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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



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8501 Recorded as Richardson. STURGEON, Priscilla Ann (I2157)
8502 Recorded as Robert P. ENNEVER, Robert George (I75)
8503 Recorded as Robert Remerton Pollyn. Family (spouse) F3465
8504 Recorded as Robert Southgate. LONG, Robert (I8585)
8505 Recorded as Robt Napier. Not proved. GRIFFIN, Robert (I4462)
8506 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3242
8507 Recorded as Rosetta Mary. BRACEY, Rosetta Mary (I28946)
8508 Recorded as Rosetta. INCE, Rebecca (I7197)
8509 Recorded as Rosina. HARVEY, Jane Rosina (I19816)
8510 Recorded as Rowland L Morris. MORRIS, Roland Lancelot (I3014)
8511 Recorded as Ruby HUNTER, Isabella (I33665)
8512 Recorded as Ruth. BOSTOCK, Catharine (I10558)
8513 Recorded as Sally. SMITH, Sarah (I10609)
8514 Recorded as Samuel D. BURNHILL, Samuel (I11446)
8515 Recorded as Samuel G W Collins. COLLINS, William (I4321)
8516 Recorded as Samuel J Smith, born New York. SMITH, Phineas J (I11380)
8517 Recorded as Samuel J. BRECKLES, Samuel (I11088)
8518 Recorded as Sarah Agens Mulry. MULRY, Sarah Agnes (I8987)
8519 Recorded as Sarah Axtall. AXTELL, Sarah (I5134)
8520 Recorded as Sarah Bull. CURTIS, Sarah Lydia (I6440)
8521 Recorded as Sarah E Burge. TURTLE, Ellen Spencer (I35573)
8522 Recorded as Sarah Emily. BURGESS, Sarah Ann (I14316)
8523 Recorded as Sarah Enever.
Performed by JT Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, Sarah (I525)
8524 Recorded as Sarah Jane Sacker. Age recorded as 59. WATSON, Sarah Jane (I1364)
8525 Recorded as Sarah Jane. FARMER, Sarah Jenny (I9456)
8526 Recorded as Sarah M. SOUTHGATE, Sarah Jane (I8612)
8527 Recorded as Sarah Potts. BAKER, Sarah Ann (I7035)
8528 Recorded as Sarah Ralph. Family (spouse) F1633
8529 Recorded as Sarah's grandson & birthplace as Middx. ENEVER, George William (I15506)
8530 Recorded as Sarah, aged 25. It is possible this is not the same person as Eliza but seems unlikely as no matching death nor remarriage has been found.. CABLE, Eliza (I4011)
8531 Recorded as Sarah. BIRD, Emily Minnie (I20943)
8532 Recorded as Sarah. HOFFMEIER, Katherina (I6740)
8533 Recorded as Scagliona, should be Scagliola. LYNCH, Patrick (I1530)
8534 Recorded as Secker/Cecher. WATSON, Elizabeth (I9562)
8535 Recorded as Secker/Cecher. WATSON, Mary Ann (I9561)
8536 Recorded as Selina Gardner. HOLDER, Selina Jane (I28881)
8537 Recorded as Selina, born Ilford. HODLEY, Cecilia (I18620)
8538 Recorded as Semsbury in court papers, believed to be Symondsbury. DICKER, Robert (I30163)
8539 Recorded as servant to Robert Sams, cab proprietor. FULCHER, Charles Alfred (I30704)
8540 Recorded as Shepherd Miller. MILLER, Samuel Shepherd (I11993)
8541 Recorded as Sherrott. FARNHAM, Francis Joseph A (I29302)
8542 Recorded as Sherrott. FARNHAM, Francis Joseph A (I29302)
8543 Recorded as Sidey Street. DAY, John James (I24008)
8544 Recorded as Sidney D Eniver, birthdate 27/12/1903. ENNEVER, Sydney Charles (I2281)
8545 Recorded as Sidney E E Horner. HORNER, Sidney Edward (I11201)
8546 Recorded as Sidney E. HORNER, Sydney James (I3716)
8547 Recorded as Sidney Horner. Also recorded is a James Horner but believed to be Sidney James. HORNER, Sydney James (I9396)
8548 Recorded as single (as is George). KEDGE, Jane S (I34129)
8549 Recorded as single (as is Jane). BLACKMAN, George W (I34128)
8550 Recorded as single. POWLEY, Alan Bruce (I19237)
8551 Recorded as single. POWELL, Arthur Godfrey (I18390)
8552 Recorded as Single. KESNER, William Arthur (I16955)
8553 Recorded as single. ENNEVER, Emma (I443)
8554 Recorded as single. EINHORN, Wilhelm (I231)
8555 Recorded as Smith & Wise. NUNNERY, Alice Puchener (I19145)
8556 Recorded as Smith. HUTCHINSON, Ann Eliza (I9848)
8557 Recorded as Smith. BEACROFT, Sarah Ann (I8400)
8558 Recorded as Smith. BEECROFT, Joseph (I8399)
8559 Recorded as son in law. SYRETT, Thomas (I8743)
8560 Recorded as son of George & Mary Ennever in the Hornchurch Parish register but believed to be son of Joseph & Mary:

1. There is a gap in the births of Joseph & Mary's children between 1798 & 1805, although children were born both before and after that date.
