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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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9751 William spent about 40 years in the service of the firm and he was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and other organisations. ENNEVER, William James (I2354)
9752 William Sporton's family bible gives the birth date and time as 1/2 past midnight March 9th. SPORTON, Henry Herbert (I4929)
9753 William Sporton's family bible gives the birth year as 1821 but 1822 looks more probable.

SPORTON, Alfred James (I4800)
9754 William Wallace Morris played cricket forNorthern Districts Sydney,  ,ArmedServices,  Queensland 1945-46 &1949-50 and  Western SuburbsBrisbane,  right arm batsman and offbreak bowler.
First class record:
Batting -   M    I     NO    Runs    HS     Avg     100    50     C     St
                34  62    5      1987     162* 34.85      5        9      7      - 
MORRIS, William Wallace (I22594)
9755 William Walter recorded at No. 86, Ouida at No. 84! BUDDEN, Ouida Lurline Marian (I8781)
9756 William was a boarder in April 1901 and was to marry Susan Marston nee Lloyd in the December. CRICHTON, William Henry (I30875)
9757 William's father not named. Family (spouse) F8639
9758 William, his mother and his grandfather are sharing a house with George Parr, possibly the George who in 1881 is a Cotton Porter at 13 Cadmus St. PARR, William (I28367)
9759 WilliamAngus married 1883 Ada Tighe Newtown (1883/2630)
Ada Angus (neeTighe)  born 1860 Newcastle (1860/9892)parents Atkinson A P/Arabella V,  died1929 Chatswood (1929/2791)
Atkinson AlfredPartick Tighe married 1859 Arabella Vine Grove Sydney (1859/517),  died 1905 Glebe (1905/4970) parentsRobert/Sarah
Arabella Tighe (neeGrove) born 1839 Newcastle (V1839 2538 30A) parents Thomas/Harriet,  died 1911 Chatswood (1911/1108) 
ANGUS, William (I4514)
9760 WilliamGeorge Sherington born 1907 Woollahra (1907/42092 parents William H/Mabel H,died 9 Apl 1993
WilliamH Sherington married 1904 Mabel H Oxby Glebe (1904/6483) 
SHERRINGTON, William George (I21717)
9761 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. CHALLIS, William John (I21627)
9762 WILSONGiven namesClaude Wm JosEventBirthFather's name / Spouse's family nameUnknownMother's maiden name / Spouse's given nameAlice Maud (Wilson)Reg. year1902Reg. no15819 WILSON, Claude William Joseph (I34553)
9763 WILSONGiven namesEthel MaryEventMarriageFather's name / Spouse's family nameHOWARDMother's maiden name / Spouse's given nameHy ValentineReg. year1910Reg. no6305 Family (spouse) F11227
9764 Winifred GEORGE
Birth Date: 9 Jun 1894
Death Date: Jan 1976
Social Security Number: 048-36-3581
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Connecticut

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 06438
Localities: Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut 
ENNEVER, Winifred Gertrude (I952)
9765 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F6155
9766 WinifredP Pembroke born 1885 Yass (1885/34445) parents Selwyn J/Catherine M,  died 1935 Newtown (1935/3439)
Selwyn J Pembrokeborn 1851 Carcoar (18512280 38A) parents Samuel R/Elizabeth,  married 1883 Catherine Mulligan Sydney(1883/395) shown as Kate,  died1891 Gunning (1891/7069) shown as Pembrooke
Catherine M Pembroke(nee Mulligan) born 1862 Yass (1862/15273) parents Cornelius/Margaret,  died 1917 Waverley (1917/13285)  shown as Katherine
CorneliusMulligan married 1847 Margaret Farrell Goulburn (V1847589 94),  died 1865Yass (1865/6504) parents Unknown 
PEMBROOKE, Winifred P (I3052)
9767 Winsome ENNEVER
Birth Date: 6 Jul 1920
Death Date: Apr 1984
Social Security Number: 050-26-6172
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: New York

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 33701
Localities: Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida
St Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida 
ERNANDEZ, Winsome Eunice (I8338)
9768 With 2 children at her parents. HOBBS, Sarah Jane (I25780)
9769 With a Walter Ready, birth date recorded as 1949. Unclear whether this is her son or husband recorded with an incorrect birthdate. Also travelling was Mary Ready, born 1950. HANNAWAY, Winifred May (I2408)
