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Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia

Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Notes: Mitta Mitta is a small picturesque village at the foot of the mountains, portion of the Great Dividing Range, in North Eastern Victoria. It is some 250 miles from Melbourne, 910 feet above sea level and situated at the junction of the Snowy Creek and Mitta Mitta River. It derived its name from a native word, Mutta Mutta, meaning thunder.

Latitude: -36.5500000, Longitude: 147.3833333


Main Street, Mitta Mitta
Main Street, Mitta Mitta
The Weekly Times

Mitta Mitta
Mitta Mitta
Early Morning (Postcard)
Mitta Mitta
Mitta Mitta
Mitta Mitta in the early days
Mitta Mitta in the early days
From Mitta Mitta: from the early pioneer days, by S A Colquhoun
The Mitta Mitta River and Snowy Creek in flood, 1917
The Mitta Mitta River and Snowy Creek in flood, 1917
From Mitta Mitta: from the early pioneer days, by S A Colquhoun
View of the Township - Snowy Creek Bridge
View of the Township - Snowy Creek Bridge
From Mitta Mitta: from the early pioneer days, by S A Colquhoun
Mitta Mitta township
Mitta Mitta township
Showing the Laurel Hotel & the General Store.
Mitta Mitta valley
Mitta Mitta valley
A view up the Mitta Mitta valley from the lookout just past Eskdale.


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLEMAN, Daisy Patricia  1893Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15397
2 COLEMAN, Ida  6 Aug 1884Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15392
3 COLEMAN, Rose  1882Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15390
4 ENEVER, Alice Maud  17 Aug 1884Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15281
5 ENEVER, George Edwin  1889Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15231
6 ENEVER, Joseph Roy  Abt Apr 1896Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15229
7 ENEVER, Robert Archer  1881Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15223
8 LANSDOWN, Edgar  1908Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15818
9 LORD, Franklin Andrew  1898Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15814
10 PETERSEN, Metz  1876Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15249
11 WILSON, Harriet Ellen  1888Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15405


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COLEMAN, Edwin  1901Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15289
2 ENEVER, Charles  27 Apr 1912Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15226
3 LEY, George  2 Oct 1918Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I24273


Matches 1 to 84 of 84

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 COLEMAN, Thomas Walker  4 Nov 1937Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15394
2 ENEVER, Albert George  1936Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
3 ENEVER, Albert George  1937Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
4 ENEVER, Albert George  1942Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
5 ENEVER, Albert George  1949Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
6 ENEVER, Albert George  1954Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
7 ENEVER, Albert George  1963Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
8 ENEVER, Albert George  1967Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
9 ENEVER, Albert George  1968Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
10 ENEVER, Albert George  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
11 ENEVER, Albert George  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
12 ENEVER, Albert George  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
13 ENEVER, Doris   I17971
14 ENEVER, Eva Elizabeth  1913Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15280
15 ENEVER, George Edwin  1926Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15231
16 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
17 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
18 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
19 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
20 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
21 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
22 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
23 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
24 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
25 ENEVER, John Clive   I17970
26 ENEVER, John George  1909Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I14351
27 ENEVER, John George  1912Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I14351
28 ENEVER, Laurence John   I15670
29 ENEVER, Laurence John   I15670
30 ENEVER, Laurence John   I15670
31 ENEVER, Mary  4 Nov 1937Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15199
32 ENEVER, Robert Archer  25 Feb 1916Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I14350
33 ENEVER, Robert Archer  18 Oct 1919Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I14350
34 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1954Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
35 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1963Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
36 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1967Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
37 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1968Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
38 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
39 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
40 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
41 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
42 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
43 ENEVER, Robert Thomas  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17969
44 ENEVER, Ronald Joseph  1949Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17968
45 ENEVER, Ronald Joseph  1954Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I17968
46 ENEVER, Thomas William  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15275
47 ENEVER, Victor Thomas  1967Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15667
48 ENEVER, Victor Thomas  1968Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15667
49 ENEVER, Victor Thomas  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15667
50 ENEVER, Victor Thomas  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15667
51 HIBBERSON, Alan Keith   I15759
52 HIBBERSON, Ellen Rainbird  1936Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15467
53 HIBBERSON, Ellen Rainbird  1954Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15467
54 KAY, Wendy Joy   I15686
55 LORD, Franklin Andrew  1936Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15814
56 LORD, Franklin Andrew  1954Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15814
57 MONCRIEFF, Alexandrina Louisa  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15234
58 MONCRIEFF, Alexandrina Louisa  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15234
59 MONCRIEFF, Alexandrina Louisa  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15234
60 OLIVER, Lorna Betty  1963Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I33741
61 OLIVER, Lorna Betty  1967Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I33741
62 OLIVER, Lorna Betty  1968Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I33741
63 OLIVER, Lorna Betty  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I33741
64 OLIVER, Lorna Betty  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I33741
65 OLIVER, Lorna Betty  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I33741
66 SAWYER, Emily Hannah  1926Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15290
67 UNKNOWN, Kathleen Margaret   I33744
68 UNKNOWN, Nola Mavis   I33745
69 UNKNOWN, Nola Mavis   I33745
70 UNKNOWN, Nola Mavis   I33745
71 UNKNOWN, Nola Mavis   I33745
72 UNKNOWN, Nola Mavis   I33745
73 WALKER, Elsie May  1942Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
74 WALKER, Elsie May  1949Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
75 WALKER, Elsie May  1954Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
76 WALKER, Elsie May  1963Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
77 WALKER, Elsie May  1967Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
78 WALKER, Elsie May  1968Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
79 WALKER, Elsie May  1972Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
80 WALKER, Elsie May  1977Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
81 WALKER, Elsie May  1980Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282
82 WALKER, Jane Adeline  1909Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15274
83 WALKER, Jane Adeline  1912Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15274
84 WALKER, Jane Adeline  14 Feb 1916Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15274


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last name, First name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Albert George  3 Sep 1947Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15250
2 ENEVER, John George  Oct 1884Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I14351
3 MONCRIEFF, Alexander  Oct 1884Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15326
4 WALKER, Elsie May  3 Sep 1947Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I15282


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Robert Archer  Before 1937Mitta Mitta, Victoria, Australia I14350
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