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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.

Liverpool, Lancashire


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers

Latitude: 53.4024295, Longitude: -2.9928195

Tree: 6. Essex Ennevers(2)

Latitude: 53.4024295, Longitude: -2.9928195

Tree: 9. Essex Enevers (5)

Latitude: 53.4024295, Longitude: -2.9928195

Tree: 7. Essex Enevers (2)

Latitude: 53.4024295, Longitude: -2.9928195

Tree: 8. Essex Enevers (4)

Latitude: 53.4024295, Longitude: -2.9928195


Matches 1 to 212 of 212

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGAR, George  1848/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28180
2 ARMSTRONG, Mabel  8 Jun 1906Liverpool, Lancashire I3733
3 BAILEY, Annie  1899/1900Liverpool, Lancashire I28175
4 BAILEY, Arthur  1903/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28177
5 BAILEY, Lillian  1901/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28176
6 BAILEY, Louisa  1908/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28179
7 BAILEY, Stanley  1906/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28178
8 BAILEY, Thomas Sharpe  1876/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28173
9 BAILEY, Thomas Sharpe  1897/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28174
10 BAMBER, Ann  1855/6Liverpool, Lancashire I21365
11 BAMBER, Elizabeth Ann  1853Liverpool, Lancashire I21364
12 BAMBER, Isabella  8 Mar 1851Liverpool, Lancashire I68
13 BAMBER, John  1827/8Liverpool, Lancashire I21362
14 BARON, Albert  Abt 1904Liverpool, Lancashire I3732
15 BEASLEY, Arthur Price  1889Liverpool, Lancashire I34657
16 BEASLEY, Charles Richard  1891Liverpool, Lancashire I34658
17 BEASLEY, Ellen  1893/4Liverpool, Lancashire I34659
18 BEASLEY, John William  1885Liverpool, Lancashire I12527
19 BEASLEY, Robert Daniel  1904/5Liverpool, Lancashire I34662
20 BEASLEY, Ruth  1902Liverpool, Lancashire I34661
21 BEASLEY, Thomas Phillips  1899Liverpool, Lancashire I34660
22 BELL, Margaret  1878Liverpool, Lancashire I28168
23 BELL, Stanley  1906Liverpool, Lancashire I28169
24 BOLTON, Caroline  1873/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28323
25 BOLTON, Ellen  1883/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28322
26 BOURNE, Annie  1891/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28333
27 BOURNE, Bathsheba  1862/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28305
28 BOURNE, Charles  1872/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28311
29 BOURNE, Charles  1905Liverpool, Lancashire I28325
30 BOURNE, Christine  1907/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28326
31 BOURNE, Edith  1889/90Liverpool, Lancashire I28332
32 BOURNE, Edward  1859/60Liverpool, Lancashire I28304
33 BOURNE, Elizabeth H  Abt Aug 1890Liverpool, Lancashire I28319
34 BOURNE, Elsie  1909Liverpool, Lancashire I28329
35 BOURNE, Frank  1866/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28307
36 BOURNE, George  1854/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28301
37 BOURNE, George  1891/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28320
38 BOURNE, George  9 Dec 1901Liverpool, Lancashire I10392
39 BOURNE, Harry  1906/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28328
40 BOURNE, Isabella  1897/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28321
41 BOURNE, James  1826/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28274
42 BOURNE, James  1857/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28303
43 BOURNE, James  1878/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28316
44 BOURNE, James  1909/10Liverpool, Lancashire I28327
45 BOURNE, John  1851/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28300
46 BOURNE, John  1886/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28331
47 BOURNE, Martha  1871Liverpool, Lancashire I28276
48 BOURNE, Mary  1856/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28302
49 BOURNE, Mary Jane  1886/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28317
50 BOURNE, Sarah Jane  1868Liverpool, Lancashire I28308
51 BOURNE, William  1889/90Liverpool, Lancashire I28318
52 BOURNE, William J  1864/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28306
53 BREWER, Rose Emma  1857/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28285
54 CHIPCHASE, Alice May  1885/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28374
55 CHIPCHASE, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1880Liverpool, Lancashire I28373
56 CHIPCHASE, Hannah Beatrice  1878/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28368
57 CHIPCHASE, John Bertram  1855/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28371
58 CREBBIN, Mary  1843/4Liverpool, Lancashire I20410
59 CREBBIN, Thomas  1841/2Liverpool, Lancashire I20409
60 DEALEY, Catherine  1824/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28277
