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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5000000, Longitude: -0.4166667

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5000000, Longitude: -0.4166667

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 51.5000000, Longitude: -0.4166667


Matches 1 to 137 of 137

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANQUETIL, Charles Ralph  7 Jan 1814Middlesex I20347
2 ANQUETIL, Robert Francis  1816/7Middlesex I20349
3 AULT, Alfred  1830/1Middlesex I11017
4 AULT, Frederick  Abt 1826Middlesex I11015
5 AULT, John  1827/8Middlesex I11016
6 AULT, Mary  1831/2Middlesex I11018
7 AULT, Rachel  1833/4Middlesex I11019
8 AULT, Sarah  1834/5Middlesex I11020
9 AULT, William  Abt 1796Middlesex I11013
10 BANKS, Esther  1820/1Middlesex I28112
11 BANKS, Henry  1821/2Middlesex I28116
12 BANKS, James  1800/1Middlesex I28114
13 BANKS, John  1823/4Middlesex I28117
14 BANKS, William  1826/7Middlesex I28118
15 BARRINGTON, William  1800/1Middlesex I1864
16 BIRCHELL, Benjamin  Abt 1816Middlesex I32192
17 BOWERS, Mary  1837/8Middlesex I3275
18 BRITTON, Elizabeth  1839/40Middlesex I26788
19 BRITTON, Harriett  1837/8Middlesex I26787
20 BROVEN, Hannah  1801/2Middlesex I6532
21 BUCKNELL, Robert  1828/9Middlesex I21852
22 BUCKNELL, Sarah  1839/40Middlesex I21853
23 BULL, Charles Henry  20 Sep 1901Middlesex I33079
24 BUNN, Anne  1861/2Middlesex I4580
25 COLLINS, Emma  1839/40Middlesex I33426
26 COLLINS, George  Abt 1800Middlesex I5011
27 COLLINS, Henry  1835/6Middlesex I33425
28 COLLINS, James  1832/3Middlesex I33424
29 COLLINS, Mary  1829/30Middlesex I33422
30 COLLINS, William  1830/1Middlesex I33423
31 COPE, Charlotte  1821/2Middlesex I12991
32 COPE, James  1823/4Middlesex I12992
33 COPE, Julia  1827/8Middlesex I12993
34 COPE, Thomas  Abt 1791Middlesex I12987
35 COPE, Thomas  1820/1Middlesex I12990
36 DATE, Anna  Abt 1814Middlesex I8240
37 DAVIS, John  Abt 1811Middlesex I25887
38 DENTON, Florinda  22 Aug 1840Middlesex I13296
39 DYKE, Joseph Edward  1830Middlesex I7507
40 EAGAR, Edward Richard  20 Sep 1832Middlesex I6649
41 EAGAR, Elizabeth H  1837/8Middlesex I6654
42 EAGAR, Ellen Mary  12 Feb 1827Middlesex I6647
43 EAGAR, William  31 Dec 1825Middlesex I6646
44 ELLSWORTH, Eliza Jane  1835/6Middlesex I8974
45 ELLSWORTH, Frederick Walcot  1838Middlesex I8975
46 ELLSWORTH, Joseph Henry  1833/4Middlesex I8973
47 EMM, George Henry  25 Oct 1834Middlesex I1592
48 ENEVER, Ann Catharine  Abt 1827Middlesex I15090
49 ENNEVER, Robert  6 May 1818Middlesex I1304
50 FOUNTAIN, Rebecca  Abt Feb 1841Middlesex I28553
51 FREEMAN, Elizabeth  1768/9Middlesex I16895
52 GHOST, Mary  Abt 1806Middlesex I34667
53 GODSELL, Hannah  1807/8Middlesex I21850
54 GOWLLAND, Alice Maude  1861/2Middlesex I14189
55 HAINES, Elizabeth  Abt 1796Middlesex I11014
56 HALL, Benjamin  1863/4Middlesex I19911
57 HARRIS, Susannah  Abt Jun 1840Middlesex I15653
58 HERRING, Mary Ann  11 Jun 1828Middlesex I2330
59 HILL, James  1818/9Middlesex I23444
60 HILL, Joseph  1822/3Middlesex I23446
61 HILL, Joshua  1825/6Middlesex I23447
62 HILL, Lucy  1828/9Middlesex I23449
63 HILL, Mary  1822/3Middlesex I23448
64 HOLMES, Henry William  17 Feb 1828Middlesex I20971
65 HOLMES, Thomas William  25 Oct 1833Middlesex I20973
66 HOLMES, William  1801/2Middlesex I14716
67 HOUSE, Mary Ann  1839/40Middlesex I28119
68 ILLINGWORTH, John  1825/6Middlesex I5237
