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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Stepney, Middlesex


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Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5112950, Longitude: -0.0543605

Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5112950, Longitude: -0.0543605

Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: 51.5112950, Longitude: -0.0543605

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 51.5112950, Longitude: -0.0543605


Matches 1 to 98 of 98

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AIANO, Charles Frederick  1872/3Stepney, Middlesex I25627
2 BOURDON, Elizabeth Mary  1879Stepney, Middlesex I33619
3 BRIDGES, Susan  27 Nov 1860Stepney, Middlesex I14990
4 BROOKIN, Henry  13 Oct 1854Stepney, Middlesex I14246
5 BUCKNELL, Daniel  1805Stepney, Middlesex I21840
6 BUCKNELL, Daniel  1825/6Stepney, Middlesex I21851
7 BUCKNELL, Hannah  4 Oct 1818Stepney, Middlesex I15075
8 BUCKNELL, Jane Ann  23 Jul 1814Stepney, Middlesex I20581
9 BUNTON, Elizabeth Mary  1858/9Stepney, Middlesex I24960
10 CLANCEY, George Michael  Abt Feb 1881Stepney, Middlesex I28508
11 CLANCEY, Julius William  4 Jan 1883Stepney, Middlesex I28509
12 CLANCEY, Louisa Sarah  1886Stepney, Middlesex I28510
13 CLAUSON, James George  18 Oct 1885Stepney, Middlesex I760
14 COCHRANE, Jane  1887/8Stepney, Middlesex I12969
15 COCHRANE, Mary A  1883/4Stepney, Middlesex I12968
16 COMMONS, Ann Elizabeth  9 Apr 1879Stepney, Middlesex I6549
17 DAVEY, William  1851/2Stepney, Middlesex I15533
18 DODD, Harriet Caroline  23 Jun 1845Stepney, Middlesex I2662
19 ENEVER, Augustus Joseph  15 Jan 1845Stepney, Middlesex I15076
20 ENEVER, Edward William  17 Oct 1859Stepney, Middlesex I14362
21 ENEVER, Ellen  12 Jun 1876Stepney, Middlesex I14921
22 ENEVER, Frederick John  20 Jan 1824Stepney, Middlesex I15088
23 ENEVER, George  1883/4Stepney, Middlesex I14718
24 ENEVER, John Peter  1857Stepney, Middlesex I14361
25 FAULKNER, Ellen  1840/1Stepney, Middlesex I20302
26 FOULGER, Isabella Elizabeth  Abt Mar 1841Stepney, Middlesex I7189
27 FOULGER, Mary Ann  10 Feb 1846Stepney, Middlesex I31709
28 FOULGER, Matilda  1850/1Stepney, Middlesex I31710
29 FOULGER, Rose  1848Stepney, Middlesex I31708
30 FOULGER, Sarah  1860/1Stepney, Middlesex I31711
31 FREEMAN, Mary Ann Eliza  1864/5Stepney, Middlesex I27918
32 HALL, Edward  1864/5Stepney, Middlesex I14854
33 HALL, James Marchant  1857/8Stepney, Middlesex I14853
34 HALL, John  1827/8Stepney, Middlesex I14850
35 HALL, June Emma  1855/6Stepney, Middlesex I14852
36 HALL, Sarah  1860/1Stepney, Middlesex I14417
37 HARROLD, Alfred  1857/8Stepney, Middlesex I1046
38 HARROLD, George  1847/8Stepney, Middlesex I1042
39 HARROLD, Jane  1851Stepney, Middlesex I1043
40 HARROLD, Maria Jane  1841Stepney, Middlesex I1041
41 HARROLD, Richard  1856Stepney, Middlesex I1045
42 HART, Charles  1849/50Stepney, Middlesex I21000
43 HART, William  1839/40Stepney, Middlesex I20998