9770 With daughter Mary. Joseph not found. GALTON, Sarah Ellen (I4505)
9771 With g/parents. LONG, Margaret (I8691)
9772 With g/parents. LONG, Lucy (I8692)
9773 With her aunt, Jane. POOK, Caroline Jane (I5614)
9774 With her brother William. ENEVER, Maria (I17169)
9775 With her grandparents, John & Elizabeth Morris, in family grave.
Buried:  Methodist Cemetery West Pennant Hills (nowCherrybrook)

Elizabeth Julia Baldwin Morris
Beloved wife of John Morris
Died August 30th 1803
Aged 71 years
Our Dear Little Grandchild
Marjorie Maud
Dearly Loved Baby of
Clarence & Maud Morris
Died Jan 12th 1904
Aged 8 months
xxxx the Arms of Jesus
Also John
Beloved xxxx of the above
xxxx xxth Jan 1906
xxx xx Years
MORRIS, Marjorie Maud (I3231)
9776 With his sister, Maria. ENEVER, William (I16330)
9777 With Josiah Smith, curate of Bicester, and family. TIMMS, Ann Elizabeth (I5872)
9778 With Saville family (no further information re relationship etc). ENNEVER, Jane Elizabeth (I352)
9779 With the 2nd Battalion Queen's Regiment of Infantry. MANNING, Ada May (I13708)
9780 Witness looks like Minnie Mary Harvey but she would have been 8 years old. Family (spouse) F6094
9781 Witness name unclear, believed to be Harriet. ENEVER, Harriet (I16712)
9782 Witness to her brother-in-law George Vincent Ennever's will. SHERROTT, Teresa Ann (I136)
9783 Witness to his sister-in-law's will (Mary Hannah Ennever nee Smith). ENNEVER, Frederick (I337)
9784 Witnesses A Enefer (Alfred?) & Louisa Barrett. Family (spouse) F8895
9785 Witnesses James & Sarah Smith (see also christening of Minnie). Recorded as Arthur Fulcher. Family (spouse) F9813
9786 Witnesses Joyce deLisser & Noel Silvera. Family (spouse) F2195
9787 Witnesses were Thomas Holland, Ann
Sulston, E Shaw Wallington and Thomas Sulston. 
Family (spouse) F9621
9788 Witnesses: Benjamin Overton & Maria Overton (probably Elizth's siblings)
Banns: 18/9, 25/9, 22/10 sic (presumably 2/10) 1864 
Family (spouse) F3468
9789 Witnesses: Francis Dean & Harriot Dean Senr. Family (spouse) F5436
9790 Witnesses: Francis Dean & Harriot Dean Senr. Family (spouse) F5436
9791 Witnesses: Francis Dean & Harriot Dean Senr. Family (spouse) F5436
9792 Witnesses: George Crane & Harriet Enever (unclear). Family (spouse) F4981
9793 Witnesses: George Shaw & Fanny Eldridge. Family (spouse) F1543
9794 Witnesses: John Bennett & Sarah Ann Overton
Banns: 30/3, 6/4, 13/4/1856 
Family (spouse) F3487
9795 Witnesses: Jonathon Savage & Hannah Fysh Family (spouse) F3416
9796 Witnesses: Ruby Alice Powell & E C Cochrane Family (spouse) F2483
9797 Witnesses: William Sheers & Caroline Challis. Family (spouse) F7748
9798 Witnessess John E Masson & John Adams Family (spouse) F3419
9799 Wm Stanley Hall
Spouse Name: Mary Eileen Maguire
Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Year: 1911
Registration number: 7707 
Family (spouse) F10089
9800 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. ENNEVER, Norma Fay Early (I7726)
9801 Worked 51 weeks in 1939, income $4000 SKINNER, Arthur John Spear (I6188)
9802 Worked for Charles Enever as a housekeeper for his Aunty May. BRUNDISH, Lily (I15742)
9803 Working as a servant for Abraham Enever & family, incl Robert P Enever who she married in 1864. PAGE, Eliza (I17982)
