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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Croydon District, Surrey


Note: pins may represent approximate locations

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.3589804, Longitude: -0.0895536

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: 51.3589804, Longitude: -0.0895536

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 51.3589804, Longitude: -0.0895536

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.3589804, Longitude: -0.0895536


Matches 1 to 119 of 119

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BANCE, Albert A   I34266
2 BANCE, Claire   I30055
3 BANCE, Daisy  1895Croydon District, Surrey I12904
4 BANCE, Dawn   I30057
5 BANCE, Doris Jane  7 Mar 1914Croydon District, Surrey I2905
6 BANCE, Elsie  4 Jun 1906Croydon District, Surrey I7535
7 BANCE, Elsie M  Mar 1919Croydon District, Surrey I7542
8 BANCE, Ernest William  1917Croydon District, Surrey I2909
9 BANCE, Florence J J   I34265
10 BANCE, George   I30058
11 BANCE, George William  1 Jan 1913Croydon District, Surrey I299
12 BANCE, Hannah  1886Croydon District, Surrey I12903
13 BANCE, Harold Joseph William  8 May 1905Croydon District, Surrey I7534
14 BANCE, Joan Olive   I30031
15 BANCE, John Harry  17 Apr 1938Croydon District, Surrey I30032
16 BANCE, Jon   I30054
17 BANCE, Lesley C   I30053
18 BANCE, Lilian E   I30023
19 BANCE, Percy James  12 Nov 1921Croydon District, Surrey I5927
20 BANCE, Robert William  Mar 1912Croydon District, Surrey I7538
21 BANCE, Valerie M   I12912
22 BANCE, William H   I34264
23 BASHFORD, Annie Edith  6 Mar 1911Croydon District, Surrey I12600
24 BASHFORD, Charlotte Elizabeth  17 Dec 1906Croydon District, Surrey I12599
25 BLEACH, Eileen R   I32837
26 BLEACH, Frank E   I32840
27 BLEACH, James F   I32839
28 BLEACH, Joyce  1921Croydon District, Surrey I32836
29 BLEACH, Kathleen M   I32838
30 BLEACH, Ruby Constance  3 Sep 1918Croydon District, Surrey I32835
31 BOWMAN, Sarah Ann   I17147
32 CONNOLLY, Angela M   I30039
33 CONNOLLY, Kevin J   I30040
34 CURLEY, Frank  1909Croydon District, Surrey I34212
35 CURLEY, William Henry  15 Aug 1912Croydon District, Surrey I34213
36 DAINES, Katharine Eleanor   I16576
37 DAINES, Philip Mark   I16575
38 DILLOWAY, Irene Bashford  1904Croydon District, Surrey I14223
39 DORAN, Gary James  1967Croydon District, Surrey I30036
40 ENEVER, Alfred  1914Croydon District, Surrey I12777
41 ENEVER, Amelia Mary Ann  12 Nov 1867Croydon District, Surrey I31488
42 ENEVER, Ann  1877Croydon District, Surrey I34604
43 ENEVER, Dora Elsie  24 Jul 1915Croydon District, Surrey I13129
44 ENEVER, Doris   I15865
45 ENEVER, Edith Elizabeth  Abt May 1916Croydon District, Surrey I15858
46 ENEVER, Edward   I15866
47 ENEVER, Ellen F   I15867
48 ENEVER, Ellen May  6 May 1912Croydon District, Surrey I13127
49 ENEVER, Ernest C  22 Dec 1917Croydon District, Surrey I15859
50 ENEVER, Florence D  4 Oct 1917Croydon District, Surrey I33346
51 ENEVER, Frederick James  3 Aug 1915Croydon District, Surrey I13125
