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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



Matches 9,501 to 10,000 of 11,580

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9501 Recorded as John Ennever. TADMAN, John Wicker (I452)
9502 Recorded as John Furlong at Charlotte's marriage. FURLONG, George (I13441)
9503 Recorded as John H. ENEVER, John (I18276)
9504 Recorded as John Henry. GRIFFIN, John Thomas (I8274)
9505 Recorded as John Hills, pauper aged 70. HILLS, John (I5040)
9506 Recorded as John Meldrum's nephew although Elizabeth Meldrum is recorded as having had 1 child but the entry has been deleted presumably by the enumerator. MELDRUM, Stanley Arthur (I609)
9507 Recorded as John on Eliza's marriage certificate. BROOMAN, Richard (I3281)
9508 Recorded as John on Elizabeth's marriage certificate. COCHRANE, Thomas (I1899)
9509 Recorded as John Secker.
No father's name or occupation given for Sarah Jane. 
Family (spouse) F439
9510 Recorded as John Tadman and as a florist presumably to disguise John Wicker Tadman's different name to his father. WICKER, John (I6375)
9511 Recorded as John Tadman. WICKER, John (I6375)
9512 Recorded as John W, aged 32. ROLPH, William John (I36432)
9513 Recorded as John W. INCE, John (I1618)
9514 Recorded as John William Hannaway. ENNEVER, John William (I168)
9515 Recorded as John's daughter-in-law.
John Goodwin and his wife, Harriet, living next door. 
PEPPER, Jemima Goodwin (I36842)
9516 Recorded as John, 3 weeks old. FURLONG, Walter (I23618)
9517 Recorded as John. UREN, William John (I2006)
9518 Recorded as John. Boarding with Richard Adcock & family, his future in-laws. POTTON, William (I464)
9519 Recorded as John. Visiting the family are Chas & Francis Hollier and Ernest John (Born Germany) BISHOP, Philip Jordan (I20678)
9520 Recorded as Joseph, possibly in error. ENNEVER, John (I211)
9521 Recorded as Joseph. FRANKLIN, John Robert Tyler (I24044)
9522 Recorded as Joseph. JELFS, Job (I39722)
9523 Recorded as Joseph. Visiting the family are Annie M Churchyard and 2 sons. ENEVER, Henry Joseph (I14789)
9524 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3634
9525 Recorded as Julia J Enever. MAGNUS, Jane Julia (I16767)
9526 Recorded as Julia Nugent on transcript of Emily's marriage. BREE, Julia Nugent (I9726)
9527 Recorded as Julia.
Records her mother as born France. 
WASSERBACH, Annie Julia (I10417)
9528 Recorded as Kate. NOTINI, Catharine Alice (I33072)
9529 Recorded as Kathleen L. LENSH, Catherine Edith (I7447)
9530 Recorded as Kirby. Family (spouse) F1069
9531 Recorded as Kiston St. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
9532 Recorded as L May Enever. UNKNOWN, Mae L (I15008)
9533 Recorded as Lame. CHALLIS, Sarah (I19317)
9534 Recorded as Larna. ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella (I33562)
9535 Recorded as Launcelot W Morris. MORRIS, Lancelot William (I3007)
9536 Recorded as Leah. SMETHAM, Louisa (I3987)
9537 Recorded as Lena. JONES, Elna Louisa (I5402)
9538 Recorded as Lensh. LYNCH, Daniel Peter Joseph Aloysius (I1529)
9539 Recorded as Lensh. Aged 61. ENNEVER, Frances Ann (I1343)
9540 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. SMITH, Les Royston (I12469)
9541 Recorded as Leona. ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella (I33562)
9542 Recorded as Leona. ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella (I33562)
9543 Recorded as Leontine. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
9544 Recorded as Lilian A Commons. Family (spouse) F3535
9545 Recorded as Lillian E Thomas. HIBBITT, Sarah Elizabeth (I3343)
9546 Recorded as Lilly. ENEVER, Rosina Ann (I16769)
9547 Recorded as Lilly. HODGINS, Elizabeth (I4702)
9548 Recorded as Lily. HODGINS, Elizabeth (I4702)
9549 Recorded as Lionel Enever (Elder) ENEVER, Lionel (I16671)
9550 Recorded as Lipscomb and Hedger. Family (spouse) F1250
9551 Recorded as Lipscomb. Family (spouse) F1580
9552 Recorded as Lipscombe. Family (spouse) F1581
9553 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, Frances (I5048)
9554 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, Thomas (I5047)
9555 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, Eleanor (I5044)
9556 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, Amos (I5043)
9557 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, Alfred (I5042)
9558 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". STRINGER, Elizabeth (I5041)
9559 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, John (I5040)
9560 Recorded as living in "Hut by the side of the road". HILLS, Emma (I5029)
9561 Recorded as living with her brother-in-law, who she was later to marry. Family link not yet found. HOLDEN, Lucy (I18457)
9562 Recorded as Liza, Robert's sister. ENNEVER, Eliza (I10415)
