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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Uxbridge District, Middlesex


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Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5356472, Longitude: -0.4859444

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5356472, Longitude: -0.4859444

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: 51.5356472, Longitude: -0.4859444


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARLOW, Ralph  1895Uxbridge District, Middlesex I34390
2 BATES, Dorothy J   I34168
3 BATES, Edna G   I34171
4 BATES, Hilda M   I34169
5 BATES, Joseph A   I34170
6 BATES, Nellie Edith Kate  23 Jun 1916Uxbridge District, Middlesex I34165
7 BLACKMAN, Janice Mary   I23399
8 CLEMONDS, Gladys May  1911Uxbridge District, Middlesex I13742
9 COLLINS, Michael George Bruce   I2519
10 ENEVER, Alfred  1920Uxbridge District, Middlesex I15856
11 ENEVER, Alice Mary  23 Nov 1886Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14327
12 ENEVER, Angela K   I23401
13 ENEVER, Charles James  9 Mar 1890Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14328
14 ENEVER, Christine M   I20313
15 ENEVER, Colin   I19295
16 ENEVER, Denise E   I20312
17 ENEVER, Dennis George   I16590
18 ENEVER, Ellen  11 May 1896Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14329
19 ENEVER, Eric John  13 Feb 1927Uxbridge District, Middlesex I16591
20 ENEVER, Ernest C   I15855
21 ENEVER, Ethel Annie  30 Jan 1889Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14311
22 ENEVER, Harold  21 Sep 1912Uxbridge District, Middlesex I20911
23 ENEVER, Harold T   I31915
24 ENEVER, Ivy May  1913Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14325
25 ENEVER, Lesley J   I23400
26 ENEVER, Linda   I19296
27 ENEVER, Margaret F  6 May 1921Uxbridge District, Middlesex I15857
28 ENEVER, Robert J   I18512
29 ENEVER, Ronald  5 Nov 1914Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14326
30 FOSKETT, Alfred  1915/6Uxbridge District, Middlesex I13033
31 FOSKETT, Cecilia F A  1912Uxbridge District, Middlesex I13032
32 FRANKLIN, William Albert  6 Oct 1924Uxbridge District, Middlesex I26777
33 HARDY, Stanley C  1912Uxbridge District, Middlesex I15056
34 IVE, Dorothy Maud  1904Uxbridge District, Middlesex I26772
35 LACEY, Malcolm G   I19603
36 LACEY, Michele A   I19602
37 LEONARD, Cecil F  1914Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14315
38 LEONARD, Ethel A  1913Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14314
39 PEATY, Janet Ann   I23462
40 PHIPPEN, John R   I34973
41 QUY, David S   I23883
42 QUY, Philip W   I23882
43 RAY, Alan J   I13744
44 ROGERS, Pauline A   I18515
45 RUMSEY, Frederick Calvin  Dec 1922Uxbridge District, Middlesex I7567
46 RUMSEY, Violet Mary  23 Dec 1918Uxbridge District, Middlesex I7566
47 RUMSEY, Yvonne L   I13240
48 SALT, Henry William   I27153
49 SUCH, Ethel May  1891/2Uxbridge District, Middlesex I12665
50 SUCH, Percy  1 Nov 1899Uxbridge District, Middlesex I12666
51 SUCH, Ronald  1 Nov 1899Uxbridge District, Middlesex I12667


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARLOW, Phillis  1952Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14319
2 CORBETT, Bessie Irene  7 Jan 1946Uxbridge District, Middlesex I2513
3 ENEVER, Alfred  1920Uxbridge District, Middlesex I15856
4 ENEVER, Alice Mary  1887Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14327
5 ENEVER, Charles James  1891Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14328
6 ENEVER, Ellen  1897Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14329
7 ENEVER, Ethel Annie  1890Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14311
8 ENEVER, George  1897Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14275
9 ENEVER, Ivy May  1914Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14325
10 ENEVER, Robert  1909Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14279
11 FARR, Alice Sophia  1897Uxbridge District, Middlesex I13027
12 FARR, Mabel Gertrude  1898Uxbridge District, Middlesex I13028
13 FARR, William Henry  1900Uxbridge District, Middlesex I13029
14 RUMSEY, Calvin Ernest  26 Oct 1925Uxbridge District, Middlesex I1985
15 STEVENS, Eliza Ann  1908Uxbridge District, Middlesex I14276
16 SUCH, Percy  1899Uxbridge District, Middlesex I12666
17 SUCH, Ronald  1899Uxbridge District, Middlesex I12667
18 WINTER, George James  1872Uxbridge District, Middlesex I1990
19 WINTER, John  1867Uxbridge District, Middlesex I1997


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHBY / BATES   F6337
2 BATES / ALLAWAY  1915Uxbridge District, Middlesex F11064
3 COLLINS / ROSE  31 May 1947Uxbridge District, Middlesex F775
4 ENEVER / BALL   F6266
6 ENEVER / BURGESS  1884Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4228
7 ENEVER / IVE  1903Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4225
8 ENEVER / KERRIGAN  1933Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4648
9 ENEVER / MAY  1924Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4949
11 ENEVER / RUSS  1933Uxbridge District, Middlesex F8687
12 FARR / ODELL  1848Uxbridge District, Middlesex F3804
13 FOSKETT / FARR  1908Uxbridge District, Middlesex F3803
14 FRANKLIN / IVE  1924Uxbridge District, Middlesex F8509
15 FRANKLIN / MARSHALL  1947Uxbridge District, Middlesex F8533
16 GODDARD / BATES   F11065
17 HARDY / GREENOUGH  1910Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4475
18 HARDY / HEARN  1909Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4233
19 HARDY / ROSE  1870Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4477
20 NORWOOD / JENNER  1915Uxbridge District, Middlesex F4468
21 QUY / HARVEY   F7512
22 ROGERS / ENEVER  1943Uxbridge District, Middlesex F5628
23 RUMSEY / POUNDS  1926Uxbridge District, Middlesex F2121
24 SALT / RAY  1935Uxbridge District, Middlesex F8629
25 WINTER / DEW  1856Uxbridge District, Middlesex F643
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