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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

New Zealand


Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: -42.0000000, Longitude: 174.0000000

Tree: 2. East End Ennevers

Latitude: -42.0000000, Longitude: 174.0000000

Tree: 3. Jamaican Ennever/ors

Latitude: -42.0000000, Longitude: 174.0000000

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: -42.0000000, Longitude: 174.0000000

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: -42.0000000, Longitude: 174.0000000


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALQUIST, Nick   I18227
2 BARNFIELD, Living   I22081
3 BINDER, Cecil Henry  28 Aug 1925New Zealand I31052
4 BINDER, Frederick Oakley  20 Jan 1927New Zealand I31053
5 CATTY, Charlotte Jane Aroha   I18239
6 CATTY, Max Stewart   I18238
7 COUSINS, Eileen  1907New Zealand I31281
8 COUSINS, Roland  1907New Zealand I31282
9 COWLES, Ella Jayne   I18234
10 COWLES, Hannah Kate   I18235
11 DE BORST, Johan Pieter   I7966
12 DE BORST, Olaf Charles   I7967
13 EASTHER, Carl Philip   I6796
14 ENNEVER, Jeremy Wade   I6709
15 ENNEVER, Mark Wade   I6705
16 ENNEVER, Naomi Elizabeth   I6710
17 ENNEVER, Ruth Dorothy   I6707
18 ENNEVER, Samuel James   I6711
19 FERGUSON, Winifred Rose  7 Dec 1910New Zealand I21296
20 FISHER, Jacqueline Coila   I13752
21 FISHER, John Frank Charles   I13753
22 FORLONG, Vanessa Rose   I22864
23 GOYMER, Mary   I28004
24 GOYMER, Thomas Stanley Wordsworth  1925/6New Zealand I28005
25 HAYLOCK, Amy Ellen  1869New Zealand I12552
26 HAYLOCK, Arnold Newton  1877New Zealand I12559
27 HAYLOCK, Arthur Rhodes  1875New Zealand I12557
28 HAYLOCK, Elizabeth Charlotte  1868New Zealand I12551
29 HAYLOCK, Hebe Edith  1871New Zealand I12553
30 HAYLOCK, Henry Oriano Grandi  1873New Zealand I12555
31 HAYLOCK, Mabel Mary  1879New Zealand I12558
32 HAYLOCK, Nora Gertrude  1883New Zealand I12560
33 MAPP, Amy   I4239
34 MAPP, Daniel   I4241
35 MAPP, James   I4242
36 MAPP, Joshua   I4243
37 MAPP, Michael   I5247
38 MAPP, Stefan   I4245
39 MORRIS, Azelda Ettie  1928New Zealand I21297
40 OXLEY, Georgia Charlotte   I18231
41 OXLEY, James Stewart   I18232
42 PHILLIPS, Tasman Robert  3 Jul 1917New Zealand I15457
43 PLOWRIGHT, Frank Henry   I15579
44 PLOWRIGHT, Gina Susan   I15580
45 PLOWRIGHT, Michael   I15581
46 POOLEY, Violet Maude  New Zealand I21529
47 POOLEY, Wallace George   I21527
48 RHODES, Ambrose  1851New Zealand I32111
49 RHODES, Ambrose Israel Edward  1883New Zealand I32108
50 RHODES, Ivy Dorothy  1894New Zealand I32119
51 RHODES, Robert Ambrose  1886New Zealand I32118
52 SAUNDERS, Scott Leslie   I13951
53 STEWART, Ava   I18224
54 STEWART, Isla   I18225
55 STEWART, Kathryn Mary   I14231
56 STEWART, Katrina   I18226
57 STEWART, Phillippa Jane   I18229
58 STEWART, Sharon Elizabeth   I18236
59 TAYLOR, Patricia Mary  1925/6New Zealand I23425
60 UNKNOWN, Walton   I31314


