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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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9501 Visiting Artemise Tree. Aged 9m. LESLIE, Captain Lionel Alistair David (I19674)
9502 Visiting Arthur Brooke Wyatt, her brother-in-law, with Minnie & Ethel. FORDHAM, Flora Agnes (I21448)
9503 Visiting Arthur Brooke Wyatt, her uncle with her mother & sister Ethel. WYATT, Minnie Floris (I21450)
9504 Visiting Arthur Brooke Wyatt, her uncle with her mother & sister Minnie. WYATT, Ethel Agnes (I21451)
9505 Visiting Benjamin (Master Tailor) & Mary Ann Hunt. ENNEVER, Caroline (I695)
9506 Visiting Benjamin Carr & family (connection unknown). WELBOURN, Alice Tyrrell (I9732)
9507 Visiting Charles Enever Bristow, his step-son. Birthplace recorded as Mark Lane, City of London. ENEVER, Alexander (I15078)
9508 Visiting Elizabeth Aldridge & her niece. COPE, Cecil T E (I4000)
9509 Visiting Elizabeth Aldridge & her niece. COPE, Mabel Agnes Blanche Ella Louisa (I3999)
9510 Visiting Elizabeth Aldridge & her niece. COPE, Constance C Y (I3998)
9511 Visiting Elizabeth Aldridge & her niece. COPE, Ida Phillipina C A E (I3997)
9512 Visiting Elizabeth Aldridge & her niece. COPE, Carl Edouard Hubert Maria (I3616)
9513 Visiting Elizabeth Bowley/Bowles & Sarah A Bowles. BULL, Fanny (I1967)
9514 Visiting George Cockles & Esther nee Failes, her aunt. Also visiting is Watson Failes bc1847 in Edmonton. FAILES, Sarah Jane (I12060)
9515 Visiting George Cockles & family with Sarah Jane Failes. FAILES, Watson (I12090)
9516 Visiting George Francis & family. PUGH, Walter Henry (I111)
9517 Visiting George Mason & Eliza, her cousin. FAILES, Sarah Jane (I12060)
9518 Visiting George S Cox & family. HOGG, Richard Edward Cox (I19341)
9519 Visiting George Sanders & family. FARNHAM, Francis Joseph A (I29302)
9520 Visiting Gilbert Ponsford Fisher & family. GOYMER, Elsa (I27966)
9521 Visiting Henry George Weeks & family. MANTELL, Louisa Caroline (I24448)
9522 Visiting Henry W Halley & family REES, Llewellyn Vosper (I11600)
9523 Visiting her aunt Ellen & family. ENEVER, Grace Rose (I15700)
9524 Visiting her aunt, Catherine Goddard. FAILES, Elizabeth Dove (I17122)
9525 Visiting her grandparents, Robert Trott & family. SMERDON, Annie M (I21027)
9526 Visiting her grandparents. ALEY, Mary Ann (I12829)
9527 Visiting her half-sister, Mary Percifull nee Enever. ENEVER, Fanny (I15069)
9528 Visiting her nephew, William H Cockle. COCKLE, Eliza Esther (I12084)
9529 Visiting her sister & brother-in-law. NEW, Fanny Maria (I17745)
9530 Visiting her sister and family. GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth Harriett (I120)
9531 Visiting her sister Selina. WRIGHT, Emily (I33462)
9532 Visiting her sister, Eliza (Grout). ENEVER, Harriet (I16712)
9533 Visiting her sister, Matilda. Thomas not present. ENEVER, Eliza Ann (I16483)
9534 Visiting her sister, Sarah Anne. HOLMES, Ann Enever (I20974)
9535 Visiting her sister. WILLIAMS, Isabella (I21396)
9536 Visiting her sister. BROADBENT, Harriet (I12118)
9537 Visiting her son & grandchildren. HILL, May Sabina (I6)
9538 Visiting his brother, family not present. ENEVER, Alexander (I15078)
9539 Visiting his daughter, Janet & family. SMITH, Reuben (I12850)
9540 Visiting his niece, Hannah Attwood nee Enever. ENEVER, Roger (I18266)
9541 Visiting his sister. CANFIELD, James (I23938)
9542 Visiting James & Mary Cocks (not proved). WILLIAMS, Grace Sarah (I23767)
9543 Visiting James Flintoff & family. RANSOME, Winifred (I14193)
9544 Visiting James Flintoff & family. OVERTON, George Henry (I11891)
9545 Visiting James I Jones & family, with Maud Whiteside. MACERONI, Cecilia Ada (I33305)
9546 Visiting James Johnson & family. DOWN, Agatha Minnie (I15616)
9547 Visiting Jane Kennedy bc 1842 Abbotts Roothing. ENEVER, Elizabeth Jane (I14371)
9548 Visiting Jesse Porter & family. incl her husband to be, Charles. BRAND, Ann (I17037)
9549 Visiting John Cates Collier & family. She was to marry Charles Henry Collier in 1892. PHIPPS, Mary Rashleigh (I24834)
9550 Visiting John Enever & family, his 2nd cousin. BROWN, John (I16995)
9551 Visiting John Wheeler & family, assumed to be Elizth's sister. DICKES, Mary (I26549)
9552 Visiting Joseph Ennever & family, with his mother, Joseph's wife being his aunt.
Recorded as Ellen. 
RESTALL, Eleanor (I710)
9553 Visiting Joseph Ennever & family, with his mother, Joseph's wife being his aunt. It is almost certain that Robert was in London to exhibit pianos at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace (see for more information). NUNNS, Robert (I10419)
9554 Visiting Letitia Sawyer & family. MOLLETT, Bertram Benjamin Enever (I20274)
9555 Visiting Louisa Porter & family. EWEN, Alfred (I17016)
9556 Visiting Maria Lowrig/Lowing (?) & son George. ENEVER, Henrietta (I15519)
9557 Visiting Mary Ann Couchman, her sister. ENEVER, Lydia (I14952)
9558 Visiting Mary Elliott and family. WEBBER, Henry Indedon (I5913)
9559 Visiting Robert Pollyn & family, where Susannah, his wife-to-be, was living. SPRATT, William (I11904)
9560 Visiting Robt F Harnwell & family. It was a Mary Ann Harnwell who married Oriano Fuliano Bartolommes Grandi in 1849. GRANDY, John James (I10407)
9561 Visiting the family are Charles L Labentourioz & Boquerit (?) Jacobson, both from Poland. ENEVER, Robert Freeman (I17190)
9562 Visiting the family are Eliza Swan (?) and 2 children.
Annie Greenhill (granddaughter) is also present but mother unidentified. 
GREENHILL, Edward (I16446)
9563 Visiting the family are Harriet Grover b Madras & Richard Cahill b Tipperary. ENEVER, Fred Percifull (I17287)
9564 Visiting the family is Amy Holme, aged 8. HANDFORD, George (I17993)
9565 Visiting the family is Annie Smith, aged 23, born Hampshire. ENEVER, Henry (I14947)
9566 Visiting the family is Florrie Maud Longon, aged 19, born Suffolk. ENEVER, William (I15115)
9567 Visiting the family is Henry Turner, aged 1, born Hanwell, Middx. HARDY, Andrew (I15057)
9568 Visiting the family is Jeremiah Murphy. SAVILLE, Frederick John (I19324)
9569 Visiting the family is Margaret Florence, age 13, born Derby. ENEVER, Thomas (I14569)
9570 Visiting the family is Mary Parish, age 3 born Hertingfordbury. GINN, Margery (I18001)
9571 Visiting the family is May White, aged 19, born Winchester, Hants. HACKSHALL, Clara (I14855)
9572 Visiting the family is Mrs Mary Powell, aged 51, born Holborn. ENEVER, William John (I16626)
9573 Visiting the family is Norah New, niece. CREESE, Mary Ann (I17746)
9574 Visiting the family is Norah New, niece. NEW, Charles Morris Marshall (I17744)
9575 Visiting the family is Phoebe Bond. ENEVER, Thomas (I18263)
9576 Visiting the family is Richard Freestone, aged 15. ENEVER, William (I16330)
9577 Visiting the family was a Thomas Tadloo, aged 18. See Tadloo's Yard in Places. WHITBREAD, Joseph (I12142)
9578 Visiting the family was Albert Francis Filber (unclear), clerk to Rector. ENEVER, Frederick Francis (I15077)
9579 Visiting the family was James J Brunell (unclear) and they had 3 servants, Anne Hook, Harriett Hook & Ellen Burkin. ENEVER, Augustus Joseph (I15076)
9580 Visiting the family were James Barwell & family. FRUSHER, Frederic (I14955)
9581 Visiting the family were Robert F Banks & Elizth Rogers. SHEPHARD, Susanna (I16629)
9582 Visiting the Lamb family FOWERAKER, Albert Moulton (I3288)
9583 Visiting the Stroud family. FEWSTER, Ruth (I1768)
9584 Visiting Thomas Eddon/Eddor & family. ENEVER, Walter (I16618)
9585 Visiting Thomas Gilmour & family BLEACH, Leonard James (I26541)
9586 Visiting Thomas Holt & family. Recorded as married. COPE, Frederick Charles (I3813)
9587 Visiting William Pearson & family. PINKNEY, Joseph (I17491)
9588 Visiting William Willis & family, her sister & brother-in-law.. FURLONG, Mary (I13442)
9589 Visiting William, her brother. ENEVER, Elizabeth (I15487)
9590 Visiting with the family was Levi H Farrow. GREEN, James Henry (I1125)
9591 Visiting. INMAN, Daniel (I16551)
9592 Visitor at Alfred Wood's. BROWN, John Henry (I14883)
9593 Visitor of Joseph & Ann Bates.
Annie Bates was a witness at her marriage in 1886. 
BROOMAN, Eliza (I3279)
9594 Visitor with Simes family. Birthplace recorded as Oxford Street. ENNEVER, Eliza Georgiana (I133)
9595 Visitor. DANCE, Harriet (I3956)
9596 Visitor. SMOOTHY, Emma (I2108)
9597 Visitor. Recorded as single. ENEVER, Thomas (I14288)
9598 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. WATSON, Living (I8234)
9599 Wage earner. HUMPHREY, Ada (I25947)
9600 Wallace Frederick Everatt (Canning Town Circuit)

