry  1888Victoria, Australia I21903
86 MILLER, Anne-Marie   I4641
87 MILLER, Kathleen   I4643
88 MILLER, Petrina   I4642
89 MONCRIEFF, Alexandrina Louisa  Abt Jul 1884Victoria, Australia I15234
90 NAPIER, Evalina Alice  13 Sep 1862Victoria, Australia I4463
91 PETERSEN, Edgar William  1913Victoria, Australia I15408
92 PETERSEN, Emily Vera  1907Victoria, Australia I15407
93 QUINN, Grace  1847Victoria, Australia I20823
94 QUINN, Margaret  1845Victoria, Australia I20822
95 SAWYER, Emily Hannah  1890Victoria, Australia I15290
96 SAWYER, Helen Phoebe  1892Victoria, Australia I20643
97 SAWYER, John Henry  1894Victoria, Australia I20644
98 SMITH, Albert Edward  1883Victoria, Australia I18945
99 SMITH, Alice Jane  1886Victoria, Australia I18946
100 SMITH, Arthur William  1872Victoria, Australia I18947
101 SMITH, Charles Cornelius  1874Victoria, Australia I18948
102 SMITH, Ernest James  1878Victoria, Australia I18952
103 SMITH, Florence May  1891Victoria, Australia I18953
104 SMITH, Mary Elizabeth  1876Victoria, Australia I18949
105 SMITH, Robert Henry  1885Victoria, Australia I18950
106 SMITH, Sydney Leslie  1888Victoria, Australia I18951
107 SWASBRICK, Jean Catherine  Abt 1886Victoria, Australia I15327
108 TANNER, Gerard Edwin  24 Nov 1955Victoria, Australia I21116
109 TANNER, Kevin William  1923Victoria, Australia I20780
110 TANNER, Louis James  1936Victoria, Australia I20782
111 TREVETHAN, Claude William  1907Victoria, Australia I15412
112 TREVETHAN, James Enever  1909Victoria, Australia I15410
113 TYLER, Emily Marion   I5578
114 TYLER, Joel Christopher Edward   I5579
115 TYLER, Zachary John   I5580
116 WILSON, Ethel Mary  1889Victoria, Australia I15415
117 WILSON, Margaret Annie  1891Victoria, Australia I15414
118 WILSON, Phillis Mabel  1893Victoria, Australia I15413
119 WILSON, Robert William  1894Victoria, Australia I15417
120 WILSON, Sarah Edith  1897Victoria, Australia I15416
121 WILSON, Wilhelmina Dulci  1895Victoria, Australia I15418
122 WRIGHT, John Joseph  1906Victoria, Australia I17203
123 WRIGHT, William George  1904Victoria, Australia I17202


