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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Rochford District, Essex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5773222, Longitude: 0.6990833


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLSOPP, Freda D   I13190
2 BULLESS, Linda Frances  1950Rochford District, Essex I880
3 CALLOW, Peggy L   I34314
4 CALLOW, Vera E M   I34315
5 CANNON, Denys A F   I8539
6 CANNON, Sylvia P M  1918Rochford District, Essex I8540
7 CROOK, Dorothy May  1 May 1915Rochford District, Essex I7233
8 CROOK, Winfred E  3 Sep 1911Rochford District, Essex I33518
9 ENEVER, Vanessa   I17957
10 ENNEVER, Arthur J  1918Rochford District, Essex I579
11 ENNEVER, Beryl G  1919Rochford District, Essex I580
12 ENNEVER, Brian   I830
13 ETTRITCH, Ann  1843Rochford District, Essex I4914
14 ETTRITCH, Ann  1846Rochford District, Essex I4915
15 ETTRITCH, Martha  1839Rochford District, Essex I4916
16 EVERITT, Nellie Evelyn  1912Rochford District, Essex I9326
17 FELTON, Clifford O E   I17546
18 FELTON, Deborah E   I17547
19 FINCH, James T   I7236
20 FOSS, Jacqueline   I17953
21 FOSS, Paula   I17954
22 GODWARD, Ruth V J   I24492
23 HARROLD, John William  23 Nov 1911Rochford District, Essex I577
24 HARROLD, Rita   I13785
25 HEATH, Michael J   I16418
26 HELMORE, Ethel Marion  1893/4Rochford District, Essex I8537
27 HELMORE, Henry Victor Thomas  1917Rochford District, Essex I5592
28 HELMORE, John M  1912/3Rochford District, Essex I6021
29 HELMORE, Leonard G   I6022
30 HELMORE, Norman M  25 Nov 1914Rochford District, Essex I6023
31 HOBBS, Dorothy M   I28485
32 HOBBS, Douglas W   I28486
33 HOBBS, Frank E  1914Rochford District, Essex I28483
34 HOBBS-HURRELL, Albert S  1912Rochford District, Essex I28482
35 JOHNSON, Irena M   I32783
36 JOHNSON, Moira E   I32784
37 JOHNSON, Tony L   I32781
38 JOHNSON, Trudy F   I32780
39 LEWIS, Betty   I35826
40 NICKLESS, Christopher J   I7234
41 NICKLESS, Doris Mary  30 Apr 1914Rochford District, Essex I4784
42 NICKLESS, Jacqueline Sharon   I12572
43 NICKLESS, Karen Tracy   I12573
44 NICKLESS, Stanley Joseph  26 Sep 1911Rochford District, Essex I1000
45 PALFREMAN, Simon Nicholas   I31603
46 RIEBOLD, Richard D   I14137
47 SIMMONS, Marjorie Winifred  1917Rochford District, Essex I829
48 THOMPSON, Arthur C  1917Rochford District, Essex I21091
49 THOMPSON, Dorothy   I28419
50 THOMPSON, Jack  1915Rochford District, Essex I21088
51 THOMPSON, Jack   I28418
52 UTTON, Stanley Clifford  29 Apr 1913Rochford District, Essex I26397
53 WASPE, Stanley  1911Rochford District, Essex I26395
54 WELBOURN, Rosalie Dorothy Alice  30 Dec 1914Rochford District, Essex I9804
55 WINDSOR, Deryck   I28002
56 WINTON, Tracey L   I10270


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDRIDGE, Rose Ethel  1917Rochford District, Essex I21100
2 BARNARD, John  24 Feb 1963Rochford District, Essex I19169
3 ENNEVER, Arthur J  1918Rochford District, Essex I579
4 ENNEVER, Beryl G  1919Rochford District, Essex I580
5 ENNEVER, Daisy Florence  1959Rochford District, Essex I20
6 ENNEVER, George Joseph Vincent  1916Rochford District, Essex I144
7 ENNEVER, Harry Andrew  1968Rochford District, Essex I84
8 ETTRITCH, Ann  1843Rochford District, Essex I4914
9 GIBSON, Hannah Furness  1957Rochford District, Essex I9789
10 HARROLD, William Robert  8 Mar 1936Rochford District, Essex I455
11 HART, Evan  1840Rochford District, Essex I1328
12 NICKLESS, Joseph Sunders  1906Rochford District, Essex I462
13 SLADE, Elizabeth Emma  1934Rochford District, Essex I14823
14 THOMAS, Elizabeth  1938Rochford District, Essex I26832
15 WASPE, James Henry  1911Rochford District, Essex I35823
16 WASPE, Stanley  1911Rochford District, Essex I26395
17 WELBOURN, Alice Tyrrell  1932Rochford District, Essex I9732
18 WELBOURN, Oliver John Marshall  1933Rochford District, Essex I9730


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 BULLESS / HARVEY  1938Rochford District, Essex F3299
2 CALLOW / GIBSON  1924Rochford District, Essex F5792
3 CANNON / HELMORE  1916Rochford District, Essex F2433
4 CLANCEY / BRAY  1903Rochford District, Essex F11314
5 CRUMP / LANCASTER  1928Rochford District, Essex F6074
6 ENEVER / PAVIS   F5425
7 EVERITT / TAYLOR  1911Rochford District, Essex F2744
8 FINCH / NICKLESS  1936Rochford District, Essex F2020
9 FULCHER / HAWKES  1873Rochford District, Essex F9814
10 GOLDSWORTHY / WELBOURN  1911Rochford District, Essex F4166
11 HELMORE / PICKARD  1893Rochford District, Essex F1668
12 HELMORE / SMITH  1912Rochford District, Essex F1667
13 HOBBS-HURRELL / THOMPSON  1935Rochford District, Essex F5777
14 LEWIS / WASPE  1931Rochford District, Essex F11688
15 LIVERMORE / BEDLOW  Abt Nov 1851Rochford District, Essex F3004
16 SCOTCHER / PENNACCHINI  1915Rochford District, Essex F5793
17 SIDNELL / WELBOURN  1935Rochford District, Essex F2830
18 SMITH / ADCOCK  1864Rochford District, Essex F6072
19 THOMPSON / ALDRIDGE  1918Rochford District, Essex F7357
21 WASPE / ENEVER  1901Rochford District, Essex F8379
22 WELBOURN / GIBSON  1904Rochford District, Essex F2803
23 WELBOURN / HARROLD  1932Rochford District, Essex F2801
24 WELLS / ENEVER  1893Rochford District, Essex F5600
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