2. The christenings of "George" and Mary all fit neatly into that gap.
3. There are no known records of a George & Mary in the area either before or after these christenings
4. John Ennever (b1800)'s will appoints Thomas Boyton, who married Elizabeth Ennever, as an executor. Elizabeth's christening identifies Joseph as her father. 
ENNEVER, John (I2129)
8561 Recorded as son of John & Mary. CLEAR, Frank (I1447)
8562 Recorded as son of Joseph Smith & Catherine on IGI but not proved. There is a large unexplained gap in Joseph & Catherine's recorded children although several are recorded as children of Catherine Bostock (inc Abraham and Isaiah) and there is a marriage of a Joseph Smith to Catharine Bostock in 1809. SMITH, John (I9876)
8563 Recorded as son of Roger & Mary Ennever. ENNEVER, Richard (I16683)
8564 Recorded as son of Samuel & Caroline in 1881, assumed to be adopted. SMITH, James S (I14492)
8565 Recorded as Sophia. BRITTEN, Lydia Mary (I24147)
8566 Recorded as St Johns, Middx.
Household consisted of:
Frederick Leith (Head), Chimney Sweep employing 2 men & Elizabeth, his wife.
Frederick Leith (son, aged 14) & Ann Dee (niece, aged 21)
William Wordham (General dealer) & Henry Osborne (Laborer)
John Burrows, Hubert Luff & Joseph (all Chimney Sweeps) 
BARRETT, Joseph (I5339)
8567 Recorded as St Laurens on her marriage but believed to be St Lawrence. SHERROTT, Annie Dyke (I7549)
8568 Recorded as St Mary ur (or ut) Lynn in 1891 census. SPRATT, William (I11904)
8569 Recorded as Stacey. SAYCE, John (I4590)
8570 Recorded as step daughter of Wm Sewell. BARNARD, Ethel Grace (I24509)
8571 Recorded as Stourton. HILL, Mary (I925)
8572 Recorded as Stradasburg. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
8573 Recorded as Stratton Terrace. ENEVER, Mary Ann (I16628)
8574 Recorded as Susan. SHEPPARD, Dorothy Susan C (I29883)
8575 Recorded as Susannah Ennever. Family (spouse) F1005
8576 Recorded as Susannah. Both she & John are recorded as 5m old but no matching birth registrations found. Susan Bridges Bethnal Green 1860 Q4 1C 246 matches but no similar registration for John. BRIDGES, Susan (I14990)
8577 Recorded as Sydney E Horner.
Value of estate: $4,000 
HORNER, Sydney James (I3716)
8578 Recorded as Sydney Enever Horner, "Under treatment" HORNER, Sydney James (I3716)
8579 Recorded as Sylvia C. PATTERSON, Sylvia J C (I31809)
8580 Recorded as T H Ennever ENNEVER, Thomas Henry (I24)
8581 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3591
8582 Recorded as the father of Mary Ann's daughter, Mary Ann, although this is assumed to be incorrect. STYLES, William (I27937)
8583 Recorded as the sister of George Prout, who is living with her and born in Lydney.
George recorded as 49, Emma as 51. Also living with the family is Annie M Hughes, grandniece of George and John Ballinger, aged 61. 
