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Bromley, Middlesex


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Tree: 1. Essex Ennevers
Notes: The two parishes of Bow and Bromley-by-Bow in London's East End have a long and distinct history although they have struggled for identity. These parishes, linked as they are by industry and the River Lea, are located within the following geographical boundaries: Victoria Park to the north, River Lea to the east, Grove and Burdett Roads to the west and the Limehouse Cut to the south. The Limehouse Cut was created in 1770 to connect the Thames to the River Lea at Bromley-by-Bow.

Bow became a parish in its own right in 1719 and at that time was very much a rural retreat and remained that way throughout the 18th century. Bow's neighbour, Bromley-by-Bow, was originally known as the parish of Bromley St Leonard in reference to the priory and convent in the area. The area was known simply as Bromley, but confusion with Bromley in Kent led to postal services calling it Bromley-by-Bow.

Bow and Bromley-by-Bow parishes were absorbed into the Borough of Poplar in 1900. Poplar was one of three boroughs , along with Stepney and Bethnal Green, which became Tower Hamlets in 1965.


Latitude: 51.5198000, Longitude: -0.0251667


Matches 1 to 92 of 92

   Last name, First name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALMAROTH, Ernest Henry  1861/2Bromley, Middlesex I13011
2 ALMEROTH, Arthur Edmond  1864Bromley, Middlesex I13012
3 ALMEROTH, Edwin Edward  1858Bromley, Middlesex I13010
4 ALMEROTH, Eleanor Jane  1869Bromley, Middlesex I13013
5 ALMEROTH, George Thomas  1849/50Bromley, Middlesex I13014
6 ALMEROTH, Herbert  1866Bromley, Middlesex I7142
7 ALMEROTH, James Charles  1856Bromley, Middlesex I13017
8 ALMEROTH, Sarah Ellen  1851Bromley, Middlesex I13015
9 ALMEROTH, William Frederick  1853Bromley, Middlesex I13016
10 BALLARD, Susannah  1868/9Bromley, Middlesex I12980
11 CLAUSON, Caroline Alice  1900Bromley, Middlesex I3786
12 CLAUSON, Elizabeth  1895Bromley, Middlesex I3784
13 CLAUSON, Joseph  29 Dec 1898Bromley, Middlesex I3785
14 CLAUSON, Rosina Maud  1893Bromley, Middlesex I3783
15 CLAWSON, William  7 Feb 1891Bromley, Middlesex I3782
16 COLLINS, Alice  1859/60Bromley, Middlesex I2164
17 COLLINS, Eliza  1861/2Bromley, Middlesex I2161
18 COLLINS, Emma  1856/7Bromley, Middlesex I74
19 DENNIS, Sarah Ann  1832/3Bromley, Middlesex I12336
20 ENEVER, Ann Margaret  12 Apr 1847Bromley, Middlesex I14788
21 ENEVER, Edward James  27 Oct 1876Bromley, Middlesex I14827
22 ENEVER, Elizabeth Ann  1873Bromley, Middlesex I14825
23 ENEVER, Frederic Peter  14 Dec 1879Bromley, Middlesex I14828
24 ENEVER, Henry Joseph  Abt Sep 1850Bromley, Middlesex I14789
25 ENEVER, Henry Joseph  4 Sep 1874Bromley, Middlesex I14826
26 ENEVER, Sarah Jane  14 Feb 1845Bromley, Middlesex I14787
27 ENEVER, William James  17 Nov 1875Bromley, Middlesex I14804
28 ENNEVER, Andrew Henry  11 Nov 1876Bromley, Middlesex I318
29 ENNEVER, Arthur Herbert  4 Oct 1887Bromley, Middlesex I78
30 ENNEVER, Eliza  22 Nov 1871Bromley, Middlesex I90
31 ENNEVER, Ernest William  5 Aug 1880Bromley, Middlesex I52
32 ENNEVER, Ethel  6 Jun 1892Bromley, Middlesex I328
