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Ennever & Enever family history & ancestry. Click here to return to the home page WJ Ennever (1869-1947). From the portrait by J Seymour R.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy.



Matches 8,251 to 8,500 of 10,417

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8251 Recorded as Enever.
Birthplace recorded as Swansea but the enumerator appears to be one line out on birthplaces. Believed to be Reading, Berkshire 
BRISTOW, Stuart Mill (I15361)
8252 Recorded as Enever. ENEVER, Thomas (I12128)
8253 Recorded as Enever. CLAXSON, Arthur Frederick (I20206)
8254 Recorded as Enever. ENNEVER, Annie Mildred (I1831)
8255 Recorded as Enever. ENNEVER, Maria (I338)
8256 Recorded as ENEVOR. ENEVER, Catharine (I2392)
8257 Recorded as Eniver.
Age recorded as 43. 
ENNEVER, Frederick Joseph (I293)
8258 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F306
8259 Recorded as Ennever and married. ENNEVER, Jane (I153)
8260 Recorded as Ennever or Ennver.
Performed by TJ Godsalve-Crosse, Vicar 
ENNEVER, Jane (I523)
8261 Recorded as Ennever. ENNEVER, Mary (I314)
8262 Recorded as Ennever. ENNEVER, Louisa (I270)
8263 Recorded as Ennever. ENNEVER, George William James (I269)
8264 Recorded as ENNEVOR.
Aged 23. 
ENNEVER, William Hill (I333)
8265 Recorded as Ennexer. Family (spouse) F1926
8266 Recorded as Enniver. ENNEVER, Jeneffer Waldrosina Dezdernomie (I23713)
8267 Recorded as ENNVER. ENNEVER, Frederick Joseph (I293)
8268 Recorded as Esther A Enever. SCHOOLING, Esther Ada (I12736)
8269 Recorded as Esther Ennver or Enuver. Month possibly Oct. ENNVER, Hester (I17073)
8270 Recorded as Ethel Frances Ennever in Indexes.
Ages recorded as William 24, Ethel Frances 21.
In presence of George Harrold and John William Ennever (elder brother).
Performed by AJ Ball, Registrar and William Gregson Supt Regr. 
Family (spouse) F132
8271 Recorded as Eugene Taylor, married to Harold Taylor. ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon (I33592)
8272 Recorded as Eugene, aged 10. ENEVER, Eugenie Bourdon (I33592)
8273 Recorded as Eva May. ENEVER, Eva Grace (I2385)
8274 Recorded as Eva. CHEVALIER, Emma (I5161)
8275 Recorded as Evenner. HIBBITT, Reginald Ennever (I3361)
8276 Recorded as Everett, widowed yet housewife. ENEVER, Frances Annie (I15339)
8277 Recorded as Evlyn. DUFFY, Carrie Evelyn (I5897)
8278 Recorded as Fabion Clark. Family (spouse) F1963
8279 Recorded as Fanny Quait Harvey. QUAIT, Fanny Mary (I19933)
8280 Recorded as Farchild. Family (spouse) F1060
8281 Recorded as Feardon Hande Saxton! SAXTON, Ferdinand (I9710)
8282 Recorded as Featherston. FEATHERSTON, Doris Evelyn (I6222)
8283 Recorded as first married at 26. EWING, Jennie E (I6920)
8284 Recorded as FLEWON. FLEXON, Susannah (I83)
8285 Recorded as Florence Bloomfield, boarder. BLOOMFIELD, Florence Harriet (I180)
8286 Recorded as Florence Ennever BLOOMFIELD, Florence Harriet (I180)
8287 Recorded as Florence F Aiano. AIANO, Florence Annie (I25626)
8288 Recorded as Florence Louisa Bowers and her father as Edward John Bowers. Family (spouse) F3616
8289 Recorded as Florence Maggie Bunten. Family (spouse) F3191
8290 Recorded as Florence Read. CLINKER, Mary Florence (I6738)
8291 Recorded as Florence. BERRY, Flora Matilda (I21103)
8292 Recorded as Florence. POLLYN, Flora (I11928)
8293 Recorded as Florrie Wells. GIBSON, Florence Emmeline (I19019)
8294 Recorded as Frances Ennever. BLOOMFIELD, Florence Harriet (I180)
8295 Recorded as Frances Mouser (marriage of Eliza Mouser to Francis Ennever took place in 1851 although Francis's birth certificate records Eliza as Eliza Ennever formerly Mouser). ENNEVER, Francis (I1221)
8296 Recorded as Frances. UNKNOWN, Florence Margaret (I17131)
8297 Recorded as Francesca Marsh. Address recorded as Purbeck Street, believed to be Purbrook St, nr Riley Street. KELL, Florence Esther (I10227)