9804 Working as a shopman/servant for Joseph Sheldon, cheesemonger, & family. PAMMENT, Henry (I20652)
9805 Working for ? Bennett, farmer. PIPKING, Isabella Georgina (I20744)
9806 Working for Abraham A Welby, Rector of Tollerton & family. Recorded as Betsy M. LANGWITH, Betsey (I27497)
9807 Working for Albert B Doxsey & family. SWAN, Annie Ellen (I16525)
9808 Working for Albert Benjamin Doxsey (Bank manager) & family. SWAN, Annie Ellen (I16525)
9809 Working for Alfred J Gilmour, Doctor of Medicine. BINGHAM, Lottie (I8536)
9810 Working for Alfred Sturgeon & family. COKER, Emma (I20511)
9811 Working for Ann Ward & family. WHITING, Amy (I10592)
9812 Working for Annabella Phair & family. ENEVER, Florence Henrietta Maud (I17855)
9813 Working for Annie C Willis, principal of school. ENEVER, Emily (I15502)
9814 Working for Annie Louise Rayment & family. HARVEY, Violet May (I23897)
9815 Working for Arthur D Wells. LEVETT, Anna Rosetta (I17300)
9816 Working for Arthur Richard Bullivant & family. ENEVER, Martha Elizabeth (I14470)
9817 Working for Arthur Simmonds & family. RATCLIFFE, Alice (I16472)
9818 Working for Arthur William Hunter & family. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I16349)
9819 Working for Bessie F Scarlett . FURLONG, Mary (I13442)
9820 Working for Calvert Dakin & family. SMITH, Laura (I9687)
9821 Working for Caroline Evans & family. LEVEY, George (I21253)
9822 Working for Carver family BLEACH, Lottie Jane (I26584)
9823 Working for Catherine Goddard & family incl Elizth D Failes. BARNES, Margaret (I481)
9824 Working for Charles Baber & family. BARNES, Jane (I470)
9825 Working for Charles Currie, Vicar of Tilney All Saints & JP. JUDE, Eve (I11766)
9826 Working for Charles Currie, Vicar of Tilney All Saints & JP. JUDE, Martha (I11612)
9827 Working for Charles N Nokes & family. ENEVER, Robert (I15073)
9828 Working for Charles Seabrooke & family. DOWN, Alice (I15602)
9829 Working for Charles Taylor & family. OVERTON, Esther (I509)
9830 Working for Charles Usher & family. WHITBREAD, Alice (I12141)
9831 Working for Colquhoun May Somerville, East India Merchant & family. BODDY, Rose Lydia (I14450)
9832 Working for David Henry Saul & family. ENEVER, Martha (I34074)
9833 Working for David John Morgan & family. HOWE, Lizzie (I31219)
9834 Working for David M Peregrine (?), Rector & family. ENEVER, Laura (I15117)
9835 Working for David Sharp & family. ENEVER, Eileen Margaret Alice (I16380)
9836 Working for Dorothy L M Payne & family. ENEVER, Rosina (I20141)
9837 Working for Douglas McRitchie & family, Clergyman. ENEVER, Martha Elizabeth (I14470)
9838 Working for Edward Baker & family. ENEVER, Esther (I15503)
9839 Working for Edward Bayly, a C of E clergyman, and his wife. POLLYN, Rosanna Eliza (I11896)
9840 Working for Edward Bilby & family. BUDDERY, Laura (I19877)
9841 Working for Edward Carter, possibly related to his mother. ENEVER, Blacknall (I18277)
9842 Working for Edward Clark & Maria A Clark, who was also born Erith. HARVEY, Ann (I19815)
9843 Working for Edward Franks and family. TELLING, Sarah Amelia (I20851)
9844 Working for Edward Horley (Baker) HACKETT, Ann Elizabeth (I28502)
9845 Working for Edward Lewin Griffiths, Wine merchant. SEARLE, George Cottenham (I25409)
9846 Working for Edward Verrall Lucas & family MESSETT, Julia Elizabeth (I20134)