9563 Recorded as Lizzie D Failes. FAILES, Elizabeth Dove (I17122)
9564 Recorded as Lizzie, granddaughter of Thomas & Sarah. Elizabeth, her mother, is also present. ENEVER, Elizabeth (I24002)
9565 Recorded as Lizzie. WILLIAMS, Eleanor Elizabeth (I20558)
9566 Recorded as Lizzie. MALENDINE, Elizabeth (I31824)
9567 Recorded as Lizzie. KELLY, Elizabeth (I31825)
9568 Recorded as London in Poorhouse record. DRAKE, Hannah (I5906)
9569 Recorded as Louisa (assumed to be Emma) WESTWOOD, Emma (I2892)
9570 Recorded as Louisa A. MORSE, Laura (I23525)
9571 Recorded as Louisa Russell, apparently in error as the family next door are Russell. UNKNOWN, Louisa (I32094)
9572 Recorded as Louisa. BUDREY, Lucy (I31785)
9573 Recorded as Louisa. Birthplace recorded as Marlpool. BEACROFT, Matilda Louisa (I8427)
9574 Recorded as Louise E. HAGGAR, Emily Louisa (I18661)
9575 Recorded as Louise. ENEVER, Leonore Grace (I17857)
9576 Recorded as Luck. SUCH, Arthur Thomas (I2241)
9577 Recorded as Lucy Ann Rost. ENEVER, Lucy Ann (I17000)
9578 Recorded as Lucy Enever Savill (widowed), living with her parents. SAVEALL, Lucy (I12812)
9579 Recorded as Lucy Eniver. Family (spouse) F3748
9580 Recorded as Lucy. NICKLESS, Louisa (I1700)
9581 Recorded as Lusenah. SMITH, Grace Luaenah (I36079)
9582 Recorded as Lusey (?), aged 8. PARDUCCI, Elizabeth Ann (I4169)
9583 Recorded as Lydia. WILLIAMS, Katherine Eliza (I20557)
9584 Recorded as Mackie. BENNETT, Jeanie Beatrice (I35168)
9585 Recorded as Mackie. BENNETT, Wilfred Isaac Dale (I35169)
9586 Recorded as Mackie. BENNETT, John (I35170)
9587 Recorded as Maggie M. KEENEY, Marguerite Meade (I19501)
9588 Recorded as Margaret Illingsworth. SHEPHARD, Margaret Ann (I7658)
9589 Recorded as Margaret, assumed to be Mary. AUSTIN, Mary A (I4973)
9590 Recorded as Margaret. Aged 66. FARRANTON, Mary Ann (I2339)
9591 Recorded as Margaretta Breckles but no marriage found. SHEPHARD, Margaret Ann (I7658)
9592 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F294
9593 Recorded as Margery. UNKNOWN, Louise (I34960)
9594 Recorded as Maria, born Woolwich, Kent. SMITH, Mary Ann (I38743)
9595 Recorded as Marian. THURSTON, Mary Ann E (I2562)
9596 Recorded as Marie A Ressa. RESSA, Marie A (I10493)
9597 Recorded as Marion, born Finsbury. Living with her sister, Sarah, & family. HACKETT, Mary Ann (I27949)
9598 Recorded as Marion. UNKNOWN, Margaret (I11468)
9599 Recorded as Mark Henry Mason HOGG, Mark Henry (I2629)
9600 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. MARTIN, Laurence E (I834)
9601 Recorded as Marling Road, believed to have been Mile End Road. HODGINS, William (I4697)
9602 Recorded as Marling Road, believed to have been Mile End Road. SHERMAN, Ellen (I4695)
9603 Recorded as Marling Road, believed to have been Mile End Road. HODGINS, William (I4680)
9604 Recorded as married & birthplace as Essex. Mary Crease & two children are living at 24 Collingwood St. LITTLECHILD, Sarah Ann (I21185)
9605 Recorded as married & birthplace as Essex. Mary Crease & two children are living at 24 Collingwood St. CREASE, Alfred (I21184)
9606 Recorded as married (5 years), Knox not present. Family (spouse) F4453
9607 Recorded as married 17 years. JOHNSON, Margaret (I39804)
9608 Recorded as married 27 years. ENEVER, Augustus Joseph (I15076)
9609 Recorded as married 32 years. ENEVER, Augustus Joseph (I15076)
9610 Recorded as married 38 years and having had 4 children, 3 living. SHERWOOD, Caroline (I6929)
9611 Recorded as married 38 years. LOSEE, Montgomery A (I6983)
9612 Recorded as married 5 years. UNKNOWN, Emily M (I15014)
9613 Recorded as married age 28, house rental $23.00 pm. ENNEVER, Henry Joseph (I949)
9614 Recorded as married but Ellen not present. STEAD, John (I33573)
9615 Recorded as married but Emma not present. PEPPER, Thomas (I20724)
9616 Recorded as married but Fabian not present. BULL, Sarah Ann (I1962)
9617 Recorded as married but Frederic not present. Visiting the family is Jane Cousins, aged 36 born Norfolk. ENEVER, Sarah Ann (I14939)
9618 Recorded as married but George not present. UNKNOWN, Sarah (I15599)
9619 Recorded as married but George not present. EDGERTON, Emma (I2507)
9620 Recorded as married but Hermann not present. MAYES, Louisa Ann (I14184)
9621 Recorded as married but Mary not present. CROUCHMAN, William (I15024)
9622 Recorded as married but neither husband nor son, both Samuels, are present. ENNEVER, Charlotte (I176)
9623 Recorded as married but Richard not present. COPE, Mabel Agnes Blanche Ella Louisa (I3999)
9624 Recorded as married but Sarah not present. DOWN, Richard John (I15585)
9625 Recorded as married but Thomas not present.
Age recorded as 36. 
POOK, Jane (I5634)
9626 Recorded as married but William is not present. BEDLOW, Henrietta Eliza (I10477)
9627 Recorded as married but William not present.
Birthplace recorded as Chapel Allerton. 