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Charles Craddock  4 Nov 1918New Zealand I23224
2 BUNN, Henry William  1904New Zealand I21096
3 COTTRELL, Evelyn  Nov 2003New Zealand I1843
4 ENNEVER, James Ernest  Apr 1983New Zealand I818
5 FERGUSON, Winifred Rose  1985New Zealand I21296
6 FRANKLIN, Charles  1993New Zealand I26836
7 GOYMER, Reginald Compton  1975New Zealand I27969
8 KENNEDY, Mary Evelyn Sherard  1974New Zealand I28003
9 KING, Robert Alfred  1996New Zealand I27296
10 MORRIS, Azelda Ettie  1930New Zealand I21297
11 PORTER, Hilda Mary  1955New Zealand I17012
12 RHODES, Robert Ambrose  1890New Zealand I32118
13 RICHARDSON, William Airey  1904New Zealand I5689
14 TADMAN, Henry Reuben  4 May 1982New Zealand I6595
15 TAYLOR, Patricia Mary  1949New Zealand I23425
16 YOUNG, Gladys Maud Emily  29 May 1992New Zealand I6721


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 EAGAR, Richard Edward  New Zealand I6664


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last name, First name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 BASHFORD, Charlotte Elizabeth  1953New Zealand I12599
2 BINDER, Cecil George Gustave  1919New Zealand I19927
3 BRADBURY, Jane   I1350
4 BUNN, Henry William  Aft 1871New Zealand I21096
5 CAMERON, Anne  1840New Zealand I9949
6 CAMERON, Dugald  1840New Zealand I10005
7 CLANCEY, Terence Raymond  Before 1914New Zealand I28512
8 COLLINS, Betty Bridget   I2531
9 DE BORST, Jan Roel  New Zealand I7965
10 EASTHER, Glenda Gay   I6794
11 EASTHER, Lynn   I6795
12 EASTHER, Mark Raymond   I6793
13 EASTHER, Raymond   I6758
14 ENEVER, Georgina Dorothy M   I15572
15 ENEVER, Henry   I27593
16 ENNEVER, Constance M  Abt 1965New Zealand I822
17 ENNEVOR, Claudette Elaine   I7807
18 FISHER, Charles Edward  Before 1945New Zealand I13747
19 FRANKLIN, Charles  New Zealand I26836
20 FRANKLIN, William Albert  Aft 1947New Zealand I26777
21 GENT, Leslie J   I824
22 GOYMER, Reginald Compton  Before 1928New Zealand I27969
23 GRANDY, John James  1864New Zealand I10407
24 GRANDY, Mary Ann  1864New Zealand I10406
25 HACKETT, Joseph Richard  New Zealand I28499
26 HALLIER, May Caroline  1919New Zealand I31270
27 HALLIER, Rose Adelaide  Before 1924New Zealand I31264
28 HARNWELL, Mary Ann  1864New Zealand I10380
29 HAYLOCK, Charles  1850New Zealand I12568
30 HAYLOCK, Charles Lagden  1850New Zealand I12561
31 HAYLOCK, George  1850New Zealand I12570
32 HAYLOCK, Harry  1850New Zealand I11828
33 HAYLOCK, Peter  1850New Zealand I12567
34 HODGE, Alice Victoria Primrose  New Zealand I29230
35 JOHNSON, Richard David   I23598
36 KING, Robert Alfred  Before 1928New Zealand I27296
37 LAYTON, Brian   I14143
38 LAYTON, Christine   I19010
39 LAYTON, Peter   I19011
40 LOCK, Sarah   I19221
41 LONG, Sarah  1850New Zealand I12563
42 MAPP, Adrian   I4220
43 MAPP, Gregory   I4219
44 MAPP, Nigel William Walter   I4216
45 MAPP, Simon   I4218
46 MAPP, Timothy N   I4217
47 MARSHALL, Muriel Gladys  Aft 1947New Zealand I26839
48 MORRIS, Ellie Mary  Abt 1907New Zealand I3139
49 OAKLEY, Winifred Amelia Grace  Before 1922New Zealand I31050
50 PLOWRIGHT, Peter Frank   I15574
51 PORTER, Ella Margaret  Before 1928New Zealand I17011
52 PORTER, Hilda Mary  Before 1955New Zealand I17012
53 POSTLEWAIGHT, John  Aft 1855New Zealand I6890
54 PRIOR, Irene   I27594
55 PUGH, Diane Valerie   I2510
56 RENAI, Coila Caruth  Abt 1951New Zealand I13751
57 RHODES, Israel  1842New Zealand I32122
58 RICHARDSON, William Airey  Abt 1864New Zealand I5689
59 ROAST, Percy Walter  Before 1955New Zealand I27297
60 SCARFF, William  Before 1922New Zealand I32147
61 SLAYMAKER, Daphne J   I27775
62 SPEARMAN, Wendy Christine Lovejoy   I13242
63 STEWART, Cameron   I14226
64 STEWART, Ian   I14224
65 STEWART, James  1953New Zealand I14129
66 STEWART, Robert  1953New Zealand I14225
67 TADMAN, Colin Edward   I6728
68 TADMAN, Glenda Florence   I6726
69 TADMAN, Henry Reuben  Aft 1941New Zealand I6595
70 UNKNOWN, Christina  1840New Zealand I10006
71 WARD, Edith  New Zealand I26837
72 WEDDING, William   I19220
73 YOUNG, Gladys Maud Emily  Aft 1941New Zealand I6721


