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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Edmonton District, Middlesex


Note: pins may represent approximate locations

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.6106304, Longitude: -0.0790049

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 51.6106304, Longitude: -0.0790049

Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: 51.6106304, Longitude: -0.0790049

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.6106304, Longitude: -0.0790049

Tree: 5. Somerset Ennevers (2)

Latitude: 51.6106304, Longitude: -0.0790049


Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMOR, Freda Margaret M   I15445
2 AMOR, Hazel Dorothy   I15444
3 AMOR, Peter D C   I29253
4 ASHENDEN, Dennis H   I11384
5 BACON, Stella E   I1005
6 BRADBURY, Jane   I1350
7 BRADBURY, Stanley Harold  Feb 1918Edmonton District, Middlesex I578
8 BRADBURY, Stephen   I1349
9 BRIDGMAN, Alfred H   I27093
10 BRIDGMAN, Blanche A   I27097
11 BRIDGMAN, Edna M   I27094
12 BRIDGMAN, Eileen M  1934Edmonton District, Middlesex I27096
13 BRIDGMAN, John   I9110
14 BRIDGMAN, Patricia O   I27091
15 BRIDGMAN, Thelma J   I27095
16 BRIDGMAN, William A C  1923Edmonton District, Middlesex I27092
17 BRIDGMAN, William F   I27098
18 BRUTON, Alan C   I34139
19 BRUTON, Edna Florence  8 Oct 1917Edmonton District, Middlesex I32382
20 BRUTON, Jack G  1914Edmonton District, Middlesex I25533
21 BRUTON, Joan E  1915Edmonton District, Middlesex I34136
22 BRUTON, Margaret D   I34138
23 BRUTON, Norman J  21 Jul 1916Edmonton District, Middlesex I34137
24 BRUTON, Roy A J  1911Edmonton District, Middlesex I25532
25 COLLINS, Betty Bridget   I2531
26 COLLINS, John Albert   I2530
27 CORNISH, Amy Emma  1912Edmonton District, Middlesex I26950
28 COSTELLO, Agnes Mary  28 May 1898Edmonton District, Middlesex I12496
29 COSTELLO, Margaret Doris  2 May 1900Edmonton District, Middlesex I12497
30 COSTELLO, Patrick Desmond  24 May 1906Edmonton District, Middlesex I12499
31 DAINES, Jennifer S   I23482
32 DOLLING, Violet Lily  1907Edmonton District, Middlesex I21361
33 DUSGATE, Gladys Ellen  1903Edmonton District, Middlesex I9827
34 ENEVER, Anne C   I18136
35 ENEVER, Charles Richard John  20 Jul 1901Edmonton District, Middlesex I15701
36 ENEVER, Grace Rose  18 Oct 1898Edmonton District, Middlesex I15700
37 ENEVER, Jacqueline E   I25084
38 ENEVER, John   I23360
39 ENEVER, Margaret   I23379
40 ENEVER, Marian E   I23361
41 ENEVER, Susan Annie Valentine  Abt May 1884Edmonton District, Middlesex I15881
42 GIBBONS, David R   I9983
43 GIBBONS, Paul J   I9984
44 GODBOLT, Heather Ray  15 Dec 1934Edmonton District, Middlesex I31252
45 GOOSTREE, Beryl Violet   I21350
46 GRAY, Betty K   I893
47 GYPPS, Isabella F  1912/3Edmonton District, Middlesex I27103
48 GYPPS, Nora B  1916Edmonton District, Middlesex I27104
49 GYPPS, Vera G   I27105
50 HOPKINS, Betty C   I5294
51 HUBBARD, Percy Montague  1910Edmonton District, Middlesex I34204
52 KNAPP, Colin Arthur W  27 Aug 1928Edmonton District, Middlesex I6778
53 LEWIS, Leonard Arnold  1900Edmonton District, Middlesex I35099
54 LEWIS, Millicent Maud  1898Edmonton District, Middlesex I35098
55 MAPP, Arthur  1915/6Edmonton District, Middlesex I27289
56 MAPP, Julia E   I27281
57 MAPP, Mabel   I27290
58 MAPP, Nigel William Walter   I4216
59 MAPP, Trevor N   I27282
60 OWEN, Gillian E   I25265
61 OWEN, Richard Charles   I25266
62 PARSONS, Arthur R  30 Aug 1918Edmonton District, Middlesex I995
63 PARSONS, Charles Frederick  1915Edmonton District, Middlesex I994
64 PARSONS, Dennis   I997
65 PARSONS, Greta Elizabeth   I13
66 PARSONS, Ida Winifred   I998
67 PARSONS, Irene H   I996
68 PIGGOTT, Harry C   I33811
69 PIGGOTT, Maisie B   I33810
70 PIGGOTT, Violet Hetty  4 Sep 1927Edmonton District, Middlesex I850
71 PIGGOTT, William C   I33812
72 PRIOR, Maureen V   I21457
73 SHERROTT, Joseph Ronald Arthur  23 Mar 1920Edmonton District, Middlesex I29306
74 TADMAN, William Albert   I12351
75 WINTON, Beryl M   I10564
76 WINTON, unknown  Abt Feb 1918Edmonton District, Middlesex I10563
77 WYATT, Decimore P  1911Edmonton District, Middlesex I21418
78 WYATT, Douglas W  1913Edmonton District, Middlesex I21419
79 WYATT, Rita E O  1928Edmonton District, Middlesex I21389
80 WYATT, Vera O   I21390
81 YOUNG, Irene E   I34539
82 YOUNG, Vera M   I34540