Christian Messenger 1906
By Geoff Dickinson
Transcription of ‘Sketch’ in the Christian Messenger

The extension of the Primitive Methodist Church in South-Western Essex from that corner of the county comprised in the Canning Town Circuit to the newer districts comprised in the West Ham, Forest gate, and Upton park Circuits has, to a very large extent, been the achievement of an ernest evangelism, proceeding, in the first instance, from the Poplar Circuit, and keep alive and strengthened by an ever-renewed energy gathered into itself at every new point of successful missioning. There have been no periods of extraordinary revival blessing. There has been a continuous enclosement of new territory, and a steady an unbroken winning of new subjects to the experiences, and life, and fellowship of the evangelizing Churches. The growth of our Church in these districts has been much more that the result of additions to its membership from households in which there were some already Christian believers than from those sections of the population which are stolidly and determinedly irresponsive to every kind of effort that Christian people and Christian organizations make to bring them to the possession and confession of Christian life.
Amongst the many agents, some of whom are at rest with the glorified, and others are waiting their reunion with their departed fellow-workers, who have rendered energetic and honourable service in this work of Christian extension, the subject of this sketch, Mr. Wallace Everatt, would be readily accorded a specially honourable if not a premier place of honour for the length, quality, variety and quality of his services. Born in Painswick, in the Stroud Circuit, on April 24th, 1843, Mr. Everatt ran a career of unrestrained indifference to the claims of God until January, 1857. Led by the Spirit of God to our chapel at Painswick, he, under a sermon preached by a Mr. W. Jennings, was convinced of the error of his ways, and there and then yielded himself to God for pardon, purity and endowment for God’s service.
During the summer of the year of his conversion he was called upon by his brethren of the Painswick society to take part in the open-air efforts by which they laboured to win the careless and sin-cursed to the joys and services of Christian life. In the March of 1860, one month before he was seventeen years of age, and about three years after his conversion, he was put on the plan as a prayer leader. From that period until the year 1864 he advanced from stage to stage in the esteem of his brethren and the societies in the Stroud Circuit, so that it was not at all uncommon for him to have ten or eleven full Sundays’ appointments in each quarter.
Coming to London in 1864, and being unable to settle long in any locality on account of his employment, Mr. Everatt was compelled to live a gipsying kind of religious life until the year 1866. During this time of unsettlement he held fast to his relationship to God, and wherever he was he always made it a point to be at some place of worship as frequently as was possible to him both on week-days and Sundays.
In the year 1866 Mr. Everatt settled at Canning Town. Here he united himself, with great thankfulness of heart, with his own people. Soon winning for himself a place in the confidence of his brethren in the fellowship of the Canning Town society, he was not long before he was in full work in the earnest evangelism which marked that period of the history of his Circuit. Ready, always ready for any service that he was asked to undertake, Mr. Everatt has, in his forty years’ connection with this Circuit, been one of the responsible members of committees for about a dozen rented rooms for the commencement of new causes, and he is at the present time a trustee for seven chapels, and has just been released from his eighth trusteeship by the sale of land at Barking. In some of these new interests he has been the first class leader, in others the first society steward, and in some others still the first Sunday school superintendent.
Everybody who knows Mr. Wallace F. Everatt knows that he has always been, and to-day is, the ready and cheerful stop-gap for any place in the service of his Church, whether it be the place usually taken by the minister or the lowliest place filled by any of his fellow laymen. He has been station steward at different times to a total of about seventeen years. He has been six times delegate to District meeting and four times delegate to Conference. At the last District Meeting he attended he was heartily and unanimously elected vice-chairman of the District Meeting. In his work as a local preacher he is always a welcome, acceptable, and useful minister. Sympathetic and appreciative towards all the Connexion is doing for the better equipment of local preachers, Mr. Everatt strongly believes that the help rendered by the associations must never be relied upon as a substitute for self culture which each man can best for himself select and pursue. In a very special sense Mr. Everatt is a Bible student. He expositions and applications of the Word of God are always characterised by an incisive spirituality of conception. This spirituality of conception gives Mr. Everatt a very conspicuous power over his hearers, and besides affording evidence of the spiritual-mindedness of the preacher, it gives such form and tone to his addresses as stamp them always with his own characteristic personality, and fill them with a spirit of power.
Sixty-three years of age, and all his life a hard-working man, it is yet, as it has always been with him, his meat and drink to do the uttermost of his ability for the cause and Kingdom of his Divine Master. Amongst the various cares of Mr. Everatt’s life, the Kingdom of God and His righteousness has as ever the premier place. He is a splendid type of Christian working man, and, having been for many years his own master, he is free to service the cause of his Lord as circumstances may require. As an official Mr. Everatt has been hopeful when others have been fearful; his influence has always been, “Hold the fort till you are driven out of it,” A Church that can produce and use for evangelistic extension such men as the subject of this sketch has not far to seek its credentials as a section of the Church of the living God. Hale in health and hopeful in spirit, as Mr. Everatt is, we may reasonably hope for him, as we are sure he would like us to pray for him, that the Head of the Church, the God in whose salvation he has such abiding joy and strength, may grant to him yet many years of increasing usefulness.
Family and other information

Wallace was baptised on 21 May 1843 at Painswick, Gloucestershire. His parents were John Frederick Everatt, a tailor and draper, and Jane.
Whilst a youth at Painswick, Wallace was apprenticed to a plumber and glazier. On moving to London, he set up in business as a house painter and decorator.
Wallace married Emma Goddard (abt 1841-1867) in early 1866 in the Stroud Registration District.
He married Sarah Foster (abt 1838-1918) in early 1868 in the West Ham Registration District. Census returns identify three of six children.
Julia (abt1869-1932) - married John Ross, a mechanical engineer, in 1896; married Edward Fitzmaurice in 1920
Bessie Jane (1869-1937) - married Frederick William East, a house painter, in 1893
Rosa Kate (abt1875-1905)
Wallace died on 30 June 1918 at Plaistow, Essex.