52 ENEVER, Horace   I15863
53 ENEVER, John P   I21168
54 ENEVER, Joseph  5 Dec 1912Croydon District, Surrey I12776
55 ENEVER, Joseph William  1908Croydon District, Surrey I13123
56 ENEVER, Laura E  1922/3Croydon District, Surrey I15862
57 ENEVER, Thomas   I15864
58 ENEVER, Thomas Charles  1913/4Croydon District, Surrey I13128
59 ENEVER, Violet  22 Dec 1917Croydon District, Surrey I15860
60 ENEVER, William  1919Croydon District, Surrey I15861
61 ENEVER, William Charles  24 Jun 1914Croydon District, Surrey I13076
62 ENEVER, William Richard  29 Dec 1913Croydon District, Surrey I13124
63 FRANKLIN, Brian Aubrey  29 Aug 1929Croydon District, Surrey I27772
64 GILLARD, Julia Michelle   I32430
65 HARDING, Doris Clara  14 Jun 1912Croydon District, Surrey I20320
66 HARDING, Rosina  1911Croydon District, Surrey I33983
67 HARDING, Walter  1914Croydon District, Surrey I33984
68 HILLS, Benjamin   I14100
69 HILLS, Caroline A   I14101
70 HILLS, Dorothy E   I14102
71 HILLS, William F   I14103
72 JONES, Florence Emily  25 Apr 1918Croydon District, Surrey I34272
73 JONES, Thomas C  16 Jul 1916Croydon District, Surrey I34271
74 KNOTT, David James   I10187
75 KNOTT, John Cowley  1902Croydon District, Surrey I6992
76 KNOTT, Peter Thomas   I10186
77 LAWLESS, Benjamin John F   I30050
78 LAWLESS, Faye Victoria   I30049
79 MCNALLY, Alan George   I30042
80 MCNALLY, Donna A   I30041
81 MCNALLY, Martin James  1968Croydon District, Surrey I30044
82 MCNALLY, Roy Francis   I30043
83 MCNALLY-JONES, Declan Mark  23 Oct 1990Croydon District, Surrey I30046
84 MCNALLY-JONES, Sionhan Leah   I31753
85 MILLIAM, Albert William F  19 Feb 1921Croydon District, Surrey I17181
86 MILLIAM, Arthur Henry  17 Mar 1927Croydon District, Surrey I17186
87 MILLIAM, Brian F J   I30440
88 MILLIAM, Colin S   I30447
89 MILLIAM, Dorothy M   I17182
90 MILLIAM, Dorothy S   I30439
91 MILLIAM, Linda A J M   I17189
92 MILLIAM, Lisa Georgina V   I32432
93 MILLIAM, Margaret A   I30441
94 MILLIAM, Percy G  1 Nov 1922Croydon District, Surrey I17183
95 MILLIAM, Reginald Ernest   I17184
96 MILLIAM, Sydney W  1925Croydon District, Surrey I17185
97 NASH, Christabel   I12911
98 NASH, Frederick   I12909
99 NASH, Henry R  1916Croydon District, Surrey I12906
100 NASH, Lily   I12907
101 NASH, Stanley   I12910
102 NASH, Vera   I12908
103 RAINBOW, Goldin Harold  9 Mar 1913Croydon District, Surrey I16871
104 ROSE, Lily Louisa  1904Croydon District, Surrey I31239
105 SUDDS, Albert Leslie   I13078
106 SUDDS, Doreen J   I13079
107 THOMSON, Susan Emily  20 Aug 1909Croydon District, Surrey I17346
108 TILLEY, Elsie I M  1915Croydon District, Surrey I34058
109 TILLEY, William H   I34053
110 WELLS, Denise   I30026
111 WELLS, Jacqueline F   I30025
112 WELLS, Kim   I30030
113 WELLS, Malcolm J   I30027
114 WELLS, Trevor Harry  1 Dec 1961Croydon District, Surrey I30029
115 WELLS, Victoria   I30028
116 WELSH, Living   I13142
117 WOODS, Christopher William   I24112
118 WOODS, Simon Terence   I24111
119 WOODS, William Michael  27 Mar 1915Croydon District, Surrey I24108