KING, Betsey (I5638)
9628 Recorded as married but William not present. DALE, Harriet (I14800)
9629 Recorded as married but William not present. FISHER, Eleanor (I12809)
9630 Recorded as married on attestation form. Family (spouse) F9503
9631 Recorded as married, aged 40. Frank not present. HARKNESS, Eliza Grace (I23957)
9632 Recorded as married, Alfred not present. HODGINS, Eliza (I4699)
9633 Recorded as married, Arthur not present. ENEVER, Sarah Amelia (I18317)
9634 Recorded as married, Bertram not present. COLE, Cecilia (I20275)
9635 Recorded as married, born Colchester. Charles not present. UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I14084)
9636 Recorded as married, Elizth not present. HARVEY, James George (I19805)
9637 Recorded as married, Elizth not present. HARVEY, James George (I19805)
9638 Recorded as married, Elizth not recorded. PALMER, Matthias (I30641)
9639 Recorded as married, Emily not present. HOLMES, Ernest Godfrey (I2911)
9640 Recorded as married, Emma not present. AITKIN, Robert John (I37902)
9641 Recorded as married, Esther not present. HOUSE, William Richard (I21405)
9642 Recorded as married, Francis (Syd) not present. HARPER, Maud Matilda (I17854)
9643 Recorded as married, Francis not present. WHITE, Ellen (I28394)
9644 Recorded as married, Harry not present. HARRIS, Laura Ellen (I17848)
9645 Recorded as married, Henry not present. ENEVER, Laura Mary (I20650)
9646 Recorded as married, husband not present and having had 13 children, 9 surviving. UNKNOWN, Ellen (I27310)
9647 Recorded as married, husband not present. UNKNOWN, Mary (I28210)
9648 Recorded as married, husband not present. HUTCHINGS, Ann (I21854)
9649 Recorded as married, husband not present. STRANGE, Ellen (I20232)
9650 Recorded as married, husband not present. RIGGLESFORD, Louisa Kate Newman (I9986)
9651 Recorded as married, husband not present. ENNEVER, Emily R (I10486)
9652 Recorded as married, husband not present. Living with parents. BELTON, Elizabeth Lydia (I18467)
9653 Recorded as married, husband not present. Mother tongue Hebrew, parents born Russia. Year of immigration illegible. UNKNOWN, Minnie (I30188)
9654 Recorded as married, husband not present. Thomas Enever lodging. BELTON, Elizabeth Lydia (I18467)
9655 Recorded as married, Jane not present. ROSSITER, John (I25038)
9656 Recorded as married, John not present.
Boarding with the family is Florence Clara Laidlaw aged 20, born Plumstead. 
TILLIDUFF, Eliza Ann (I14875)
9657 Recorded as married, John not present. Frederick Basher (possibly intended to be Bozier), Ann's nephew, is living with the family. BOZIER, Ann Elizabeth (I21235)
9658 Recorded as married, John not present. The family had a servant, Emily Pearce, PEROWNE, Selina Juliana (I23494)
9659 Recorded as married, John not present. The family have a lodger, John Gessell (?) MALCOLM, Isabella Ann (I21363)
9660 Recorded as married, Joseph not present. Boarding with John Downing & family. UNKNOWN, Alice (I30778)
9661 Recorded as married, Margaret not present.
Birth year recorded as 1902.
Hilda Grundy, later Dear & Jones living with the family. 
DEAR, Walter Edward (I1596)
9662 Recorded as married, Mary Ann not present. MYNETT, William John Moss (I20261)
9663 Recorded as Married, Mary Ann not present. OSBORNE, George (I4822)
9664 Recorded as married, only 1 redacted entry for the address (assumed to be Walter junior) INCE, Walter Thomas (I12656)
9665 Recorded as married, Owen not present. Richard Williams is boarding with the family. BAMBER, Elizabeth Ann (I21364)
9666 Recorded as married, Philip not present. FOUNTAIN, Emma (I28544)
9667 Recorded as married, Robert not present. SKINNER, Alice Lavinia (I6143)
9668 Recorded as married, Sarah Ann not present. BRADBROOK, Robert Stanley (I14660)
9669 Recorded as married, Sarah not present.
Lucy Moore, housekeeper, living with the family. 
SOUTHGATE, William Leeder (I28452)
9670 Recorded as married, separated. SPENCER, Ellen (I835)
9671 Recorded as married, Susan not present. ARCHER, Joseph (I23348)
9672 Recorded as married, Susannah not present. ENEVER, Thomas John (I15485)
9673 Recorded as married, Theophilus not present. RAMSBOTTOM, Louise Rosalie (I29950)
9674 Recorded as married, Thomas not present.
Visiting the family are Jeffrey Warren & family. 