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANQUETIL, Robert Francis  1874Edmonton District, Middlesex I20349
2 BRIDGMAN, William A C  1925Edmonton District, Middlesex I27092
3 CRACKNELL, Lucy Agnes Mary  1926Edmonton District, Middlesex I34029
4 CROUCHMAN, William  1895Edmonton District, Middlesex I15024
5 DIPPER, Martha Lewena  1923/4Edmonton District, Middlesex I35
6 DOLLING, Violet Lily  1928Edmonton District, Middlesex I21361
7 ENEVER, Elizabeth  Abt Mar 1849Edmonton District, Middlesex I15021
8 ENEVER, Ellen Mary  1910Edmonton District, Middlesex I17992
9 ENEVER, Flora Elizabeth  1932Edmonton District, Middlesex I14395
10 ENEVER, James  Abt Feb 1852Edmonton District, Middlesex I14942
11 ENEVER, John  1860Edmonton District, Middlesex I15425
12 ENEVER, Lydia  1866Edmonton District, Middlesex I14952
13 ENNEVER, Robert Edgar  22 Oct 1955Edmonton District, Middlesex I1303
14 FAILES, Catherine Watson  1839Edmonton District, Middlesex I17125
15 FAILES, James Watson  1840Edmonton District, Middlesex I17126
16 FLORENCE, Sarah Jane  1935Edmonton District, Middlesex I14604
17 FRANCES, Elisabeth  Abt Mar 1858Edmonton District, Middlesex I14951
18 HUBBARD, Percy Montague  1910Edmonton District, Middlesex I34204
19 HUMBERSTONE, Lucy Ellen  1904Edmonton District, Middlesex I16801
20 HUSSEY, Henry John  1917Edmonton District, Middlesex I18905
21 KIPPS, Mary Jane  1910Edmonton District, Middlesex I34203
22 LENSH, Edwin John  13 Jan 1898Edmonton District, Middlesex I1535
23 MULLEN, Kathleen Elizabeth  1909Edmonton District, Middlesex I4481
24 PARSONS, Charles Frederick  1932/3Edmonton District, Middlesex I460
25 PAUL, Elizabeth Harriet  30 Oct 1953Edmonton District, Middlesex I2497
26 PEDDER, Alice  1838Edmonton District, Middlesex I15023
27 STEPHENS, Victor Robert William  1897Edmonton District, Middlesex I19755
28 SUCH, Howard Leonard  1916Edmonton District, Middlesex I9940
29 TILT, Mary Teresa H  1941Edmonton District, Middlesex I29334
30 UREN, Alice  1959Edmonton District, Middlesex I774
31 WYATT, Rita E O  1934Edmonton District, Middlesex I21389


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 AMOR / CROUCHMAN  1924Edmonton District, Middlesex F4609
2 ANGEL / WYATT  1935Edmonton District, Middlesex F6643
3 ATTWOOD / PHILLIPS  1885Edmonton District, Middlesex F5552
5 BRIDGMAN / PARR  1920Edmonton District, Middlesex F8178
6 BRUTON / HALE  1911Edmonton District, Middlesex F8072
7 DREW / YOUNG   F11212
8 ENEVER / HYDE  1897Edmonton District, Middlesex F4678
9 ENEVER / LAW  1936Edmonton District, Middlesex F10245
10 ENIVER / HANCE   F1747
11 ENNEVER / GRAY   F313
12 ENNEVER / PIGGOTT  1949Edmonton District, Middlesex F291
14 GOODRIDGE / PARSONS  1912Edmonton District, Middlesex F7390
15 GOOSTREE / DOLLING  1927Edmonton District, Middlesex F6618
16 GOYMER / DONKIN  1922Edmonton District, Middlesex F8901
17 GRUBB / WINTER  1905Edmonton District, Middlesex F1083
18 HARVEY / DURRANT  1 Sep 1894Edmonton District, Middlesex F6109
19 HODGE / ANDERSON  1919Edmonton District, Middlesex F9299
20 HUBBARD / KIPPS  1908Edmonton District, Middlesex F11078
21 HUSSEY / PARR  1907Edmonton District, Middlesex F5747
22 JAMES / CULLING  Abt Jun 1902Edmonton District, Middlesex F1525
23 LEWIS / SAWYER  1908Edmonton District, Middlesex F11403
24 MAPP / CORNISH  1936Edmonton District, Middlesex F8570
25 MORRIS / FOWLER  Abt Aug 1939Edmonton District, Middlesex F11310
26 OWEN / SMITH   F7989
27 PARR / MONK  1936Edmonton District, Middlesex F8177
28 PARSONS / GOODRIDGE  1914Edmonton District, Middlesex F137
30 PIGGOTT / CARTER  1921Edmonton District, Middlesex F3597
31 PRIOR / WYATT  1932Edmonton District, Middlesex F6644
32 REED / STOLLERY  1907Edmonton District, Middlesex F8888
34 SUTTON / MOCKRIDGE  1929Edmonton District, Middlesex F6214
35 TADMAN / MAY   F3609
36 TADMAN / SALTER   F3611
37 TUCKER / ENEVER  1929Edmonton District, Middlesex F6188
38 ULMER / TADMAN   F10376
39 WARREN / TADMAN   F3610
40 WESTON / SKINNER  1947Edmonton District, Middlesex F10497
41 WIGGINS / PARR  1921Edmonton District, Middlesex F6631
42 YOUNG / UNKNOWN  1907Edmonton District, Middlesex F4319
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