33 ENNEVER, Florence Louisa  11 Feb 1887Bromley, Middlesex I116
34 ENNEVER, Frances Mary Ann  28 Dec 1875Bromley, Middlesex I91
35 ENNEVER, Frederick James  1886Bromley, Middlesex I77
36 ENNEVER, Grace  16 Mar 1889Bromley, Middlesex I327
37 ENNEVER, John  25 Aug 1878Bromley, Middlesex I53
38 ENNEVER, Maude  22 Dec 1886Bromley, Middlesex I321
39 ENNEVER, Nellie Elizabeth  22 Feb 1885Bromley, Middlesex I114
40 ENNEVER, Rose Emma  24 May 1884Bromley, Middlesex I76
41 ENNEVER, Violet Mildred  28 Apr 1886Bromley, Middlesex I81
42 FRENCH, Sarah Susan  1823/4Bromley, Middlesex I14786
43 FULCHER, Elizabeth  1893/4Bromley, Middlesex I30701
44 GAD, Emma Ann  9 Mar 1851Bromley, Middlesex I12337
45 GAD, Maria  5 Jul 1833Bromley, Middlesex I12330
46 GLOVER, Henry F  1840/1Bromley, Middlesex I12335
47 GLOVER, Richard Edward  1831/2Bromley, Middlesex I12333
48 GRANT, Edmund Francis  4 Jun 1833Bromley, Middlesex I1017
49 GRIFFITHS, Sarah Louisa  1868Bromley, Middlesex I1061
50 HARROLD, Alfred  1874/5Bromley, Middlesex I1029
51 HARROLD, George  1872/3Bromley, Middlesex I1028
52 HARROLD, Maria  1876/7Bromley, Middlesex I1030
53 HARROLD, Thomas H  1879/80Bromley, Middlesex I1031
54 HOGG, Alfred Thomas  1860Bromley, Middlesex I2624
55 HOGG, Eliza S A  1850/1Bromley, Middlesex I2621
56 HOGG, Frederick  1855/6Bromley, Middlesex I2623
57 HOGG, James  1866/7Bromley, Middlesex I2625
58 HOGG, William H  1852/3Bromley, Middlesex I2622
59 HOUCHEN, Alice J  1879/80Bromley, Middlesex I3775
60 MCDONALD, Morris John  1891Bromley, Middlesex I24811
61 MCEWEN, Elizabeth  1868/9Bromley, Middlesex I30700
62 PATTEN, Katie Elizabeth  1866/7Bromley, Middlesex I5744
63 PATTEN, Laura Louisa  1868/9Bromley, Middlesex I5745
64 PEARE, Andrew  16 Mar 1854Bromley, Middlesex I1712
65 PEARE, Elizabeth  1866/7Bromley, Middlesex I1715
66 PEARE, Martha  1867/8Bromley, Middlesex I1716
67 PEARE, Richard Lewis  1851/2Bromley, Middlesex I1711
68 PEARE, Sarah Ann  1857/8Bromley, Middlesex I1713
69 PEARE, William Henry  Abt Nov 1880Bromley, Middlesex I10043
70 PIRIE, Alice  1896Bromley, Middlesex I768
71 PIRIE, Emily  12 Feb 1899Bromley, Middlesex I1398
72 PIRIE, Frances Ellen  1897/8Bromley, Middlesex I1397
73 PIRIE, William  1901Bromley, Middlesex I1399
74 PRICE, James  1875/6Bromley, Middlesex I2019
75 PRICE, Lucy Augusta  1874Bromley, Middlesex I2003
76 PUGH, Albert Edward  1887/8Bromley, Middlesex I1259
77 PUGH, Emily  1888/9Bromley, Middlesex I1260
78 PUGH, Robert Francis  1885/6Bromley, Middlesex I1258
79 PUGH, Walter Henry  1882/3Bromley, Middlesex I111
80 PUXLEY, Florence  1857/8Bromley, Middlesex I12718
81 SCALES, Albert  1878/9Bromley, Middlesex I30818
82 SCALES, George  1873/4Bromley, Middlesex I30808
83 SCALES, Harry  1875/6Bromley, Middlesex I30817
84 SCALES, Thomas  1871/2Bromley, Middlesex I30816
85 SMITH, Alice  1867/8Bromley, Middlesex I25374
86 SMITH, George T  1868/9Bromley, Middlesex I25375
87 TODD, Edward John  1858/9Bromley, Middlesex I499
88 TODD, Florence Louisa  Abt Mar 1861Bromley, Middlesex I500
89 TODD, Francis Henry  1834/5Bromley, Middlesex I498
90 TODD, Henry Horatio  1856/7Bromley, Middlesex I1611
91 TODD, William Buckle  Abt Nov 1867Bromley, Middlesex I1612
92 UREN, Isaac George  1872Bromley, Middlesex I2002


