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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Romford District, Essex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5701468, Longitude: 0.1790677


Matches 1 to 116 of 116

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLARS, Ralph   I17643
2 ARMSTRONG, Teresa J   I27505
3 BANKS, Charles W A   I34347
4 BENNETT, Jean  25 Nov 1928Romford District, Essex I16413
5 BENNETT, Thelma   I33807
6 BINDER, Eric D  1 Nov 1914Romford District, Essex I30948
7 BINDER, Gwendoline Patricia  30 Jun 1911Romford District, Essex I30947
8 BINDER, Reginald V  1 Nov 1914Romford District, Essex I30949
9 BINDER, Robert H   I31046
10 BRYANT, Pamela L A   I16427
11 BRYANT, Patricia M   I16426
12 BRYANT, Roger A   I16425
13 BRYANT, William H J   I16424
14 BUTTON, Ethel May  1889Romford District, Essex I34020
15 BUTTON, Jeffrey P   I13712
16 BUTTON, Mark R   I13713
17 BUTTON, Walter Philip   I13709
18 CHALLIS, Maureen   I24478
19 CHALLIS, Peter  9 Feb 1934Romford District, Essex I24476
20 CHALLIS, Ronald   I24475
21 CHALLIS, Shirley   I24477
22 CHALLIS, Trevor D   I24683
23 CLAXSON, Charles F  1911Romford District, Essex I31153
24 CLAXSON, John Robert   I31147
25 CLAXSON, John S   I31161
26 CLAXSON, Peter J   I31160
27 CLAXSON, Robert M   I31158
28 CLAXSON, Susan H   I31159
29 CLAXSON, Thomas H  1915/6Romford District, Essex I31155
30 CLAXSON, Walter L  1913Romford District, Essex I31154
31 COOKE, Gabrielle   I12517
32 CORNISH, Alfred P  1912Romford District, Essex I16194
33 CROXFORD, Leslie Charles   I9955
34 DOWNS, Charles James Arthur  1923Romford District, Essex I33135
35 DOWNS, Doris L   I33136
36 DOWNS, Vera A   I33137
37 ELLIS, Eileen A   I31056
38 ENEVER, Alice Emily Mary  19 Aug 1912Romford District, Essex I33327
39 ENEVER, Annie Louisa  1911Romford District, Essex I16381
40 ENEVER, Barbara  1931/2Romford District, Essex I15967
41 ENEVER, Brian F   I15961
42 ENEVER, Carolyn A   I19361
43 ENEVER, Cynthia   I23358
44 ENEVER, Dorothy B   I16388
45 ENEVER, Frederick Arthur  1915Romford District, Essex I16383
46 ENEVER, Frederick Ernest  1919Romford District, Essex I19694
47 ENEVER, George Thomas  17 Aug 1917Romford District, Essex I16384
48 ENEVER, Ivy Lilian  1914Romford District, Essex I16395
49 ENEVER, Ivy P   I16389
50 ENEVER, John Frederick  28 Mar 1923Romford District, Essex I16397
51 ENEVER, John William  30 Jan 1921Romford District, Essex I16386
52 ENEVER, June  1933Romford District, Essex I15968
53 ENEVER, Leslie J   I16398
54 ENEVER, Margaret E   I16385
55 ENEVER, May Florence  17 Jul 1913Romford District, Essex I16382
56 ENEVER, Richard James  18 Nov 1923Romford District, Essex I16387
57 ENEVER, Ronald Graham  15 Dec 1930Romford District, Essex I16399
58 ENEVER, Teresa A   I21353
59 ENEVER, Thomas B   I19578
60 ENEVER, Wendy J   I19366
61 ENEVER, William J   I19579
62 ENNEVER, Colin  1947Romford District, Essex I838
63 ENNEVER, James  1848Romford District, Essex I677
64 ENNEVER, Sarah Mary  1853Romford District, Essex I678
65 GIBBS, George   I33885
66 GIBBS, Maureen A   I17906
67 GOODCHILD, Christine L   I29618
68 GOODCHILD, David P   I29617
69 GOODCHILD, Elizabeth C   I29619
70 GOODCHILD, Jeffrey T   I29621
71 GRAVES, Terence R   I8348
72 GROOM, Carolyn S   I24936
73 GROUT, Ronald G   I12319
74 HARRIS, Ivy L  26 Sep 1911Romford District, Essex I16407