8298 Recorded as Francis, assumed to be Franklin. LOSEE, Franklin (I25669)
8299 Recorded as Francis. CLAXSON, William Francis Cooper (I29856)
8300 Recorded as Frank and as 'Infirm'. ENEVER, Francis (I14937)
8301 Recorded as Frank Phillip Leahy & Annie Smith. Family (spouse) F4113
8302 Recorded as Frank. FOULGER, Francis (I31663)
8303 Recorded as Franny, aged 18.
ENNEVER, Fanny (I10485)
8304 Recorded as Frederick J Klinker. Family (spouse) F1911
8305 Recorded as Frederick Oakley. Family (spouse) F1607
8306 Recorded as Frederick W Gibbs. GIBBS, Frederick William (I9536)
8307 Recorded as Frederick, aged 23. OAKLEY, Albert Edward (I4196)
8308 Recorded as Frederick. ENEVER, Fred Percifull (I17287)
8309 Recorded as from yd: upland (unclear) COOPER, Hanah (I11620)
8310 Recorded as George & birthplace as Congham. OVERTON, Christopher George (I11755)
8311 Recorded as George & Sarah's g/son, birthplace as Islington. ENEVER, George William (I15506)
8312 Recorded as George & Sarah's son. ENEVER, George William (I15506)
8313 Recorded as George A. RENECLE, Arthur George (I2121)
8314 Recorded as George and married, Amelia not present. CHALLIS, Nathaniel (I19304)
8315 Recorded as George Bowler's wife. CLAVERIE, Elizabeth Sarah Lucy (I28914)
8316 Recorded as George Bowler. DAVIS, George Samuel (I28931)
8317 Recorded as George Burge. HIBBITT, George Howland (I13716)
8318 Recorded as George Burge. HIBBITT, George Howland (I13716)
8319 Recorded as George Byford. CORNISH, George (I28349)
8320 Recorded as George Cory Bushill. CORY, George (I4361)
8321 Recorded as George James Ellsworth. PINKERTON, George Ellsworth (I8980)
8322 Recorded as George Newbury. Family (spouse) F3761
8323 Recorded as George Oakley. OAKLEY, George (I4198)
8324 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F11049
8325 Recorded as George W. H. Hill HILL, William Henry (I35646)
8326 Recorded as George's sister. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
8327 Recorded as George. OVERTON, Christopher George (I11755)
8328 Recorded as German Subject WEIDIG, Heinrich August Wilhelm (I1228)
8329 Recorded as German subject. HOFFMEIER, Katherina (I6740)
8330 Recorded as Gertrude Mary Cubis. Family (spouse) F2081
8331 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3812
8332 Recorded as Gilmore but assumed to be Norman. FELSCHOW, Norman (I24638)
8333 Recorded as Glebe Cottage, Pynford or Pymford, Swansey. PHIPPS, Joyce Rashleigh (I24839)
8334 Recorded as going to stay with Mrs Callaghan's mother in Adelaide. ENNEVER, Rosetta Ivy (I2283)
8335 Recorded as Grace Emily Banks. ENEVER, Grace (I14471)
8336 Recorded as grandson. ETTRITCH, George W (I4032)
8337 Recorded as Grayshott, Hampshire in his father's military service record. SPEARMAN, Allan Francis Lovejoy (I7569)
8338 Recorded as Great Oxiswell but assumed to have been intended to be Great Coggeshall. CORNWELL, Mary (I548)
8339 Recorded as Grubbe. Family (spouse) F1084
8340 Recorded as H Harriett in 1891 but assumed to be Rose who was with the family in 1881. Birth cert not seen so name uncertain. CURTIS, Rose (I6441)
8341 Recorded as H. R. ENEVER, Robert (I15073)
8342 Recorded as Haines. LONG, Anna (I8658)
8343 Recorded as Hall. Family (spouse) F2130
8344 Recorded as Hannah and assumed to be Mary nee Field as the children's names and dates all match although the change of occupation from Pauper in 1841 to School Mistress in 1851 looks odd. Mary is recorded as married although William is not present.

