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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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Violet ALEXANDER   Emma CHINERY   Robert Stanley BRADBROOK   John James DAY   George WHITBREAD   Maud Emily GOULD   George ENEVER   Jane Agnes ENEVER   Jane CUMMINGS   Ethel LUCAS   Thomas F COKER   John WILLIAMS   Lydia Maud PORTER   John Thomas ILLINGWORTH   Ann Elizabeth COMMON   Nathaniel BRANDON   Frederick George PEARCE   Samuel BOGGISS   Robert Stanley BOGGISS   Willard Albert LOSEY   Doris McIntyre ENEVER   Edward DEVINE   Francis FOULGER   Emma Naomi HURRELL   Winifred PARR   Elizabeth H BOURNE   Daniel McGowen PARR   William Henry H CARRINGTON   John William HENSHAW   Ernest Alfred WEBBER   Clarissa Mary AXTELL   James CANFIELD   Alfred MOODY   John Robert TUSTIN   Elsie Emily WELLS   William Edward PEGRUM   Walter HAYES   Elizabeth Grace Brogie GROUT   Ernest S LANCASTER   Leonie Blanche JEROME   James Charles ENEVER   Leonard QUILTER   Milson James BALLINGER   Alan Grant HANDFORD   George BUCKNER   James POWELL   Arthur PERCIVALL   Robert Arthur Sidney PORTER   Harriet ENEVER   Rebecca ENEVER   Thomas CORNISH   Percy E MORGAN   Henrietta ENEVER   Rosa ENEVER   Thomas Oldacres DEAR   Alma Dorothy Honor TILLIDUFF   Ruby Constance TILLIDUFF   Mary Ann OVERHEAD   Daniel FROST   John HUBBARD   Francis William MARTIN   Gladys G I ALLARS   Elsie ASHENDEN   Frederick Charles STONE   Gavin Mark WINSBORROW   Julia HUBBARD   Emily Hannah LEMMON   William Arthur OVERTON   Elizabeth Ann POLLYN   David Edward John COOPER   William Willcock CHESHIRE   Frederick HENSHAW   Benjamin BOSTOCK   Mary Elizabeth BOSTOCK   Jenny FOWEATHER   Frederick FOWEATHER   Walter FOWEATHER   Frank FREEMAN   Ernest Arthur WHITING   Mabel Ellen UREN   Pamela SMITH   Cecil Arthur CANDLER   Catharine BOSTOCK   Mary Annie M SUCH   Harry P SOURBECK   Edwin Cornelius MEAKER   Ann DEXTER   Elizabeth DYER   Clara GRIFFIN   Redvers Percy Hector HUTCHINSO...   Sarah Ann HUMPHREYS   Jenny WRIGGLESWORTH   Kate WRIGGLESWORTH   Eliza SYMES   Richard G BANCE   Martha SWEETMAN   Margaret HILL   Eveline SHERWOOD   Thomas E HELMORE   Henry Albert ALLARS   Jeannie WESTWATER   Elizabeth Ann LEVY   Ellen BARBER   John Brett STURGEON   John BUTT   Edward Wickham SIMMONS   Francis UREN   Beatrice DIPPER   Joseph Henry CROXFORD   John Thomas BASHFORD   Basil Ranaldson LAWSON   Alice Frances MARSH   Alfred John FARR   Emma Elizabeth SKINNER   Alice Millicent LEWIS   Edward MICHAELS   Margaret V LOSEE   Montgomery A LOSEE   Armenia ENNEVER   Geraldine Anne DOHERTY   Anne HOGARTH   Maria Louisa BARTER   Benjamin Copeman PORTER   Frances Amelia ENNEVER   Joan Emily CHALONER   John Henry JANE   Walter Henry FURSEY   Elizabeth ENOVER   Elsie May FRANKLIN   Laura E ENEVER   Edith Elizabeth ENEVER   Frederick James ENEVER   Alfred Thomas ENEVER   Harry Renwick EDWARDS   Mary J UNKNOWN   Caroline CRANE   Edna Maude BEAZER   Elizabeth Louise GARRATT   Heather Ray GODBOLT   Winifred May ADAMS   Horace Frank DEEKS   Beatrice Daisy HALE   Ethel Grace BARNARD   Peter CHALLIS   Nellie May PHIPPEN   Sarah ENEVER   Madeline Agnes GAY   Ena Emma HARVEY   Linda Joyce ENEVER   Edward Horace ENEVER   Dennis David ENEVER   Iris Norah ENEVER   John ENEVER   Robert Thomas DAINES   Kathleen A ENEVER   Frederick Robert FLEWITT   John Frederick WILLIAMS   Emily WESTON   Nellie HILL   Effie HILL   William Charles WILLIAMSON   Agnes Mary COSTELLO   Gavin Mark WINSBORROW   Minnie BOSTOCK   Henry SUCH   Albert Edward CROXFORD   Rosalie Dorothy Alice WELBOURN   John TILSON   Martha WILLINGTON   Michael G CONNOLLY   Christopher OVERTON   Male ENNEVER   Thomas GEMMILL   Matilda May HANNAWAY   Daisy Drusilla ENNEVER   Kenneth Norman INGLETON   Mary Clara LENSH   Arthur Alfred ENNEVER   Ivy Elizabeth AUBURN   Violet Hetty PIGGOTT   Ellen HEWITT   William JAMES   Dorothy Frances ENNEVER   Emma HOWARD   Sarah ENNEVER   Ada Frances HOWLETT   Maude ENNEVER   Arthur Henry ENEVER   Margaret SLACK   George WILDEY / Mary Jane Fran...   Samuel BOGGISS / Ellen Selina ...   Ernest B GATES / Isabel Maud R...   Thomas Henry ENEVER / Ellen PO...   Noel Ennever Seton MORRIS / Ma...   Kenneth Arthur HENLEY / Floren...   James Ernest SPRY / Jessie Ire...   James SLACK / Margrett ENIVER   William Hector John COOPER / M...   Redvers Percy Hector HUTCHINSO...   William Robert MILLARD / Marth...   John SUCH / Ann EVE   Thomas BOSTOCK / Mary HENSHAW   Job BOSTOCK / Elizabeth STOCKS   Edwin Hallett WINTON / Maude E...   William John BRYAN / Ellen Jan...   Alan John BECKETT / Ann Elizab...   William John BARRETT / Ellen G...   George SUCH / Emma BELL   David SUCH / Henrietta Eliza B...   Selwyn Wilkins CORNISH / Agnes...  
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