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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Shoreditch, Middlesex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5207568, Longitude: -0.0827899

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5207568, Longitude: -0.0827899

Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: 51.5207568, Longitude: -0.0827899

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 51.5207568, Longitude: -0.0827899


Matches 1 to 117 of 117

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASKEY, Elizabeth Mary  1862/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I17047
2 BALLARD, Joseph James  21 Oct 1846Shoreditch, Middlesex I12977
3 BRITTEN, Edwin Thomas  1849Shoreditch, Middlesex I27549
4 BRITTEN, Rosetta  1836/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I27546
5 CALLAGHAN, Mary Ann  1830/1Shoreditch, Middlesex I2671
6 CAMPION, Mary  1849/50Shoreditch, Middlesex I12356
7 CLAVERIE, Elizabeth Sarah Lucy  2 Jul 1861Shoreditch, Middlesex I28914
8 CLAVERIE, Sarah  1863Shoreditch, Middlesex I28915
9 CLEMENTS, Charles  1854/5Shoreditch, Middlesex I28860
10 CLEMENTS, Charles  15 Jan 1881Shoreditch, Middlesex I28864
11 CLEMENTS, Ellen  7 Jul 1877Shoreditch, Middlesex I28862
12 CLEMENTS, Mary  22 Jan 1879Shoreditch, Middlesex I28863
13 CURTIS, Charles  9 Feb 1837Shoreditch, Middlesex I6363
14 CURTIS, Eleanor Agnes  29 Mar 1834Shoreditch, Middlesex I6445
15 CURTIS, Emma  9 Nov 1835Shoreditch, Middlesex I6446
16 CURTIS, Nancy Harriet  6 Nov 1840Shoreditch, Middlesex I6443
17 CURTIS, Reuben Sewell  1 Jul 1828Shoreditch, Middlesex I6444
18 CURTIS, Thomas James  28 Oct 1846Shoreditch, Middlesex I6442
19 DEVINE, Henry  1842/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I31845
20 DONOVAN, Annie  1868/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I30891
21 DUFOSSE, Herbert  1830/1Shoreditch, Middlesex I14404
22 DUFOSSE, Sarah Mary  1853/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I14401
23 ELLSWORTH, Louis Charles  1858Shoreditch, Middlesex I8979
24 ENEVER, Elizabeth Sarah  18 Apr 1821Shoreditch, Middlesex I15089
25 GARRETT, Samuel Joseph  1874/5Shoreditch, Middlesex I7346
26 GILL, Emily  1857/8Shoreditch, Middlesex I6500
27 GOULD, Emma  1817/8Shoreditch, Middlesex I33059
28 GRAY, James  1883/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I23339
29 HACKETT, Ann  19 Apr 1841Shoreditch, Middlesex I27948
30 HACKETT, Ann Elizabeth  8 Nov 1864Shoreditch, Middlesex I28502
31 HACKETT, Daniel  12 Jan 1849Shoreditch, Middlesex I27950
32 HACKETT, Jesse  27 Apr 1851Shoreditch, Middlesex I27952
33 HACKETT, Joseph Richard  4 Jan 1840Shoreditch, Middlesex I27947
34 HACKETT, Mary Ann  15 Oct 1845Shoreditch, Middlesex I27949
35 HACKETT, Sarah  13 Apr 1857Shoreditch, Middlesex I27954
36 HACKETT, William  16 Feb 1853Shoreditch, Middlesex I27953
37 HARMAN, Lydia  1844Shoreditch, Middlesex I29145
38 HARMAN, Sarah  Abt Nov 1850Shoreditch, Middlesex I29148
39 HUMBERSTONE, Edwin J  1879/80Shoreditch, Middlesex I16808
40 HUMBERSTONE, Emily J  1886/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I16810
41 HUMBERSTONE, William H  1881/2Shoreditch, Middlesex I16809
42 ILLINGWORTH, Elizabeth Martha  19 Apr 1849Shoreditch, Middlesex I5234
43 ILLINGWORTH, Frederick George  3 May 1853Shoreditch, Middlesex I7657
44 ILLINGWORTH, Henry James  2 Aug 1842Shoreditch, Middlesex I5229
45 ILLINGWORTH, James Ralph  Sep 1851Shoreditch, Middlesex I5230
46 ILLINGWORTH, Martha Ann  27 Nov 1829Shoreditch, Middlesex I5238
47 ILLINGWORTH, Susannah  1846Shoreditch, Middlesex I5232
48 ILLINGWORTH, William James  Abt Jan 1841Shoreditch, Middlesex I5233
49 KEENE, Eliza  1844/5Shoreditch, Middlesex I4588
50 KEENE, Esther  15 Nov 1839Shoreditch, Middlesex I4586
51 KEENE, Joseph  1841/2Shoreditch, Middlesex I4587
52 LLOYD, William  1848/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I30882
53 LOWE, Elizabeth Emmeline  1817/8Shoreditch, Middlesex I30878
54 MAYO, James  1843/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I5015
55 MAYO, Joseph  1845/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I5016
56 MCKENZIE, Bertie  1888/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I29252
57 MCKENZIE, Harriet  1882/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I29250
58 MCKENZIE, James  1885/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I29251
59 MILLS, Elizabeth  1863/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I28563
60 MILLS, Rose  1879/80Shoreditch, Middlesex I28573
61 MITCHELL, Edwin Arthur  1882Shoreditch, Middlesex I28561
