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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Boston, Lincolnshire


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 52.9767614, Longitude: -0.0338512


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRADLEY, Kate  1880/1Boston, Lincolnshire I27568
2 DESFORGES, Matthew Jonathan  1971Boston, Lincolnshire I13225
3 DUTTON, Charles  1843Boston, Lincolnshire I6424
4 DUTTON, Eliza  1840Boston, Lincolnshire I6421
5 DUTTON, Elizabeth  9 Sep 1828Boston, Lincolnshire I6420
6 DUTTON, John  1845Boston, Lincolnshire I6425
7 HULL, Eliza  Abt Feb 1891Boston, Lincolnshire I6612
8 HULL, Harriet  1888/9Boston, Lincolnshire I6611
9 HULL, Harry  1863/4Boston, Lincolnshire I6609
10 HULL, William H  1886/7Boston, Lincolnshire I6610
11 LANGWITH, Annie  1906/7Boston, Lincolnshire I27574
12 LANGWITH, Catherine  1860/1Boston, Lincolnshire I27477
13 LANGWITH, Charles  1815/6Boston, Lincolnshire I27469
14 LANGWITH, Harry  1901/2Boston, Lincolnshire I27572
15 LANGWITH, Mary Ann  1862/3Boston, Lincolnshire I27478
16 LANGWITH, Samuel  1806/7Boston, Lincolnshire I27554
17 LANGWITH, Violet Hildred  1909Boston, Lincolnshire I27575
18 LANGWITH, Walter  1904/5Boston, Lincolnshire I27573
19 MORALEE, Alfreda  1889Boston, Lincolnshire I6426
20 MORALEE, Betsy Jane  1907Boston, Lincolnshire I6433
21 MORALEE, David  1893Boston, Lincolnshire I6429
22 MORALEE, Eliza  1856Boston, Lincolnshire I6411
23 MORALEE, Elizabeth  1858Boston, Lincolnshire I6412
24 MORALEE, Ellen  1865Boston, Lincolnshire I6413
25 MORALEE, Gipsy  1913Boston, Lincolnshire I6435
26 MORALEE, Harry  1895/6Boston, Lincolnshire I6430
27 MORALEE, Ivy Kathleen  Abt Apr 1900Boston, Lincolnshire I6432
28 MORALEE, Jack  1902Boston, Lincolnshire I6434
29 MORALEE, James William  1898Boston, Lincolnshire I6431
30 MORALEE, John Henry  1861Boston, Lincolnshire I6317
31 MORALEE, Margaret Sylvia  1912Boston, Lincolnshire I6436
32 MORALEE, Mary Ann  1853/4Boston, Lincolnshire I6415
33 MORALEE, Mary Ann  Abt Jan 1881Boston, Lincolnshire I6613
34 MORALEE, Matthew Henry  1891Boston, Lincolnshire I6428
35 MORALEE, William  1851/2Boston, Lincolnshire I6414
36 PARKER, Sarah Jane  1837/8Boston, Lincolnshire I27476
37 PATTISON, Mary  1813Boston, Lincolnshire I297
38 RICE, Julia  1888/9Boston, Lincolnshire I6615
39 RICE, Samuel  1861/2Boston, Lincolnshire I6614
40 RICHES, Elsie Rosa Mary  20 Sep 1912Boston, Lincolnshire I35420
41 SHEPHARD, Joseph  1829/30Boston, Lincolnshire I16630


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   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DUTTON, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1829Boston, Lincolnshire I6420
2 DUTTON, James  5 Jul 1833Boston, Lincolnshire I6419
3 DUTTON, William  29 Nov 1830Boston, Lincolnshire I6418


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   Last name, First name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LANGWITH, Jane Sarah  Boston, Lincolnshire I6408


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   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 PARSONS, Carol Ann   I27273
2 WILLIAMS, Olive   I27272


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 DUTTON / OWENS  29 Apr 1828Boston, Lincolnshire F1793
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