ENEVER, Hetty (I16610)
9675 Recorded as married, Thomas not present. PARR, Emily (I28213)
9676 Recorded as married, Walter Davis not present. MUDDOCK, Sarah Elizabeth (I18618)
9677 Recorded as married, wife not present. THOMPSON, John (I18978)
9678 Recorded as married, wife not present. KING, John Wilkinson (I18254)
9679 Recorded as married, wife not present. Birthplace recorded as Navestock. CLAXSON, William Frederick (I20207)
9680 Recorded as married, William not present. LUCAS, Matilda (I24956)
9681 Recorded as married, William not present. RUSSELL, Selina Sarah (I21324)
9682 Recorded as married, William not present. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I14953)
9683 Recorded as married, William not present. WOODWARD, Sarah Elizabeth (I4276)
9684 Recorded as married, William not present. OSBORNE, Jane (I1410)
9685 Recorded as married, Willmott not present. HUNTER, Janet (I33646)
9686 Recorded as married, working for Ann Raper, pawnbroker. Blacknall not present. ROGERS, Mary Ann (I18351)
9687 Recorded as married. ENEVER, Sophia Kate (I14364)
9688 Recorded as married. PITKIN, Henry (I14346)
9689 Recorded as married. LARKE, Seneca (I5903)
9690 Recorded as married. HODGINS, Ellen Matilda (I4696)
9691 Recorded as married. ALLEN, Edward Henry (I1934)
9692 Recorded as married. INCE, John (I1619)
9693 Recorded as married. Appears to be living with Richard Field, who she marries in 1896. HODGINS, Harriet (I4698)
9694 Recorded as married. Harry Ground & Violet Eaton (later Grosvenor) living with the family. POLLYN, Albert Edward (I11898)
9695 Recorded as marrying a Marion Lynn and having a son, Herbert Harold Watts, born in 1899 in Rhodesia. WATTS, Arthur George (I20591)
9696 Recorded as Marsden (Marston). MUCKLEY, Lizzie (I30894)
9697 Recorded as Marshall, grandson of Martha Welbourn. WELBOURN, Oliver John Marshall (I9730)
9698 Recorded as Martha Dorothy Lubnow. Family (spouse) F3570
9699 Recorded as Martha, aged 18. Assumed to be Mary. POTTER, Mary (I9894)
9700 Recorded as Martha. COLE, Louisa Martha (I20279)
9701 Recorded as Martha. Two children were both recorded as Martha in the census. POTTER, Maria (I9677)
9702 Recorded as Mary A M Enever. YOUNG, Mary Annie Maria (I17318)
9703 Recorded as Mary A Oakley and age as 81. KITSON, Mary (I5866)
9704 Recorded as Mary A, aged 40. WATSON, Sarah Jane (I1364)
9705 Recorded as Mary Ann Harnevill. HARNWELL, Mary Ann (I10380)
9706 Recorded as Mary Ann R Pollyn. Family (spouse) F3482
9707 Recorded as Mary Ann Rice. MORALEE, Mary Ann (I6613)
9708 Recorded as Mary E, step-daughter of Sarah Martin. MARTIN, Mary Emily (I193)
9709 Recorded as Mary Elizabeth. STOCKS, Elizabeth (I10782)
9710 Recorded as Mary Hackett's sister. STYLES, Caroline (I27946)
9711 Recorded as Mary Jane. WOOD, Jane Elizabeth (I37126)
9712 Recorded as Mary Lees. Family (spouse) F1030
9713 Recorded as Mary M A Washington. Family (spouse) F11720
9714 Recorded as Mary Martha Pollyn. POLLYN, Mary Martha (I11902)
9715 Recorded as Mary Muriel. ROBINSON, May Muriel (I12635)
9716 Recorded as Mary on the christening of John. UNKNOWN, Sarah (I15566)
9717 Recorded as Mary Stothart Collins, widow of Edward Collins, Wood Carver.
Certified by W. H. Jones M.B.
Informant: A.A.Collins Son of 103 Columbia Road, BG 
ENNEVER, Mary Stothart (I1300)
9718 Recorded as Mary, born Archer's Green. GINN, Margery (I18001)
9719 Recorded as Mary. MARNEY, Jane (I19165)
9720 Recorded as Mary. GREENHILL, Amy (I16453)
9721 Recorded as Mary. ENNEVER, Eleanor Emmeline (I175)
9722 Recorded as Mary. Family (spouse) F930
9723 Recorded as Maud. PORTER, Lydia Maud (I8698)
9724 Recorded as Maud. INCE, Gertrude Maud (I1621)
9725 Recorded as May, aged 6 (assumed to be Matilda). PIKE, Matilda (I37374)
9726 Recorded as May. HARRIS, Mary (I20247)
9727 Recorded as May. THIESSEN, Mae (I19494)
9728 Recorded as May. STREATFIELD, Mary (I18416)
9729 Recorded as Mayo. BALLARD, Joseph James (I12977)
9730 Recorded as Mayo. BALLARD, James Joseph (I12976)
9731 Recorded as Mazey. SCHWERIN, May (I13250)
9732 Recorded as Mildred Violet Ennever. ENNEVER, Violet Mildred (I81)
9733 Recorded as Milley. FRUSHER, Amelia Annie (I14958)
9734 Recorded as Millicent. BARNS, Amelia (I15106)
9735 Recorded as Millicent. BARNS, Amelia (I15106)
9736 Recorded as Millicent. BARNS, Amelia (I15106)
9737 Recorded as Millicent. BARNS, Amelia (I15106)
9738 Recorded as Minnie aged 5, assumed to be Sarah. ENEVER, Sarah Amelia (I18317)
9739 Recorded as Minnie. RIDDELL, Marion (I30272)
9740 Recorded as Miriam. LEVY, Mary (I28108)
9741 Recorded as Miriam. CUBIS, Marion Gertrude (I7444)
9742 Recorded as Miriam. FORRETT, Marion Harriett (I7443)
9743 Recorded as Morales. MORALEE, Charles Harvey (I568)
9744 Recorded as Morris Ross when Lilian Ada married. ROSS, Maurice Christopher (I9297)
9745 Recorded as mother of 8 children, 6 living.
Recorded as born in England. 