POWELL, Emma (I18338)
8584 Recorded as the son of John Crosbie. Family (spouse) F3579
8585 Recorded as Thomas LAWS, James (I5561)
8586 Recorded as Thomas aged 12, born in St Lukes, Middx ENNEVER, Henry (I161)
8587 Recorded as Thomas aged 19. LAWS, James (I5561)
8588 Recorded as Thomas Bingham when James Henry married. HARMAN, James (I29146)
8589 Recorded as Thomas but believed to be Henry. FIDO, Henry (I2204)
8590 Recorded as Thomas Enever.
Performed by JT Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, Thomas (I526)
8591 Recorded as Thomas Gregory Jnr. GREGORY, Thomas (I1282)
8592 Recorded as Thomas H Moralee. MORALEE, John Henry (I6317)
8593 Recorded as Thomas H White. WHITE, Henry (I25606)
8594 Recorded as Thomas Horden & Sarah Burnhill. Family (spouse) F2453
8595 Recorded as Thomas Howard James. Family (spouse) F2870
8596 Recorded as Thomas Hunking's daughter-in-law. SCANTLEBURY, Thirza (I27216)
8597 Recorded as Thomas Laws.
Age recorded as 46. 
LAWS, James (I5561)
8598 Recorded as Thomas Postlewaithe, aged 79. POSTLEWAIGHT, Thomas (I5782)
8599 Recorded as Thomas's aunt but no trace of her baptism in Doddinghurst. ENEVER, Eliza (I15507)
8600 Recorded as Thomas. LAWS, James (I5836)
8601 Recorded as Thomas. PATTEN, James (I5823)
8602 Recorded as Thomas. HOUGHTON, Levi Thomas Buttler (I5652)
8603 Recorded as Thomas. Assumed to be John as Thomas aged 1 is also recorded. PRICE, John (I6241)
8604 Recorded as Thomason Thomas. THOMAS, Thomasin (I3529)
8605 Recorded as Thos Odley, aged 40, born Barking, Essex. HODLEY, Horace (I17366)
8606 Recorded as Thos Rd. Askey ASKEY, Tom (I17048)
8607 Recorded as Tisdale. PUZEY, William (I8727)
8608 Recorded as Tobias. BOSTOCK, Job (I10559)
8609 Recorded as Trevor M Wells. WELLS, Trevor Harry (I30029)
8610 Recorded as Turnbridge. HALL, Clarissa (I20571)
8611 Recorded as unmarried, living with parents. HORNBY, Edmund G (I33313)
8612 Recorded as unmarried. SMALL, Matilda Ann (I27470)
8613 Recorded as unmarried. BARRETT, Joseph (I5339)
8614 Recorded as unnamed and 1 week old. FOWERAKER, George (I3267)
8615 Recorded as Unwell CHALLIS, Phoebe (I19319)
8616 Recorded as Vera Mayne Overton. OVERTON, Vera Mayes (I11761)
8617 Recorded as Verdigan. BLEACH, Bessie (I26542)
8618 Recorded as Wallie. CANFIELD, Walter (I23936)
8619 Recorded as Walter Ash. WHITAKER, Walter Lawrence (I20464)
8620 Recorded as Walter Wheatley. EYRE, Walter (I10920)
8621 Recorded as Wellingale Spain UNKNOWN, Mary (I16257)
8622 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. HAMMOND, Geoffrey (I7570)
8623 Recorded as Whaites. Family (spouse) F2479
8624 Recorded as Whitron, believed to be Whitrow. Family (spouse) F3220
8625 Recorded as widowed, having had 5 children, 4 still living. THOMAS, John (I14577)
8626 Recorded as widowed, living with her 2 sons with her mother. BUCKNER, Jane (I17841)
8627 Recorded as widowed. ENEVER, Catherine Sarah (I14833)
8628 Recorded as widowed. POOK, Jane (I5634)
8629 Recorded as widowed. CLOTHIER, Ruth (I5613)
8630 Recorded as widowed. John Daniel Armes also living with the family. SCOTT, Ethel M (I34073)
8631 Recorded as wife of Charles Backer. Charles appears to be Charles Baker but no trace can be found of him after 1851 until 1881. No marriage found. BEDLOW, Henrietta Eliza (I10477)
8632 Recorded as Wife's Sister (Sister in Law) JUDGES, Alice May (I14626)
8633 Recorded as wife, no marriage found. EDMISTON, Amy Beauclerk (I16774)
8634 Recorded as Will. BOSTOCK, George William (I10733)
8635 Recorded as William & Hannah Hazell's son in 1881 although as he is recorded as Joseph & Jane's son in 1891 it is more likely that he was an illegitimate son of Jane's. Confusingly, Jane is known by both names. HAZELL, John (I12764)