75 HARROLD, Martyn Victor   I13786
76 HUDSON, Leslie Ronald  23 May 1934Romford District, Essex I29623
77 HUMBERSTONE, Andrew P   I31563
78 HUMBERSTONE, Jill L   I31562
79 HURRELL, Kenneth Francis  16 Oct 1928Romford District, Essex I24351
80 INGLETON, Kenneth Norman  Abt Nov 1929Romford District, Essex I1589
81 INGLETON, Shirley   I7254
82 KITTLE, Leonard B   I30066
83 KNIVETT, Marylyn U S   I864
84 LAKE, Ivy Agnes  14 Apr 1903Romford District, Essex I17367
85 MAY, Barbara M   I17446
86 MAY, Graham   I17449
87 MAY, Richard   I17448
88 MEAD, Ethel M H  1916Romford District, Essex I16401
89 MEAD, James W   I16402
90 MELDRUM, Michael J   I7000
91 MELDRUM, Roger Stanley   I6266
92 MIDDLETON, Gillian D   I32636
93 MILLER, Doreen   I27500
94 MILLER, Jean H  1943Romford District, Essex I27504
95 MILLER, John R   I27503
96 MILLER, Pauline   I27501
97 MILLER, Thomas Robert James  1940Romford District, Essex I27499
98 MILLER, William R J  1941/2Romford District, Essex I27502
99 PAUL, Lynn P   I30397
100 PAVITT, Harry S   I32549
101 PENTON, William D  1953Romford District, Essex I24689
102 PLUMMER, Michael J   I32417
103 SHOESMITH, Albert E   I16421
104 SHOESMITH, James A   I16420
105 SHOESMITH, Ronald J   I16419
106 SKEELS, Joyce J P   I28689
107 THOMPSON, Frank  1911Romford District, Essex I21087
108 THOMSON, Alan C   I20630
109 TILLIDUFF, Malcolm C J   I27452
110 WARREN, Susan   I29347
111 WARWICK, Leslie A   I33340
112 WESTON, Anthony   I32635
113 WESTON, Linda D   I32633
114 WESTON, Maureen   I32634
115 WILLMORE, Michael   I9981
116 WILLMORE, Patricia   I9979


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNARD, Edward George  1877Romford District, Essex I16492
2 BARNARD, Frederick Charles  1872Romford District, Essex I16488
3 BENTON, Francis  Abt May 1851Romford District, Essex I359
4 BENTON, Mary  1852Romford District, Essex I1193
5 BINDER, Eric D  1918Romford District, Essex I30948
6 BINDER, Reginald V  1918Romford District, Essex I30949
7 BINDER, Rosina Ellen  1923Romford District, Essex I19825
8 BLACKHOLLY, Edith M  1953Romford District, Essex I24626
9 BONES, Edward George  29 Sep 1913Romford District, Essex I16196
10 COSTELLO, Patrick Joseph  Abt Nov 1935Romford District, Essex I12494
11 DAY, Daisy Elizabeth  1935Romford District, Essex I15548
12 DOWNS, Charles James Arthur  1924Romford District, Essex I33135
13 ENEVER, David  1903Romford District, Essex I15497
14 ENEVER, Lucy Ann  1887Romford District, Essex I17000
15 ENEVOR, Caroline  1845Romford District, Essex I14799
16 ENNEVER, Alfred  Abt Dec 1943Romford District, Essex I336
17 ENNEVER, Doris Elizabeth  Abt May 1945Romford District, Essex I1226
18 ENNEVER, Elizabeth  1875Romford District, Essex I362
19 ENNEVER, Emily  1924Romford District, Essex I368
20 ENNEVER, Frederick  Oct 1928Romford District, Essex I337
21 ENNEVER, John  1879Romford District, Essex I357
22 ENNEVER, Joseph  1882Romford District, Essex I354
23 ENNEVER, Mary Amelia  1880Romford District, Essex I681
24 ENNEVER, Robert  1852Romford District, Essex I2288
25 ENNEVER, Robert George  1940Romford District, Essex I75
26 GREGORY, Emma  Apr 1937Romford District, Essex I371
27 HARRIS, Rosetta  1844Romford District, Essex I7354
28 HILL, Amelia  1868/9Romford District, Essex I332
29 LUXFORD, Mary Ann  1866Romford District, Essex I1283