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last name, First name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EVERET, Eliza  1 Nov 1874Bromley, Middlesex I25


Matches 1 to 88 of 88

   Last name, First name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 BAMBER, Isabella  3 Feb 1881Bromley, Middlesex I68
2 BOWERS, Ruth Susannah  28 Jun 1886Bromley, Middlesex I6679
3 CLARKE, Harriet Mary  20 Mar 1890Bromley, Middlesex I1098
4 CLARKE, Robert  18 Mar 1886Bromley, Middlesex I467
5 CLARKE, Robert  20 Mar 1890Bromley, Middlesex I467
6 COLLINS, Emma  1 Apr 1877Bromley, Middlesex I74
7 COLLINS, Emma  20 Oct 1887Bromley, Middlesex I74
8 COLLINS, Emma  10 Jan 1889Bromley, Middlesex I74
9 ENNEVER, Ada  3 Jun 1875Bromley, Middlesex I1407
10 ENNEVER, Ada  17 Jan 1884Bromley, Middlesex I55
11 ENNEVER, Alfred  1 Mar 1883Bromley, Middlesex I43
12 ENNEVER, Alfred  12 Mar 1885Bromley, Middlesex I43
13 ENNEVER, Alfred  3 Mar 1887Bromley, Middlesex I43
14 ENNEVER, Andrew  3 Jun 1875Bromley, Middlesex I41
15 ENNEVER, Andrew  3 Jun 1875Bromley, Middlesex I49
16 ENNEVER, Andrew  11 Aug 1887Bromley, Middlesex I41
17 ENNEVER, Andrew Henry  22 May 1879Bromley, Middlesex I318
18 ENNEVER, Arthur Alfred  12 Mar 1883Bromley, Middlesex I1400
19 ENNEVER, Arthur Herbert  20 Oct 1887Bromley, Middlesex I78
20 ENNEVER, Augusta Minnie Frederica  20 Oct 1881Bromley, Middlesex I54
21 ENNEVER, Charles Henry  16 Jul 1882Bromley, Middlesex I18
22 ENNEVER, Charles Sturgeon  10 Jan 1889Bromley, Middlesex I1208
23 ENNEVER, Eliza  4 Jun 1833Bromley, Middlesex I534
24 ENNEVER, Eliza  17 Aug 1834Bromley, Middlesex I534
25 ENNEVER, Eliza  2 Dec 1880Bromley, Middlesex I90
26 ENNEVER, Eliza Rebecca  17 Jan 1877Bromley, Middlesex I317
27 ENNEVER, Elizabeth  28 May 1885Bromley, Middlesex I2150
28 ENNEVER, Florence Louisa  3 Mar 1887Bromley, Middlesex I116
29 ENNEVER, Frances Mary Ann  2 Dec 1880Bromley, Middlesex I91
30 ENNEVER, Frederick John  1 Apr 1880Bromley, Middlesex I16
31 ENNEVER, Henry  17 Jan 1877Bromley, Middlesex I58
32 ENNEVER, Henry  28 May 1885Bromley, Middlesex I58
33 ENNEVER, James  22 Apr 1841Bromley, Middlesex I520
34 ENNEVER, James Ponder  2 Dec 1880Bromley, Middlesex I40
35 ENNEVER, James Ponder  20 Oct 1881Bromley, Middlesex I46
36 ENNEVER, James Ponder  20 Oct 1881Bromley, Middlesex I40
37 ENNEVER, James Ponder  17 Jan 1884Bromley, Middlesex I40
38 ENNEVER, John  1 Apr 1880Bromley, Middlesex I14
39 ENNEVER, John  2 Dec 1880Bromley, Middlesex I53
40 ENNEVER, John  12 Jul 1882Bromley, Middlesex I14
41 ENNEVER, John  31 Aug 1884Bromley, Middlesex I14
42 ENNEVER, John William  31 Aug 1884Bromley, Middlesex I19
