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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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9501 Working for her brother-in-law and family. WALLWORTH, Elizabeth (I29956)
9502 Working for her cousin, Henry Knights. WILDEY, Jessie (I31982)
9503 Working for her uncle, James Ballard. COCHRANE, Elizabeth Eliza (I593)
9504 Working for Herbert Austin & family. THOMPSON, Harriett Mary (I12377)
9505 Working for Herbert Geary & family. RENWICK, Emma Elizabeth (I24017)
9506 Working for Herbert Thompson. ENEVER, George (I20138)
9507 Working for Herrmann Lang & family. ENEVER, Sarah Ann (I14939)
9508 Working for Honoria L Morris & family. ENEVER, Alice (I14564)
9509 Working for Humphrey Brandreth Esquire & family. HILLS, Charles (I19991)
9510 Working for Isaac Riches & family. FRUSHER, Amelia Annie (I14958)
9511 Working for Isabel Fry. TILLIDUFF, Olive Blanch (I14902)
9512 Working for James Ailers/Arlers & family. Eliza Percival is boarding. PERCIFULL, Alice Mary (I17171)
9513 Working for James Arthur Venning & family. TIMMS, May (I4829)
9514 Working for James Bell, butcher. OVERHEAD, Elizabeth (I14354)
9515 Working for James Harding & family. SMITH, Eliza (I28753)
9516 Working for Jane Pearson & family TELLING, Kate (I11733)
9517 Working for Jessie Meech & family. ENEVER, Annie Elizabeth (I14999)
9518 Working for John Clark & family. MIDLANE, Ellen (I2387)
9519 Working for John Currie (Magistrate) & family. ENEVER, Harriet (I18207)
9520 Working for John Goodale & family. FAILES, Edith (I12107)
9521 Working for John Gorringe (?) & family. WARD, Anna Amelia (I20921)
9522 Working for John Henry Shaxby & family. BOREHAM, May Constance C (I16564)
9523 Working for John Houghton, Landed Proprietor. HILLS, John (I19993)
9524 Working for John Noyes & family. OVERTON, Ann Abigail (I3521)
9525 Working for John Packer & family. ENEVER, Charles (I14868)
9526 Working for John Procter, Rector. BUNN, Maria (I18977)
9527 Working for John Read & family. PUNT, Charlotte Eleanor (I16921)
9528 Working for John Taylor & family. ENEVER, Margaret (I15516)
9529 Working for Joseph Lovegrove & family. ENEVER, Elizabeth Jane (I14371)
9530 Working for Joseph Newell Reeson or Reesow & family. SCOTT, Thirza May (I693)
9531 Working for Joseph Raper. ENEVER, Blacknall (I18277)
9532 Working for Joseph Roper/Raper. ENEVER, Blacknall (I18277)
9533 Working for Leonard & Mary Jude (uncle & aunt). JUDE, Adam (I11771)
9534 Working for Leonard & Mary Jude (uncle & aunt). JUDE, Martha (I11612)
9535 Working for Lewis Frost & family. LANGWITH, Mary Ann (I27478)
9536 Working for Lewis Henry (Farmer) & family. ENEVER, George (I15494)
9537 Working for Louise Boffy (widow) & family. GREENHILL, Emily Ann (I16448)
9538 Working for Ludovick Bligh & family. ENEVER, Daisy Mary (I17320)
9539 Working for Luke Nunneley & family. ENEVER, Martha (I18362)
9540 Working for Mannoah Lovell & family. HACKETT, Horton Richard (I34724)
9541 Working for Marshall Chipperfield, her uncle. BUDDERY, Laura (I19877)
9542 Working for Mary A Bea???ton (unclear). PUNT, Charlotte Eleanor (I16921)
9543 Working for Mary Ann Harrison, aged 60, born Scarborough. HIBBITT, Agnes Rose (I3345)
9544 Working for Mary Fields & John Knightly/Brightly. FULCHER, Mary Ann (I20731)
9545 Working for Mary Pincombe, wholesale milliner. HAGGER, Eliza Ann (I20502)
9546 Working for Mary Wigram & family. ENEVER, Ellen Sarah (I17989)
9547 Working for Michael Colclough & family. SPORTON, Florence Kate (I1414)
9548 Working for Myles B Foster, artist & painter, & family. FURLONG, Mary (I13442)
9549 Working for Oswald Carmichael Niven & family. ENEVER, Daisy Florence (I17738)
9550 Working for Paul English & family. ENEVER, Annie Elizabeth (I14999)