EVERATT, Wallace Frederick (I33386)
9601 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. UNKNOWN, Wallace George (I21527)
9602 Walter Enever & Alfred Enever (2nd cousins) christened on the same day. ENEVER, Alfred (I16743)
9603 Walter Enever & Alfred Enever (2nd cousins) christened on the same day. ENEVER, Walter (I16618)
9604 Walter Henry Pugh not present. ENNEVER, Grace Lydia (I105)
9605 Walter not present. AULT, Sophia (I10983)
9606 Walter recorded as married and Sophia not present. She is living a short distance away at Upper Cheyne Row. SMITH, Walter (I1077)
9607 Walter recorded as married, Sarah not present. HENWOOD, Walter (I18404)
9608 War Res Metro Pol G894 UNDERDOWN, Arthur George (I8469)
9609 War Service Q186846 enl. 18 Oct 1938,  disc. 4 Jun 1940,  private 1 Garrison Battalion,  enl. 1 Jun 1940,  disc.3 Jul 1942 private HQ Nth Command. ALBECK, Albert Ernest (I22419)
9610 War Service WW2 N439797 Private enlist. 8 Jun1942, disch. 30 Jul 1944 27 Batt. Vol. Defence Corp. (part time duty) POULTER, Francis Joseph (I22122)
9611 War Service WW2 NX175047 enl. 20 Aug1943,  disc.  6 Apl 1944. Corporal 9th Line of Command Provost Co. ATTA-SINGH, Stanley William (I22426)
9612 War service WW2 RAAF 68512 en. 5 Aug 1942 disc. 12 Aug 1943 LeadingAircraftman, 2nd Embarkation Depot Bradfield Park, AIRD, George Goldsmith (I22250)
9613 War Service WW2  NX45827 en. 27 Jun 1940,  disc. 18 Oct 1945, Private 2/3rdPioneer Battalion ARMSTRONG, Reginald Martin (I22459)
9614 War Service:  Boer War 108 Trooper Citizen’s Bushmen Force, 432 Private 2nd Battl.
                       Commonwealth Horse
WW1 Corporal 1512 17th Batt. enlisted 8 Apl 1915 d.a. 12 May 1915 aboard Thermistocles, r.t.a. 9 Feb1916 per Neator,  discharged with rheumatism,
(Angus gave his age 34 at time of enlistment)

See also a commemorative website for Rockdale enlistees

Courtesy of Charles Davis 
BUCHANAN, Angus McLeod (I3022)
9615 War Service:  Boer War 370 Trooper 1st Battalion Aust.C’wealth Horse (NSW)
                                                                PromotedLance-Corporal 5 Jul 1902 
EAGAR, Frank William Austin (I3080)
9616 War Service:  WW1 66 Sergeant,  1st  Light Horse. l a.18 Nov 1914, r.a. 8 Aug1918   EAGAR, Gordon Roland Campbell (I3083)
9617 War Service:  WW1 Corporal 5471 13th Battaliond.a.14 Jun 1916 r.t.a. 23 Jun 1919 BUCHANAN, Bernard Arthur Wellesley (I3112)
9618 War Service:  WW1  4threinforcement 30th Battalion private, dangerously ill due to trench
 foot, r.t.a. per Kanowna 14 Sep 1917, disc. 4 Oct 1917
 Service pension £3 self,  30/- wife, £1 child per fortnight
 (records not clear – appears to have had rightfoot  amputated) 
BUCHANAN, Neil Arthur Wellesley (I3113)
9619 War Service:  WW2 245102 en. 10 Aug 1942 disc. 7 Jul 1948Sergeant
PEARSON, Ernest Francis (I22084)
9620 War Service:  WW2 N289259 en. 5 Mar 1942 disc. 17 Sep 1945Private
                                                                6thMattl. Vol. Defense Corp (part time only) 
EAGAR, Geoffrey Thomas Maxwell (I22197)
9621 War Service:  WW2 N65889 2n. 27 Dec 1939 disc. 12 Nov 1946Staff Sergeant
                                                                                                DistrictAccounts Office 
EAGAR, Verrill Tremayne (I3099)
9622 War Service:  WW2 NX 86771 en. 30 Jan 1942 disc. 21 Jun1944 Corporal
                                                                Aust.Electrical & Mechanical Engineers 
PEARSON, George Alan Keith (I22029)
9623 War Service:  WW2 NX136969  en. 20 Nov 1942, disc. 4 Sep 1946 Private
                                                Aust.Training Centre JW,  Pacific Campaign
                                                (relinquishedrank of sergeant to serve overseas) 
KEARNEY, William Louis (I21874)
9624 War Service:  WW2 NX22197 en. 28 May 1940 disc. 23 Jan 1941Sapper
                                                                ECEngrs. Training Depot 
EAGAR, Harrie Douglas (I22013)
9625 War Service:  WW2 NX23673 en. 31 May 1940 disc. 31 Oct 1941Private
Aust. DepotBattalion 
MARSLAND, Edward William (I22412)
9626 War Service:  WW2 NX8403 en. 2 Nov 1939 disc.9 Oct 1945Private
                                                                2/2Aust Infantry Battl. 
EAGAR, Jack Sutherland (I22267)
9627 War Service:  WW2 NX8404 en. 2 Nov 1939 disc. 8 Dec 1942Private
                                                                1stAust. Convalescent Depot 
MARSLAND, Nicholas Henry Eagar (I22421)
9628 War Service:  WW2 NX85462 en. 23 Jan 1942 disc. 8 Nov 1945Lance
                                                                Corporal2/110th  Aust. Gen. Transport 
STANFORD, William Eric (I22142)
9629 War Service:  WW2  N191496private, en. 23 Jan 1942, disc. 5 Mar 1943,
                                                                                19Works Co. 
SAUNDERS, Allan Bruce (I13915)
9630 War Service:  WW2 N16581 private,  en. 12 Aug 1940,disc. 27 Dec 1941,
HEWITT, Harold Arthur (I22944)
9631 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. FEATHERSTON, Kenneth Morris (I6224)
9632 War Service:  WW2 N347541 private, en. 30 Apl 1941, disc. 14 Apl 1944,
                                                                                3AML & FDU 
FEATHERSTON, Cecil John (I6223)
9633 War Service:  WW2 NX139500 (N77039) en. 2 Nov 1942, disc. 30 Jan 1946,
                                                                Corporal4th RAE Training Battl 
BUCHANAN, Edward William McLeod (I3085)
9634 War Service:  WW2 NX140018 private, en. 20 Nov 1942, disc. 20 Aug 1946,
                                                                                2/10Docks Operating Co. 
SAUNDERS, John Hole (I13895)
9635 War Service:  WW2 NX16614 (N8870) en. 3 Sep 1942, disc. 18 Sep 1945,
                                                                Lieutenant21st Field Co. 
PAUL, John Maxwell Maurice (I8889)
9636 War Service:  WW2 NX53361 private en. 13 Jul 1940, disc. 2 Nov 1945,
                                                                103General Transport Co. AASC