62 MITCHELL, Elizabeth  1888/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I28566
63 MITCHELL, Thomas  1885/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I28565
64 MUCKLEY, Ann  22 Jan 1853Shoreditch, Middlesex I29052
65 MUCKLEY, Benjamin Joseph  8 May 1844Shoreditch, Middlesex I28894
66 MUCKLEY, Eliza Hannah  26 Oct 1864Shoreditch, Middlesex I29055
67 MUCKLEY, Elizabeth Sarah  29 Apr 1856Shoreditch, Middlesex I29053
68 MUCKLEY, Jane Mary  8 Oct 1858Shoreditch, Middlesex I29054
69 MUCKLEY, Richard William  10 Jun 1850Shoreditch, Middlesex I28895
70 MULLEN, Frances Maria  1865/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I4480
71 MULLEN, Kathleen Elizabeth  1863/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I4481
72 MULLEN, Thomas William  1868Shoreditch, Middlesex I4486
73 OXLEY, Charles George  1879/80Shoreditch, Middlesex I14573
74 OXLEY, Clara  1881/2Shoreditch, Middlesex I14592
75 OXLEY, John  19 Jul 1802Shoreditch, Middlesex I33042
76 PARDUCCI, Thomas  1816/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I4166
77 PEARE, Ernest  1873/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I10049
78 POMMOROY, Elizabeth Ann  1818/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I4167
79 PRACY, Eliza  1839/40Shoreditch, Middlesex I33050
80 PRACY, Emily  1849/50Shoreditch, Middlesex I33062
81 PRACY, John  1845/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I33061
82 PRACY, Maria  1855/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I33063
83 PRACY, Richard  1817/8Shoreditch, Middlesex I33052
84 PRACY, Richard  1843/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I33060
85 REDDALL, Mary Elizabeth  20 Dec 1857Shoreditch, Middlesex I14393
86 SAWYER, John Thomas  1841Shoreditch, Middlesex I35094
87 SAYCE, Elizabeth  1842/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I4594
88 SHEPHERD, Henry  1868Shoreditch, Middlesex I11081
89 SPORTON, William Samuel  19 Oct 1820Shoreditch, Middlesex I4817
90 STAPLETON, Esther  1866/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I28887
91 STAPLETON, Henry  1835/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I28885
92 STAPLETON, Henry Benjamin  1859Shoreditch, Middlesex I34796
93 STAPLETON, James Edward  1868Shoreditch, Middlesex I28888
94 STAPLETON, William Richard  Abt Jan 1871Shoreditch, Middlesex I28889
95 STONE, Fanny Alice  1876/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I35653
96 STYLES, Ann Elizabeth  1822/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I27939
97 STYLES, Caroline  21 Jan 1836Shoreditch, Middlesex I27946
98 STYLES, David  1858/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I28855
99 STYLES, Susan Emily  17 Sep 1841Shoreditch, Middlesex I27943
100 TOLLEY, Alfred John  1859/60Shoreditch, Middlesex I1725
101 TOLLEY, Ann R  1846/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I1730
102 TOLLEY, Frederick Thomas  1855/6Shoreditch, Middlesex I1723
103 TOLLEY, John  1850Shoreditch, Middlesex I1732
104 TOLLEY, Mary Ann Beatrice  1857/8Shoreditch, Middlesex I1724
105 TOLLEY, Richard George  1850/1Shoreditch, Middlesex I1721
106 TOLLEY, Walter Albert  1862Shoreditch, Middlesex I1720
107 TOLLEY, William C  1848/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I1731
108 TOLLEY, William Henry  1852/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I1722
109 TOWNDROW, Henry Wallis  1843/4Shoreditch, Middlesex I5315
110 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1850/1Shoreditch, Middlesex I14623
111 UNKNOWN, Mary  1834/5Shoreditch, Middlesex I28572
112 WARNE, William Henry  1851Shoreditch, Middlesex I7306
113 WHITE, James Thomas  1872/3Shoreditch, Middlesex I30625
114 WOONTON, William  1828/9Shoreditch, Middlesex I5307
115 YOUNG, Agnes Eve  Abt Jan 1881Shoreditch, Middlesex I14617
116 YOUNG, Harriet Mary  1876/7Shoreditch, Middlesex I14615
117 YOUNG, Reuben James  11 May 1879Shoreditch, Middlesex I14616


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRIDGES, John James  1 Mar 1837Shoreditch, Middlesex I14991


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLAVERIE, Sarah  1863Shoreditch, Middlesex I28915


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BLACKBURN, Ann Enever  23 Sep 1813Shoreditch, Middlesex I21104
2 BLACKBURN, George  27 Jul 1788Shoreditch, Middlesex I21011
3 DAWBORN, John  23 Sep 1813Shoreditch, Middlesex I21105
4 ENEVER, Ann  27 Jul 1788Shoreditch, Middlesex I16280
5 ILLINGWORTH, William  15 Feb 1813Shoreditch, Middlesex I5235
6 NEWLAND, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1813Shoreditch, Middlesex I5236
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