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANCE, Elsie  1906Croydon District, Surrey I7535
2 BANCE, Ernest William  1933Croydon District, Surrey I2909
3 BANCE, Harold Joseph William  Abt May 1906Croydon District, Surrey I7534
4 BANCE, Harry  Abt Dec 1963Croydon District, Surrey I10381
5 BANCE, Henry  1930Croydon District, Surrey I4639
6 BANCE, Henry  1930Croydon District, Surrey I298
7 BANCE, John Harry  12 Sep 2011Croydon District, Surrey I30032
8 BANCE, Robert William  1912Croydon District, Surrey I7538
9 BASHFORD, George  1889Croydon District, Surrey I1549
10 BASHFORD, Richard William  23 Dec 1910Croydon District, Surrey I1548
11 BLEACH, James Edward Whittenham  Sep 1956Croydon District, Surrey I26629
12 BUCKNELL, Hannah  1882Croydon District, Surrey I15075
13 CASBOLT, Jane Hannah  1941Croydon District, Surrey I4647
14 COLLINS, George Edward  Jan 1986Croydon District, Surrey I18106
15 CUMMINGS, Jane  Oct 1912Croydon District, Surrey I12759
16 DILLOWAY, Irene Bashford  1906Croydon District, Surrey I14223
17 ENEVER, Abraham James  1875Croydon District, Surrey I17771
18 ENEVER, Alfred Thomas  Abt Aug 1911Croydon District, Surrey I13122
19 ENEVER, Amelia Mary Ann  Abt Oct 1870Croydon District, Surrey I31488
20 ENEVER, Ann  1878Croydon District, Surrey I34604
21 ENEVER, Charlotte  1848Croydon District, Surrey I31483
22 ENEVER, Edith Elizabeth  Aug 1916Croydon District, Surrey I15858
23 ENEVER, John Benjamin  1909Croydon District, Surrey I18358
24 ENEVER, John Edward  1853/4Croydon District, Surrey I31485
25 ENEVER, Joseph  Mar 1909Croydon District, Surrey I11593
26 ENEVER, Mary  1865Croydon District, Surrey I15107
27 ENEVER, Rebecca  1877Croydon District, Surrey I16324
28 ENEVER, Thomas Charles  Abt Feb 1914Croydon District, Surrey I13128
29 ENEVER, William  1920Croydon District, Surrey I15861
30 ENNEVER, Florence Ada  1960Croydon District, Surrey I280
31 FERRIES, Alexander Clark  1992Croydon District, Surrey I35735
32 GOWERS, Susanna  Jan 1914Croydon District, Surrey I15509
33 HALEY, Hannah  1897Croydon District, Surrey I18423
34 HAZELL, William  1904Croydon District, Surrey I12761
35 JONES, Gillian  1992Croydon District, Surrey I30045
36 MCNALLY-JONES, Declan Mark  28 Oct 1991Croydon District, Surrey I30046
37 MILLIAM, Albert William F  1971Croydon District, Surrey I17181
38 MILLIAM, Alice Mary  1894Croydon District, Surrey I17178
39 MILLIAM, Arthur Henry  1993Croydon District, Surrey I17186
40 MILLIAM, Percy G  1922Croydon District, Surrey I17183
41 PENFOLD, James  1888Croydon District, Surrey I18420
42 PERCIFULL, Alice Mary  1925Croydon District, Surrey I17171
43 ROSE, Alice Lavinia  1891Croydon District, Surrey I31240
44 WALTER, Lilian Helena  1981Croydon District, Surrey I30022
45 WEEKS, Constance Winifred  Mar 2001Croydon District, Surrey I7540
46 WILDEY, Richard  1871Croydon District, Surrey I31951
47 WILLIAMSON, William Charles  Abt Aug 1976Croydon District, Surrey I12590