9847 Working for Edwin Davis & family PRICE, Clarissa (I25293)
9848 Working for Elizabeth Bolton, Medical Practitioner. EWEN, Jessie Marian (I17014)
9849 Working for Elizabeth Walker & family. PUNT, Alice Emily (I16917)
9850 Working for Elizabeth Wood. John not present. ENEVER, Dorcas Alice Emily (I2379)
9851 Working for Elliott Lambert, solicitor. TANNER, Anora (I18988)
9852 Working for Emily Anderson & her sister. ENEVER, May Elizabeth (I17332)
9853 Working for Emily Gertrude Hutchinson & family. BURGESS, Maud Alice (I20453)
9854 Working for Emily Sabina Mannia-Jones (unclear) & family. ENEVER, Edith Maude (I15363)
9855 Working for Emma G Barlce or Barler (unclear) & family. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I14282)
9856 Working for Eric Francis Hansbury & family. CARRINGTON, Alice Maud (I28017)
9857 Working for Ernest Gunn & family. OVERHEAD, Sarah Ann (I14380)
9858 Working for Fanny Stubington & family. Katherine Smith, aged 17, is also working in the household. SMITH, Eliza (I28753)
9859 Working for Fitzroy Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe & family. LOVEJOY, Mary Elizabeth Dorothy (I13244)
9860 Working for Francis Bodfield & family. ENEVER, Eva Grace (I2385)
9861 Working for Francis Ridgway, Barrister at Law. NICHOLLS, Annie Eliza (I18892)
9862 Working for Frederick Bond & family BRUNDISH, Elizabeth Sophia (I15736)
9863 Working for Frederick T Turner & family. ENNEVER, Hannah (I11586)
9864 Working for Frederick William Palmer & family. DOWN, Edith Harriet (I15606)
9865 Working for Fredk R Bevan & family. ENEVER, Agnes Lydia (I21252)
9866 Working for Fredk S Willmot & family. Recorded as Amelia S. ENEVER, Sarah Amelia (I18317)
9867 Working for Fredk Wm Blackmoor. CROUCHMAN, Alice (I15026)
9868 Working for Fredk Wm Whiteley & family. INMAN, Elizabeth Ann (I16561)
9869 Working for General Sir Thomas Fraser. ENEVER, Alice Elizabeth (I17292)
9870 Working for George Grummett. WATTS, Adeline Clara (I20592)
9871 Working for George Henry Labatt & family. HAINES, Selina (I9001)
9872 Working for George P Ayre & family. BARNES, Margaret (I12251)
9873 Working for George R Stevenson & family. ENEVER, Elizabeth (I25942)
9874 Working for George Weedon & family. Birthplace recorded as West Drayton. BARNES, Sarah Elizabeth (I13019)
9875 Working for George Young & family. Birthplace incorrectly recorded as Whitechapel, Essex. ENNEVER, Elizabeth (I12935)
9876 Working for Hannah Hazeldine (?) ENEVER, Sarah Harriet (I17996)
9877 Working for Henry A Jacobs & family. BARNARD, Caroline Rosetta (I16490)
9878 Working for Henry Alexander Gordon Howard, Earl of Eddingham. ATTWOOD, William Henry Victor (I18305)
9879 Working for Henry Chas Greengrass & family. SUCH, Netta Maud (I8364)
9880 Working for Henry Chauncy Masterman & family WHITING, Amy (I10592)
9881 Working for Henry Cole & family. ENEVER, Mary Louisa (I16371)
9882 Working for Henry Dixon, Clerk in Holy Orders ENEVER, Sarah Susan (I14733)
9883 Working for Henry Hobson Finch & family. COKER, Edith Elizabeth (I20514)
9884 Working for Henry Hunt & family. PARR, Bathsheba (I28145)
9885 Working for Henry Hutchins Young & family. FRUSHER, Ada Harriet (I14957)
9886 Working for Henry Moss & family. ENEVER, Ann (I15072)