It could also be possible that William remarried between 1832 & 1841 and died in the same period leaving the children with his 2nd wife. 
FIELD, Mary (I3682)
8345 Recorded as Hannah Ash. WHITAKER, Hannah (I20465)
8346 Recorded as Hannah Elizabeth. OVERTON, Hannah Elizabeth (I11984)
8347 Recorded as Hannah M POUND, Anna Maria (I2929)
8348 Recorded as Hannah M Enever. ENNEVER, Hannah (I11586)
8349 Recorded as Hannah Wells, widow. GIBSON, Hannah Furness (I9789)
8350 Recorded as Hannah. SMETHAM, Louisa (I3987)
8351 Recorded as Hannah. WEST, Louisa Elizabeth Matthews (I3773)
8352 Recorded as Hanover. ENNEVER, Samuel Forster (I1225)
8353 Recorded as Hanoway. ENNEVER, Ellen (I1623)
8354 Recorded as Hanoway. HARRIS, Elizabeth (I172)
8355 Recorded as Hanoway. ENNEVER, John William (I170)
8356 Recorded as Hanoway. ENNEVER, John William (I168)
8357 Recorded as Harriett Hutchings. CHANT, Harriett (I32089)
8358 Recorded as Harry J. ENNEVER, Henry Joseph (I949)
8359 Recorded as Harry, aged 65. POOK, Harry (I1272)
8360 Recorded as Harry. BOWLER, Henry Joseph (I28937)
8361 Recorded as Harry. HURRELL, Henry Samuel (I16183)
8362 Recorded as Harry. KLENKER, Henry (I6741)
8363 Recorded as Harry. ENNEVER, Henry Hezekiah (I968)
8364 Recorded as having 2 children, 1 living. UNKNOWN, Mamie (I10375)
8365 Recorded as having 2 children, 2 still living although only 1 is with the family. O'REILLY, Jennie Veronica (I971)
8366 Recorded as having 2 children, none living.
Parents born New Jersey. 
TUCKER, Marietta (I10491)
8367 Recorded as having 4 had children, 2 living. MOTT, Jennie H (I10358)
8368 Recorded as having 8 children, 5 living. TADMAN, Ann (Ada) (I6482)
8369 Recorded as having a wife & 3 children. On his death he was recorded as never married. ENNEVER, Henry Joseph (I949)
8370 Recorded as having had 14 children, 12 still living. CLAVERIE, Elizabeth Sarah Lucy (I28914)
8371 Recorded as having had 15 children, 10 still living but it is not known if John Law is included in the 15. LAW, Charlotte Violet (I16500)
8372 Recorded as having had 3 children, 2 surviving. KEMP, Harriet Ann (I11209)
8373 Recorded as having had 6 children, 2 still living. It appears she has only recorded children born to her current marriage. COLLINS, Emma Agnes (I6113)
8374 Recorded as having had 7 children, 5 living. ENNEVER, Henry Joseph (I697)
8375 Recorded as having had 8 children, 6 surviving. UNKNOWN, Lexa A (I11305)
8376 Recorded as having had 8 children, 7 surviving. UPWARD, Clara (I18929)
8377 Recorded as having married c1887 but with having had 0 children. Emily was born 1898. Family (spouse) F3008
8378 Recorded as having the following livestock: 19 horses, 2 milking cows, 20 other cattle & 20 pigs. MORRIS, Herbert Rhodes (I11065)
8379 Recorded as head of family & married. Percy not present. PRICHARD, Sophie (I18337)
8380 Recorded as Helen Hill. HILL, Ellen (I7104)
8381 Recorded as Helen Merrington. SECKER, Ellen (I9563)
8382 Recorded as Helen, but believed to be Caroline. FARR, Caroline (I13045)
8383 Recorded as Helen. GRADY, Ellen (I169)
8384 Recorded as Helena F. ENNEVER, Eleanor Fanny (I122)
8385 Recorded as Helena, believed to Ellen Louisa. HALL, Ellen Louisa (I25703)
8386 Recorded as Hellen. DREDGE, Eleanor Maud (I11029)
8387 Recorded as Helmer. HELMORE, Robert Henry (I6335)
8388 Recorded as Henricus Sailor Family (spouse) F462
