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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Bristol District, Gloucestershire


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.4720620, Longitude: -2.5759685


Matches 1 to 111 of 111

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AITKENHEAD, Cheryl Marie   I9420
2 AITKENHEAD, Nicola Betty   I9422
3 AITKENHEAD, Paul John   I9421
4 ARCHER, Alexander W R   I35239
5 ATTWELL, Gemma Lauren   I9425
6 ATTWELL, Laura Megan   I9426
7 ATTWELL, Zoe Clare   I9424
8 BEAZER, Edna Maude  10 Sep 1911Bristol District, Gloucestershire I31897
9 BENNETT, Clara  1862/3Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35153
10 BENNETT, Mary Jane  1857Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35152
11 BOWN, Helen T   I11080
12 BRANKER, Elvira Mary  8 Mar 1903Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35109
13 BRYANT, Christine I   I14050
14 BRYANT, David J   I14056
15 BRYANT, Kenneth G   I14044
16 BRYANT, Maurice K   I14045
17 BRYANT, Pamela Betty  27 Jun 1941Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14046
18 BRYANT, Royston J   I14047
19 BULL, Stanley E   I14198
20 CHMIELINSKI, Anna Danuta Katarzyna   I692
21 CLARK, Fabian  1857/8Bristol District, Gloucestershire I7041
22 CLARKE, Ivy Lilian  2 Sep 1914Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35243
23 COCKLE, Donald Edward  18 Aug 1918Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35067
24 COLLINS, Amy Beatrice  20 Oct 1918Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35066
25 COLLINS, Annie Eliza  1863Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9431
26 COLLINS, Florence  1907Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35063
27 COLLINS, Patience  1 Feb 1910Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35064
28 COLLINS, Victoria  1 Feb 1910Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35065
29 CREW, Eileen J   I35137
30 CREW, Patricia M   I35138
31 DAY, Kevin   I9427
32 DRAPER, Martin Henry Moore   I25921
33 ENEVER, Barry M   I20021
34 ENEVER, Leah Jayne   I20024
35 ENEVER, Martyn J   I20020
36 ENEVER, Michael J W   I20314
37 ENEVER, Paul Matthew   I20023
38 ENEVER, Simon James M   I20477
39 ENEVER, Sophie Jane   I20026
40 ENNEVER, Louise Michelle   I5071
41 FABIANO, Trevor Geoffrey   I26806
42 FORTLAGE, Timothy F C   I11784
43 FRY, Deborah Jane   I9958
44 FRY, Sidney Francis  30 Nov 1920Bristol District, Gloucestershire I833
45 FRY, Stephen R   I9956
46 FRY, Susan E   I9957
47 FRYER, Edward  Abt 1916Bristol District, Gloucestershire I7050
48 FRYER, Kathleen Mary   I7051
49 FUGILL, Kevin J   I14058
50 FUGILL, Ricky John   I14063
51 FUGILL, Tina Rose  14 Dec 1976Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14060
52 FUGILL, Tracey Jane   I14059
53 GARNER, Brian H   I31902
54 GARNER, Michael H   I31903
55 GARNER, Terence J   I31901
56 GILDER, Jamie Michael J   I6271
57 GILDER, Jonathan Patrick P   I6272
58 GILDER, Natalie Louise M   I6273
59 GRAY, Anita B   I35073
60 GRAY, Anthony D F   I35074
61 GRAY, Malcolm J   I35072
62 GRAY, Marilyn Ann   I35071
63 GRIFFITHS, Jessica Marie   I14065
64 HAYWARD, William J  24 Mar 1918Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35055
65 HIBBITT, Ivor R B   I35110
66 HIBBITT, Kenneth Graham  12 Sep 1928Bristol District, Gloucestershire I10441
67 HIBBITT, Rupert A  18 Sep 1934Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35111
68 HORN, Andrew Charles   I6318
69 HORN, Margaret Caroline   I6319
70 JOHNSON, Betty Edna  21 Apr 1928Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9405
71 JOHNSON, Brian W   I9408
72 JOHNSON, Evelyn Margery   I9406
73 JOHNSON, Jennifer E   I9409
74 JOHNSON, Reginald Edward   I9404
75 JOHNSON, William  31 Jan 1924Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9403
76 JOHNSON, William Alfred  21 Nov 1904Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9402
77 KEEN, Elizabeth Mary  18 Jan 1945Bristol District, Gloucestershire I7057
78 MOUNTSTEVENS, Eileen Ruth  23 Mar 1905Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35579
79 NICHOLS, Alice May  1902Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14042
80 PALFREMAN, Nigel Timothy   I31604
81 PERRY, Betty N   I34964
82 PERRY, Leslie Vernon  Abt Apr 1891Bristol District, Gloucestershire I34963
83 PHIPPEN, George  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire I24259
84 PHIPPEN, Joyce E I   I14088
85 PHIPPEN, Marion Ivy  1895/6Bristol District, Gloucestershire I24257
86 PHIPPEN, Nellie May  1894Bristol District, Gloucestershire I24258
87 PHIPPEN, Vera K  1916Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14087
88 PHIPPEN, Wilfred Raymond  21 Nov 1913Bristol District, Gloucestershire I31895
89 PULSFORD, Kathleen V  1925Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35141
90 PULSFORD, Victor George  25 Jul 1905Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35139
91 REED, Alan Kenneth   I14052
92 REED, Ian David S   I14055
93 REED, Neil Steven   I14053
94 REED, Tanya Iris   I14054
95 RUNYARD, Clifford G   I33882
96 SKINNER, Sarah Rosina  1855Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6145
97 SMALE, William John  1922Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9713
98 SPICKETT, Anne E   I35241
99 SPICKETT, Anthony J M   I35240
100 STRANGE, Henrietta Fanny  25 Dec 1872Bristol District, Gloucestershire I20099
101 THOMAS, Stanley  1908Bristol District, Gloucestershire I13720
102 TUBB, Ralph W C   I35242
103 TUTTON, Colin Charles Samuel  Abt 1890Bristol District, Gloucestershire I621
104 WATTS, Andrew John   I9412
105 WHITING, Florence  1875Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6067
106 WITTS, Christopher J   I9418
107 WITTS, Jacqueline Betty   I9417
108 WITTS, Nelson Horatio  1928Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9413
109 WITTS, Roberta E   I9415
110 WITTS, Stephen N   I9414
111 WITTS, Teresa R   I9416