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6 Mar 1918
Place Of Birth:
Australian Army
Service Number:
Date Of Enlistment:
13 Jul 1940
Next Of Kin:
MORRIS, William Wallace (I22594)
9637 War Service:  WW2 NX86769 Warrant Officer Class 2, en. 30 Jan 1942,
 disc. 7 Nov 1946,  101 Tank Attack Regiment   
ALLSOPP, Arthur Henry (I13876)
9638 War Service: WW1 49th Battalion, promoted L/Col. 6 May 1916, deprived of rank
                        27 Jul 1916 after charge of AWL(forfeited 7 days pay) 
SMITH, Harry Roy (I11470)
9639 War Service: WW1  370 53rdBattalion,  enl. 5 Nov 1915,  during service he was frequently AWOL,  charged with offensive language to NCOs,  charged with drunkenness,
desertion, escaped from detention,  charged with wilfully maiming himself, culminating in being subject to Court Martials twice resulting insentences of 76 days and 19 months,  He automatically forfeited service Gratuity and issuance of service Medals. 
BUCHANAN, Frank Henry Lewis Arthur (I3114)
9640 War Service: WW1  Lieutenant 20221 HUTCHISON, Frank Edwin (I3238)
9641 War Service: WW2 76902 RAAF en. 20 Jul 1942, disc. 21 Mar 1946
                                                                LeadingAircraftman 38 Squadron 
SMITH, Cecil Roy Nathan (I11503)
9642 War Service: WW2 B3037 RAN en. 4 Mar 1941, disc. 4 Sep 1946, Leading
                                                                                Seaman,  HMAS Shoalhaven 
SMITH, Clifton Alexander (I11500)
9643 War Service: WW2 NX164954 (N248803) en. 9 Nov 1943, disc. 20 Feb 1946
                                                                                Sapper16th Aust. CRE Works. 
SIMPSON, Norman Douglas (I8776)
9644 War Service: WW2 NX44027, en. 1 Sep 1941, disc. 28 Nov 1945,
                                                                LanceCorporal  1st Aust. Depot BN(ME) 
SIMPSON, Verril George (I8778)
9645 War Service: WW2 NX98023 en. 4 Sep 1942, disc. 18 Oct 1945,  Sergeant
                                                                                                HQ2 Aust Army 
MORRIS, Walton Frederick Harry (I3143)
9646 War Service: WW2 QX35169 private, en. 11 Sep 1941, disc. 22 Nov 1945,
                                                                25thAust. Inf. Battl. Signals 
SMITH, George Harry David (I11483)
9647 War Service: WW2  N274026 corporal, en. 22 Jul1941, disc. 1 Nov 1945,
                                                                                8Aust. Adv. WK/SP 
ANLEZARK, Owen John (I3218)
9648 War Service: WW2  NX114479 sapper, en. 21 Sep1942, disc. 13 Jul 1944
                                                                                GDDHQ 2BD RAE 
POGSON, Jack Alwyn (I22699)
9649 War Service: WW2  NX177331 private  en. 24 Jan 1944, disc. 1 Jul 1946,
                                                                                2/33 Aust. Inf. Battalion 
MORRIS, Kenneth Horace (I22605)
9650 War Service: WW2  NX32904 private, en. 19 Jun1940, 2/18 Aust Infantry Battl.
Died:  15 Jun1945 prisoner of war,  Labuan MemorialMalaysia Panel 11 
POGSON, Cecil Raymond (I13877)
9651 War Service: WW2  NX65706 private, en. 16 Oct1940, disc. 22 Jul 1944,
                                                                                2/4Aust. Light. Anti Aircraft Reg. 
ANLEZARK, George Henry (I3220)
9652 War Service: WW2  NX68102  private, en. 3 Feb 1941, disc. 5 Nov 1945
                                                                103Aust. General Transport 
POGSON, George Vince (I22697)
9653 War Service: WW2  NX69881 sapper,  en. 12 Mar 1941, disc. 23 Feb 1945,
                                                                                18REFTS Engineers  
SMITH, James William David (I11521)
9654 War Service: WW2  NX82449 en. 6 Jan 1942, disc.16 Nov 1945
                                                                                Private,21st  Works Company 
SIMPSON, Walter John (I8775)
9655 War Service: WW2  NX99071 (NX44152) en. 11 Dec1942, disc. 30 May 1945,
                                                                Private1st Farm Company AASC 
SIMPSON, Charles Morris (I8777)
9656 War Service: WW2  RAAF 73620 en. 4 Dec 1942, disc.3 Nov 1945, Leading
                                                Aircraftman92nd Squadron (shown as Rowland) 
MORRIS, Roland Clarence (I22588)
9657 War Service: WW2  V280041 enl. 24 Sep 1941,disc.23 Nov 1943,  private 5th
APPLEFORD, David Bryce (I22508)
9658 War Service: WW2  VX80262 en. 9 Jun 1942, disc.12 Feb 1945, Private 1st Aust Arty.
HUTCHISON, Keith William (I22518)
9659 War Service: WWI Artillery ANLEZARK, Fredric Thomas (I3215)
9660 War Services WW1 3323 GAZZARD, Clarence Richard (I3209)
9661 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. CARTER, Rebecca Hope (I22120)
9662 Warrant Officer S/5485 (may be truncated) MORRISH, Thomas James (I24332)
9663 WarService RAN HMAS Rushcutter.  Lieutenantenl. 6 Jan 1942, disc. 30 Jan 1946 LEVER, Lancelot Graham (I22394)
9664 WarService WW2 RAAF 256284 en. 8 Jun 1942, disc. 17 Dec 1944, Flying Officer AirForce Headquarters WARING, Eric Page (I22513)
9665 WarService WW2  V362519, en. 9 Jun 1942,disc. 4 Jan 1943, Private VDC 15 Bn. (part time duty) WARING, Reginald William (I22516)
9666 WarService:  (17617) 11th FieldCo. Left for England 20 Dec 1915 EAGAR, Darcey Harry Somner (I3098)
9667 WarService:  WW1  1372 private 4th Battalion AIF enl. 24 Nov 1914, r.a. per hospital
ship Aeneas,  disc. 11 Jan1916 
HENNESSEY, Phillip Stanley (I21601)
9668 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. MORRIS, Alan Francis (I21549)
9669 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. EAGAR, Austin D'Arcy (I22445)
9670 WarService:  WW2 Q62208 en. 13 Dec 1940disc. 19 Apl 1942 Corporal
MARSLAND, Albert Edgar (I22415)
9671 WarService:  WW2  N230269 en. 19 May 1942, disc. 30 Sep 1945,Private
                                                                24Battalion Volunteer Defense Corps (part time duty) 
MORRIS, Herbert James (I21482)
9672 WarService:  WW2  NX133141 enl. 25 Jun 1942,  disc.28 May 1946,
                                                                Private19th Battalion 
BUCHANAN, Frank James (I22471)
9673 WarService:  WW2  RAAF 403813 en. 3 Mar 1941 Sergeant 50Squadron,
                                                                HonourRoll Collaroy Beach 
JOHNSON, Edgar Griffith (I21723)
9674 Was admitted to the Deccan British War Hospital Poona, India on 12/8/1917 and discharged on 1/12/1917 (a total of 112 days in hospital). ENNEVER, John (I53)
9675 Was born in Bath, England and articled there to WJ Willcox from 1885 until about 1890 (H MOGER was also articled to Willcox). In 1890 he was employed as assistant to CJ Phipps, FRIBA, in London and studied at the Royal Academy Schools, from 1892 to 1897, where he won the prize for Design, Upper School, in 1892. In 1892 he was employed by HM Office of Works as an architectural draughtsman and by 1898 he was in partnership with H Baillie Scott in Douglas, the Isle of Man. With Baillie Scott he executed several buildings mostly of a domestic nature. Illustrations of a number of interiors of these buildings appeared in Academy Architecture around 1898 under the name of Baillie Scott & Seaton (sic) Morris. No mention of this partnership, however, is made in Gray's Dictionary of Edwardian Architects (1985) in the entry on Baillie Scott and indeed the partnership, or association, appears to have lasted for only about a year as by 1899 Morris returned to HM Office of Works. He remained there until 1902 as an architectural draughtsman. In 1902 Morris came to South Africa and was employed by the PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, Transvaal, as assistant architect. After six months he left to enter into private practice in Johannesburg. This departure was drawn to the attention of the Colonial Secretary by the then Director of Public Works, GH FOWKE, to urge an increase in salaries 'Mr Seton Morris who came out with Mr Bevan has already left and started work in Johannesburg, refunding his passage money, and I am afraid Mr Bevan might do the same unless it is made worth his while to stay' (May 1903 ? PWD 189 1108). Morris became a member of the Transvaal Institute of Architects in 1903 and a Council member of the Institute in 1904, a position he held until 1907. He was also involved in teaching architecture at the Transvaal University College during this time (the Tin Temple). GE PEARSE mentions that Seton Morris, 'a lovable character', taught history of architecture, that he 'designed a house for Guy Brunton on the Berea and a hotel in Orange Grove' and added that Morris was 'very keen on Dramatic Art and took part in several plays at the Standard Theatre' (Pearse c1960:73). In around 1906 he was in partnership or association with GStJ COTTRILL (cf MORRIS & COTTRILL) and by 1909 he had returned to London.

In London Morris took the special exam qualifying exam of the RIBA which enabled him to apply for Associate membership of the RIBA in 1909. From London he went work for the PWD in Rangoon, Burma. He was in Burma when he was elected a Fellow of the RIBA in 1914. He died in Rangoon in 1915.

Although Morris's stay in South Africa was relatively short, he made a contribution during that time to both the teaching of architecture and the founding of the Transvaal Institute of Architects. His only known building was the Orange Grove Hotel, Johannesburg, a well known and popular meeting place, and now demolished.
ARIBA 1909; FRIBA 1914. (ARIBA nom papers (1909) 146; Academy Architecture 1898*; Brown 1969; FRIBA nom papers (1914); Pearse c1960; RIBA Jnl 1914-15:191, 280 obit; SAWW 1908)

[Entry extracted from electronic document lodged by Joanna Walker in the archives of the Department of Architecture, University of Pretoria]

MORRIS, Henry Seton (I11066)
9676 Was living next door to Grace. WALKER, Charles Albert (I754)
9677 Wauwatosa High School Graduation

1908 Commencement
Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy

The Commencement Exercises were held on June 19th, 1908
at the First Congregational Church in Wauwautosa. (page 1)
Submitted by contributor/see contributors page

Commencement Week
Sunday, June 14th, 7:45 P.M.
Baccalaureate Address. …… Baptist Church
Rev. S.R. Williams

Thursday, June 18th, 8:00 P.M.
Class Party

Friday, June 19th, 8:00 P.M.
Annual Commencement Exercises Congregational Church

Rev. C.H. Beale
Admission 15 cents

Motto: Esse Quam Videri

Class Flower
Oxeye Daisy


Hazel Frances Anderson

Alice Isabel Clapp
Kathleen Anastasia Duff
Edna Rae Ferguson
Faith Kathleen Foley
Adele Wilhelmina Gianella
Nina Edith Hardy
Charles Ellsworth Martin
William Richard Nethercut, Jr.
Charles Allison Payne, Jr.
Mary Ennever Pease
Arthur Ernest Sylvester
Mary Teresa Tousch
Isabel Delilah Twinen
Mabel Wade

PEASE, Mary Ennever (I7652)
9678 We know that James Holsworth Greenhalgh went to Jersey and/or Guernsey before he went to France, where he died in 1870. But why would his death be reported in 1851?