WHILLIER, Annie Fairbanks (I964)
9746 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. ENNEVER, Barbara A (I859)
9747 Recorded as Muckley. ADAMS, John (I29080)
9748 Recorded as Muckley. ADAMS, Eliza Susan (I29079)
9749 Recorded as Muckley. AMEY, Mary Ann (I30901)
9750 Recorded as Nancy Hiam. Family (spouse) F797
9751 Recorded as Nancy. MYNETT, Ann Mary (I20264)
9752 Recorded as negro. ENNEVER, Richard Cantwell (I948)
9753 Recorded as Nelly. WIESEN, Sarah Edith (I39712)
9754 Recorded as nephew of Daniel & Ellen. BARNARD, John (I19169)
9755 Recorded as Nettie. READING, Annetta (I19524)
9756 Recorded as Newderry and a John Newderry was also married at same time. Family (spouse) F1243
9757 Recorded as Newman, birthplace as Brede. MONK, Caroline (I24899)
9758 Recorded as Newman. RIGGLESFORD, Alice (I24903)
9759 Recorded as Newman. RIGELSFORD, Anne Mahala (I24902)
9760 Recorded as Newman. RIGELSFORD, Florence Sarah N (I24901)
9761 Recorded as Newman. RIGELSFORD, Emily Harriet (I24900)
9762 Recorded as Newman. RIGGLESFORD, George Newman (I13874)
9763 Recorded as Newman. RIGGLESFORD, Louisa Kate Newman (I9986)
9764 Recorded as niece of Susan Braham/Braime. BROWN, Ann (I28496)
9765 Recorded as Noel Elever Seton-Morris. MORRIS, Noel Ennever Seton FRIBA (I11078)
9766 Recorded as Noise. NOICE, Sarah (I3390)
9767 Recorded as not born county (Middlesex). MANLY, Eliza (I10999)
9768 Recorded as not born county. MILLIAM, Matthew (I30421)
9769 Recorded as not born county. PHIPPEN, Nicholas (I9466)
9770 Recorded as Nuckley. MUCKLEY, Jane Mary (I29054)
9771 Recorded as of 'Hempton' and 73 years old. OVERTON, Edmund (I11886)
9772 Recorded as of South Ockendon. ENNEVER, Robert (I556)
9773 Recorded as of South Ockendon. ENNIVER, Mary (I555)
9774 Recorded as of South Ockendon. ENNIVER, Mary (I554)
9775 Recorded as of South Ockendon. ENNIVER, Robert (I553)
9776 Recorded as of South Ockendon. ENNIVER, Mary (I551)
9777 Recorded as Ohio in 1910 census of Richard C. KIRBY, Ellen Florence (I945)
9778 Recorded as Olive Wells. PENNACCHINI, Olivia Virginia (I19018)
9779 Recorded as paralysed. ENEVER, Gertrude (I15570)
9780 Recorded as Parduci. PARDUCCI, Margaret (I2679)
9781 Recorded as partially deaf. ENEVER, William Charles (I16820)
9782 Recorded as Patti. LEVER, Martha (I5571)
9783 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. ATTWOOD, Pauline M (I35910)
9784 Recorded as Peter Garmes. Aged 9 months. GARMS, Peter Lear Frederick (I12339)
9785 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3498
9786 Recorded as Peter Lynch. LYNCH, Daniel Peter Joseph Aloysius (I1529)
9787 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. BUTLER, Peter James (I3867)
9788 Recorded as Phamalar. Family (spouse) F3037
9789 Recorded as Pierre. LYNCH, Daniel Peter Joseph Aloysius (I1529)
9790 Recorded as Polly. COMMON, Mary Ann (I6550)
9791 Recorded as Polly. BARKS, Mary (I13993)
9792 Recorded as Polly. COMMON, Mary Ann (I6560)
9793 Recorded as Purbeck Street, believed to be Purbrook St, nr Riley Street. MARSH, Clement George (I10232)
9794 Recorded as Rachel on birth of Ann Eliza. HUTCHINSON, Rachael (I3472)
9795 Recorded as Rachel. LOCKYER, Rosetta Harriet (I6525)
9796 Recorded as Rachel. Family (spouse) F2846
9797 Recorded as Rachel. Not proved. AULT, Rachael (I10992)
9798 Recorded as Raiment. RAYMOND, William (I2074)
9799 Recorded as Raiment. CRONIN, Margaret (I2073)
9800 Recorded as Raiment. RAYMOND, James (I1627)
9801 Recorded as Raiment. RAYMOND, Michael James (I1626)
9802 Recorded as Raymond. POWELL, Russell Raymond (I18709)
9803 Recorded as Raymond. POWELL, Russell Raymond (I18709)
9804 Recorded as Reginald Aruther (sic) Harvey. HARVEY, Reginald Arthur (I23899)
9805 Recorded as Rena, aged 9 but assumed to be Eugenie. ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon (I33592)
9806 Recorded as Rena. ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon (I33592)
9807 Recorded as Ric Parnell Over. OVER, Richard Parnell (I20356)
9808 Recorded as Rice, also seen as Price & Reace. Family (spouse) F2856
9809 Recorded as Richard (see Henry Joseph's marriage). ENNEVER, Henry (I14785)
9810 Recorded as Richard Ansell & Elizabeth and with the correct age for Richard, it is assumed this is John, Elizabeth & their young son, John. ANSELL, John William (I2082)
9811 Recorded as Richard Ansell & Elizabeth and with the correct age for Richard, it is assumed this is John, Elizabeth & their young son, John. ROBERTS, Elizabeth (I2072)
9812 Recorded as Richard Ansell & Elizabeth and with the correct age for Richard, it is assumed this is John, Elizabeth & their young son, John. ANSELL, John (I1955)
9813 Recorded as Richard Grandi, aged 52, as we was known by his family in New Zealand.
E J Presland present at the death. 
GRANDY, Oriano (I2847)
9814 Recorded as Richard Klinker. KLENKER, Diederich (I6733)
9815 Recorded as Richard. His brother Richard is also present aged 10m.
Age recorded as 7. 