9887 Working for Henry Moss (Miller & Farmer) & family. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I17000)
9888 Working for Henry Selfe, Licensed Victualler CHISMON, Ernest James (I34900)
9889 Working for her brother, John. ENEVER, Sarah (I18262)
9890 Working for her brother-in-law and family. WALLWORTH, Elizabeth (I29956)
9891 Working for her cousin, Henry Knights. WILDEY, Jessie (I31982)
9892 Working for her uncle, James Ballard. COCHRANE, Elizabeth Eliza (I593)
9893 Working for Herbert Austin & family. THOMPSON, Harriett Mary (I12377)
9894 Working for Herbert Geary & family. RENWICK, Emma Elizabeth (I24017)
9895 Working for Herbert Thompson. ENEVER, George (I20138)
9896 Working for Herrmann Lang & family. ENEVER, Sarah Ann (I14939)
9897 Working for Honoria L Morris & family. ENEVER, Alice (I14564)
9898 Working for Humphrey Brandreth Esquire & family. HILLS, Charles (I19991)
9899 Working for Isaac Bennett & family. She married Isaac's son, Isaac Dale, later that year. STRANGE, Henrietta Fanny (I20099)
9900 Working for Isaac Riches & family. FRUSHER, Amelia Annie (I14958)
9901 Working for Isabel Fry. TILLIDUFF, Olive Blanch (I14902)
9902 Working for Isalor Bergmann & family. CHISMON, Jessie Emma (I34898)
9903 Working for James Ailers/Arlers & family. Eliza Percival is boarding. PERCIFULL, Alice Mary (I17171)
9904 Working for James Arthur Venning & family. TIMMS, May (I4829)
9905 Working for James Bell, butcher. OVERHEAD, Elizabeth (I14354)
9906 Working for James Harding & family. SMITH, Eliza (I28753)
9907 Working for Jane Pearson & family TELLING, Kate (I11733)
9908 Working for Jessie Meech & family. ENEVER, Annie Elizabeth (I14999)
9909 Working for John Clark & family. MIDLANE, Ellen (I2387)
9910 Working for John Currie (Magistrate) & family. ENEVER, Harriet (I18207)
9911 Working for John Goodale & family. FAILES, Edith (I12107)
9912 Working for John Gorringe (?) & family. WARD, Anna Amelia (I20921)
9913 Working for John Henry Shaxby & family. BOREHAM, May Constance C (I16564)
9914 Working for John Houghton, Landed Proprietor. HILLS, John (I19993)
9915 Working for John Noyes & family. OVERTON, Ann Abigail (I3521)
9916 Working for John Packer & family. ENEVER, Charles (I14868)
9917 Working for John Procter, Rector. BUNN, Maria (I18977)
9918 Working for John Read & family. PUNT, Charlotte Eleanor (I16921)
9919 Working for John Taylor & family. ENEVER, Margaret (I15516)
9920 Working for Joseph Lovegrove & family. ENEVER, Elizabeth Jane (I14371)
9921 Working for Joseph Newell Reeson or Reesow & family. SCOTT, Thirza May (I693)
9922 Working for Joseph Raper. ENEVER, Blacknall (I18277)
9923 Working for Joseph Roper/Raper. ENEVER, Blacknall (I18277)
9924 Working for Leonard & Mary Jude (uncle & aunt). JUDE, Adam (I11771)
9925 Working for Leonard & Mary Jude (uncle & aunt). JUDE, Martha (I11612)
9926 Working for Lewis Frost & family. LANGWITH, Mary Ann (I27478)
9927 Working for Lewis Henry (Farmer) & family. ENEVER, George (I15494)
9928 Working for Louise Boffy (widow) & family. GREENHILL, Emily Ann (I16448)
9929 Working for Ludovick Bligh & family. ENEVER, Daisy Mary (I17320)
9930 Working for Luke Nunneley & family. ENEVER, Martha (I18362)
9931 Working for Marshall Chipperfield, her uncle. BUDDERY, Laura (I19877)