9551 Working for Percy Butterick & family. ENEVER, Elsie (I18402)
9552 Working for Rear Admiral Swinton C Holland & family. ENEVER, Alice Elizabeth (I17292)
9553 Working for Reginald Geare & family. ENEVER, Louisa (I20139)
9554 Working for Richard B Harrington. DAVIS, Mary Rebecca (I20520)
9555 Working for Richard Ellis & family. HILLS, Sarah Ann (I19994)
9556 Working for Richard Mills & family. WILLIAMS, Grace Sarah (I23767)
9557 Working for Richard Pigott, Rector of Ellisfield. ENEVER, Ann Mary (I16710)
9558 Working for Richard Pigott, Rector of Ellisfield. ENEVER, Ann Mary (I16710)
9559 Working for Robert H Wood (Barrister not practising) & family. ENEVER, Sarah Anne (I14293)
9560 Working for Robert Johnson & family. HOWE, Lizzie (I31219)
9561 Working for Robert Wiles & family. Probably linked to Ann Wiles but relationship not established. BARNES, Sarah Ann (I471)
9562 Working for Sarah D Palmer & family. ENEVER, Ann (I14946)
9563 Working for Sarah Walton. Recorded as 23. ENEVER, Mary (I15107)
9564 Working for Sidney Roberts & family. ENEVER, Rachel Mary (I17998)
9565 Working for Stanley Morris Weigall & family LIVY, Minnie (I15039)
9566 Working for Stephen Warren & family. ENEVER, Sarah Harriet (I17996)
9567 Working for the Dears family. FRUSHER, Ada Harriet (I14957)
9568 Working for the Grindon family. BATES, Louisa Elizabeth (I11704)
9569 Working for Thomas Bell & family. SUCH, Phoebe (I2233)
9570 Working for Thomas Dunn & family. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I14941)
9571 Working for Thomas Wright & family. ETTRITCH, Emma (I4031)
9572 Working for Valentine D Colchester, Merchant, & family. ENEVER, Henry (I14947)
9573 Working for Walter Borrett & family. ENEVER, Lilian Jennie (I33864)
9574 Working for Walter E Spells & family. ENEVER, Rosa (I15504)
9575 Working for Walter G Mortlock & family. ENEVER, Florence Maud (I14829)
9576 Working for Walter Robert Dunstan & family. ENEVER, Abram (I15116)
9577 Working for Walter Yates (possibly Gales) & family. HOGG, Sarah (I10975)
9578 Working for Watson Failes, her uncle, & family. OVERTON, Maria (I510)
9579 Working for Wedmore family. HIBBITT, Laura (I3341)
9580 Working for Wells family. HARVEY, Susannah Mary Ann (I19829)
9581 Working for William (Tobacconist) & Ellen Potton. ENEFER, Ellen (I27819)
9582 Working for William B Brand, Havanah Merchant. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I15500)
9583 Working for William Betterworth, Grocer, Baker & Sub Post Master. TIMMS, Flora Jane (I4827)
9584 Working for William David Rogers & family. HANDFORD, Ellen Frances (I17994)
9585 Working for William Foggo & family. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I16349)
9586 Working for William Gentry, baker. SMITH, Jesse Ide (I28748)
9587 Working for William Harrod or Tharrod & family. OVERTON, Catherine (I11978)
9588 Working for William Hopcroft & family ENEVER, Martha (I15490)
9589 Working for William Hughes Hughes, Magistrate. ENEVER, James (I14514)
9590 Working for William Hughes Hughes, Middlesex Magistrate & Barrister at Law & family. ENEVER, James (I14514)
9591 Working for William Pile & family. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I14941)
9592 Working for William S Webb & family. BRITTEN, Emily Frances (I16763)
9593 Working for William Taylor & family. Age recorded as 64. SEARLE, Elizabeth (I1381)
9594 Working next door to Leonard & Mary Jude (uncle & aunt) as servant to Charles Jones Denton MA, Curate of East Walton & Gayton Thorpe. JUDE, Eve (I11766)
9595 Working with her sister for John Aldridge JP & family. FURLONG, Mary (I13442)
9596 Working with her sister for John Aldridge JP & family. FURLONG, Charlotte (I13439)
9597 World War One British Army Medal Index Cards