8636 Recorded as William Edmond Overton. OVERTON, William Edmund (I11801)
8637 Recorded as William Enever.
Performed by JT Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, William (I353)
8638 Recorded as William Eniver, assumed to John William.
Birthplace recorded as Sheerness, Kent. 
ENNEVER, John William (I170)
8639 Recorded as William Griffin Ennever. GRIFFIN, William Henry (I1825)
8640 Recorded as William Haines. Family (spouse) F2558
8641 Recorded as William Hazell. Lodging with John Reed & family. CUMMINS, William Hazell (I13165)
8642 Recorded as William Henry Griffin, mother as Elizabeth Griffin. No father recorded. GRIFFIN, William Henry (I1825)
8643 Recorded as William Hill Enever.
Performed by TJ Godsalve Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, William Hill (I333)
8644 Recorded as William House. PARR, William (I1812)
8645 Recorded as William J C Costello & Gertrude M T Bazley. Family (spouse) F3662
8646 Recorded as William J, 6mo. ELSOM, Walter William (I7137)
8647 Recorded as William Joseph Ennever. ENNEVER, Joseph Wade (I183)
8648 Recorded as William Parr, son of Charles House. PARR, William (I1812)
8649 Recorded as William Wells, PENNACCHINI, William Enea (I19020)
8650 Recorded as William Williams, a visitor to William & Eliza Jones & family, his brother-in-law & sister. Believed to be Wm Holland Williams. WILLIAMS, William Holland (I20563)
8651 Recorded as William. ROSS, Maurice Christopher (I9297)
8652 Recorded as William. ENEVER, Vernon Godfrey (I15340)
8653 Recorded as William. ENEVER, Augustus Joseph (I15076)
8654 Recorded as William. GOODGER, Thomas William N (I31533)
8655 Recorded as William. BADCOCK, Willmott (I33647)
8656 Recorded as Williams H Phippen. PHIPPEN, Walter Henry (I9474)
8657 Recorded as Within Hodley. OADLEY, Withen (I14846)
8658 Recorded as Wythen, born Plaistow, aged 10. OADLEY, Withen (I14846)
8659 Recorded at christening of 3 children. CREW, Juliana (I33366)
8660 Recorded by family as dying in 1890 but children were born as late as 1900. BEAUMONT, Leonora Elizabeth (I7678)
8661 Recorded in 2 places. Maria Elizabeth, boarder, married, aged 53. MATTHEWS, Maria (I16818)
8662 Recorded in GRO indexes as Mary Hothord Thomas. Family (spouse) F418
8663 Recorded in Ruskin Bond Of India by Norah Nivedita Shaw as an orphan who was brought up by a Colonel Leslie and later referred to as Ruskin Bond's 'Calcutta Granny'. She brought up Ellen, Ruskin's sister, a mentally retarded child. See Herbert William Bond. ENEVER, Gloriana Elizabeth (I19660)
8664 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. WATT, unknown (I33337)
8665 Recorded in the Parish register of Chipping Ongar. Doesn't appear to be recorded in the Little Laver register. ENIVER, John (I16235)
8666 Recorded incorrectly as 18. INCE, Matthew Henry (I31625)
8667 Recorded next to Matthew Failes & family. FAILES, Watson (I12089)
8668 Recorded on Mary Vosper's christening. MENHINNICK, Mary (I12139)
8669 Recorded out of sequence in Nov 1867. ENEVER, Martha Mary (I18458)
8670 Records 14 children born to the marriage, 5 still living. FORREST, Emily (I10278)
8671 Records 5 children born to the marriage, 5 still living while 5 children are listed of which 3 appear to be from Benjamin's 1st marriage & 2 from the 2nd. 6 children appear to have born from his first marriage. CHATTAWAY, Benjamin (I14681)
8672 Records 8 children born, 3 still living. Living with the family is Walter Evans, b 7/1897, grandson. See also 1901 Henry & Mae. ENEVER, James (I14944)
8673 Records as mother of 9 children, 3 living. EWING, Jennie E (I6920)