DAVEY, James (I15526)
9816 Recorded as Richardson. STURGEON, Priscilla Ann (I2157)
9817 Recorded as Robert P. ENNEVER, Robert George (I75)
9818 Recorded as Robert Remerton Pollyn. Family (spouse) F3465
9819 Recorded as Robert Southgate. LONG, Robert (I8585)
9820 Recorded as Robert Waspe Jnr. WASPE, Robert (I39919)
9821 Recorded as Robt Napier. Not proved. GRIFFIN, Robert (I4462)
9822 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3242
9823 Recorded as Rosetta Mary. BRACEY, Rosetta Mary (I28946)
9824 Recorded as Rosetta. INCE, Rebecca (I7197)
9825 Recorded as Rosina. HARVEY, Jane Rosina (I19816)
9826 Recorded as Rowland L Morris. MORRIS, Roland Lancelot (I3014)
9827 Recorded as Ruby HUNTER, Isabella (I33665)
9828 Recorded as Ruth. BOSTOCK, Catharine (I10558)
9829 Recorded as Sally. SMITH, Sarah (I10609)
9830 Recorded as same house as previous census. POWELL, William Henry (I18387)
9831 Recorded as Samuel D. BURNHILL, Samuel (I11446)
9832 Recorded as Samuel G W Collins. COLLINS, William (I4321)
9833 Recorded as Samuel J Smith, born New York. SMITH, Phineas J (I11380)
9834 Recorded as Samuel J. BRECKLES, Samuel (I11088)
9835 Recorded as Sarah Agens Mulry. MULRY, Sarah Agnes (I8987)
9836 Recorded as Sarah Ann. PALFREYMAN, Sarah (I37185)
9837 Recorded as Sarah Axtall. AXTELL, Sarah (I5134)
9838 Recorded as Sarah Bull. CURTIS, Sarah Lydia (I6440)
9839 Recorded as Sarah E Burge. TURTLE, Ellen Spencer (I35573)
9840 Recorded as Sarah Emily. BURGESS, Sarah Ann (I14316)
9841 Recorded as Sarah Enever.
Performed by JT Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, Sarah (I525)
9842 Recorded as Sarah Jane Sacker. Age recorded as 59. WATSON, Sarah Jane (I1364)
9843 Recorded as Sarah Jane. FARMER, Sarah Jenny (I9456)
9844 Recorded as Sarah M. SOUTHGATE, Sarah Jane (I8612)
9845 Recorded as Sarah Potts. BAKER, Sarah Ann (I7035)
9846 Recorded as Sarah Ralph. Family (spouse) F1633
9847 Recorded as Sarah's grandson & birthplace as Middx. ENEVER, George William (I15506)
9848 Recorded as Sarah, aged 25. It is possible this is not the same person as Eliza but seems unlikely as no matching death nor remarriage has been found.. CABLE, Eliza (I4011)
9849 Recorded as Sarah. BIRD, Emily Meney (I20943)
9850 Recorded as Sarah. HOFFMEIER, Katherina (I6740)
9851 Recorded as Scagliona, should be Scagliola. LYNCH, Patrick (I1530)
9852 Recorded as Secker/Cecher. WATSON, Elizabeth (I9562)
9853 Recorded as Secker/Cecher. WATSON, Mary Ann (I9561)
9854 Recorded as Selina Gardner. HOLDER, Selina Jane (I28881)
9855 Recorded as Selina, born Ilford. HODLEY, Cecilia (I18620)
9856 Recorded as Selman. SOLOMONS, Beatrice (I37049)
9857 Recorded as Semsbury in court papers, believed to be Symondsbury. DICKER, Robert (I30163)
9858 Recorded as servant to Robert Sams, cab proprietor. FULCHER, Charles Alfred (I30704)
9859 Recorded as Shepherd Miller. MILLER, Samuel Shepherd (I11993)
9860 Recorded as Sherrott. FARNHAM, Francis Joseph A (I29302)
9861 Recorded as Sherrott. FARNHAM, Francis Joseph A (I29302)
9862 Recorded as Siabiner. EVERETT, Sabina (I37263)
9863 Recorded as Sidey Street. DAY, John James (I24008)
9864 Recorded as Sidney D Eniver, birthdate 27/12/1903. ENNEVER, Sydney Charles (I2281)
9865 Recorded as Sidney E E Horner. HORNER, Sidney Edward (I11201)
9866 Recorded as Sidney E. HORNER, Sydney James (I3716)
9867 Recorded as Sidney Horner. Also recorded is a James Horner but believed to be Sidney James. HORNER, Sydney James (I9396)
9868 Recorded as Sidney John Powe. POWE, Sidney James (I36023)
9869 Recorded as single (as is George). KEDGE, Jane S (I34129)
9870 Recorded as single (as is Jane). BLACKMAN, George W (I34128)
9871 Recorded as single. POWLEY, Alan Bruce (I19237)
9872 Recorded as single. POWELL, Arthur Godfrey (I18390)
9873 Recorded as Single. KESNER, William Arthur (I16955)
9874 Recorded as single. TADMAN, Charles William (I6717)
9875 Recorded as single. ENNEVER, Emma (I443)
9876 Recorded as single. EINHORN, Wilhelm (I231)
9877 Recorded as single. Living with Robert Fox. ROBINSON, John Robert (I37127)
9878 Recorded as Smith & Wise. NUNNERY, Alice Puchener (I19145)
9879 Recorded as Smith. HUTCHINSON, Ann Eliza (I9848)
9880 Recorded as Smith. BEACROFT, Sarah Ann (I8400)
9881 Recorded as Smith. BEECROFT, Joseph (I8399)
9882 Recorded as son in law. SYRETT, Thomas (I8743)
9883 Recorded as son of George & Mary Ennever in the Hornchurch Parish register but believed to be son of Joseph & Mary:

1. There is a gap in the births of Joseph & Mary's children between 1798 & 1805, although children were born both before and after that date.
2. The christenings of "George" and Mary all fit neatly into that gap.
3. There are no known records of a George & Mary in the area either before or after these christenings
4. John Ennever (b1800)'s will appoints Thomas Boyton, who married Elizabeth Ennever, as an executor. Elizabeth's christening identifies Joseph as her father. 