The only thing we can think of is that his mother and father had disowned him, so deemed him to be dead as far as they were concerned. It is also possible that it was James himself who falsely reported his own death after he went away with Sarah Ann Dyke to try to ensure they wouldn't be traced. 
GREENHALGH, James (I7533)
9679 WEDDING PHOTO OF ESTHER LETITIA LOUSIA BAKER, NEE VARNEY*,(1888-1967) to JAMES KEEN ENEVER (1874-1923). The marriage was in January 1916 andtook place in Watford.
Notes on the marriage:
*Esther was married threetimes:
i)       To George PAYNE (1877-1909), on 25 December 1907at Wealdstone. The only child of the marriage George Frederick (1908 to Oct1910) died from accidentally drinking lysol ,
ii)  To Harry Walter BAKER (1889-1914) on 1 January1910 at Wealdstone. Harry was an early casualty of WW1. There were two childrenof this marriage, Lily 1910 and Frederick 1912
iii) To James Keen ENEVER. There were three childrenof this marriage: Reginald 1916, Alexander 1918 and Dora 1919. James Keen diedof pneumonia.
Please note thisis by no means a definitive description of the people at the wedding and anyinput would be appreciated.
Key to photograph
1._______ Varney, brother of Esther**
2.      AlexanderEnever, father of James Keen E.
3.      SargeantAdams, Army Recruiting Officer)
4.     Mrs Adams                                                 )family friends
5.      CharlesEnever-Bristow, half brother of James Keen E. son of Frances's first
marriage which ended in divorce Dec. 1873
6.      EthelEnever-Bristow, wife of Charles
7.      PossiblyGertrude Enever, half sister of James Keen E., daughter of Alexander's
second wife Philippa Reed**
8.      WilliamThomas Varney, Esther's father
9.      Probably_______ Varney, sister to Esther**
10.________ Varney, sister to Esther**
11.  Obscuredby ostrich feather in No. 19's hat!
12.  James KeenEnever (bridegroom)
13.  PossiblyDavid Varney, born 1908, younger brother of Esther**
14.  LilyBaker, daughter of Esther from her second marriage to Harry Walter Baker 15.            Varney, sister to Esther**
16.  Unknown,
17.  EstherLetitia Louisa Baker, nee Varney, bride
18.  IsabellaGeorgina Varney nee Pipkin, mother of Esther
19. < .               -Maude Hayes, nee Enever sister of James Keen E**
20.  Ethel,older daughter of Maude* *
21.  FrederickBaker, son of Esther from her second marriage to Harry Walter Baker
22.  EthelHayes, younger daughter of Maude Enever**
The people marked with * * are only tentatively identified,

(Source Gill/Keith Enever.) 
Family (spouse) F4762
At St. Philip's Church, on March 15, 1919,
the marriage was celebrated of Howard Free- I man, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. AVilllam Hud-1 son, Yamala, Cooper-street, Strathlield, and Hilda Evelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kirkpatrick, Logan Brae, Victoria-road, Bellovuo Hill. The Rev. Canon Bellingham, assisted by the Rev. Young, performed t.h» ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her father, woro a gown of bridal meteor Batln, with silver ninon brocado, and train of satin, veiled with silver ninon brocade, and trimmed with bended ornamentB. Her bridal voll was of plain tulle, forming a turban effect, with email clusters of orango blos- som and heather. Miss Rita Kirkpatrick, sister of the bride, and MÍSB Annie Hudson, iflster of the bridegroom, attended the bride, and wore gowns of powdered blue georgette
over peach satin, trimmed with narrow peach |
satin bands and touches of skunk fur. Dull
gold hats and bouquets of hydrangea tio-ii with satin ribbon completed the toilettes. They wore diamond brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr. Arthur Hudson waa best man, and Mr. H.1 Kirkpatrick groomsman. After tho ceromony a reception was held at .the Hotel Australia. The brido travelled In a navy blue serge frock, embroidered In wool of lighter tone, and showing a deep black fringe. Her hat was of black panne velvet. 
Family (spouse) F5512
9681 Wellington NZ Te Hue, Kahukara TAYLOR, William (I23419)
9682 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F4169
9683 Went to NZ to live with cousins. MILLS, Frances Caroline Emily (I11709)
9684 Wesleyan Rites. Family (spouse) F1001
9685 Weslyan EA
NAPIER, Mary Ann (I4464)
9686 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. LONGFIELD, Sky Alicia (I3934)
9687 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. TRIBE, Ann Edwina Oldacre (I2926)
9688 While staying with her daughter Sarah Josephine Hennessy at Goulburn. PAPPIN, Phoebe (I2966)
9689 White, Karen, d. 5/23/1971, age: stillborn, F, bur. 27 May 1971, P-1, Pl-3, Grave #35 WHITE, Karen (I21522)
9690 Whitley & Monksheaton ARP 251 LIVERSIDGE, Harry (I13363)
9691 Whitman Stacey & Lewis Salsbury are boarding with the family. WYATT, James (I21420)
9692 Widow of John Enever. UNKNOWN, Anne (I16244)
9693 Widow. STYGLE, Harriot (I1308)
9694 Widow. SMITH, Mary Ann (I650)
9695 Widowed, also recorded as Pascoe. COLLARD, Maria Britten (I28870)
9696 Widowed, living with her parents. PALMER, Sarah (I24673)
9697 Widowed. BATCHELOR, Mary (I10594)
9698 Widower at time of his marriage to Mary Ann Harding. Family (spouse) F3607
9699 Widower. GREEN, Henry (I1133)
9700 Widower. Recorded with 4 children, 2 still living. NYE, Albert Alfred (I14435)
9701 Wife recorded as Mary. ENEVER, John (I14948)
9702 Wife, Annie, not present. HELMORE, William John (I6326)
9703 Wifen Hodley recorded as a spinster. Family (spouse) F5202
9704 Will of Catherine Enever proved 23 November 1871 at the Principal Registry, London

This is the last will and testament of me Catherine Enever of no. 65 Plumstead Road Plumstead in he county of Kent widow First I direct that all my just debts funeral and testamentary charges and expense be fully paid and satisfied as soon as the same can be conveniently done after my decease I give and devise unto my son Walter Enever my copyhold house and the grounds attached thereto situate in England's Lane in the Parish of Loughton in the County of Efsex now in the trust or occupation of Mr Samuel Wilks I give and bequeath unto my trustees hereinafter named my three leasehold houses and premises lately known as nos 5 6 and 7 Sufsex Place but now known as nos 63 64 65 and 66 Plumstead Road (nos 63 and 64 being one house) in the Parish of Plumstead in the County of Kent and also my two leasehold houses and premises known as nos 1 and 2 Brook Hill Park in the Parish of Plumstead aforesaid subject to such mortgages as are now existing or shall at the time of my decease be existing in the said several leasehold houses and premises upon trust to pay and apply the rents ifsues and profits of the said leasehold premises (after payment thereout of all other outgoings in respect of such premises) in or towards payment and satisfaction of the principal moneys and interest for the time being due and owing on the said mortgages until the whole of such principal moneys and interest shall be fully paid and satisfied and then and thenceforth upon trust tp pay and divide the clear rents ifsues and profits of the said leasehold premises in manner following (that is to say) one third part thereof to my said son Walter Enever during his life one other third part thereof to my grandson William John Enever during his life and the remaining one third part thereof unto and equally between my three granddaughters Mary Emily Powell Ellen Powell and Sarah Ann Powell and to the survivors and survivor of them during their and her lives and life And I direct that upon the decease of any or either of them my said son Walter Enever my said grandson William John Enever or the last survivor of my said three granddaughters the shares of him or her so dying of and in the said clear rents ifsues and profits shall be thenceforth go and be paid and divided unto and between or amongst the persons for the time being entitled to the other shares of the said clear rents ifsues and profits and in the same shares and proportions in which such persons respectively are entitled to the other shares during their respective lives Provided always and I do hereby direct that when and so soon as all the said persons entitled to shares of and in the said clear rents ifsues and profits shall have died save one then the whole of my said leasehold premises shall go to such one surviving person for his or her own use and benefit absolutely and my said trustees or the trustees or trustee for the time being of this my will shall afsign the same premises to him or her accordingly Provide also and I do hereby direct that in case the whole or any part or parts of my said leasehold premises shall be sold by the mortgage or mortgages thereof then the clear balance of the purchase moneys (which shall remain after paying and satisfying the said mortgage debts and interest and the costs and expenses attending such sale or sales) shall be paid or applied by my said trustees or trustee for the time being in the like manner as is hereinbefore directed with respect to the clear rents ifsues and profits of my said leasehold premises I give to each of my trustees hereinafter named the sum of five pounds And as to all the residue of my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever both real and personal I give devise and bequeath the same unto my said trustees hereinafter named upon trust with all convenient speed to sell or otherwise convert the same into money and to pay or apply the clear moneys arising therefrom in the like manner as is hereinbefore directed with respect to the clear rents ifsues and profits of my said leasehold premises And I do hereby direct and declare that all moneys and other property to which my said granddaughters respectively or any or either of them may be or become entitled under this my will shall be held and enjoyed by them respectively for their own sole and separate use and benefit respectively free from the debts control or engagements of any husband with whom they may respectively later marry and that their respective receipts alone (notwithstanding coverture) shall be good and sufficient discharges for the same And I hereby nominate and appoint Edward Brown of no 53 St James' Place Plumstead aforesaid tobacconist and William Childs of no 35 Orchard Place Plumstead aforesaid engineer to the trustees and Executors of this my will And I hereby revoke any and every will by me heretobefore made and declare this only to be and contain my last will and testament In witness thereof I the said Catherine Enever have hereunto set my hand this twenty third day of August one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine ---Catherine Enever --- Signed and declared by the above named Catherine Enever as and for her last will and testament in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnefses ---W F Lockwood 19 Mulgrave Place Woolwich --- John Barr Jr 55 Charles Street Woolwich ---