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BRADBURY, Jane   I1350
2 DE BORST, Olaf Charles   I7967
3 ENEVER, Horace Tustin  Abt 1880New Zealand I15083
4 FRANKLIN, Christopher Michael Harry   I27757
5 FRANKLIN, John Stewart   I27755
6 FRANKLIN, Roy Dennis   I27776
7 JOHNSON, Richard David   I23598
8 JOHNSON, unknown   I23732
9 JOHNSON, unknown   I23733
10 JONES, Hannah   I11790
11 MURTON, Jane  Abt 1880New Zealand I15336
12 UNKNOWN, Linda   I23731


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 CLANCEY, Terence Raymond  1914New Zealand I28512


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last name, First name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 FRANKLAND, Emily Jane  Abt 1913New Zealand I11708
2 MILLS, Frances Caroline Emily  New Zealand I11709
3 MORRIS, Arthur Daniel  Abt 1926New Zealand I21295
4 MORRIS, Clarice Baldwin  Abt 1913New Zealand I13648
5 MORRIS, Grace Ethel  Before 1910New Zealand I3136
6 REEVELY, Walter Desmond  Before 2010New Zealand I29231


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / MORRIS  13 Dec 1916New Zealand F7278
2 BINDER / OAKLEY  1924New Zealand F9939
3 COUSINS / CONDREN  1920New Zealand F10027
4 COUSINS / HALLIER  1924New Zealand F10022
6 FULLJAMES / CAMPBELL  1879New Zealand F7069
8 HAYLOCK / RHODES  1905New Zealand F10309
9 HAYLOCK / RHODES  1911New Zealand F3679
11 MAPP / HEWETT   F10694
12 MAPP / RILEY   F1224
13 MORRIS / FERGUSON  1928New Zealand F6597
14 RHODES / HAYLOCK  1886New Zealand F10312
15 RHODES / HAYLOCK  1911New Zealand F10307
16 RHODES / RODRIGUES  1876New Zealand F10311
17 SCARFF / OAKLEY  1922New Zealand F10321
18 STEPHENS / FULLJAMES  1938New Zealand F7395
19 TAYLOR / MORRIS  1921New Zealand F7350


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   Family (spouse)    Divorced    Family ID 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family (spouse)    Engaged    Family ID 
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