9932 Working for Mary A Bea???ton (unclear). PUNT, Charlotte Eleanor (I16921)
9933 Working for Mary Ann Harrison, aged 60, born Scarborough. HIBBITT, Agnes Rose (I3345)
9934 Working for Mary Fields & John Knightly/Brightly. FULCHER, Mary Ann (I20731)
9935 Working for Mary Pincombe, wholesale milliner. HAGGER, Eliza Ann (I20502)
9936 Working for Mary Wigram & family. ENEVER, Ellen Sarah (I17989)
9937 Working for Michael Colclough & family. SPORTON, Florence Kate (I1414)
9938 Working for Myles B Foster, artist & painter, & family. FURLONG, Mary (I13442)
9939 Working for Oswald Carmichael Niven & family. ENEVER, Daisy Florence (I17738)
9940 Working for Paul English & family. ENEVER, Annie Elizabeth (I14999)
9941 Working for Percy Butterick & family. ENEVER, Elsie (I18402)
9942 Working for Rear Admiral Swinton C Holland & family. ENEVER, Alice Elizabeth (I17292)
9943 Working for Reginald Geare & family. ENEVER, Louisa (I20139)
9944 Working for Richard B Harrington. DAVIS, Mary Rebecca (I20520)
9945 Working for Richard Ellis & family. HILLS, Sarah Ann (I19994)
9946 Working for Richard Mills & family. WILLIAMS, Grace Sarah (I23767)
9947 Working for Richard Pigott, Rector of Ellisfield. ENEVER, Ann Mary (I16710)
9948 Working for Richard Pigott, Rector of Ellisfield. ENEVER, Ann Mary (I16710)
9949 Working for Robert H Wood (Barrister not practising) & family. ENEVER, Sarah Anne (I14293)
9950 Working for Robert Johnson & family. HOWE, Lizzie (I31219)
9951 Working for Robert Wiles & family. Probably linked to Ann Wiles but relationship not established. BARNES, Sarah Ann (I471)
9952 Working for Sarah D Palmer & family. ENEVER, Ann (I14946)
9953 Working for Sarah Walton. Recorded as 23. ENEVER, Mary (I15107)
9954 Working for Sidney Roberts & family. ENEVER, Rachel Mary (I17998)
9955 Working for Stanley Morris Weigall & family LIVY, Minnie (I15039)
9956 Working for Stephen Warren & family. ENEVER, Sarah Harriet (I17996)
9957 Working for the Dears family. FRUSHER, Ada Harriet (I14957)
9958 Working for the Grindon family. BATES, Louisa Elizabeth (I11704)
9959 Working for Thomas Bell & family. SUCH, Phoebe (I2233)
9960 Working for Thomas Dunn & family. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I14941)
9961 Working for Thomas Wright & family. ETTRITCH, Emma (I4031)
9962 Working for Valentine D Colchester, Merchant, & family. ENEVER, Henry (I14947)
9963 Working for Walter Borrett & family. ENEVER, Lilian Jennie (I33864)
9964 Working for Walter E Spells & family. ENEVER, Rosa (I15504)
9965 Working for Walter G Mortlock & family. ENEVER, Florence Maud (I14829)
9966 Working for Walter Robert Dunstan & family. ENEVER, Abram (I15116)
9967 Working for Walter Yates (possibly Gales) & family. HOGG, Sarah (I10975)
9968 Working for Watson Failes, her uncle, & family. OVERTON, Maria (I510)
9969 Working for Wedmore family. HIBBITT, Laura (I3341)
9970 Working for Wells family. HARVEY, Susannah Mary Ann (I19829)
9971 Working for William (Tobacconist) & Ellen Potton. ENEFER, Ellen (I27819)
9972 Working for William B Brand, Havanah Merchant. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I15500)
9973 Working for William Betterworth, Grocer, Baker & Sub Post Master. TIMMS, Flora Jane (I4827)
9974 Working for William David Rogers & family. HANDFORD, Ellen Frances (I17994)