61 ELLIS, Sarah  1822/3Liverpool, Lancashire I35307
62 ENEVER, Susan Elizabeth  6 Apr 1839Liverpool, Lancashire I16909
63 EVANS, Mary  1875/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28339
64 FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas  1835/6Liverpool, Lancashire I3317
65 FARNHAM, Annie Elizabeth  1879/80Liverpool, Lancashire I28292
66 FULTON, Isabella  1856/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28315
67 HARDACRE, Ann Jane  1861/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28232
68 HARPER, Eric Leigh   I26378
69 HERBERT, Ada Sophia  1859Liverpool, Lancashire I28372
70 HESKETH, Bathsheba  1799/1800Liverpool, Lancashire I1795
71 HORNBY, Edward  1842/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28204
72 JACK, Agnes Lyle  19 Feb 1890Liverpool, Lancashire I28220
73 JACK, Alfred  29 Sep 1899Liverpool, Lancashire I28218
74 JACK, Edward  20 Jan 1898Liverpool, Lancashire I28223
75 JACK, Emily  5 Dec 1895Liverpool, Lancashire I28217
76 JACK, James  1901/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28224
77 JACK, Kate  21 Feb 1893Liverpool, Lancashire I28216
78 JACK, Robert  1907/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28226
79 JACK, Thomas  1865/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28215
80 JACK, Thomas  1 Aug 1905Liverpool, Lancashire I28221
81 JACK, Walter  1909/10Liverpool, Lancashire I28227
82 MAKIN, Carol Lesley   I12
83 MAKIN, Gary David   I3731
84 MAKIN, Linda J   I3723
85 MAKIN, Sheila   I3727
86 MAKIN, Sheila P   I3728
87 MAKIN, Susan D   I3729
88 MALCOLM, Isabella Ann  1826/7Liverpool, Lancashire I21363
89 MARTINDALE, Hannah  1822/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28143
90 MATTHEWS, Stephen Hugh  1882/3Liverpool, Lancashire I21402
91 MCFALL, Henry Joseph Marshall  1884Liverpool, Lancashire I30240
92 MCGILL, Alice  1855/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28160
93 MCGOWEN, Elizabeth  1837/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28207
94 MEAKER, Annie Louise  Abt Jun 1880Liverpool, Lancashire I6074
95 MEAKER, Mary Ada  1877/8Liverpool, Lancashire I6073
96 MURPHY, Paul Walter   I10894
97 NUNNERY, Alfred Joseph  1883/4Liverpool, Lancashire I19146
98 PARR, Alexander  1891/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28259
99 PARR, Alfred Edward  1865Liverpool, Lancashire I28212
100 PARR, Alice  20 Jul 1872Liverpool, Lancashire I3325
101 PARR, Alice  1878/9Liverpool, Lancashire I23668
102 PARR, Alice  1898/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28262
103 PARR, Amelia  1859/60Liverpool, Lancashire I28284
104 PARR, Amy Marion  1909Liverpool, Lancashire I28378
105 PARR, Annie  1897/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28248
106 PARR, Annie  Abt May 1900Liverpool, Lancashire I28263
107 PARR, Arthur  1897/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28239
108 PARR, Arthur Thomas  1864/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28289
109 PARR, Bathsheba  1848Liverpool, Lancashire I28145
110 PARR, Catherine  6 Nov 1833Liverpool, Lancashire I1796
111 PARR, Charles  29 May 1850Liverpool, Lancashire I28152
112 PARR, Charles  1881/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28199
113 PARR, Charles  1884/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28161
114 PARR, Charlotte  1873/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28195
115 PARR, Daniel McGowen  Abt Aug 1860Liverpool, Lancashire I28209
116 PARR, Doris M  1893/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28260
117 PARR, Edward  1837Liverpool, Lancashire I1798
118 PARR, Edward  Abt Jul 1860Liverpool, Lancashire I35313
119 PARR, Edward  1861Liverpool, Lancashire I3320
120 PARR, Edward  1889/90Liverpool, Lancashire I28236
121 PARR, Elizabeth  1854Liverpool, Lancashire I28146
122 PARR, Ellen  1891/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28163
123 PARR, Ellen  1908/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28269
124 PARR, Emily  1868/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28213
125 PARR, Emma  1868/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28297
126 PARR, Emma Jane  1876/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28287
127 PARR, Esther  1887/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28200
128 PARR, Frederick Henry  1877/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28288
129 PARR, George  1798/9Liverpool, Lancashire I1793
130 PARR, George  1845/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28279
131 PARR, George  1845/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28147
132 PARR, George  1853/4Liverpool, Lancashire I35312
133 PARR, George  6 Apr 1863Liverpool, Lancashire I3321
134 PARR, George  1873/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28159
135 PARR, George  1875/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28196