First name(s) Henry Surgeon
Last name Ennever
Service number -
Rank -
Corps -
Service record Soldier Number: J/292772, Rank: Driver, Corps: Royal Army Service Corps
Archive reference WO372/6
Archive reference description Women's Services, Distinguished Conduct Medals and Military Medals
Country Great Britain
Image link
Record set Britain, Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards
Category Armed forces & conflict
Subcategory Medal rolls and honours
Collections from United Kingdom

The National Archives 
ENNEVER, Henry Sturgeon (I79)
9598 Wrongly recorded as Alpha Harry Askey, who was a witness to his brother's marriage. ASKEY, Samuel Alpha (I16913)
9599 WUYTACK, Albert J.,82,Oct 9, 1985,Oct 17, 1985,,
Born in New York City NY. Survived by his wife, Mrs. Leona Schroeder Wuytack; 2 daughters, Mrs. Patricia Ennever and Mrs. Sandra Bedford and 5 grandchildren. 
WUYTACK, Albert J (I11251)
9600 WWII Civilian War Death WATTS, Ethel Claudia (I17939)
9601 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. ENEVER, Andrew Guy (I32383)
9602 X CS/53704 6.9.73 ENEVER, Albert (I15130)
9603 xxx Corp attached to xxx Air Force ENNEVER, Horace Leonard (I23)
9604 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. HOCKING, Keith (I27048)
9605 Year of immigration recorded as 1855. ENNEVER, Henry Joseph (I697)
9606 Year unclear ETTRITCH, Sarah (I4026)
9607 York Minster is the pub managed by John Lerner. LERNER, Mary Clara (I1237)
9608 [Recorded as Hinneford, transcribed as Stinneford/Stinnefore}
Also at the address are Kesiah Dakin & her son, James Newman, probably Ann's brother. 
NEWMAN, Ann (I17770)
9609 [The family home where both mygrandparents (Luke Willam Saunders being the son of John Hole Saunders andDorothy Morris) lived up until the day they passed away was named"DERSMOR" after both Dorothy and John's surnames. Address is 6 CrimeaStreet Parramatta and the home is now under Historical Trust. Thank you for theinformation.
SAUNDERS, Luke (I3206)
9610 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. THOMAS, George Alan (I33688)
9611 {Source:

EAGAR, GEOFFREY (1818-1891), accountant, banker, politician and public servant, was born on 17 February 1818 in Sydney, the second son of Edward Eagar and his wife Jemima, née McDuel. He attended the schools of John Dunmore Lang and William Timothy Cape, winning prizes for mathematical and classical studies. He left school at 15 and worked for ten years as a book-keeper for various employers and for another ten years as managing clerk in the large mercantile firm of Thacker & Co. In 1854 he was invited by the board of the Bank of New South Wales to an important new position in the bank's service. As the first branch (later chief) accountant Eagar was responsible for new accounting procedures and the supervision of a rapidly growing number of branches. He was well paid, travelled extensively and established an outstanding reputation as a banker. The directors of the bank were astonished when he submitted his resignation in September 1859 in order to accept appointment to the Legislative Council of New South Wales. His close friends, however, were not surprised, for he had displayed an early and mounting interest in political issues. From 18 he had been an anonymous contributor to many of the colony's newspapers and periodicals, writing with boldness and a reforming zeal on public questions. His former schoolfellows, William Forster, James Martin and John Robertson, had become active politicians and Eagar was anxious to join them.

A liberal, he advocated land reform, compulsory and secular education, and measures to counter political corruption. He believed that the government should play a major role in promoting economic growth, mainly by the judicious construction of public works and a carefully devised fiscal policy. From the beginning of his parliamentary career his brilliant oratory commanded attention but won him few friends, for he had a disconcerting habit of analysing political clichés to show up the inconsistency and shallowness of many of his political associates. This did not prevent him from gaining ministerial office; after only a month in the council he was selected as secretary for public works in Forster's ministry. This ministry survived for only four months and Eagar surrendered his seat in the council in November 1860. He put his private affairs in order by opening an office in the heart of Sydney, from which he conducted a lucrative business as a consulting accountant and agent. In January 1863 he entered the Legislative Assembly as member for West Sydney and commenced a sustained attack on the Cowper ministry's management of the public finances. When James Martin replaced Cowper as premier in October 1863 he selected Eagar as colonial treasurer in the knowledge that no member of the assembly was better equipped to deal with budgetary difficulties and administrative inefficiency in the Treasury and related departments.

