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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Stratford, Essex


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Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5375312, Longitude: -0.0099764

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5375312, Longitude: -0.0099764

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: 51.5375312, Longitude: -0.0099764


Matches 1 to 96 of 96

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Harold Walter  1885/6Stratford, Essex I13856
2 BAKER, Lilian  1884/5Stratford, Essex I13855
3 BUTLER, Alfred George  1875/6Stratford, Essex I21134
4 CHAPMAN, Ada E  1878/9Stratford, Essex I5389
5 CHAPMAN, Edwin  1884Stratford, Essex I5262
6 CHAPMAN, Ernest  1887/8Stratford, Essex I5399
7 CHAPMAN, Harriet  1879/80Stratford, Essex I5390
8 CHAPMAN, Kate M  1869/70Stratford, Essex I5392
9 CHAPMAN, Robert W  Abt Mar 1871Stratford, Essex I5393
10 CHAPMAN, William  1881/2Stratford, Essex I5398
11 ENEVER, Alice Nellie  1906/7Stratford, Essex I12740
12 ENEVER, Annie Dorothy Matilda  1908Stratford, Essex I14473
13 ENEVER, Eliza Jane Maud  9 Jun 1884Stratford, Essex I2381
14 ENEVER, Esther Isabel  15 Oct 1909Stratford, Essex I12741
15 ENEVER, Eva Grace  25 Sep 1893Stratford, Essex I2385
16 ENEVER, George Samuel Arthur  20 Sep 1881Stratford, Essex I2380
17 ENEVER, Herbert  1891Stratford, Essex I2384
18 ENEVER, Martha Minnie  26 Jan 1889Stratford, Essex I2383
19 ENEVER, Susan Daisy  1886Stratford, Essex I2382
20 ENNEVER, Lily  1880/1Stratford, Essex I50
21 EVANS, Elsie Florence  1888/9Stratford, Essex I35279
22 EWEN, Winifred Gladys  1894/5Stratford, Essex I20721
23 FINCH, Charles Edward  1860/1Stratford, Essex I21076
24 FRANKLIN, Charles  1888/9Stratford, Essex I24049
25 FRANKLIN, Ellen  1885/6Stratford, Essex I24051
26 FRANKLIN, Ernest Frederick  1903Stratford, Essex I24041
27 FRANKLIN, Sidney Robert  1905Stratford, Essex I24042
28 FRANKLIN, William Harry O.B.E.  26 Jun 1901Stratford, Essex I24040
29 GAY, Albert George  1864/5Stratford, Essex I21078
30 GAY, Madeline Agnes  18 May 1897Stratford, Essex I21079
31 JOHNSON, William  1822/3Stratford, Essex I21044
32 KERRY, Charles  1859/60Stratford, Essex I3603
33 KERRY, Charles William  1882/3Stratford, Essex I3605
34 KERRY, Eliza  1865/6Stratford, Essex I3613
35 KERRY, Elizabeth  1889/90Stratford, Essex I3607
36 KERRY, Emma  1863/4Stratford, Essex I3612
37 KERRY, John  1867/8Stratford, Essex I3614
38 KERRY, John Albert  1883/4Stratford, Essex I3606
39 KERRY, Mary Ann  1858/9Stratford, Essex I3610
40 KERRY, Samuel  1862/3Stratford, Essex I3611
41 KERRY, Thomas  1871Stratford, Essex I3615
42 KERRY, Walter  30 Oct 1892Stratford, Essex I762
43 LEE, Charlotte  1859/60Stratford, Essex I51
44 LOWE, Frederick John  1883/4Stratford, Essex I752
45 MARNEY, Annie  1872/3Stratford, Essex I30549
46 MARNEY, Jane  1864/5Stratford, Essex I19165
47 MIDLANE, Annie  1887/8Stratford, Essex I4130
48 MIDLANE, Emma Frances  1873/4Stratford, Essex I5056
49 MIDLANE, Grace  1889/90Stratford, Essex I4131
50 MIDLANE, Walter Edward  1894Stratford, Essex I4133