69 INCE, John  Abt 1791Middlesex I31733
70 INCE, John  Abt 1791Middlesex I31674
71 INCE, Maria  Abt 1821Middlesex I32189
72 INCE, Mary  1834/5Middlesex I32191
73 INCE, Mary  1834/5Middlesex I32165
74 LANGWITH, Mary Ann  30 Dec 1832Middlesex I27561
75 LAPIDGE, Eliza  1817/8Middlesex I11119
76 LAPIDGE, James  1823/4Middlesex I11120
77 LAPIDGE, Thomas Hawkins  Abt 1791Middlesex I7145
78 LINKING, Elizabeth  Abt 1792Middlesex I7146
79 MACE, Emily  1835/6Middlesex I8246
80 MACKENZIE, Edward  Abt 1816Middlesex I15086
81 MANLY, Berry  Abt 1796Middlesex I34666
82 MANLY, George  1828/9Middlesex I34673
83 MANLY, Mary  1825/6Middlesex I34668
84 MOORE, George  1869/70Middlesex I12960
85 NATHAN, Sarah Lydia  1803/4Middlesex I6438
86 OLD, Mary  1825/6Middlesex I2720
87 OLD, Samuel  1820/1Middlesex I2719
88 OLD, Sophia  1826/7Middlesex I2721
89 PINKERTON, James  Abt 1766Middlesex I1332
90 PUGH, Catherine  1817/8Middlesex I25556
91 PUGH, Frances  1821/2Middlesex I25557
92 PUGH, James  1794/5Middlesex I3458
93 PUGH, Thomas  1835/6Middlesex I25558
94 PUTT, John Francis  1826/7Middlesex I21238
95 RALPH, Ann  1770/1Middlesex I32267
96 REED, Ann  1828/9Middlesex I5259
97 REED, James George  1826/7Middlesex I5258
98 REED, John  1831/2Middlesex I5261
99 REED, William  1830/1Middlesex I5260
100 REED, William Arthur  1881/2Middlesex I27997
101 ROBERTS, Elizabeth Mary Ann  1804/5Middlesex I13295
102 ROGERS, John James Colin  1 Oct 1835Middlesex I23604
103 ROGERS, Mary Ann Catherine  11 Dec 1831Middlesex I29941
104 SAYCE, James  Abt Mar 1841Middlesex I4598
105 SCALES, George  1895/6Middlesex I30810
106 SHARPE, Eliza  1823/4Middlesex I33469
107 SHAW, Maria  Abt 1796Middlesex I33006
108 SLADE, Charles  1838/9Middlesex I29761
109 SLADE, Robert  1807/8Middlesex I14824
110 SLARK, Ellen Mary  1827Middlesex I13585
111 SLARK, Emily Ann  1825Middlesex I13584
112 SLARK, Louisa Laura  1828Middlesex I13586
113 SLARK, William  1797/8Middlesex I12988
114 SPREADBOROUGH, Ann  Between 1806 and 1810Middlesex I5254
115 STYLES, Elizabeth Susanna  20 Apr 1827Middlesex I27940
116 STYLES, James  1836/7Middlesex I27942
117 STYLES, Sarah  1819/20Middlesex I27938
118 SWEETNAM, Thomas  1826/7Middlesex I26812
119 SWEETSER, Mary Elizabeth  23 Oct 1812Middlesex I8970
120 THOMAS, George  1826/7Middlesex I2314
121 THOMAS, Joseph Henry  1823/4Middlesex I2313
122 THOMAS, William  1819/20Middlesex I2312
123 TUSTIN, John Robert  Abt Aug 1840Middlesex I21832
124 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1800/1Middlesex I1865
125 UNKNOWN, Julia  1797/8Middlesex I28115
126 UNKNOWN, Maria  Abt 1786Middlesex I1587
127 UNKNOWN, Maria  Abt 1791Middlesex I32188
128 UNKNOWN, Maria  Abt 1791Middlesex I32164
129 UNKNOWN, Mary  1794/5Middlesex I3459
130 UNKNOWN, Mary  Abt 1806Middlesex I33421
131 UNKNOWN, Sarah  1777/8Middlesex I25821
132 UNKNOWN, Sarah  1790/1Middlesex I1727
133 WATERS, Hannah  1821/2Middlesex I6533
134 WATERS, Martha  1836/7Middlesex I6534
135 WATERS, Thomas  1839/40Middlesex I6535
136 WINBOLT, Mary Ann  Abt 1797Middlesex I23608
137 WOONTON, Edward  1830/1Middlesex I5308


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, Eliza Sarah  Sep 1840Middlesex I2394
2 JENNINGS, Emma Louise Wilson  8 Apr 1962Middlesex I34334


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Criminal    Person ID 
1 HIBBITT, Sarah  Aug 1809Middlesex I212
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