136 PARR, George  Abt Sep 1910Liverpool, Lancashire I28270
137 PARR, Hannah  11 Jun 1871Liverpool, Lancashire I28158
138 PARR, Hannah  1885/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28235
139 PARR, Hannah  1905/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28377
140 PARR, Henry  1855/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28283
141 PARR, Henry  12 Feb 1861Liverpool, Lancashire I28153
142 PARR, Henry  19 Nov 1867Liverpool, Lancashire I3323
143 PARR, Henry  1886/7Liverpool, Lancashire I23664
144 PARR, Henry  1889/90Liverpool, Lancashire I28258
145 PARR, Isabella  24 Feb 1876Liverpool, Lancashire I28156
146 PARR, James  1830Liverpool, Lancashire I1803
147 PARR, James  1856Liverpool, Lancashire I28148
148 PARR, James  16 Feb 1859Liverpool, Lancashire I3319
149 PARR, James  1882/3Liverpool, Lancashire I23663
150 PARR, John  6 Jan 1821Liverpool, Lancashire I23695
151 PARR, John  1842Liverpool, Lancashire I28149
152 PARR, John  1849Liverpool, Lancashire I35309
153 PARR, John  1851/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28282
154 PARR, John  26 Jun 1865Liverpool, Lancashire I3322
155 PARR, John  1877/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28197
156 PARR, John  1894/5Liverpool, Lancashire I23666
157 PARR, John  1895/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28247
158 PARR, June  1905/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28268
159 PARR, Lily  1903/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28267
160 PARR, Margaret  Abt Mar 1880Liverpool, Lancashire I28198
161 PARR, Margaret  1892/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28237
162 PARR, Margaret  1899/1900Liverpool, Lancashire I28249
163 PARR, Margaret Esther  1897/8Liverpool, Lancashire I23667
164 PARR, Mary  1849/50Liverpool, Lancashire I28281
165 PARR, Mary  1851Liverpool, Lancashire I35310
166 PARR, Mary  1859/60Liverpool, Lancashire I23661
167 PARR, Mary  Abt Jul 1880Liverpool, Lancashire I23669
168 PARR, Mary Lena  1902/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28341
169 PARR, Miriam Emma  1904/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28294
170 PARR, Nellie  1882/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28233
171 PARR, Robert  1885/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28234
172 PARR, Robert  1885/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28162
173 PARR, Rose Annie  1902/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28291
174 PARR, Samuel  1894/5Liverpool, Lancashire I28164
175 PARR, Sarah  6 Dec 1818Liverpool, Lancashire I1799
176 PARR, Sarah  1856/7Liverpool, Lancashire I35311
177 PARR, Thomas  1846Liverpool, Lancashire I62
178 PARR, Thomas  27 Jan 1857Liverpool, Lancashire I3318
179 PARR, Thomas  1895/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28261
180 PARR, Thomas  1902/3Liverpool, Lancashire I28376
181 PARR, William  8 Apr 1826Liverpool, Lancashire I36
182 PARR, William  1847/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28280
183 PARR, William  22 Oct 1869Liverpool, Lancashire I3324
184 PARR, William  1887/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28257
185 PARR, William  Abt Sep 1890Liverpool, Lancashire I23665
186 PARR, William  1893/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28201
187 PARR, William  1895/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28238
188 PARR, William Bertram  1897/8Liverpool, Lancashire I28369
189 PARR, Winifred  Abt Aug 1900Liverpool, Lancashire I28370
190 PRESCOTT, Jane  1881/2Liverpool, Lancashire I28186
191 RENECLE, George  1852/3Liverpool, Lancashire I2119
192 REVELL, Edward  1856/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28312
193 REVELL, Margaret  1878/9Liverpool, Lancashire I28313
194 REVELL, Mary J  Abt Jan 1881Liverpool, Lancashire I28314
195 ROWLANDS, George  1921Liverpool, Lancashire I23813
196 STARKEY, Fanny  1845/6Liverpool, Lancashire I29952
197 STARKEY, Mary  1843/4Liverpool, Lancashire I29951
198 TIGHE, Mary Esther  1850/1Liverpool, Lancashire I28194
199 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth  1866/7Liverpool, Lancashire I28330
200 UNKNOWN, Martha  1816/7Liverpool, Lancashire I20408
201 UNKNOWN, Mary  1806/7Liverpool, Lancashire I3316
202 WILLIAMS, Alexander  1877/8Liverpool, Lancashire I21394
203 WILLIAMS, David  1891/2Liverpool, Lancashire I21399
204 WILLIAMS, Isabella  1884/5Liverpool, Lancashire I21396
205 WILLIAMS, John  1874/5Liverpool, Lancashire I21393
206 WILLIAMS, Margaret Ann  1871/2Liverpool, Lancashire I21392
207 WILLIAMS, Mary Jane  1889/90Liverpool, Lancashire I21398
208 WILLIAMS, Owen  1849/50Liverpool, Lancashire I21391
209 WILLIAMS, Owen  1881/2Liverpool, Lancashire I21395
210 WILLIAMS, William Henry  1886/7Liverpool, Lancashire I21397
211 WOODS, Elizabeth  1855/6Liverpool, Lancashire I28365
212 WOODS, Margaret Ann  1863/4Liverpool, Lancashire I28245