Proved at London 23rd November 1871 by the oaths of Edward Brown and William Child (sic) the Executors to whom Admon was granted

Calendar of wills states that effects were under 200 pounds and Catherine of 65 Plumstead-road died 1 November 1871 at 6 Parry-place Plumstead 
SUCKLING, Catherine (I16613)
9705 Will of Henry Enever of Loughton 1826 (ref Prob 11/1709/148)
This is the last will and testament of me Henry Enever of the parish of Loughton in the county of Essex, farmer, I do hereby appoint William Enever of the parish of Loughton,tailor and likewise my son John Enever of the said parish to be my sole executors of this my last will and testament of all my just debts and funeral expenses, farming stock, freehold sites and all and every of my other effects,I do leave and bequeath in the following manner, I do leave and bequeath my freehold field situate in Englands lane in the said parish of Loughton, barn and timber and everything standing or growing thereon and likewise all my stock, cattle, cows, horses, calves, pigs, carts, ploughs and everything belonging to me at the time of my decease. And likewise all my household furniture and every other of my effects to be sold by public auction within six months after my decease, if the same shall be convenient and to be equally divided between my surviving children share and share alike, I do leave in the care and trust of my son Joseph Enever the writings of the court and promises of my nephew Joseph Enever, seaman, by his desire situate at Woodford Bridge on lease to John Bridgeman to receive the rent and place it in the Epping Saving Bank for my said nephew Joseph Enever, I do likewise give and bequeath to each of my above named executors the sum of five pounds to be paid out of the money arising from the sale of my effects. Signed and sealed by me the 15th day of February in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty six.Henry Enever. Joseph Wilks, Jasper Chinnery, W. Enever, clerk.
Proved at London 2nd March 1826 before the worshipful Jose Addaus, Doctor of Laws and surrogate by the oath of William Enever the nephew and John Enever the son, the executors to whom admon was granted being first sworn duly to administer. 
ENEVER, Henry (I16594)
9706 Will of HenryEnever of Loughton 1826 (ref Prob 11/1709/148)
This is the last will and testament of me Henry Enever of the parish of Loughton in the county of Essex, farmer, I do hereby appoint William Enever of the parish of Loughton,tailor and likewise my son John Enever of the said parish to be my sole executors of this my last will and testament of all my just debts and funeral expenses, farming stock, freehold sites and all and every of my other effects,I do leave and bequeath in the following manner, I do leave and bequeath my freehold field situate in Englands lane in the said parish of Loughton, barn and timber and everything standing or growing thereon and likewise all my stock, cattle, cows, horses, calves, pigs, carts, ploughs and everything belonging to me at the time of my decease. And likewise all my household furniture and every other of my effects to be sold by public auction within six months after my decease, if the same shall be convenient and to be equally divided between my surviving children share and share alike, I do leave in the care and trust of my son Joseph Enever the writings of the court and promises of my nephew Joseph Enever, seaman, by his desire situate at Woodford Bridge on lease to John Bridgeman to receive the rent and place it in the Epping Saving Bank for my said nephew Joseph Enever, I do likewise give and bequeath to each of my above named executors the sum of five pounds to be paid out of the money arising from the sale of my effects. Signed and sealed by me the 15th day of February in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty six.Henry Enever. Joseph Wilks, Jasper Chinnery, W. Enever, clerk.
Proved at London 2nd March 1826 before the worshipful Jose Addaus, Doctor of Laws and surrogate by the oath of William Enever the nephew and John Enever the son, the executors to whom admon was granted being first sworn duly to administer. 
ENEVER, Henry (I16594)
9707 Will of John Enever of Loughton 1804
This is the last will and testament of me John Ennever of the parish of Loughton in the county of Essex, shoemaker, for the disposal of my estate and effects after my decease viz. I give unto my loving wife Mary the living in or the rents and profits of all that my freehold cottage or tenement with the garden, ground,outhouses and premises wherein I now inhabit and dwell, situate, standing and being at Loughton, aforesaid with the appurtenances thereto belonging for and during all such and so long time as she shall happen to live, also I give unto my said wife the sum of one hundred pounds three per cent stock, part of the sum of three hundred pounds stock in the three per cent now standing in my name in the books of the Governor and company of the Bank of England to and for her own sole and separate use and also all my stock in trade, book debts, goods,chattels and effects also for her own private use together with the interest and dividends of the remaining sum of two hundred pounds three per cent stock,the better to enable my said wife Mary to bring up, educate, maintain and place out my four infant children for and during the term of her natural life, but in case my executors hereinafter named or either of them or the executors or admons of the survivor of them shall find it absolutely necessary in order to assist my said wife and they, or either of them shall be satisfied that my said wife is in distressful circumstances or unable to bring up and maintain my children without further aid or assistance, then I hereby direct,authorise and empower my executors and trustees to sell out any part of the two hundred pounds three per cent stock which I intended for my three or two youngest children upon the contingencies herein after mentioned happening to take effect and my said dear wife should not want any part thereof to support herself and family as above mentioned so as to leave the sum of two hundred pounds three per cent stock entire at her decease and from and after the decease of my said wife then I give and devise my said freehold cottage, garden, ground and premises unto my eldest son William Enever when and as soon as he shall arrive to or attain the age of twenty one years and his heirs, but in case of his decease before that age, then I give, devise and bequeath the aforesaid cottage, garden, ground and premises at Loughton unto my next eldestson Joseph Enever and his heirs. Also I give and bequeath the said sum of two hundred pounds three per cent stock after the decease of my said wife (and the same shall not be reduced as above mentioned) and the interest and dividends so thereon unto my said three youngest children equally share and share alike and in case any or either of my said three youngest children shall happen to depart this life before the age of twenty one years, then I give the part of share of him, her or them so dying unto the survivors or survivor of them my said three youngest children except my second son Joseph in case he shall be entitled to and come into possession of the said cottage, garden, ground and premises upon the decease of his brother William before the age of twenty one years. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my much esteemed and respected father Mr William Enever and brother Henry Enever joint executors of this my will and guardians of my infant children and revoke and make void all former wills by me made. In witness whereof, I have to this my last will and testament contained in two sheets of paper set my hand to the first sheet thereof and to this the second and last sheet thereof my hand and seal this eighteenth day of July in the year of our Lord Christ,one thousand eight hundred and four. John Enever.
Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said testator John Enever as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto the letter 'J' in the first and words 'and his heirs' on the top of this sheet being first interlined. Thos. Mathers, Chas. William, James Higgins.
This will was proved at London on the twenty fifth day of September eight hundred and four before the worshipful Charles Coote, doctor of laws,and surrogate of the right honourable Sir William Wynne, knight, also doctor of laws, master keeper or commissary of the prerogative court of Canterbury, lawfully constituted by the oaths of William Enever, the father and Henry Enever, the brother of the decease, and the executors named in the said will to whom administration was granted of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased, they having been first sworn duly to administer. 
ENEVER, John (I16601)
9708 Will of William Enever of Loughton 1814
This is the last will & testament of me William Enever, the elder of the parish of Loughton in the county of Essex, Yeoman. I give & devise to my second son Henry Enever of the said parish of Loughton, publican (whom I hereafter appoint executor of this my will & to his executors all that my customary or copyhold messuage or tenement, yard, garden, outhouses & premises, situate,standing & being in the said parish of Loughton aforesaid, & wherein I now inhabit & dwell with all & singular the appurtenances, thereunto belonging upon the following trust & consideration (viz) that he my said son Henry Ennever or his executors shall & do within three months next after my decease cause the said copyhold messuage or tenement, yard, garden,outhouses with all the appurtenances to be sold by public auction or private contract for the most money that can be got or procured for the same & with the clear monies arising from such sale to divide the same share & share alike equally between all & every of such my six children as shall then be living at the time of my decease (viz) William Enever and the said Henry Enever, Elijah Enever, Jane the wife of Daniel Higgins, James Enever & Mary the wife of George Richardson & as for & concerning all my ready monies, securities for monies, monies in the public funds list & deadstock, book debts, household goods & furniture & all other my personal estate & effects whatsoever & wheresoever (subject to the payment of my funeral expenses the charges of proving this my will & the few debts that shall happen to be owing at the time of my decease).