8674 Records birth place Walworth (Southwark), Surrey. ENNEVER, Eliza (I154)
8675 Records date of birth as 20/10/1843. ENNEVER, Joseph Wade (I183)
8676 Records Elizabeth as widow of Arthur Fulcher, stevedore of 3 Bridge Terrace. MCEWEN, Elizabeth (I30700)
8677 Records his father as deceased. Family (spouse) F10579
8678 Records parents born England & France. ENNEVER, Joseph S (I937)
8679 Records status as CF (came free), religion as P(rotestant) and ship as "Friendship". ENNEVER, Ann (I2397)
8680 Records status as CF (came free), religion as P(rotestant) and ship as "Friendship". ENNEVER, Eliza Sarah (I2394)
8681 Records status as CF (came free), religion as P(rotestant) and ship as "Friendship". WALTON, Mary Anne (I268)
8682 Records year of immigration as 1885. HORNER, Edward Henry (I3720)
8683 Recoreded as aged 10!
Assumed to be 10 months. 
MILLS, Frederick (I1362)
Walter Desmond DFC died peacefully at home on Friday 25th June, aged
92 years. Dearest husband for 66 years of Primrose and loving father
of Alastair, Gillian and Donald and loving grandfather of Jonathan,
James, Lucy and Timothy. Funeral Service at St Mary's Church, West
Chiltington, 3 p.m. on Friday 2nd July

He was the father of (James) Donald MacGregor REEVELY who m 1989
Nicola Pamela Jane (b 1957) dau of Lt-Cdr (Peter) Timothy BURRELL RN
(b 1930, scion of the Burrell and Loder Bts and of the Wyndhams) and
Patricia Clarice Marion THOMPSON. They have two children: Timothy
James McGregor b 1997 and Lucy Elizabeth Constance b 1991.

Source: DT 30/6/2010 
REEVELY, Walter Desmond (I29231)
8685 Reference ID 14
Indexing Project (Batch) Number I05529-9
System Origin England-EASy
GS Film number 1749584 
HIBBITT, Sarah (I212)
8686 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F10584
8687 Reference: MEPO 21/19/7448 Description:

Retirement from Metropolitan Police: Richard Wildey

Date: 1888-1890 Held by: The National Archives, Kew Legal status: Public Record 
WILDEY, Richard (I31937)
8688 Reference: WO 373/73/852 Description:

Name Enever, George William
Rank: Lieutenant, Temporary Captain
Service No: 129383
Regiment: Intelligence Corps
Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
Award: Member of British Empire
Date of announcement in London Gazette: 20 September 1945

Date: 1945 Held by: The National Archives, Kew 
ENEVER, Lt.-Col. George William M.B.E. (I18134)
8689 Referred to in military docs re Gordon John Stratford. LOWE, Harry Ernest (I24714)
8690 Reg # Given Names Surname Father's Name Mother's Name
1912/B30182 Arthur Knight Quelch Arthur William Gertrude Olive McLeod 
QUELCH, Arthur Knight (I17837)
8691 Regd No. 2308/45, R.G. Dept. No. 44M180, Wife Petitioner. Family (spouse) F3940
8692 Reggie's marriage to Frances Shea in 1965 lasted eight weeks, although the marriage was never formally ended. An inquest came to the conclusion that she committed suicide in 1967 but in 2002 an ex-lover of Reggie Kray came forward to allege that Frances was actually murdered by a jealous Ronnie. Bradley Allardyce spent three years in Maidstone prison with Reggie and explained, "I was sitting in my cell with Reg and it was one of those nights where we turned the lights down low and put some nice music on and sometimes he would reminisce. He would get really deep and open up to me. He suddenly broke down and said 'I'm going to tell you something I've only ever told two people and something I've carried around with me' - something that had been a black hole since the day he found out. He put his head on my shoulder and told me Ronnie killed Frances. He told Reggie what he had done two days after."