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LUCAS, Rose Frances Ellen  1982Liverpool, Lancashire I23812
2 ROWLANDS, George  2001Liverpool, Lancashire I23813


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BREWER, Rose Emma  30 Aug 1876Liverpool, Lancashire I28285
2 HESKETH, Bathsheba  3 Jun 1818Liverpool, Lancashire I1795
3 PARR, George  3 Jun 1818Liverpool, Lancashire I1793
4 PARR, Henry  30 Aug 1876Liverpool, Lancashire I28283
5 PARR, Thomas  16 May 1847Liverpool, Lancashire I62
6 PARR, William  16 May 1847Liverpool, Lancashire I36
7 WELLS, Elizabeth  16 May 1847Liverpool, Lancashire I61


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, George William Henry  11 Apr 1944Liverpool, Lancashire I16947
2 PARR, George  24 Sep 1866Liverpool, Lancashire I1793

Probate (Grant of)

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last name, First name(s)    Probate (Grant of)    Person ID 
1 ENEVER, Henry  11 Apr 1944Liverpool, Lancashire I14566
2 HESKETH, Bathsheba  24 Sep 1866Liverpool, Lancashire I1795


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last name, First name(s)    Travel    Person ID 
1 ENNEVER, William Joseph  19 Jul 1902Liverpool, Lancashire I386
2 FISHER, Cynthia   I25222
3 FISHER, Sylvia   I25221
4 PERKS, Lady Mabel Katherine Louisa  21 Nov 1925Liverpool, Lancashire I19756
5 POWELL, Winifred  2 May 1931Liverpool, Lancashire I25218
6 POWER, Sir John Cecil 1st Baronet  21 Nov 1925Liverpool, Lancashire I19745


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family (spouse)    Married    Family ID 
1 BELL / MCGILL  1875Liverpool, Lancashire F8946
2 ENEVER / DUFFY   F11186
3 INCE / BLEACH  11 Dec 1915Liverpool, Lancashire F8469
4 LYSTER / BELL  11 Jun 1916Liverpool, Lancashire F8950
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