ENNEVER, John (I2129)
9884 Recorded as son of John & Mary. CLEAR, Frank (I1447)
9885 Recorded as son of Joseph Smith & Catherine on IGI but not proved. There is a large unexplained gap in Joseph & Catherine's recorded children although several are recorded as children of Catherine Bostock (inc Abraham and Isaiah) and there is a marriage of a Joseph Smith to Catharine Bostock in 1809. SMITH, John (I9876)
9886 Recorded as son of Roger & Mary Ennever. ENNEVER, Richard (I16683)
9887 Recorded as son of Samuel & Caroline in 1881, assumed to be adopted. SMITH, James S (I14492)
9888 Recorded as son, aged 8 probably indicating a transcription error eg omitting Wm or Henry. PIKE, Susan Elizabeth (I37371)
9889 Recorded as Sophia. BRITTEN, Lydia Mary (I24147)
9890 Recorded as St Johns, Middx.
Household consisted of:
Frederick Leith (Head), Chimney Sweep employing 2 men & Elizabeth, his wife.
Frederick Leith (son, aged 14) & Ann Dee (niece, aged 21)
William Wordham (General dealer) & Henry Osborne (Laborer)
John Burrows, Hubert Luff & Joseph (all Chimney Sweeps) 
BARRETT, Joseph (I5339)
9891 Recorded as St Laurens on her marriage but believed to be St Lawrence. SHERROTT, Annie Dyke (I7549)
9892 Recorded as St Mary ur (or ut) Lynn in 1891 census. SPRATT, William (I11904)
9893 Recorded as Stacey. SAYCE, John (I4590)
9894 Recorded as step daughter of Wm Sewell. BARNARD, Ethel Grace (I24509)
9895 Recorded as Stourton. HILL, Mary (I925)
9896 Recorded as Stradasburg. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
9897 Recorded as Stratton Terrace. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I16628)
9898 Recorded as Susan. SHEPPARD, Dorothy Susan C (I29883)
9899 Recorded as Susannah Ennever. Family (spouse) F1005
9900 Recorded as Susannah. Both she & John are recorded as 5m old but no matching birth registrations found. Susan Bridges Bethnal Green 1860 Q4 1C 246 matches but no similar registration for John. BRIDGES, Susan (I14990)
9901 Recorded as Sydney E Horner.
Value of estate: $4,000 
HORNER, Sydney James (I3716)
9902 Recorded as Sydney Enever Horner, "Under treatment" HORNER, Sydney James (I3716)
9903 Recorded as Sydney. THURLOW, Arthur Sidney Augustus Grenville (I36981)
9904 Recorded as Sylvia C. PATTERSON, Sylvia J C (I31809)
9905 Recorded as T H Ennever ENNEVER, Thomas Henry (I24)
9906 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3591
9907 Recorded as the father of Mary Ann's daughter, Mary Ann, although this is assumed to be incorrect. STYLES, William (I27937)
9908 Recorded as the sister of George Prout, who is living with her and born in Lydney.
George recorded as 49, Emma as 51. Also living with the family is Annie M Hughes, grandniece of George and John Ballinger, aged 61. 
POWELL, Emma (I18338)
9909 Recorded as the son of John Crosbie. Family (spouse) F3579
9910 Recorded as Thomas LAWS, James (I5561)
9911 Recorded as Thomas aged 19. LAWS, James (I5561)
9912 Recorded as Thomas Bingham when James Henry married. HARMAN, James (I29146)
9913 Recorded as Thomas but believed to be Henry. FIDO, Henry (I2204)
9914 Recorded as Thomas Duffett. LACEY, Thomas Benjamin (I40178)
9915 Recorded as Thomas Enever.
Performed by JT Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, Thomas (I526)
9916 Recorded as Thomas G Ellsom, possibly Half Moon St. ELSON, George Thomas (I39696)
9917 Recorded as Thomas Gregory Jnr. GREGORY, Thomas (I1282)
9918 Recorded as Thomas H Moralee. MORALEE, John Henry (I6317)
9919 Recorded as Thomas H White. WHITE, Henry (I25606)
9920 Recorded as Thomas Horden & Sarah Burnhill. Family (spouse) F2453
9921 Recorded as Thomas Howard James. Family (spouse) F2870
9922 Recorded as Thomas Hunking's daughter-in-law. SCANTLEBURY, Thirza (I27216)
9923 Recorded as Thomas Laws.
Age recorded as 46. 
LAWS, James (I5561)
9924 Recorded as Thomas Postlewaithe, aged 79. POSTLEWAIGHT, Thomas (I5782)
9925 Recorded as Thomas's aunt but no trace of her baptism in Doddinghurst. ENEVER, Eliza (I15507)
9926 Recorded as Thomas. LAWS, James (I5836)
9927 Recorded as Thomas. PATTEN, James (I5823)
9928 Recorded as Thomas. HOUGHTON, Levi Thomas Buttler (I5652)
9929 Recorded as Thomas. Assumed to be John as Thomas aged 1 is also recorded. PRICE, John (I6241)
9930 Recorded as Thomason Thomas. THOMAS, Thomasin (I3529)
9931 Recorded as Thos Odley, aged 40, born Barking, Essex. HODLEY, Horace (I17366)
9932 Recorded as Thos Rd. Askey ASKEY, Tom (I17048)
9933 Recorded as Tisdale. PUZEY, William (I8727)
9934 Recorded as Tobias. BOSTOCK, Job (I10559)
9935 Recorded as Trevor M Wells. WELLS, Trevor Harry (I30029)
9936 Recorded as Turnbridge. HALL, Clarissa (I20571)
9937 Recorded as unmarried, living with parents. HORNBY, Edmund G (I33313)
9938 Recorded as unmarried. SMALL, Matilda Ann (I27470)
9939 Recorded as unmarried. BARRETT, Joseph (I5339)
9940 Recorded as unnamed and 1 week old. FOWERAKER, George (I3267)
9941 Recorded as Unwell CHALLIS, Phoebe (I19319)
9942 Recorded as Vera Mayne Overton. OVERTON, Vera Mayes (I11761)
9943 Recorded as Verdigan. BLEACH, Bessie (I26542)
9944 Recorded as Wallie. CANFIELD, Walter (I23936)
9945 Recorded as Walter Ash. WHITAKER, Walter Lawrence (I20464)
9946 Recorded as Walter Wheatley. EYRE, Walter (I10920)
9947 Recorded as Wellingale Spain UNKNOWN, Mary (I16257)
9948 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. HAMMOND, Geoffrey (I7570)
