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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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William Henry CASTELL   Lily CLARK   Frances Victoria OSSER   Elizabeth WILDEY   William PROUT   Mary Ann BRINER   William PEARCE   Jane Ethel BOGGISS   Nathaniel BRANDON   Harry COLLINS   Kathleen Grace LONG   Ethel Elvina Laura LONG   Nellie DERMEDY   Janet BADCOCK   Lilian NALDRETT   Eliza LIVERSEDGE   Alfred GOODCHILD   Robert HENSHAW   Alice Rosina DEVINE   Robert INCE   Eliza RICHARDSON   Ernest Edward BRANNON   Mary Ann AMEY   Albert MARSTON   Matthias PALMER   Percy Charles LEVETT   Elsie Evelyn DIPPER   Lorna E CROWE   Rebecca FOUNTAIN   Kathleen Maud CLANCEY   George Michael CLANCEY   Edith Ellen HARE   Winifred DEEKS   George AUSTIN   Edmund LANGWITH   Ellen Elizabeth BRITTEN   Edward George ROAST   Robert Alfred KING   Frances DIPPER   Ray LAFRANCE   George Arthur SUTTON   Archibald Cyril GOODRIDGE   James BAKER   Sophia FRANKLIN   Albert Edward WYATT   Alfred BUTLER   May Nellie BURGESS   Alfred STRANGE   Violet Helen PRACY   Eleanor MARTIN   Richard ADCOCK   Annie HARRINGTON   William H NUNNS   Charles THOMPSON   Albert Henry ENEVER   Eliza FARROW   William John ENEVER   Sarah Ann ASKEY   Charles Preston ASKEY   Frederick Charles BARNARD   Richard John DOWN   Joseph Cox DEAR   John Oldacres DEAR   Fanney M CLARK   Elizabeth Ada HARDY   Alice Celia Victoria ENEVER   Elizabeth Emma SLADE   Albert TURNER   Mary Jane TURNER   Elsie MILLER   Ada Ellen POLLYN   Philip Edward SUTTON   Leo SUTTON   Bernard SUTTON   Daisy Ethel COLLINS   William AULT   George William BOSTOCK   Thomas FOWEATHER   Hannah Mary FREEMAN   Arthur WHEATLEY   Archibald BEER   William Henry BEER   Severn BEER   Thomas BROOKS   George BROOKS   unknown WINTON   George THORPE   Albert Edward CROXFORD   Arthur Henry CROXFORD   Mary Jane WILSON   William James PHILLIPS   Florence Rebecca C HYDON   Arthur William HYDON   Violet Emmie WHEATE   George Cordeux DYER   Mary Ann Eliza REED   David Stuart ANDERSON   Christina ANDERSON   Edith HENLEY   Emma MULRY   Joseph OXLEY   Grace Winifred SUCH   Eleanor LUCAS   Edwin Rudge MARTIN   Albert Edward HILL   Gertrude CLARK   Sarah WESTON   Emily HOWLETT   Henry John HOWLETT   Emily BOWERS   Eliza HULL   Lydia Maria PATTEN   William Henry ALLARS   George MAYO   Matilda YOUNG   Amos Howland HIBBITT   Joseph SUCH   Lilian Frances COX   Percy Joseph BACON   Stanley Harold BRADBURY   Leonard Hubert MARTIN   Ruby Frances MARTIN   James George GOUGE   Henry Samuel ALEXANDER   Catherine LEVY   Francis LEVY   Fanny ENNEVER   Eliza ENNEVER   Doris McIntyre ENEVER   Amelia CHATTAWAY   Aldo Pasquale D'AGOSTINO   William Carl TELLER   John Edward COLEMAN   Frederick Walter WYBROW   John Charles ROWING   Grace Alice WHITFIELD   James Charles ENEVER   Anora TANNER   James ENEVER   John ENEVER   Albert Sydney ENEVER   Rosa Mary PITTS   Lionel ENEVER   Susanna Valentina LITTLEFIELD   James Neil ENEVER   Agnes Honor BROWN   Mary Ann ENEVER   Mary Elizabeth REDDALL   Frederick Charles STONE   Cyril Augustus PETSCHELT   Thomas POLLYN   George Arthur DEAR   Doris Ethel DREDGE   Betty Edna JOHNSON   Ruth Elizabeth ENNEVER   Mary Ennever PEASE   Albert Alfred INCE   Michael Lewis L CANTWELL   Mary Jane HARRIS   William Herbert WALLIS   Ethel Rose RICHARDSON   Dorothy Beatrice STRANGE   George Henry MEAKER   Arthur Dickson WRIGHT, MS FRCS   Mary Claire WARNE   Hilda Ida SMITH   Thomas Brownlow MAKIN   Alma Sophia MORRIS   Joseph SUCH   Elizabeth ENNEVER   Amor Jane HALL   Irene M ENNEVER   Eleanor Emmeline ENNEVER   John Wilder ENNEVER   Joan Alice EMENY   Hannah Rose E HAMMOND   Mabel FURLONG   Thomas Charles ENEVER   Doris Millicent DALRYMPLE   Alfred ENEVER   Francis ENEVER   James ENEVER   James William CRASKE   George ENEVER   Richard JERRY / Mary BELL   Henry NICHOLS / Beris Esther N...   William WILSON / Harriet ENEVE...   Richard WEST / Hannah Elizabet...   David BETTS / Mary Ann ALDRIDG...   David Stuart ANDERSON / Rose E...   James COLLINS / Gladys May SMI...   Wheatley HUTCHINSON / Frances ...   William Frederick CROFT / Hann...   William SMITH / Pamela SMITH   George Henry WHITTAKER / May C...   Thomas WRIGHT / Zillah HENSHAW   Arthur Allen HENSHAW / Mary WI...   Moses Bullivant HENSHAW / Eliz...   Anthony LANGDON / Rebecca Lang...   Albert James LANE / May TIMMS  
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