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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Bromley, London


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Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: 51.5287877, Longitude: -0.0247768

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5287877, Longitude: -0.0247768

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5287877, Longitude: -0.0247768


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALLARD, James  1884/5Bromley, London I12982
2 BROWNFIELD, Alfred John  1888Bromley, London I4960
3 BROWNFIELD, Louisa Victoria  1887Bromley, London I4959
4 CLARKE, Harriet Mary  26 Feb 1890Bromley, London I1098
5 CLARKE, Harry  31 Jan 1886Bromley, London I115
6 CREBBIN, Charles Gordon  8 Jun 1895Bromley, London I18970
7 CREBBIN, Christine  3 Jun 1894Bromley, London I18969
8 CREBBIN, Elsa  5 Oct 1898Bromley, London I18972
9 CREBBIN, Gwendolen Elizabeth  27 Sep 1900Bromley, London I18973
10 CREBBIN, Kathleen  20 Apr 1897Bromley, London I18971
11 ENNEVER, Andrew William Henry  6 Jan 1901Bromley, London I329
12 ENNEVER, Beatrice  18 Dec 1887Bromley, London I82
13 ENNEVER, Eleanor Fanny  4 Oct 1890Bromley, London I122
14 ENNEVER, Elizabeth Ethel  3 Sep 1888Bromley, London I121
15 ENNEVER, Florence Maud  22 Jul 1896Bromley, London I124
16 ENNEVER, Florence May  1 Mar 1899Bromley, London I80
17 ENNEVER, Henry Sturgeon  7 Sep 1894Bromley, London I79
18 ENNEVER, John Frederick  2 Aug 1899Bromley, London I125
19 ENNEVER, Lilian  20 Sep 1894Bromley, London I117
20 GIBSON, Florence  1908/9Bromley, London I32125
21 GIBSON, Henrietta  Abt Sep 1910Bromley, London I32126
22 GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth Harriett  1865/6Bromley, London I120
23 HARROLD, Annie  1890Bromley, London I1033
24 HARROLD, Jane E  1897/8Bromley, London I8982
25 HARROLD, Lilian M  Mar 1901Bromley, London I8983
26 HOGG, Alice Sarah  1879/80Bromley, London I2608
27 HOGG, Eliza  1890Bromley, London I2611
28 HOGG, Hannah Ada  1883/4Bromley, London I2610
29 HOGG, Mark  1857Bromley, London I2605
30 HOGG, Mark  1888Bromley, London I757
31 HOGG, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1881/2Bromley, London I2609
32 HOGG, William  1877/8Bromley, London I2607
33 HOUCHEN, Angelina Maud  1883/4Bromley, London I3777
34 HOUCHEN, Joseph  1881/2Bromley, London I3776
35 HOUSE, Henry  1895/6Bromley, London I1809
36 HOUSE, Thomas  1898/9Bromley, London I1810
37 JONES, Louisa J  1903/4Bromley, London I13862
38 LAWS, Agnes  1897/8Bromley, London I5834
39 LAWS, Arthur  1899/1900Bromley, London I5835
40 LAWS, Thomas  1893/4Bromley, London I5833
41 MAPP, Edith Lily  1887Bromley, London I3896
42 MATTHEWS, Mary Matilda Victoria  28 Apr 1887Bromley, London I15048
43 MITCHELL, George Thomas  1863/4Bromley, London I1833
44 PARR, Isabella  7 Jan 1881Bromley, London I72
45 PEARMAIN, Hannah  1857/8Bromley, London I2606
46 SMITH, Ethel Doris  Abt May 1910Bromley, London I12711
47 TODD, Emma  1885/6Bromley, London I12717
48 TODD, Ethel Jessie  1883Bromley, London I12719
49 TODD, Francis Charles  1886Bromley, London I12720
50 TODD, Nellie Louisa  1888/9Bromley, London I12721
51 UREN, Alice  21 Dec 1902Bromley, London I774
52 UREN, Isaac George  1904Bromley, London I3737
53 UREN, Lucy Augusta  30 Jul 1900Bromley, London I2005
54 UREN, Mary  1894/5Bromley, London I2004
55 WEIDIG, Caroline  1891/2Bromley, London I1232
56 WEIDIG, Clara Florence  1889/90Bromley, London I1231
57 WEIDIG, George  1887Bromley, London I1230
58 WEIDIG, Joseph  1898/9Bromley, London I1235
59 WEIDIG, Louisa Annie  1895/6Bromley, London I1234


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Harry  18 Mar 1886Bromley, London I115
2 COLLINS, Emma  7 Jun 1891Bromley, London I74
3 COLLINS, Emma  23 Sep 1894Bromley, London I74
4 ENNEVER, Alfred  1 May 1890Bromley, London I43
5 ENNEVER, Alfred  6 Oct 1892Bromley, London I43
6 ENNEVER, Alfred  10 Oct 1894Bromley, London I43
7 ENNEVER, Amelia Frances  1 May 1890Bromley, London I1408
8 ENNEVER, Daisy Drusilla  7 Jun 1891Bromley, London I1940
9 ENNEVER, Henry Sturgeon  23 Sep 1894Bromley, London I79
10 ENNEVER, Lilian  10 Oct 1894Bromley, London I117
11 ENNEVER, Robert Ponder  7 Jun 1891Bromley, London I42
12 ENNEVER, Robert Ponder  23 Sep 1894Bromley, London I42
13 LEE, Charlotte  1 May 1890Bromley, London I51
14 LEE, Charlotte  6 Oct 1892Bromley, London I51
15 LEE, Charlotte  10 Oct 1894Bromley, London I51
16 PARR, Blanche Amelia  18 Feb 1897Bromley, London I18906
17 PARR, Isabella  18 Feb 1897Bromley, London I72
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