30 MASON, Rose Louisa  1932Romford District, Essex I118
31 MILLER, Thomas Robert James  1955Romford District, Essex I27499
32 MILLER, William R J  1942Romford District, Essex I27502
33 MILLS, Lydia  1914Romford District, Essex I33394
34 PACE, Mary Camilla  1947Romford District, Essex I17899
35 PEGRAM, Anne  May 1920Romford District, Essex I16363
36 PENTON, William D  1953Romford District, Essex I24689
37 STEELE, Lillian  1894Romford District, Essex I1552
38 STOKER, John William  1899Romford District, Essex I1550
39 UNKNOWN, Martha Lydia  1862Romford District, Essex I2136


Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
2 BAILEY / ENEVER  1912Romford District, Essex F4891
3 BALDWIN / PIRIE   F10739
4 BEARMAN / ENEVER  1893Romford District, Essex F6234
5 BENNETT / WOOD  1927Romford District, Essex F10925
6 BINDER / HASKINS  1933Romford District, Essex F9940
7 BINDER / PUTNEY  1923Romford District, Essex F9938
8 BONE / ALGAR  1885Romford District, Essex F9512
9 BONES / MUNDY  1880Romford District, Essex F8594
10 BRYANT / ENEVER  1932Romford District, Essex F4901
11 BUTTON / POND  1889Romford District, Essex F11007
14 COOK / ENNEVER   F294
17 DALY / ENEVER  1937Romford District, Essex F4908
19 DOWNS / SKEELS  1922Romford District, Essex F10695
20 ELLIS / BINDER  1932Romford District, Essex F9906
21 ENEVER / BUTTON  1930Romford District, Essex F4767
22 ENEVER / HARRIS  1933Romford District, Essex F4898
23 ENEVER / MEIKLE  1919Romford District, Essex F4895
24 ENEVER / NEVELL   F5999
25 ENEVER / PEGRAM  1907Romford District, Essex F4886
26 ENEVER / WEBB  1903Romford District, Essex F4890
28 FARROW / COOPER  1854Romford District, Essex F5578
29 FRAME / CHURCHMAN  1881Romford District, Essex F2866
30 FULLER / GREEN  1924Romford District, Essex F5127
31 GEEVES / GENTRY  1915Romford District, Essex F10316
32 GLADING / PEARCE  1897Romford District, Essex F7534
35 GOYMER / MORTON  1912Romford District, Essex F8881
37 GREGORY / LUXFORD  1848Romford District, Essex F411
38 GROOM / JAMES   F7877
41 HURRELL / PEARSON  1927Romford District, Essex F7671
42 INGLETON / MARTIN  1927Romford District, Essex F507
43 KITTLE / HIGGINS  1933Romford District, Essex F9581
44 LOVEDAY / ENEVER  1889Romford District, Essex F6240
45 LOVELL / BUTTON  1910Romford District, Essex F11006
46 MARTIN / WHEATE  Abt Nov 1937Romford District, Essex F1642
47 MEAD / ENEVER  1915Romford District, Essex F4894
48 MERSON / WILSON  1901Romford District, Essex F10996
49 OAKLEY / DOWSETT  1891Romford District, Essex F1607
50 PAMMENT / UNKNOWN  1842Romford District, Essex F6383
51 PARKER / BROWN  1952Romford District, Essex F11676
52 PEGRAM / STANLEY  1883Romford District, Essex F4887
53 PETCHEY / ENEVER  1901Romford District, Essex F6228
54 PILGRIM / GOODCHILD  1964Romford District, Essex F9444
55 REED / BINDER  1932Romford District, Essex F9902
56 REYNOLDS / OAKLEY  1874Romford District, Essex F1606
57 RIVERS / BAILEY   F4768
60 SHOESMITH / ENEVER  1932Romford District, Essex F4900
61 SKEELS / BONES  1928Romford District, Essex F8597
62 SMITH / FARROW  1882Romford District, Essex F9135
63 SPORTON / PARTRIDGE  1941Romford District, Essex F1372
64 STOCKER / ENEVER  1924Romford District, Essex F4897
65 THOMSON / BROWN   F6372
67 WILSHER / ENEVER  1935Romford District, Essex F4720
68 YATES / PERT   F10519
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