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARCHER, Alexander G  1935Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35237
2 BALLINGER, Albert Milson  1908Bristol District, Gloucestershire I18332
3 BALLINGER, Arthur Charles  1920/1Bristol District, Gloucestershire I18330
4 BEAZER, Edna Maude  Aug 2006Bristol District, Gloucestershire I31897
5 BENNETT, Issac Dale  3 Apr 1899Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35143
6 BRYANT, Pamela Betty  1982Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14046
7 BULL, Cornelius George  1880Bristol District, Gloucestershire I308
8 BULL, Emma Elizabeth  1894Bristol District, Gloucestershire I311
9 BULL, Mary Jane  1903/4Bristol District, Gloucestershire I312
10 CLARK, Ethel Maud  1974Bristol District, Gloucestershire I7044
11 CLARKE, Ivy Lilian  1980Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35243
12 COCKLE, Donald Edward  2003Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35067
13 COLLINS, Amy Beatrice  2005Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35066
14 COLLINS, Ernest Arthur Jesse  1979Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35062
15 COLLINS, Florence  1907Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35063
16 COLLINS, Patience  1910Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35064
17 COLLINS, Sarah Ellen  1861/2Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6112
18 COLLINS, Victoria  1910Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35065
19 ENEVER, George Henry Edward  Mar 2001Bristol District, Gloucestershire I20015
20 ENNEVER, Oscar William  Abt Mar 1946Bristol District, Gloucestershire I106
21 EVANS, Eva Bessie  1920Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9619
22 FRY, Sidney Francis  Jun 1988Bristol District, Gloucestershire I833
23 FUGILL, Terence Charles Edward  Apr 1999Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14057
24 FUGILL, Tina Rose  1982Bristol District, Gloucestershire I14060
25 GALE, Walter Gilbert  1973Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9384
26 GALE, William Edwin  1901Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9380
27 HOLBROOK, Ada  1977Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35235
28 JOHNSON, Betty Edna  Feb 2005Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9405
29 MEAKER, Cornelius  1870Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6049
30 PHIPPEN, George  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire I24259
31 PHIPPEN, Marion Ivy  1896Bristol District, Gloucestershire I24257
32 PHIPPEN, Wilfred Raymond  Apr 2005Bristol District, Gloucestershire I31895
33 PHIPPIN, Eli  1892Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9463
34 PULSFORD, Kathleen V  1939Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35141
35 PULSFORD, Victor George  1975Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35139
36 SKINNER, Jessie Matilda  1930Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6144
37 SKINNER, Sarah  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire I390
38 SKINNER, Sarah Rosina  1856Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6145
39 SKINNER, William  1840Bristol District, Gloucestershire I3301
40 STRANGE, Ellen Eliza  1956Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6135
41 STRANGE, George Henry  1916Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6124
42 STRANGE, Kathleen Norah  1905Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6132
43 STRATFORD, Mary  1884Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6052
44 TUBB, Arthur Edward Frederick  1979Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35250
45 WEEKS, Lily Agnes  1988Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35197
46 WEEKS, Minnie Iris  1902Bristol District, Gloucestershire I35198
47 WHITING, Beatrice May Alexandra  1935Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9400
48 WITTS, Nelson Horatio  1968Bristol District, Gloucestershire I9413
49 WYATT, Lavinia Bridget  1869Bristol District, Gloucestershire I6064