As treasurer from October 1863 to February 1865 and from January 1866 to October 1868, Eagar implemented sweeping financial and administrative reforms. He was primarily responsible for the abandonment of the famous Deas Thomson free trade tariff, the imposition of stamp duty taxation, the establishment of an efficient mechanism for raising overseas loans and the creation of a powerful Treasury organization. He also introduced new accounting procedures and greatly strengthened the staff, thereby making possible for the first time effective Treasury control of expenditure. His measures aroused widespread hostility and he was undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in the colony's politics. He ruled the Treasury at a particularly difficult time of unavoidable deficit financing associated with a balance of payments crisis. Although a determined reformer and forceful administrator, he was impatient of criticism, almost tyrannical in his treatment of subordinates and inclined to move too swiftly in advance of public opinion on the general question of taxation.

His departure from the political scene followed what appeared to be a fairly straightforward administrative decision affecting the Customs Department. The collector of customs, William Duncan, was an influential and highly independent public servant with powerful political supporters, especially Henry Parkes. Duncan resisted Eagar's plans to bring the Customs Department completely under control of the Treasury and was charged by Eagar with insubordination. Duncan apologized on the advice of Parkes but Eagar refused to accept the apology; instead he insisted on Duncan's dismissal, thereby provoking Parkes to resign from the ministry. The 'Duncan affair' quickly became a major topic of interest to parliament and press and Eagar was branded as a tyrant. The ministry resigned partly as a result of the adverse publicity and in 1868 Eagar retired, firmly convinced of the correctness of all his actions as treasurer.

Within months of leaving politics he was financially embarrassed. From this predicament he was rescued in 1871 by the premier, Martin, who found Eagar a senior position in the Treasury and promoted him permanent head in February 1872. Eagar retained this key post until 17 February 1891. The Treasury was very much an institution of his own moulding and, as permanent head, he was in a powerful position to advise the sixteen treasurers who held office between 1872 and 1891. His influence was widely recognized and his ability at times gratefully acknowledged by politicians with some understanding of the complexity of financing a rapidly accelerating flow of government spending on railways and other costly services without resort to heavy taxation. Eagar was the master mind behind the large-scale overseas borrowing programme and skilfully manipulated available funds to keep the government solvent. Like some other public servants whose work outside the public limelight has never been properly investigated Eagar played a role as important for the colony as many of the leading politicians.

Besides his duties in the Treasury, from 1885 Eagar was a member and three times chairman of the Civil Service Board appointed to correct some of the abuses of the patronage system. He was also a member of the History Board which recommended in March 1891 the publication of the Historical Records of New South Wales. From 1859 until his death he was auditor for the University of Sydney. He was well known to literary circles as a fine essayist and a fair poet, his main leisure-time activity in his last years being the translation of the Odes of Horace into English verse. His death from a stroke on 12 September 1891 was noted by every Sydney publication in lengthy obituaries and was the cause of a special resolution of the Legislative Assembly on the motion of Henry Parkes, who called him one of the last of the 'most striking figures who watched over the introduction of parliamentary government' in New South Wales.

On 7 March 1843 he had married Mary Ann Arabella Bucknell and made his home at Glebe Point, Sydney. He also acquired a property on the Blue Mountains, with Eagar's Platform (Valley Heights railway station) at his front door. He was buried in the Anglican section of Rookwood cemetery and left an estate of about £3000. He was survived by his wife and three of their four children.
Select Bibliography

P. N. Lamb, ‘Geoffrey Eagar and the Colonial Treasury of New South Wales’, Australian Economic Papers, vol 1, no 1, Sept 1962, pp 24-41; CO 201/508.

