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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Limehouse, London


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Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: 51.5110551, Longitude: -0.0399574

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5110551, Longitude: -0.0399574

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5110551, Longitude: -0.0399574

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 51.5110551, Longitude: -0.0399574


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANSELL, Charles Edward  28 Feb 1869Limehouse, London I2079
2 ANSELL, Edward  1878/9Limehouse, London I2077
3 ANSELL, Hannah  1874/5Limehouse, London I2080
4 ANSELL, Richard  1870/1Limehouse, London I2081
5 ANSELL, William Henry  5 Feb 1889Limehouse, London I2071
6 BARNES, Albert  1887/8Limehouse, London I7200
7 BARNES, Alfred  1868/9Limehouse, London I7198
8 BARNES, James  1889/90Limehouse, London I7201
9 BARNES, John  1885/6Limehouse, London I7199
10 CANNON, Rose  1892/3Limehouse, London I31629
11 COCHRANE, John  1879/80Limehouse, London I4475
12 COCHRANE, Thomas  1852/3Limehouse, London I1899
13 COCHRANE, Thomas  1874/5Limehouse, London I4474
14 COMMONS, Florence Rosina  23 Oct 1895Limehouse, London I6568
15 COMMONS, James Maurice  24 Sep 1900Limehouse, London I6570
16 COMMONS, Joseph  25 Mar 1898Limehouse, London I6569
17 DAVEY, Elizabeth Mary  1910Limehouse, London I15528
18 DAVEY, James William  1907/8Limehouse, London I15527
19 DEEKS, Alfred Arthur Enefer  15 Sep 1879Limehouse, London I27747
20 ENEVER, Alfred Thomas  29 Sep 1889Limehouse, London I14803
21 ENEVER, Anne  15 Jul 1883Limehouse, London I14830
22 ENEVER, Florence Maud  1881Limehouse, London I14829
23 ENEVER, Frederick Henry  27 Feb 1880Limehouse, London I14801
24 ENEVER, Margaret Ann  1886/7Limehouse, London I14802
25 ENNEVER, Ernest James Cyril  1880Limehouse, London I104
26 ENNEVER, Grace Lydia  18 Sep 1884Limehouse, London I105
27 ENNEVER, Nellie Alice Elsie Maud  20 Jul 1882Limehouse, London I1577
28 FOULGER, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Jan 1901Limehouse, London I31640
29 FOULGER, Elizabeth  1892/3Limehouse, London I31667
30 FOULGER, Emma  1894/5Limehouse, London I31668
31 FOULGER, Frederick Alfred  1904/5Limehouse, London I31641
32 FOULGER, George John  1895Limehouse, London I31639
33 FOULGER, Nancy  1896/7Limehouse, London I31669
34 FOULGER, Nellie  Abt Jan 1901Limehouse, London I31670
35 FREEMAN, Sarah  1878/9Limehouse, London I33908
36 FULCHER, Anna  3 Feb 1899Limehouse, London I30703
37 FULCHER, Janet  7 Nov 1894Limehouse, London I30702
38 FULCHER, Minnie  18 Jun 1897Limehouse, London I7227
39 GROOM, John Sydney  16 Sep 1886Limehouse, London I16650
40 HANNAWAY, Ellen Rosetta  1899/1900Limehouse, London I2043
41 HANNAWAY, George  1896Limehouse, London I2041
42 HANNAWAY, Joseph Henry  21 Aug 1898Limehouse, London I2042
43 HELMORE, Frederick Theodore  1899Limehouse, London I6028
44 HUTT, Thomas Henry  1878/9Limehouse, London I31694
45 INCE, Alfred Robert  29 May 1901Limehouse, London I12657
46 INCE, Annie Lilian  1898Limehouse, London I31624
47 INCE, Elizabeth May  8 Feb 1903Limehouse, London I7220
48 INCE, Ellen (Jane)  3 Aug 1906Limehouse, London I7222
49 INCE, Henry  24 Nov 1908Limehouse, London I7223
50 INCE, James  15 May 1892Limehouse, London I7219
51 INCE, Matthew Henry  7 Feb 1900Limehouse, London I31625
52 INCE, Robert  22 Jan 1907Limehouse, London I31634
53 INCE, Walter Thomas  14 Oct 1899Limehouse, London I12656
54 INCE, William  8 Feb 1911Limehouse, London I31635
55 JONES, Philip Robert  1901/2Limehouse, London I13861
56 LAWSON, Mary Jane  1879/80Limehouse, London I7436
57 LEVERETT, Edith Maria  1877/8Limehouse, London I27748
58 LOWTHER, Charles  1875/6Limehouse, London I1976
59 LOWTHER, Robert  1877/8Limehouse, London I1977
60 MARSTON, George  1903/4Limehouse, London I30921
61 NOTINI, Catharine Alice  1886Limehouse, London I33072
62 PEARCE, Mary Ann  1873/4Limehouse, London I23942
63 PUGH, George  23 Jun 1820Limehouse, London I1337
64 RAYMOND, Alice  Mar 1891Limehouse, London I2075
65 RAYMOND, Ellen  1909/10Limehouse, London I12663
66 RAYMOND, James  1905/6Limehouse, London I12661
67 RAYMOND, John  1900/1Limehouse, London I12659
68 RAYMOND, Michael James  1899Limehouse, London I7437
69 RAYMOND, William  1907/8Limehouse, London I12662
70 ROSS, Lilian Ada  30 Nov 1903Limehouse, London I12605
71 SMITH, Eliza Ann  1864/5Limehouse, London I2029
72 THWAITES, James  1908/9Limehouse, London I17219
73 THWAITES, Walter  Abt Jan 1911Limehouse, London I17220
74 UNKNOWN, Johanna  1867/8Limehouse, London I7344
75 WILD, Nellie  1879/80Limehouse, London I12640
76 WILLOCK, Jane  1882/3Limehouse, London I1247
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