43 ENNEVER, Nellie  1 Apr 1880Bromley, Middlesex I17
44 ENNEVER, Nellie Elizabeth  12 Mar 1885Bromley, Middlesex I114
45 ENNEVER, Robert Ponder  1 Apr 1877Bromley, Middlesex I42
46 ENNEVER, Robert Ponder  20 Oct 1887Bromley, Middlesex I42
47 ENNEVER, Robert Ponder  10 Jan 1889Bromley, Middlesex I42
48 ENNEVER, Sarah  5 Feb 1832Bromley, Middlesex I530
49 ENNEVER, Sarah  11 Aug 1833Bromley, Middlesex I530
50 ENNEVER, Sarah Ann  22 May 1879Bromley, Middlesex I2261
51 ENNEVER, Violet Mildred  11 Aug 1887Bromley, Middlesex I81
52 FORSTER, Caroline Mary Ann  3 Jun 1875Bromley, Middlesex I48
53 FORSTER, Caroline Mary Ann  11 Aug 1887Bromley, Middlesex I48
54 GAD, Emma Ann  17 Feb 1873Bromley, Middlesex I12337
55 GAD, Maria  11 Aug 1833Bromley, Middlesex I12330
56 GAD, Maria  16 Mar 1856Bromley, Middlesex I12330
57 GAD, Sarah  5 Feb 1832Bromley, Middlesex I12329
58 GAD, William  5 Feb 1832Bromley, Middlesex I12327
59 GAD, William  11 Aug 1833Bromley, Middlesex I12327
60 GAD, William  6 Apr 1851Bromley, Middlesex I12328
61 GAD, William  11 Sep 1853Bromley, Middlesex I12328
62 GARMS, Peter  17 Feb 1873Bromley, Middlesex I13338
63 GLOVER, Richard Edward  16 Mar 1856Bromley, Middlesex I12333
64 GOLDING, Selina  18 Mar 1886Bromley, Middlesex I1097
65 GOLDING, Selina  20 Mar 1890Bromley, Middlesex I1097
66 GRANT, Edmund Francis  14 Jul 1833Bromley, Middlesex I1017
67 GRANT, Eliza  17 Aug 1834Bromley, Middlesex I13340
68 GRANT, Francis  14 Jul 1833Bromley, Middlesex I1013
69 GRANT, Francis  17 Aug 1834Bromley, Middlesex I1013
70 HILL, Amelia  22 Apr 1841Bromley, Middlesex I332
71 HILL, Mary Ann  2 Dec 1880Bromley, Middlesex I45
72 HILL, Mary Ann  20 Oct 1881Bromley, Middlesex I45
73 HILL, Mary Ann  17 Jan 1884Bromley, Middlesex I45
74 JENKINS, Emma Ann  6 Apr 1851Bromley, Middlesex I12331
75 JENKINS, Emma Ann  11 Sep 1853Bromley, Middlesex I12331
76 LEE, Charlotte  1 Mar 1883Bromley, Middlesex I51
77 LEE, Charlotte  12 Mar 1885Bromley, Middlesex I51
78 LEE, Charlotte  3 Mar 1887Bromley, Middlesex I51
79 OWEN, Thomas Richard  28 Jun 1886Bromley, Middlesex I12363
80 PARR, Frances  1 Apr 1880Bromley, Middlesex I67
81 PARR, Frances  12 Jul 1882Bromley, Middlesex I67
82 PARR, Frances  31 Aug 1884Bromley, Middlesex I67
83 PARR, Henry  3 Feb 1881Bromley, Middlesex I63
84 PARR, Isabella  3 Feb 1881Bromley, Middlesex I72
85 PEARE, Rebecca  17 Jan 1877Bromley, Middlesex I316
86 PEARE, Rebecca  28 May 1885Bromley, Middlesex I316
87 SMITH, George Peter William  5 Feb 1865Bromley, Middlesex I25342
88 WRIGHT, Alice  5 Feb 1865Bromley, Middlesex I25373
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