Source: wikipedia 
SHEA, Frances Elsie (I11261)
8693 Regimental number 3902 ENEVER, Arthur Francis (I21159)
8694 Reginald M Armstrongborn 23 Mar 1917 Wickham (1917/5116) parents Thomas R/Louisa E,  War Service WW2  NX45827 en. 27 Jun 1940,  disc. 18 Oct 1945, Private 2/3rdPioneer Battalion
Thomas R Armstrongborn 1892 Newcastle (1892/24877) parents Martin/Clara,  married 1916 Louisa E McLellan Newcastle((1916/7155)
Martin Armstrongparents George/Mary,  married 1891 ClaraPayne Newcastle (1891/5810,  died 1913Newcastle (1913/3113)
Clara Armstrong (neePayne) died 1941 Hamilton (1941/3472) parents Edward/Caroline 
ARMSTRONG, Reginald Martin (I22459)
8695 Reginald V Robertsborn 10 Nov 1917 Chatswood (1917/42978) parents Reginald Fairfax/EleanorUna,  died 14 Jan 1990 Gunnedah,privately cremated
Reginald FairfaxRoberts born 1886 Ashfield (1886/5800) parents Oscar G/Anne,  married Eleanor Una Thompson 1912 Sydney(1912/12373) 
ROBERTS, Reginald Vernon M.B.E., D.C.M. (I9788)
8696 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. BULL, Reginald Frank (I29260)
8697 ReginaldWalter Saunders born 1908 Scone (1908/18848) parents Bateson/Melba M,  died 26 Aug 2001 Scott Memorial HospitalScone, late of Bunnan & Muswellbrook
BatesonSaunders born 1877 Scone (1877/20327) parents Thomas/Sarah A,  married 1908 Melba M Palmer Scone (1908/2783)
ThomasSaunders married 1874 Sarah Ann Goodworth Scone (1874/3801)
SarahAnn Saunders (nee Goodworth) born 1857 (1857/6991),   died 1943 Scone (1943/5811) parentsBateson/Unknown (probably Jane) 
SAUNDERS, Reginald Walter (I22407)
8698 Register entry marked as void - reason not known. WILDEY, Harold Woodward (I31965)
8699 Register entry marked as void - reason not known. KEMP, Lotty Elizabeth (I32029)
8700 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. CAMILLERI, Tina Maria (I9626)
8701 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. RICHES, Carole Ann (I15974)
8702 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. ROACH, Danae Phyllis V (I11698)
8703 Registered as George Samuel Arthur Ennever. ENEVER, George Samuel Arthur (I2380)
8704 Registered as OLD. OLD, Caroline (I2496)
8705 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. SPEARMAN, Wendy Christine Lovejoy (I13242)
8706 Registered in 1925 Q3 & Q4 (both 4a 599). Family (spouse) F5602
8707 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. HANNAWAY, Adelain Winifred (I2367)
8708 Registration appears to be 1863 Q1. ENEVER, Walter (I15501)
8709 Registration not found but the family believe the marriage took place after he was discharged from the Royal Engineers. Family (spouse) F1214
8710 Registration not found. JANE, John Henry (I5943)
8711 Registration not found. ENNEVER, Charles (I453)
8712 Registration not found. MILLER, James William (I11990)
8713 Registration not found. LENSH, William (I11194)
8714 Registration not found. GILLFORD, Albert William (I11101)
8715 Registration not found. INCE, Rosetta (I7193)
8716 Registration not found. Family (spouse) F7528
8717 Registration not found. JANE, Mary Ann (I11414)
8718 Registration not found. JANE, Mary Ann (I11416)
8719 Registration not found. WYATT, Gertrude Annie (I25096)
8720 Registration not found. Reported as killed in an Air Raid over Manchester (see Ruskin Bond's memoir) while another family member believes she may have died of pneumonia. BOND, Alma Eveline (I24361)
8721 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F1785
Eurgo Gold Development Ltd, a com-
pany formed to carry on chiefly gold
mining activities, was registered in
Canberra yesterday. The capital is
£30,000 divided into 120,000 shares of
5/- each.