Author: P. N. Lamb

Print Publication Details: P. N. Lamb, 'Eagar, Geoffrey (1818 - 1891)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 4, Melbourne University Press, 1972, pp 125-126. 
EAGAR, Geoffrey (I6663)
9612 {We arrived in Australia on 6th Oct 1969 - On the ship The Fairstar (Sitmar Line). We left from Southampton Docks and the first port of arrival in Australia was Fremantle. From there we went to Brisbane and spent a few months at the 'Wacol' migrant hostel
Source Jennifer Joseph nee Harris] 
HARRIS, Sydney Edward (I7334)
9613 {We arrived in Australia on 6th Oct 1969 - On the ship The Fairstar (Sitmar Line). We left from Southampton Docks and the first port of arrival in Australia was Fremantle. From there we went to Brisbane and spent a few months at the 'Wacol' migrant hostel
Source Jennifer Joseph nee Harris] 
ROBERTS, Joyce Ellen (I5455)
9614 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. PEACOCK, Margaret Ann (I22125)
9615 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. MCGREGOR, Glenda May (I21902)
Themarriage was celebrated on October 15 at the Scots Kirk, Kandy of Miss LilyEugenie Kirkpatrick, daughter of the late John Kirkpatrick and Mrs Kirkpatrickof Logan Brae, Bellevue Hill to Mr Harold Beaumont Applegate of Colombo, son ofthe lae Mr and Mrs Irwin Fenner Applegate, Ohio, USA.  Rev Gordon Mackenzie officiated.  The kirk was beautifully decorated withfloral arches of carnation and gladioli and stag horn moss.  The bride was given away by Mr J G Forsyth,and wore a tube frock of ivory cashmere de sole with godet effect.  She wore a veil and train of old Brussels lace.  Her veil was held in place with a coronet oforange blossom and forget-me-not and she carried a sheaf of Madonnalilies.  Miss Leslie Parker wasbridesmaid and wore cream floral georgette and a large black picture hat.  She carried a bouquet of gold Barbartondaisies.  Miss Sybil Agar wastrain-bearer and wore mauve frilled organdie and Miss Betty Agar was flowergirl and wore a pale blue organdie frock. Both children wore coronets of pale pink orchids.  Mr N A Ormiston was best man.  The bride’s mother wore brick shadedgeorgette veiled in coffee coloured Paris lace and a black crinoline hattrimmed with ospreys.  After the ceremonythe guests were entertained by the bride’s mother at a reception in theballroom of the Queen’s Club, Kandy.”
Thereference to ‘godet effect’ in the marriage announcement refers to the line ofthe skirt.  A godetis an extra panel of fabric inserted into a skirt or dress which causes it toflare. Flouncy, springy patterns often use godets, which also allow morefreedom of movement on the part of the wearer.  Godets are inserted into a skirt at set intervals and the distribution ofthe godets gives the skirta rippling effect.
Lilymade several trips to Sydney to visit family and lived in different locationsaround the world.  There is a newspaper article dated 21 February 1929 (page4) which writes about a farewell party for her and husband returning to Colombofrom Sydney.  The function was a teadance given at Romano’s yesterday afternoon in honour of Mrs Applegate who willshortly return to Colombo.  Attending theparty were also Mrs Howard Hudson (Hilda), Miss Mary Kirkpatrick (relative orcould be Marjory?) Mrs Kirkpatrick (Annie E D) and Mrs Nelson King (Rita). 
Anotherarticle in Near and Far, SMH of 12 February 1930 (page 7) has Lily and herhusband arriving and staying with Mrs Applegate’s mother, Mrs John Kirkpatrickof Logan Brae, Bellevue Hill”.  She attended a bridge party held at theGirls’ Secondary School Club in honour of the approaching marriage of a MissMarjorie Cocks.  Lily’s sister Marjoriewas one of three hostesses of the function along with Mrs Jack Minnett and MissEdna Cameron..  The gathering was reportedin the SMH’s Near and Far on 24 February 1930 (page 5).
Thenext mention is in the SMH on 15 March 1930 (page 20) of Mr and Mrs Applegatesailing from Sydney to San Francisco along with Mrs Kirkpatrick and MissMarjorie Kirkpatrick aboard The Sanoma.  She must have visited the familyfor about four weeks before she returned to the USA with mother and sister aswell.
Lily’snext visit home was announced in the Sydney Morning Herald on 27 March 1933(page 4), stating that she would be arriving on the Orama the followingWednesday from Colombo. 
InAnnie E D’s death notice published on 8 August 1936, it mentions Lily (Mrs H BApplegate) as being of Ceylon but not as being a chief mourner.  This means she didn’t attend the funeral so Iassume her last visit home was in 1933.  
Mygrandmother, Thelma (third wife of Roger Douglas) had mentioned to my parents overthe years that one of Roger’s sisters had married into a rubber family, likeDunlop.  When I googled Lily’s father in law’s name, Irwin FennerApplegate, up came a listing for Applegate Co with a linked company called FennerDunlop – could be something there but I need to investigate this further. 
Lilydied on 26 April 1950 at Blair Park, Crozet, Virginia, USA.  Her deathnotice was in the SMH on 1 May 1950 (page 14) being received by cable. Children – unknown.
Source: Heather Klatt

Also recorded as marrying Garnet Penberthy in 1920 (NSW). Believed to be incorrect as Lily's marriage to Harold Applegate mentions her father's address of Logan Brae. 
Family (spouse) F5513
9617 “POWER-May 5, at her residence, Church Street,Holywood, Agnes, relict of the late John Power, Eldon House, Holywood. Her remains will be removed for interment in the Holywood Burying-groundto-morrow (Wednesday) morning, at nine o’clock.”
Belfast Newsletter 
UNKNOWN, Agnes (I30246)

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