44 HARVEY, Robert Charles  Abt Jul 1860Stepney, Middlesex I19827
45 HARVEY, Susannah Mary Ann  1861/2Stepney, Middlesex I19829
46 HODGINS, Eliza  6 Aug 1869Stepney, Middlesex I4699
47 HODGINS, Ellen Matilda  19 Oct 1865Stepney, Middlesex I4696
48 HODGINS, Harriet  17 Mar 1868Stepney, Middlesex I4698
49 HODGINS, William  16 Sep 1866Stepney, Middlesex I4697
50 HOLMES, George  1857/8Stepney, Middlesex I21009
51 HOLMES, Harry  Abt Oct 1890Stepney, Middlesex I21113
52 HOLMES, Henry  1855/6Stepney, Middlesex I21008
53 HOLMES, Walter  1861Stepney, Middlesex I21106
54 HOLMES, William  1842Stepney, Middlesex I21002
55 HOLMES, Willie  1859Stepney, Middlesex I21010
56 HOUSE, Albert John  20 Feb 1883Stepney, Middlesex I13976
57 HUTCHINGS, Ann  1841Stepney, Middlesex I21854
58 HUTCHINGS, Emily  1845/6Stepney, Middlesex I21855
59 HUTCHINGS, Thomas  1847/8Stepney, Middlesex I21856
60 KELLY, William  1885/6Stepney, Middlesex I31826
61 LOPEZ, Harriett  1887/8Stepney, Middlesex I27919
62 LOPEZ, Minnie Louisa  1890Stepney, Middlesex I27914
63 LOWTHER, Alfred Richard  1841/2Stepney, Middlesex I1972
64 LOWTHER, Sarah  1870Stepney, Middlesex I1974
65 MIDDLETON, George  1852/3Stepney, Middlesex I14622
66 MORRIS, Martha Charlotte  1861/2Stepney, Middlesex I19833
67 MOSEY, George R  1869/70Stepney, Middlesex I2663
68 MOSEY, James  1872/3Stepney, Middlesex I2664
69 NUNN, Jane Eliza  1884/5Stepney, Middlesex I31695
70 OSSER, Samuel  1888/9Stepney, Middlesex I34708
71 PINKERTON, George Ellsworth  1840/1Stepney, Middlesex I8980
72 RICKETTS, Catherine  1813/4Stepney, Middlesex I29756
73 SEYLER, Jane  1869/70Stepney, Middlesex I1437
74 SHEPHARD, Eleanor  1866/7Stepney, Middlesex I20441
75 SHEPHARD, Frances M  1864/5Stepney, Middlesex I20440
76 SHEPHARD, Joseph  1869/70Stepney, Middlesex I20442
77 SHEPHARD, Louisa  1861/2Stepney, Middlesex I20439
78 SHEPHARD, Louisa  1871/2Stepney, Middlesex I20445
79 SHEPHARD, Thomas  1857/8Stepney, Middlesex I20438
80 SLADE, Edward  1847/8Stepney, Middlesex I29757
81 SLADE, Elizabeth Emma  Feb 1853Stepney, Middlesex I14823
82 SLADE, Joseph  1856/7Stepney, Middlesex I29759
83 SLADE, Nicholas Robert  17 Jan 1837Stepney, Middlesex I29760
84 SLADE, Robert  Abt Jun 1850Stepney, Middlesex I29758
85 TAYLOR, Esther  1884/5Stepney, Middlesex I21181
86 THURSTON, George  Abt Jan 1851Stepney, Middlesex I2559
87 TURNER, John Walter William  1869/70Stepney, Middlesex I13683
88 UNKNOWN, Eliza  1856/7Stepney, Middlesex I29981
89 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1861/2Stepney, Middlesex I15534
90 WEBB, Isabella  1879/80Stepney, Middlesex I31138
91 WILES, Ellen  1858Stepney, Middlesex I1182
92 WILES, Emma  1833/4Stepney, Middlesex I1188
93 WILES, Emma Pinkerton  1866Stepney, Middlesex I1185
94 WILES, Florence  1863Stepney, Middlesex I1184
95 WILES, James  1853Stepney, Middlesex I1181
96 WILES, John  1826/7Stepney, Middlesex I1178
97 WILES, John Alfred  1860Stepney, Middlesex I1183
98 WILES, Susan Lydia  1852Stepney, Middlesex I1180