51 OLNEY, Mary Ann  1863/4Stratford, Essex I6463
52 PERRY, Rebecca  1899/1900Stratford, Essex I30805
53 PETTIT, Emma  1878/9Stratford, Essex I7493
54 PETTIT, George  Abt Dec 1880Stratford, Essex I7494
55 PICKARD, Abraham  1858/9Stratford, Essex I6035
56 PLEASANTS, Ellen  1876/7Stratford, Essex I30693
57 PRACY, Annie Maria  1877Stratford, Essex I1269
58 REDDALL, Rosie Jessie  1906/7Stratford, Essex I21428
59 SCALES, Emily  1899/1900Stratford, Essex I30811
60 SMITH, Grace  1885/6Stratford, Essex I25384
61 SMITH, Harry  1881/2Stratford, Essex I25382
62 SMITH, Walter  1884/5Stratford, Essex I25383
63 SPRINGALL, Ada  1891/2Stratford, Essex I5077
64 SPRINGALL, Elizabeth  1882/3Stratford, Essex I5031
65 SPRINGALL, Emma  1888/9Stratford, Essex I5030
66 SPRINGALL, George  1898/9Stratford, Essex I5080
67 SPRINGALL, Henry  Abt Dec 1880Stratford, Essex I5035
68 SPRINGALL, Katharine Maud  1886Stratford, Essex I5036
69 SPRINGALL, Rose  1895/6Stratford, Essex I5079
70 TROTT, Agnes  Abt Dec 1860Stratford, Essex I21024
71 TROTT, Annie  1858/9Stratford, Essex I21023
72 TROTT, George  1856Stratford, Essex I21025
73 TROTT, Matilda  1853/4Stratford, Essex I21021
74 TROTT, Maud  1879/80Stratford, Essex I21075
75 TROTT, Robert  1854/5Stratford, Essex I21022
76 TROTT, Sarah Ann  1851/2Stratford, Essex I21020
77 TROTT, William Henry  Abt Jun 1850Stratford, Essex I20997
78 TRUNDLE, Bertie  1903/4Stratford, Essex I18944
79 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1825/6Stratford, Essex I6473
80 UNKNOWN, unknown  Stratford, Essex I6471
81 WALLEDGE, Ada  1893/4Stratford, Essex I6467
82 WALLEDGE, Albert  1889/90Stratford, Essex I6466
83 WALLEDGE, Arthur  1892/3Stratford, Essex I6468
84 WALLEDGE, Charles  1887/8Stratford, Essex I6465
85 WALLEDGE, Emily  1858/9Stratford, Essex I6475
86 WALLEDGE, Emily  1883/4Stratford, Essex I6464
87 WALLEDGE, Ethel  1898/9Stratford, Essex I6469
88 WALLEDGE, Frederick  1865/6Stratford, Essex I6476
89 WALLEDGE, Henry  1862/3Stratford, Essex I6474
90 WALLEDGE, William  1824/5Stratford, Essex I6472
91 WALLEDGE, William  1856/7Stratford, Essex I6461
92 WALLEDGE, William  Abt 1885Stratford, Essex I2390
93 WARD, Richard  1860/1Stratford, Essex I27714
94 WRIGHT, Alice  1844/5Stratford, Essex I25373
95 WYATT, Ernest Edward  1870Stratford, Essex I21444
96 WYATT, James Watling  1872Stratford, Essex I21445


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BRINER, Mary Elizabeth  9 Oct 1881Stratford, Essex I2371
2 BRINER, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jan 1885Stratford, Essex I2371
3 ENEVER, Eliza Jane Maud  29 Jan 1885Stratford, Essex I2381
4 ENEVER, George Samuel Arthur  9 Oct 1881Stratford, Essex I2380
5 ENNEVER, William James  9 Oct 1881Stratford, Essex I1320
6 ENNEVER, William James  29 Jan 1885Stratford, Essex I1320


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, William Joseph  From 8 Nov 1902 to 1915Stratford, Essex I16633


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, William Joseph  From 9 Jan 1900 to 8 Jan 1902Stratford, Essex I16633
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