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAIR, Agnes Jane  1923Victoria, Australia I32213
2 CARTER, Mary Ann  14 May 1940Victoria, Australia I15253
3 COLEMAN, Maria Emma  30 Dec 1899Victoria, Australia I15222
4 COLEMAN, Mary Ellen  1890Victoria, Australia I15389
5 CONWAY, Joseph Stanley  1892Victoria, Australia I31471
6 CURTIS, Fanny  1865Victoria, Australia I30205
7 CURTIS, Keith Burne  15 Jul 1968Victoria, Australia I30269
8 ENEVER, Albert James  12 Oct 1973Victoria, Australia I15186
9 ENEVER, Albin  1971Victoria, Australia I15258
10 ENEVER, Andrew Thomas  1971Victoria, Australia I15265
11 ENEVER, Donald  1933Victoria, Australia I14550
12 ENEVER, Eunice Loise  1972Victoria, Australia I15269
13 ENEVER, Frank  1964Victoria, Australia I15325
14 ENEVER, Harold Arthur  1891Victoria, Australia I15191
15 ENEVER, Herbert George  1968Victoria, Australia I15294
16 ENEVER, Herbert James  1948Victoria, Australia I15263
17 ENEVER, John  1941Victoria, Australia I14948
18 ENEVER, John  7 Feb 1965Victoria, Australia I15020
19 ENEVER, John MacDonald  1964Victoria, Australia I15261
20 ENEVER, Kenneth James  1966Victoria, Australia I15296
21 ENEVER, Leslie John  1955Victoria, Australia I15291
22 ENEVER, Robert Archer  4 Nov 1937Victoria, Australia I14350
23 ENEVER, Robert Walker  1890Victoria, Australia I15276
24 ENEVER, Thomas Ernest  1968Victoria, Australia I15837
25 ENEVER, Thomas Keith  27 Jul 1976Victoria, Australia I15328
26 ENEVER, Thomas William  17 Oct 1972Victoria, Australia I15275
27 ENEVER, Victor Thomas  9 Mar 1982Victoria, Australia I15667
28 ENEVER, William  1925Victoria, Australia I14555
29 ENEVER, William Joseph  1923Victoria, Australia I15278
30 ENNEVER, Robert  1898Victoria, Australia I14291
31 FAIRIE, Ellen Tugela  1967Victoria, Australia I12263
32 HALL, Wesley  14 Mar 2002Victoria, Australia I30387
33 HARRUP, Jane Howden  8 Jul 1867Victoria, Australia I3538
34 HARTLEY, Ellen Jane  1918Victoria, Australia I15400
35 HARTLEY, Eva Frances  1910Victoria, Australia I15399
36 HARTLEY, Stephen Hugh  1900Victoria, Australia I15398
37 HARTLEY, Thomas Stephen  1966Victoria, Australia I15401
38 HIBBERSON, Charles George  1958Victoria, Australia I15468
39 HIBBERSON, Robert Enever  1981Victoria, Australia I15469
40 HIBBERSON, Rossi Alexander  1988Victoria, Australia I19089
41 HOCKING, Valda Joyce  1928Victoria, Australia I15403
42 HOGG, Eric  1972Victoria, Australia I15220
43 LANGHAM, Ellen  1919Victoria, Australia I15019
44 LLOYD, Thomas  1879Victoria, Australia I21117
45 LORD, Franklin Andrew  1969Victoria, Australia I15814
46 NAPIER, Alexander John James  1904Victoria, Australia I4465
47 NAPIER, Jane Charlotte  1898Victoria, Australia I4466
48 PETERSEN, Emily Vera  1977Victoria, Australia I15407
49 RAINBIRD, Ellen  1903Victoria, Australia I14347
50 RIDEN, Louisa Elizabeth  1863Victoria, Australia I31299
51 SAWYER, John Henry  1953Victoria, Australia I20644
52 SAWYER, Lavinia Ann  1941Victoria, Australia I20640
53 SLARK, Eliza Jane  1870Victoria, Australia I3814
54 SMITH, Arthur William  1880Victoria, Australia I18947
55 SMITH, Ernest James  1879Victoria, Australia I18952
56 TREVETHAN, James Enever  1975Victoria, Australia I15410
57 WEIR, Elizabeth Emily  1964Victoria, Australia I15183
58 WILSON, Harriet Ellen  1966Victoria, Australia I15405
59 WILSON, Phillis Mabel  1898Victoria, Australia I15413
60 WILSON, Wilhelmina Dulci  1967Victoria, Australia I15418
61 WINBERG, Millicent Hilda  1987Victoria, Australia I24090


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Criminal    Person ID 
1 KELLY, Edward  From 1878 to 1880Victoria, Australia I20828


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 BELLAMY, Mary  Before 1861Victoria, Australia I3849
2 BRISTOW, William Leonard Vaughan  Abt 1884Victoria, Australia I15359
3 ENNEVER, Mary Ann  Abt 1857Victoria, Australia I2404
4 MARSACK, George Richardson  Before 1860Victoria, Australia I3848


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Maureen Mary   I15669
2 FLEMING, John   I15682
3 MORRIS, Stella   I27706
4 TILLIDUFF, Gertrude Letitia  12 Feb 1920Victoria, Australia I14912


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Herbert George  From 1939 to 1948Victoria, Australia I15294


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 HOLLAND, Thomas Christie  From 16 Oct 1907 to 1944Victoria, Australia I30301


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last name, First name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Edward Robert  3 Dec 1982Victoria, Australia I2363
2 ENNEVER, George William  4 Jan 1984Victoria, Australia I2362
3 ENNEVER, Robert George  22 Jun 1938Victoria, Australia I1306


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 JANE, Samuel Odgers  Jul 1891Victoria, Australia I3527
2 THOMAS, Harriet Agnes  1894Victoria, Australia I1334


Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHER / ENEVER  1917Victoria, Australia F4555
2 BAILEY / SMITH  1924Victoria, Australia F5765
3 BRISTOWE / MUDGE  1915Victoria, Australia F8394
4 BURGESS / ENEVER  1919Victoria, Australia F4513
5 CARLETON / WHITTENBURY  1913Victoria, Australia F10512
6 CONWAY / NAPIER  1886Victoria, Australia F2917
7 DAVIES / CALLENDAR  1929Victoria, Australia F7805
8 DAVIS / BEECH  1937Victoria, Australia F11223
9 DENHAM / WOODS  1877Victoria, Australia F7263
10 DOVASTON / DAVIS  1935Victoria, Australia F11224
11 DUDLEY / MING  1885Victoria, Australia F8599
13 ENEVER / ATHERTON  1912Victoria, Australia F4556
14 ENEVER / BARKER  1921Victoria, Australia F4562
15 ENEVER / BROWN  1923Victoria, Australia F4560
16 ENEVER / DAVIS  1925Victoria, Australia F4559
18 ENEVER / HUFER  1937Victoria, Australia F4564
19 ENEVER / MARTIN  1933Victoria, Australia F4514
20 ENEVER / MATTHEWS  1906Victoria, Australia F4543
21 ENEVER / MONCRIEFF  1910Victoria, Australia F4570
22 ENEVER / SANDERSON  1901Victoria, Australia F4549
23 ENEVER / SAWYER  1912Victoria, Australia F4554
24 ENEVER / SMEETON  1943Victoria, Australia F7291
25 ENEVER / SMITH   F4565
26 ENEVER / THOMSON  1934Victoria, Australia F4516
27 ENEVER / WALKER  1884Victoria, Australia F4544
28 ENEVER / WALKER  1940Victoria, Australia F4546
29 ENEVER / WEIR  1909Victoria, Australia F4512
30 ENEVER / WILLIAMSON  1928Victoria, Australia F4517
31 ERSKINE / JACKSON  1858Victoria, Australia F10033
32 EVANS / ENEVER  1935Victoria, Australia F4524
33 GREEN / BLAIR  1871Victoria, Australia F10333
34 HAGUE / WILSON  1921Victoria, Australia F4594
35 HALL / BENNETT  1931Victoria, Australia F9708
36 HALL / GREEN  1929Victoria, Australia F9706
37 HARTLEY / ENEVER  1895Victoria, Australia F4547
38 HEENAN / NAPIER  1890Victoria, Australia F4593
39 HOCKING / ENEVER  1921Victoria, Australia F4561
40 HOGG / ENEVER  1926Victoria, Australia F4523
41 HOWARD / WILSON  1910Victoria, Australia F11227
42 HUGHES / ENEVER  1928Victoria, Australia F4563
43 JANE / THOMAS  1873Victoria, Australia F1061
44 JOINER / TAYLOR  1879Victoria, Australia F7709
45 LARKIN / TANNER   F6416
46 LEY / ENEVER  30 Oct 1915Victoria, Australia F4557
47 LLOYD / HART  1899Victoria, Australia F11229
48 LLOYD / QUINN  1857Victoria, Australia F6525
49 MARSACK / BELLAMY  1857Victoria, Australia F1147
50 MARSLAND / FOREMAN  1948Victoria, Australia F9497
51 MILLARD / BRISTOWE  1903Victoria, Australia F8395
52 PAGE / ENEVER  1911Victoria, Australia F4519
53 PEARCE / ENEVER  1909Victoria, Australia F4552
54 PETERSEN / ENEVER  1906Victoria, Australia F4538
55 PETERSEN / SCHOLLARD  1874Victoria, Australia F11286
56 PILCHER / ENEVER  1934Victoria, Australia F4515
57 QUINE / HOLMAN  1889Victoria, Australia F9703
58 SPOONER / ENEVER  1921Victoria, Australia F4558
59 STEVENSON / ENEVER  1916Victoria, Australia F4522
60 TANNER / COLEMAN  1919Victoria, Australia F4595
61 TANNER / LENNON  1948Victoria, Australia F6414
62 TREVETHAN / ENEVER  1907Victoria, Australia F4551
64 WILSON / ENEVER  Feb 1887Victoria, Australia F4548
65 WRIGHT / PUNT  22 May 1901Victoria, Australia F5155
66 YOUNG / ENEVER  1913Victoria, Australia F10816
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