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BROWNFIELD, Annie Elizabeth  28 Jul 1872Stepney, Middlesex I92


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 ATTWOOD, Edwin Arthur  24 Aug 1863Stepney, Middlesex I31229
2 BALLARD, James Joseph  25 Dec 1863Stepney, Middlesex I12976
3 BALLARD, James Joseph  20 Nov 1883Stepney, Middlesex I12976
4 BARNES, Frederick George  5 Dec 1847Stepney, Middlesex I28858
5 BIRCHELL, Benjamin  26 Apr 1840Stepney, Middlesex I32192
6 BIRCHELL, Benjamin  25 Aug 1844Stepney, Middlesex I32192
7 BIRCHELL, Benjamin  1 Sep 1844Stepney, Middlesex I32192
8 BUNTON, William  5 Aug 1850Stepney, Middlesex I20475
9 CARR, Thomas  20 Mar 1870Stepney, Middlesex I28120
10 CLARK, Sarah  15 Sep 1863Stepney, Middlesex I1338
11 COCHRANE, Thomas  22 Mar 1874Stepney, Middlesex I1899
12 COWELL, Clarissa Elizabeth Lucy  27 May 1844Stepney, Middlesex I16845
13 DAVIS, John  27 May 1844Stepney, Middlesex I25887
14 DAVISON, Mary Ann  2 Mar 1862Stepney, Middlesex I30186
15 DENTON, John  25 Dec 1825Stepney, Middlesex I13294
16 ENEVER, Elizabeth Ann  30 Mar 1873Stepney, Middlesex I14825
17 ENEVER, Henry Joseph  12 Feb 1872Stepney, Middlesex I14789
18 ENEVER, Henry Joseph  30 Mar 1873Stepney, Middlesex I14789
19 ENEVER, John  31 Oct 1825Stepney, Middlesex I14277
20 ENEVER, Mary  28 May 1798Stepney, Middlesex I16604
21 ENNEVER, Henry  17 Mar 1844Stepney, Middlesex I14785
22 ENNEVER, John Charles  4 Aug 1873Stepney, Middlesex I14673
23 ENNOVER, William James  25 Dec 1834Stepney, Middlesex I380
24 FALLOWS, Mary Ann  25 Dec 1863Stepney, Middlesex I12978
25 FRENCH, Sarah Susan  17 Mar 1844Stepney, Middlesex I14786
26 GRANT, Edmund Francis  18 Sep 1865Stepney, Middlesex I1017
27 HARRINGTON, Harriet  31 Oct 1825Stepney, Middlesex I14285
28 HART, William  21 Jan 1861Stepney, Middlesex I20998
29 HOLMES, Ann Enever  21 Jan 1861Stepney, Middlesex I20974
30 HUDSON, Edward  27 Jun 1818Stepney, Middlesex I30179
31 INCE, Maria  26 Apr 1840Stepney, Middlesex I32189
32 INCE, Maria  25 Aug 1844Stepney, Middlesex I32189
33 INCE, Maria  1 Sep 1844Stepney, Middlesex I32189
34 LAW, Louisa  25 Dec 1863Stepney, Middlesex I31246
35 LOFFHAGEN, John Christian  25 Dec 1863Stepney, Middlesex I31245
36 LUCAS, Matilda  5 Aug 1850Stepney, Middlesex I24956
37 MAYO, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1874Stepney, Middlesex I4274
38 MILLS, Charles James  15 Sep 1863Stepney, Middlesex I14247
39 PINKERTON, Sarah  15 May 1851Stepney, Middlesex I1179
40 RICHARDSON, Emma  24 Aug 1863Stepney, Middlesex I31225
41 RICHARDSON, George  28 May 1798Stepney, Middlesex I25458
42 ROBERTS, Elizabeth Mary Ann  25 Dec 1825Stepney, Middlesex I13295
43 SLADE, Elizabeth Emma  12 Feb 1872Stepney, Middlesex I14823
44 SLADE, Elizabeth Emma  30 Mar 1873Stepney, Middlesex I14823
45 SMITH, Mary Ann Agnes  4 Aug 1873Stepney, Middlesex I14678
46 SMITHERS, Jane  25 Dec 1834Stepney, Middlesex I381
47 TILLIDUFF, John Robert  2 Mar 1862Stepney, Middlesex I30182
48 WHITE, Ellen  18 Sep 1865Stepney, Middlesex I28394
49 WILES, John  15 May 1851Stepney, Middlesex I1178


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 HACKETT, Daniel  From 29 Mar 1893 to 27 Apr 1893Stepney, Middlesex I27950
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