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / COWARD  1888Croydon District, Surrey F1846
2 ARMSTEAD / GILBERT  1910Croydon District, Surrey F768
3 BANCE / CONSTABLE  1850Croydon District, Surrey F1313
4 BANCE / HARMAN   F9575
5 BANCE / JIGGINS  1921Croydon District, Surrey F11104
6 BANCE / JONES  Dec 1936Croydon District, Surrey F2110
7 BANCE / PIKE  1974Croydon District, Surrey F9576
8 BANCE / POOK  1882Croydon District, Surrey F9994
9 BANCE / WALLIS  1889Croydon District, Surrey F2057
10 BANCE / WALTER  1935Croydon District, Surrey F9566
11 BANCE / WEEKS  Mar 1937Croydon District, Surrey F2111
13 BARKER / BANCE  1904Croydon District, Surrey F9995
14 BARTONS / FRUSHER  1886Croydon District, Surrey F4439
15 BASHFORD / JENKINS  1865Croydon District, Surrey F495
16 BERRY / WELSH   F3831
18 BOREHAM / BAKER  1886Croydon District, Surrey F4937
19 BUSSWELL / BASHFORD  1937Croydon District, Surrey F4202
23 DEEKS / LLOYD  1934Croydon District, Surrey F8907
24 DILLOWAY / BASHFORD  1904Croydon District, Surrey F4201
25 DORAN / BANCE   F9568
26 ENEFER / TANNER  1886Croydon District, Surrey F5780
27 ENEVER / BAILEY  1903Croydon District, Surrey F5576
28 ENEVER / BATEMAN  1929Croydon District, Surrey F4876
29 ENEVER / BROOKSON  1892Croydon District, Surrey F5585
30 ENEVER / COLLINS  1928Croydon District, Surrey F5589
31 ENEVER / CUMMINGS  1879Croydon District, Surrey F3734
32 ENEVER / IVES  1908Croydon District, Surrey F3809
33 ENEVER / MABEY  1915Croydon District, Surrey F3736
34 ENEVER / PENFOLD  1899Croydon District, Surrey F5588
35 ENEVER / POWER  Abt Aug 1911Croydon District, Surrey F3826
36 ENEVER / SKINNER  1906Croydon District, Surrey F3825
37 GARLICK / ALLEN  1898Croydon District, Surrey F1941
38 GARLICK / REDMAN  1862Croydon District, Surrey F3539
39 GIBBS / BANKS  1861Croydon District, Surrey F2746
41 GOULD / HAZELL  10 Sep 1887Croydon District, Surrey F3839
42 HENDERSON / BLEACH  1921Croydon District, Surrey F8467
43 HILLS / POWER  1919Croydon District, Surrey F4156
44 JOHNS / MILLIAM   F9723
45 KNOTT / CLARK  1897Croydon District, Surrey F5596
46 LANE / CONNOLLY   F10194
47 MILLIAM / OAKSHOTT  1920Croydon District, Surrey F5144
48 MILLIAM / PERCIFULL  1881Croydon District, Surrey F5143
49 MILLIAM / SKEET   F9725
50 MILLIAM / WARD   F9721
51 NASH / BANCE  1916Croydon District, Surrey F1314
52 PENFOLD / STREATFIELD  1875Croydon District, Surrey F5590
53 PERCIFULL / HOMEWOOD  1867Croydon District, Surrey F5142
54 PETHURST / HYDON  1930Croydon District, Surrey F4127
55 PHILLIPS / JONES   F11107
56 RAVENSCROFT / BANCE  1944Croydon District, Surrey F8521
57 ROSE / BANCE  1927Croydon District, Surrey F9996
58 ROSE / LOFFHAGEN  1883Croydon District, Surrey F10008
59 SMITH / ENEVER  1928Croydon District, Surrey F7610
60 SPARKES / TANNER  1889Croydon District, Surrey F5782
61 STEWART / BASHFORD  9 May 1936Croydon District, Surrey F4162
62 SUDDS / ENEVER  1931Croydon District, Surrey F3810
63 TILLEY / COOKE  1908Croydon District, Surrey F11020
64 TRIBE / POPPLEWELL  1926Croydon District, Surrey F5111
65 WELLS / BANCE   F9567
66 WOOD / MILLIAM   F10425
67 WOOD / MILLIAM   F10427
68 WOODS / ENEVER  1939Croydon District, Surrey F7589
69 WRIGHT / BLEACH  1927Croydon District, Surrey F8468
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