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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Mile End, Middlesex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 51.5200423, Longitude: -0.0395714


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   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BANKS, William  1877/8Mile End, Middlesex I34261
2 BARRINGTON, Esther  1833/4Mile End, Middlesex I1867
3 BARTLETT, Elizabeth  1819/20Mile End, Middlesex I1040
4 BOWERS, Richard Alfred  Abt Jan 1871Mile End, Middlesex I6681
5 BROWNFIELD, Elizabeth  1875/6Mile End, Middlesex I4956
6 CLANCEY, Kathleen Edith  12 Aug 1888Mile End, Middlesex I28511
7 COLLINS, Harriet  1854/5Mile End, Middlesex I2159
8 COLLINS, Mary Ann  1852/3Mile End, Middlesex I2158
9 EDWARDS, Ada Jane  1873/4Mile End, Middlesex I21136
10 EDWARDS, Emma Louisa  1849/50Mile End, Middlesex I14932
11 ENEVER, Clara Grace  8 May 1870Mile End, Middlesex I14366
12 EWEN, Alfred  1861/2Mile End, Middlesex I17016
13 FIELD, Harriett  2 Oct 1889Mile End, Middlesex I31023
14 FIELD, William  1870/1Mile End, Middlesex I31018
15 FIELD, William  1886/7Mile End, Middlesex I31019
16 FLINT, James Amos  8 Jul 1879Mile End, Middlesex I6206
17 GIBSON, Walter  1878/9Mile End, Middlesex I14714
18 GRIFFITHS, Louisa Caroline  24 Aug 1877Mile End, Middlesex I4848
19 HARROLD, John  1849Mile End, Middlesex I458
20 HOLDER, Jane  1862/3Mile End, Middlesex I31850
21 HOLDER, Selina Jane  1864/5Mile End, Middlesex I28881
22 HOLMES, George  6 Jun 1872Mile End, Middlesex I21130
23 HOLMES, Walter Henry  1870/1Mile End, Middlesex I21131
24 HOLMES, William  11 Sep 1868Mile End, Middlesex I21129
25 HOLMES, William  1883/4Mile End, Middlesex I21110
26 HONEY, Charles Alfred  4 Apr 1876Mile End, Middlesex I4847
27 HONEY, Louisa Ethel  1903/4Mile End, Middlesex I35942
28 JAMES, William  1841/2Mile End, Middlesex I5776
29 KELLY, Mary  1888/9Mile End, Middlesex I21203
30 KELLY, William  1886/7Mile End, Middlesex I21202
31 LOFTUS, Jonathan Edward  1876/7Mile End, Middlesex I30685
32 LOFTUS, Samuel James Augustus  1880/1Mile End, Middlesex I5010
33 LOFTUS, William A  1878/9Mile End, Middlesex I30686
34 MEADER, Annie  1878Mile End, Middlesex I29593
35 MOSEY, Henry S  1874/5Mile End, Middlesex I2665
36 MUDD, Isabella  1848/9Mile End, Middlesex I21127
37 OAKLEY, John William  1869/70Mile End, Middlesex I32148
38 PEPPERELL, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1864Mile End, Middlesex I12981
39 PUCKRIDGE, Emma J  1861/2Mile End, Middlesex I21200
40 RICHARDSON, Eliza  Abt Feb 1841Mile End, Middlesex I31224
41 RICHARDSON, Emma  1844/5Mile End, Middlesex I31225
42 RICHARDSON, Mary A  1836/7Mile End, Middlesex I31223
43 SHEPHARD, Susanna  1854/5Mile End, Middlesex I16629
44 THOMPSON, Daisy F  1875/6Mile End, Middlesex I3689
45 THOROUGHGOOD, Lillian Emma  1870/1Mile End, Middlesex I23434
46 UNKNOWN, Eliza  1844/5Mile End, Middlesex I35943
47 UNKNOWN, Emma  1841/2Mile End, Middlesex I31849
48 WEEKS, Alfred  1843/4Mile End, Middlesex I24449
49 WEEKS, Arthur Sydney  1871Mile End, Middlesex I24463
50 WEEKS, Charles Burnham  1873Mile End, Middlesex I24464
51 WEEKS, Henry George  1866Mile End, Middlesex I24446
52 WEEKS, William Peirce  1870Mile End, Middlesex I24462
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