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 COOPER, Michael L G   I23975


Matches 1 to 77 of 77

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
2 ARCHER / TUBB  1934Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11462
3 ATTWELL / WOOD   F11529
4 BAKER / CURTHOYS  1943Bristol District, Gloucestershire F3554
5 BEAZER / THYER  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire F10238
6 BENNETT / STRANGE  1891Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11426
7 BLANDFORD / STRANGE  1899Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1707
8 BRANKER / BENNETT  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11412
9 BRYANT / BAKER   F4138
10 BRYANT / MILLAR   F4144
11 BRYANT / PRING   F4137
12 BRYANT / WHITING  1931Bristol District, Gloucestershire F4136
13 CLARK / BULL  1883Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1963
14 COCKLE / COLLINS  1941Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11395
15 COLLINS / BUSH  1920Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11396
16 COLLINS / CLARKE  1938Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11464
17 COOPER / WHITING  1937Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1691
18 CREW / SULLIVAN  2 Jun 1920Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11422
19 DAVIS / STRANGE  1913Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1717
20 DAWSON / WYATT  1849Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1684
21 DENNE / POWELL  10 Aug 1917Bristol District, Gloucestershire F7974
22 DOLING / SMITH  1908Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11607
23 DUNN / PHIPPEN   F10240
24 ENEVER / NASH   F6152
25 ENEVER / RICH   F6153
26 FRY / COLES  1880Bristol District, Gloucestershire F10903
27 FRY / PERRY  1919Bristol District, Gloucestershire F9945
28 FRYER / CLARK  Abt 1914Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1964
29 FUGILL / BRYANT  1961Bristol District, Gloucestershire F4140
30 FUGILL / SIVELL   F4141
31 FUGILL / WARRY   F4142
32 FURLONG / WOOD  1863Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2790
33 GARNER / PHIPPEN   F10239
34 GILLFORD / SKINNER  Abt Nov 1879Bristol District, Gloucestershire F3185
35 GRAY / COLLINS  1943Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11397
37 HARRIS / STRANGE  1884Bristol District, Gloucestershire F6247
38 HAYWARD / STRANGE  1916Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11391
39 HEWLETT / BENNETT  1876Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11428
40 HIBBETT / PEARCE  1907Bristol District, Gloucestershire F4010
41 HIBBITT / BOWN   F3176
42 HIBBITT / BRANKER  1933Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11410
43 HIBBITT / MILLARD  1920Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2772
44 HORNER / BULL  5 Oct 1873Bristol District, Gloucestershire F718
45 JAHANS / POWELL  1912Bristol District, Gloucestershire F8473
46 JOHNSON / WHITING  1923Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2710
47 MASON / BAKER   F3553
48 MILLARD / FIVASH  Abt Aug 1886Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2997
49 MILLS / JAMES   F3558
50 MYERS / SKINNER  1916Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11343
51 NICHOLS / WHITING  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1685
52 PHIPPEN / BEAZER  1935Bristol District, Gloucestershire F10237
53 PHIPPEN / FURLONG  1895Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2789
54 PHIPPIN / BULL  1873Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2726
56 PULSFORD / WATTS  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11425
57 READ / HIBBITT  1911Bristol District, Gloucestershire F4011
58 REED / BRYANT   F4139
60 ROGERS / FRANCOMBE  1865Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1724
61 RUNYARD / TRUE  1929Bristol District, Gloucestershire F10952
62 SMALE / HIBBITT  1919Bristol District, Gloucestershire F2798
63 SPICKETT / TUBB   F11463
64 STONE / GRAY   F11398
65 STRANGE / COLES  1904Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1714
66 STRANGE / PARKER  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1715
67 STRANGE / SMITH  Abt Nov 1905Bristol District, Gloucestershire F3186
68 STRANGE / WOOLLEY  1911Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1716
69 TUBB / COLLINS  1879Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1720
70 TUBB / HOLBROOK  1911Bristol District, Gloucestershire F11461
71 TUTTON / COOKE  1919Bristol District, Gloucestershire F190
72 TUTTON / STOCKWELL  1893Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1711
73 WATTS / JOHNSON   F2713
74 WHITING / BURSTON  1926Bristol District, Gloucestershire F4147
75 WHITING / FELTHAM  1903Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1687
76 WHITING / JUDGE  1900Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1686
77 WHITING / WYATT  19 Oct 1857Bristol District, Gloucestershire F1683
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