9949 Recorded as Whaites. Family (spouse) F2479
9950 Recorded as Whitron, believed to be Whitrow. Family (spouse) F3220
9951 Recorded as widow. BARNARD, Margaret (I16487)
9952 Recorded as widowed, having had 5 children, 4 still living. THOMAS, John (I14577)
9953 Recorded as widowed, living with her 2 sons with her mother. BUCKNER, Jane (I17841)
9954 Recorded as widowed.
One redacted entry. 
ENEVER, Catherine Sarah (I14833)
9955 Recorded as widowed. POOK, Jane (I5634)
9956 Recorded as widowed. CLOTHIER, Ruth (I5613)
9957 Recorded as widowed. John Daniel Armes also living with the family. SCOTT, Ethel M (I34073)
9958 Recorded as wife of Charles Backer. Charles appears to be Charles Baker but no trace can be found of him after 1851 until 1881. No marriage found. BEDLOW, Henrietta Eliza (I10477)
9959 Recorded as Wife's Sister (Sister in Law) JUDGES, Alice May (I14626)
9960 Recorded as wife, no marriage found. EDMISTON, Amy Beauclerk (I16774)
9961 Recorded as Will. BOSTOCK, George William (I10733)
9962 Recorded as William & Hannah Hazell's son in 1881 although as he is recorded as Joseph & Jane's son in 1891 it is more likely that he was an illegitimate son of Jane's. Jane is known by both Cummin(g)s & Hazell. HAZELL, John (I12764)
9963 Recorded as William Edmond Overton. OVERTON, William Edmund (I11801)
9964 Recorded as William Enever.
Performed by JT Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, William (I353)
9965 Recorded as William Eniver, assumed to John William.
Birthplace recorded as Sheerness, Kent. 
ENNEVER, John William (I170)
9966 Recorded as William Griffin Ennever. GRIFFIN, William Henry (I1825)
9967 Recorded as William Haines. Family (spouse) F2558
9968 Recorded as William Hazell. Lodging with John Reed & family. CUMMINS, William Hazell (I13165)
9969 Recorded as William Henry Griffin, mother as Elizabeth Griffin. No father recorded. GRIFFIN, William Henry (I1825)
9970 Recorded as William Hill Enever.
Performed by TJ Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, William Hill (I333)
9971 Recorded as William House. PARR, William (I1812)
9972 Recorded as William J C Costello & Gertrude M T Bazley. Family (spouse) F3662
9973 Recorded as William J, 6mo. ELSOM, Walter William (I7137)
9974 Recorded as William Joseph Ennever. ENNEVER, Joseph Wade (I183)
9975 Recorded as William Parr, son of Charles House. PARR, William (I1812)
9976 Recorded as William Thurlow's nephew. POLFRAYMAN, Robert (I36817)
9977 Recorded as William Wells, PENNACCHINI, William Enea (I19020)
9978 Recorded as William Williams, a visitor to William & Eliza Jones & family, his brother-in-law & sister. Believed to be Wm Holland Williams. WILLIAMS, William Holland (I20563)
9979 Recorded as William. ENEVER, Vernon Godfrey (I15340)
9980 Recorded as William. ENEVER, Augustus Joseph (I15076)
9981 Recorded as William. ROSS, Maurice Christopher (I9297)
9982 Recorded as William. GOODGER, Thomas William N (I31533)
9983 Recorded as William. BADCOCK, Willmott (I33647)
9984 Recorded as Williams H Phippen. PHIPPEN, Walter Henry (I9474)
9985 Recorded as Within Hodley. OADLEY, Withen (I14846)
9986 Recorded as Wythen, born Plaistow, aged 10. OADLEY, Withen (I14846)
9987 Recorded as Zillah PHILLIPS, Tilla (I36861)
9988 Recorded at christening of 3 children. CREW, Juliana (I33366)
9989 Recorded by family as dying in 1890 but children were born as late as 1900. BEAUMONT, Leonora Elizabeth (I7678)
9990 Recorded in 2 places. Maria Elizabeth, boarder, married, aged 53. MATTHEWS, Maria (I16818)
9991 Recorded in GRO indexes as Mary Hothord Thomas. Family (spouse) F418
9992 Recorded in Ruskin Bond Of India by Norah Nivedita Shaw as an orphan who was brought up by a Colonel Leslie and later referred to as Ruskin Bond's 'Calcutta Granny'. She brought up Ellen, Ruskin's sister, a mentally retarded child. See Herbert William Bond. ENEVER, Gloriana Elizabeth (I19660)
9993 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. WATT, unknown (I33337)
9994 Recorded in the Parish register of Chipping Ongar. Doesn't appear to be recorded in the Little Laver register. ENIVER, John (I16235)
9995 Recorded incorrectly as 18. INCE, Matthew Henry (I31625)
9996 Recorded next to Matthew Failes & family. FAILES, Watson (I12089)
9997 Recorded on Mary Vosper's christening. MENHINNICK, Mary (I12139)
9998 Recorded on trhe census as 'A place in Great Doward', believed to be a farm. BALLINGER, Percy (I18336)
9999 Recorded out of sequence in Nov 1867. ENEVER, Martha Mary (I18458)
10000 Recorded Walter Hedley Winter as her father (see 1911 census also). Family (spouse) F12670

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