9975 Working for William Foggo & family. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I16349)
9976 Working for William Gentry, baker. SMITH, Jesse Ide (I28748)
9977 Working for William Harrod or Tharrod & family. OVERTON, Catherine (I11978)
9978 Working for William Hopcroft & family ENEVER, Martha (I15490)
9979 Working for William Hughes Hughes, Magistrate. ENEVER, James (I14514)
9980 Working for William Hughes Hughes, Middlesex Magistrate & Barrister at Law & family. ENEVER, James (I14514)
9981 Working for William Pile & family. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I14941)
9982 Working for William S Webb & family. BRITTEN, Emily Frances (I16763)
9983 Working for William Taylor & family. Age recorded as 64. SEARLE, Elizabeth (I1381)
9984 Working next door to Leonard & Mary Jude (uncle & aunt) as servant to Charles Jones Denton MA, Curate of East Walton & Gayton Thorpe. JUDE, Eve (I11766)
9985 Working with her sister for John Aldridge JP & family. FURLONG, Charlotte (I13439)
9986 Working with her sister for John Aldridge JP & family. FURLONG, Mary (I13442)
9987 World War One British Army Medal Index Cards

First name(s) Henry Surgeon
Last name Ennever
Service number -
Rank -
Corps -
Service record Soldier Number: J/292772, Rank: Driver, Corps: Royal Army Service Corps
Archive reference WO372/6
Archive reference description Women's Services, Distinguished Conduct Medals and Military Medals
Country Great Britain
Image link
Record set Britain, Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards
Category Armed forces & conflict
Subcategory Medal rolls and honours
Collections from United Kingdom

The National Archives 
ENNEVER, Henry Sturgeon (I79)
9988 Wrongly recorded as Alpha Harry Askey, who was a witness to his brother's marriage. ASKEY, Samuel Alpha (I16913)
9989 WUYTACK, Albert J.,82,Oct 9, 1985,Oct 17, 1985,,
Born in New York City NY. Survived by his wife, Mrs. Leona Schroeder Wuytack; 2 daughters, Mrs. Patricia Ennever and Mrs. Sandra Bedford and 5 grandchildren. 
WUYTACK, Albert J (I11251)
9990 WWII Civilian War Death WATTS, Ethel Claudia (I17939)
9991 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. ENEVER, Andrew Guy (I32383)
9992 X CS/53704 6.9.73 ENEVER, Albert (I15130)
9993 xxx Corp attached to xxx Air Force ENNEVER, Horace Leonard (I23)
9994 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. HOCKING, Keith (I27048)
9995 Year of immigration recorded as 1855. ENNEVER, Henry Joseph (I697)
9996 Year unclear ETTRITCH, Sarah (I4026)
9997 York Minster is the pub managed by John Lerner. LERNER, Mary Clara (I1237)
9998 [Recorded as Hinneford, transcribed as Stinneford/Stinnefore}
Also at the address are Kesiah Dakin & her son, James Newman, probably Ann's brother. 
NEWMAN, Ann (I17770)
9999 [The family home where both mygrandparents (Luke Willam Saunders being the son of John Hole Saunders andDorothy Morris) lived up until the day they passed away was named"DERSMOR" after both Dorothy and John's surnames. Address is 6 CrimeaStreet Parramatta and the home is now under Historical Trust. Thank you for theinformation.
SAUNDERS, Luke (I3206)
10000 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. THOMAS, George Alan (I33688)

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