I give &bequeath the same & every part thereof to & among such of my aforesaid six children (viz William, Henry, Elijah, Jane, James & Mary or shall then be living at the time of my decease to be equally divided between them share & share alike respectively & lastly I do hereby nominate & appoint my said second son Henry Enever, sole executor of this my last will &testament hereby revoking & making void all former & other wills by meat any time made & executed & do hereby declare this only to be contain my last will & testament. In witness whereof I the said William Enever the testator, have to this my last will & testament contained in one sheet of paper set my hand & seal this twenty seventh day of May in the year of our Lord 1812. William Enever, signed, sealed, published & declared by the within named testator William Enever the elder, as & for his last will& testament in the presence of use, who in his presence & at his request & in the presence of each other, have set & subscribed our names as witnesses, hereto:- Richard Phillips, William A Evens of Leyton in Essex
Proved at London19th day August 1814 before the worshipful Richard Henry Crosewell LLD &surrogate, by the oath of Henry Enever the son & sole executor to whom admon was granted, having been first sworn duly to admin.

Transcribed by Dale Halliday 
ENEVER, William (I16596)
9709 Will RogerEnnever of Loughton 1723
In the name ofGod amen, This five and twentieth day of July, one thousand seven hundredtwenty and three, I Roger Ennever of the parish of Loughton in the county ofEssex, blacksmith being in good health and of sound mind and memory, do makeand ordain this my last will and testament in manner following. viz. Imprimis,my will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my executorhereafter named.
Item, I give anddevise to my son William Ennever all those three messuages or tenements withtheir appurtenances standing and being in Old Street, in the parish of St Gileswithout Cripplegate, London and in the county of Middlesex, and now or late inthe several tenures or occupations of Hermon Beddys buttermaker, ThomasRichardson, carpenter, and Samuel Hayward, labourer, or their under tenants,each of which said messuage or tenements is now let at the yearly rent of fivepounds and make together fifteen pounds per annum, or there about. Item I giveand devise unto my son John Ennever all that messuage or tenement with itsappurtenances standing and being also in Old Street, aforesaid, and now or latein the tenure or occupation of Thomas Davenish, bathmaker or his under tenantor under tenants and now let at the yearly rent of seven pounds per annum orthere about, but may be improved to more than double the said rent. Item I giveand devise to my son Richard Ennever all that messuage or tenement with itsappurtenances standing and being also in Old Street, aforesaid and now or latein the tenure or occupation of George Lust, carman or his under tenant or undertenants and now let at the yearly rent of seventeen pounds per annum or thereabout. Item I give and devise unto my daughter Anne Ennever all those twomessuages or tenaments with their appurtenances standing and being also in OldStreet, aforesaid, and which now are or late were in the tenure or occupationof John Hestrot, victualler, and Samuel Pane, pavior or one of them, or theiror one of their under tenant or under tenants and which are now let together atthe yearly rent of three and twenty pounds per annum or there about. And mywill and meaning is that each and every of my said children herein beforenamed, shall severely have and take an estate for life only in the respectiveparts or shares of the messuages, tenements and appurtenances herein beforedeath of them respectively devised and that of, in and upon such several andrespective parts or shares to them respectively devised for life, there shallupon their respective deaths, several and distinct remainders arise and accrueto the respective heirs of their several body begotten, and my will and meaningfurther is that in case only of my said children herein before named shallhappen to die without such heir of his or her body begotten, that, then thepart or share hereby devised to such child or children so dying shall go anddescend to such other of my said children herein before named as shall be thenliving to be equally divided among such surviving children, share and sharealike, as tenants in common and not as joint tenants. Item, I give and deviseunto my father Lyonel Ennever for and during his natural life the sum of tenpounds per annum issuing out of all and singular the messuages, tenements andappurtenances herein before devised, in proportion according to the respectiveyearly rents before mentioned and to be paid my said father quarterly by equalportions without any deductions whatsoever, the first payment to be made withinthree months after my decease. And my will is that in case of non payment ofany of the said quarterly payments after it becomes due by the space of twentydays then it shall be lawful for my said father to enter into and upon all or anypart of the said messuages or tenements and appurtenances hereby devised and totake and procure the rents and profits thereof to his own use until he isthereout satisfied what shall be in arrear of the said quarterly payments.Item, I give and devise unto my son Lionel Ennever all that messuage ortenement and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging commonly called or knownby the name of Sliders lying and being in the said parish of Loughton andCounty of Essex, and now in the tenure or occupation of me, the said RogerEnneiver, together with a small piece of ground thereto adjoining lately by mepurchased. Item, also as to all my personal estate not hereby before devised orbequeathed after payment of my just debts and funeral charges as aforesaid, Igive and bequeath the same unto my said son Richard Ennever whom I make andappoint sole executor. This is my last will and testament. Item, I give to myworthy friend John Eyer of Loughton, aforesaid, esquire, one gold ring oftwenty shillings value, and I entreat and desire the said Mr Eyer to be anoverseer of this my will and to advise and direct my said executor in the dueexecution thereof and I do hereby revoke all other wills by me at any timeheretofore made. In witness whereof, I the said Roger Ennever have hereunto setmy hand and seal the day and year above written. Roger Ennever, signed, RogerEnnever, signed and sealed by the said Roger Ennever and published and declaredto be his last will and testament in the presence of us.
Joell Stephens,John Yarrow, William Bohnn. 
INNIVERE, Roger (I16675)
9710 William & Catherine have 2 servants & are being visited by Esther Butterwick aged 31, born Magdalen. BAKER, William Edward (I26843)
9711 William & John are assumed to be twins as they were christened on the same day (but not proved). COREY, William (I4360)
9712 William & John are assumed to be twins as they were christened on the same day (but not proved). COREY, John (I4005)
9713 William & Roseanna Skingsley are lodging with the family. Her great-nephew, David Challis, married a Skingsley in 1914. BARNARD, Caroline (I24425)
9714 William 28 years, Jane 24 years.
Solemnised by William Ennever and Jane Barker (her mark).
In presence of James Enniver or Ennever (unclear) and Sarah Martha Vinar.
Performed by Godsalve-Crosse, Vicar. 
Family (spouse) F105
9715 William Alfred West, grandson, is living with the family. Believed to be John's son. WEST, Jesse (I14340)
9716 William and family were living next door to a Charles Willmot, a Coffee House Keeper, in the 1841 census. WOONTON, William (I5305)
9717 William AugustusDundas Stanford born 1861,  died 1948Liverpool (1948/23238)  occupationgrazier Kywea Prospect Rd., Canley Vale. STANFORD, William Augustus Dundas (I3088)
9718 William Ault was christened on the same day. Relationship not known. SMITH, Albert (I10996)
9719 William Badcock, age 23, a Carter from Carlton, Cambs is lodging with the family. BRYANT, Ann (I33654)
9720 William Barkus arrived in Sydney Town 24 Mar 1827 aboard the Mary Hope  he was a Captain in the Colonial Service, died c.1830 at sea aboard the whaler John Bull,  of which he was Captain (there has been much speculation as to what happened to the John Bull,   however, the full story is told in the book Upon An Extensive Scale written by the compiler of this Descent Chart), Last Will and Testament not probated until 1834. BARKUS, William (I2960)
9721 William Buchanan born22 Jun 1830 Portsmouth, England, Baptised 11 jul 1830 Portsea, St. Mary’s,  parents Charles McLeod/Hannah,  married previously 20 May 1858 MaryEnnever Morris (Kate’s aunt) eight children (1858/415),  died 17 Oct 1898 (chronic asthma/bronchitis -heart attack 1896)  Katoomba(1898/14254),  buried C of E Sec.Katoomba Cem. Same grave as wife.
Charles McLeodBuchanan born 1791 Woolcoach, Somerset England parents John/Margaret, marriedc.1817 Hannah Adams Lee, Kent England, arrived 1839 Regulus with five of their  children, Government Appointee Keeper of the Powder Magazine Goat Island,Sydney.  died 30 Nov 1856 (General decay)Goat Island (V185623 124  &1856/1119),  buried 2 Dec 1856 St.Thomas C of E Willoughby
Hannah Buchanan (neeAdams) born c. 1794,  died 1852 (V18523038B),  buried  St Thomas C of E Willougbhy,  parents Unknown.
JohnBuchanan married Margaret Brash 
BUCHANAN, William (I3017)
9722 William CollinsEngland, Bristol Parish Registers, 1538-1900Name: William Collins
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 20 May 1850
Event Place: Westbury on Trym, Holy Trinity, Gloucestershire, England
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: Dennis Collins
Spouse's Name: Ellen Skinner
Spouse's Residence Place: Westbury on Trym, Holy Trinity, Gloucestershire
Spouse's Gender: Female
Spouse's Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Father's Name: John Skinner 
Family (spouse) F1366
9723 William Crichton is recorded as the nephew of Charles Marston. CRICHTON, William Henry (I30875)
9724 William Crichton, Henry Parry & Jane Parry are boarding with the family. William & Susan married in December 1901. LLOYD, Susan Hannah (I29056)
9725 William Crichton, nephew, is living with the family. John Hobson (Boarder) and William Parry, William Parry, Henry Parry & Jane Parry (Lodgers) are living with the family. MARSTON, Charles (I30832)
9726 William Crichton, nephew, is living with the family. See marriage in 1901. LLOYD, Susan Hannah (I29056)
9727 William Culbert, aged 8, grandson is also living with the family. PRIESTLEY, Thomas Potter (I14929)
9728 William H Wilson is lodging with the family. GALLANT, John (I20389)
9729 William has a housekeeper, Mary Ellen Deal. ENEVER, William (I18270)
9730 William HenryPapworth born 1915 Singleton (1915/18255) parents Alfred/Harriett C
Alfred Papworth born1882 Patricks Plains (1882/26573) parents George/Kate,  married 1903 Harriett C Burgman Singleton(1903/6910),  died 1944 New Lampton(1944/3979)
George Papworthmarried 1873 Kate Elizabeth Chadwick Rylstone (1873/3829),  died 1909 Singleton (1909/15206) parentsWilliam/Julia
Kate Papworth (neeChadwick) born 1855 Mudgee (V18552434 42A) parents George/Mary A,  died 1925 Wallsend (1925/16237)
George Chadwickmarried 1844 Mary A Smith Penrith (V1844303 29) 
PAPWORTH, William Henry (I22455)
9731 William Hutcheson Smith born 11 Jun 1884Paisley, Scotland, parents David/Emily (nee Hutcheson)   died 28 Jul 1938 RPA Hospital, Newtown(1938/18246) parents David Clarke/Emily SMITH, William Hutcheson (I11505)
9732 William is recorded as 25, having a wife, Ann b London, age 24 and a 'daughter', Ann Kensey(?) Enever, aged 15. They have a servant, Sarah Eldon (possibly related to William's mother?). ENEVER, William (I16817)
9733 William John Brown born 1900Granville (1900/22295) parents Thomas/Louisa, occupation accountant
Thomas Brown married LouisaPurdy, occupation boilermaker, deceased at time of William’s marriage 
BROWN, William John (I3212)
9734 William Leslie Short born1891 Kogarah (1891/18219) parents William/Lucy, occupation mastercabinetmaker,  died 2 Apl 1968 Kogarahlate of Randwick, Inverell & Newcastle (1968/30291)
William Short married LucyStoneman, occupation railway guard 
SHORT, William Leslie (I3253)
9735 William Mallett is boarding with the family. BURGE, John William (I35081)
9736 William Maude SmethamEngland Deaths and BurialsNameWilliam Maude Smetham
Residence PlaceNewcastle, Bishopwearmouth
Burial Date21 Jul 1835
Burial PlaceBishopwearmouth, Durham, England
Birth Date1777 
SMETHAM, William Maude (I3995)
9737 William Morris      