The first signatories to the Articles
of Association are:- Herbert John
Humphreys, 33 Martin Place, Sydney
company director; Thomas Leahey, 29
Second Avenue, Joslin ,S.A , investor;
Herwald Gordon Kirkpatrick, 34 Mar-
tin Place, Sydney, architect, Joan Mc
Kenzie Moore, 34 Martin Place, Syd-
ney, secretary; Royden Murray Ser-
vice, 9 Blake Street, Rose Bay, con-
sulting engineer, Mavis Hayes, 34
Martin Place, Sydney, stenographer;
and John Welch Ewing, , 34 Martin
Place, Sydney, chartered accountant. 
KIRKPATRICK, Herwald Gordon (I3131)
8723 Regn not found. POWER, Lily (I13134)
8724 Regn not found. HAZELL, Alice Edith (I13168)
8725 Regn not found. GREENHILL, Charlotte (I16454)
8726 Regn not found. COMMONS, Robert (I9250)
8727 Regn not found. Family (spouse) F4916
8728 Regn not found. Possibly Edith Grace Sach (sic). SUCH, Grace (I12676)
8729 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F1897
8730 Regstd with Ministry of H. Medical Service
Registered with Carshalton UD for Ambulance Work 
APPERLY, Herbert Claude (I27172)
8731 Relief given: 2 children educated at schools. Husband's late employer gives 5/- per week; formerly 10/- per week. VINER, Sarah Wilder (I103)
8732 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F1750
8733 Rent 2/- VINER, Sarah Wilder (I103)
8734 Reportedly for stealing a chicken. ENEVER, Charles (I14868)
8735 Reportedly married in Spain at some point while Francis was in service to the King of Naples. Family (spouse) F10752
8736 Reserve (Police) FURLONG, Frank Archibald (I23622)
8737 Residence is illegible. ANTHONY, Frank (I12896)
8738 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. CHRISTIANSON, Rhonda Kay (I10757)
8739 Return. ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon (I33592)
8740 Returned to England 1821 to represent the emancipated convicts before the British Parliament. Prominent colonial champion for civil liberty.  A book by Kevin Lewis Smith,  Colonial Litigant Extraordinaire,  relates his story. EAGAR, Edward (I2986)
8741 Returning home from Yokohama. POWLEY, Alan Bruce (I19237)
8742 Revised to Sharpe on 1939 register (28/5/1974) ENEVER, Emily (I19627)
8743 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F1854
8744 Richard & Mary Powell are living at the same address (mary probably nee Rowles - see 1851 census in Maidstone). )William Hawes, blacksmith, is lodging with the family. BROWN, Edward (I16997)
8745 Richard Adcock is visiting Francis Grant & family. Richard’s granddaughter, Madeline Potton, was to marry Arthur Ennever in 1916, Arthur being Edmund Francis Grant’s cousin (once removed) both being descended from John Ennever & Mary Ponder. ADCOCK, Richard (I3804)
8746 Richard Adcock is visiting the family. Richard’s granddaughter, Madeline Potton, was to marry Arthur Ennever in 1916, Arthur being Edmund Francis Grant’s cousin (once removed) both being descended from John Ennever & Mary Ponder. GRANT, Edmund Francis (I1017)
8747 Richard Austin, witness to the wedding in 1833, is living with the family. ROBERTS, Elizabeth Ellen (I27545)
8748 Richard Austin, witness to the wedding in 1833, is living with the family. BRITTEN, Thomas (I16759)
8749 Richard ENNEVER
Birth Date: 12 Mar 1891
Death Date: Apr 1986
Social Security Number: 216-32-2297
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Maryland

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 32233
Localities: Atlantic Bch, Duval, Florida
Atlantic Beach, Duval, Florida
Jacksonville, Duval, Florida 
ENNEVER, Richard Cantwell (I948)
8750 RN J. 2621 Leading Seaman ENEVER, Albert Victor (I14806)

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