Full name William Wallace Morris
Born March 6, 1918, Thornleigh, New South Wales
Major teams Queensland
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Right-arm offbreak
 Explore William Morris's performanceBatting and fielding averages
Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 Ct St
First-class34 62 5 1987 162* 34.85 5 9 7 0
Bowling averages
Mat Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave SR 4w 5w 10
First-class34 3 0 - - - - 0 0 0
Career statisticsFirst-class span1945/46 - 1949/50 
MORRIS, William Wallace (I22594)
9738 WILLIAM NASH, Theft > burglary, 16th October 1893.

Reference Number: t18931016-873
Offence: Theft > burglary
Verdict: Guilty > lesser offence
Punishment: Imprisonment > hard labour
See original

873. WILLIAM NASH (31) , Burglary in the dwelling-house of Samuel John Friend, and stealing three bottles of brandy and three bottles of wine, his property. Second Count, receiving the same.

MR. THORNE COLE Prosecuted.

HENRY P. ODDIGTON (605 K). On 19th September I was on duty in Burdett Road, Limehouse, and saw the prisoner with three large bottles of brandy on his right arm and a small bottle inside his breast-pocket—I asked what he had got—he said, "Feel and see," and one of the bottles of brandy fell on the ground and was broken; it was all lost—I asked him where he brought it from—he said from Rotherhithe, and he gave a man 5s. for it—he then said, "I bought them from a man at White Horse Lane, Stepney, and gave him 10s. for them"—afterwards he said from a man near Mile End—I searched his pockets and found a flask of brandy, with an address, "Glovers' Arms, Limehouse"—he was then about 300 yards from the Glovers' Arms.
See original

Cross-examined by prisoner. You had no tools to commit a burglary with—you looked rather dirty—you gave three accounts to the sergeant.

FREDERICK ENNEVER . I am potman at the Glovers' Arms, Burdett Road, Limehouse—on the night preceding September 19th, I saw the place securely fastened at 12.45—I was called about five a.m. and found the cellar door forced—it had been secured with a chain and a wooden weight, but no bolts or lock; the wood had been taken off, which would allow the flap to be moved sufficiently to admit anybody—I went to bed at 1.15, the wooden weight was then there—the wine cellar was forced, and I missed seven bottles of Henessey's brandy and three bottles of port wine, and this sample bottle, with the name of my house on it—this brandy costs 5s. 6d. a bottle; nobody could buy three bottles for 10s.

Cross-examined. The cellar is about six feet deep under the flap—there is no pulley or steps; you could not get down and get up again without help.

CHARLES BRIDGE (Police Inspector K). I examined this cellar flap, and found by the marks that it had been raised by a jemmy—the locks of the beer cellar had been forced off, and the screws forced out of the woodwork.

The prisoner, in his statement before the Magistrate and in his defence, said that he bought the urine and brandy of a man named Smeed, who took ten shillings for them, as that was all the money the prisoner had got, and he could have found Smeed if he had been allowed out on bail.

GUILTY on the Second Count. He then

PLEADED GUILTY to a conviction at Hertford in March, 1893.— Six Months' Hard Labour.

Courtesy of 
ENNEVER, Frederic (I102)
9739 William not present. PERCIFULL, Mary (I17282)
9740 William not present. UNKNOWN, Florence (I1069)
9741 William Nunn & Henry Miller, both recorded as nephews, are living with the family. Henry is believed to be their grandson. MILLER, Richard (I27682)
9742 William Nunn, grandson, is living with the family. MILLER, Richard (I27682)
9743 William Pavey, grandson, is living with the family. MILLS, Sarah (I27111)
9744 William recorded as 22, Nancy as 21. Family (spouse) F3282
9745 William recorded as Corey. Family (spouse) F2770
9746 William recorded as Scothorne. Family (spouse) F608
9747 William recorded at No. 86, Ouida at No.86! SIMPSON, William Walter Charles (I8773)
9748 William ReginaldAngus born 26 Dec 1885 Petersham (1886/6308) parents William/Ada,  married (secondly) 1939 Lucy Mary Baring DeckNorth Sydney (1939/3521 or 3581),  died1967 Katoomba (1967/41836) ANGUS, William Reginald (I3055)
9749 William Slayman, nephew, is living with the family. HASKELL, Samuel Frederick (I21349)
9750 William Smith of the same address was christened on the same day. FULCHER, Minnie (I7227)

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