8389 Recorded as Henry Braine. BRAIN, Harvey (I2028)
8390 Recorded as Henry Everett, believed to be Henry Ennever. ENNEVER, Henry (I58)
8391 Recorded as Henry Francis Todd. TODD, Francis Henry (I498)
8392 Recorded as Henry Miller. MILLER, Charles Henry Austin (I18503)
8393 Recorded as Henry Robert Enever. ENEVER, Robert (I15073)
8394 Recorded as Henry Robert Enever. ENEVER, Robert (I15073)
8395 Recorded as Henry Smith Enever. ENEVER, Henry (I16741)
8396 Recorded as Henry William Ansell. ANSELL, Henry Richard (I1954)
8397 Recorded as Henry William Sheather. Family (spouse) F485
8398 Recorded as Henry, assumed to be James, who was aged 8 in the 1861 census. BOGGISS, James (I1488)
8399 Recorded as Henry. GRANDI, Oriano Fuliano Bartolommes (I2848)
8400 Recorded as Henry. GRANDY, Oriano (I2847)
8401 Recorded as Henry. HARVEY, Harry Enever (I19794)
8402 Recorded as Henry. HOLMES, Harry (I21113)
8403 Recorded as Henry. SHELTON, Samuel (I14491)
8404 Recorded as Henry. OVERTON, George Henry (I11891)
8405 Recorded as Henry. HELMORE, Thomas Edmond (I6334)
8406 Recorded as Henshaw. WHITE, Thomas (I25643)
8407 Recorded as Henshaw. WHITE, Thomas (I25643)
8408 Recorded as Henshaw. WHITE, Henry (I25606)
8409 Recorded as Herbert Gilliard Carleton. CARLETON, Herbert Gillard (I22199)
8410 Recorded as Herbert J Wise. Family (spouse) F5837
8411 Recorded as Herbert Joseph. POWER, Frederick Joseph (I19744)
8412 Recorded as Hernwell/Hernwill. Family (spouse) F870
8413 Recorded as Hester. SPRINGALL, Katharine Maud (I5036)
8414 Recorded as Hilda H. SMITH, Hilda Ellen (I3569)
8415 Recorded as Hildenboro (nr Tonbridge) UNKNOWN, Ann (I12372)
8416 Recorded as Houchin, aged 45. HOUCHEN, John Christopher (I3772)
8417 Recorded as Hough or Huff. HOUGH, Henry (I1150)
8418 Recorded as Hough. HOUGH, Henry (I1159)
8419 Recorded as Houten. Family (spouse) F1576
8420 Recorded as Howard SUTTON, Dunstan Howard (I11165)
8421 Recorded as Ida E Ince, married. Assumed to be Nellie. WILLIAMS, Nellie (I7230)
8422 Recorded as Illingworth. SHEPHERD, Henry (I11081)
8423 Recorded as in Colney Hatch in March 1889 in Bromley House admission register for Albert & Ernest Ennever, his sons. ENNEVER, Frederic (I102)
8424 Recorded as in US 27 years in the 1925 census. Not naturalized. NARDIELLO, Maria Lucia (I33092)
8425 Recorded as Irish Free State. DWYER, Margaret H (I958)
8426 Recorded as Isaac William Uren but believed to be Isaac George. There's no corresponding birth of an Isaac William that I can find, his father was a William, birthplace and age are consistent, they have a son Isaac George and I can't find any later trace of an Isaac George.. Family (spouse) F645
8427 Recorded as Isabella Parr. BAMBER, Isabella (I68)
8428 Recorded as Isabella. TRIBE, Mary A J (I2424)
8429 Recorded as James Ash. WHITTAKER, James (I20463)
8430 Recorded as James Howe. BLEACH, James Edward Whittenham (I26629)
8431 Recorded as James John Foulger. FOULGER, John James (I31646)
8432 Recorded as James S Bennett, a visitor. BENNETT, Samuel James (I15095)
8433 Recorded as James. LAWS, Richard James (I5479)
8434 Recorded as James. BROWN, Thomas (I16994)
8435 Recorded as James. ASH, Joseph James (I16639)
8436 Recorded as Jane & age as 33. LANGWITH, Jane Sarah (I6408)
8437 Recorded as Jane E. Family (spouse) F2018
8438 Recorded as Jane Enever, living with Francis (Syd) & family. BUCKNER, Jane (I17841)
8439 Recorded as Jane Enever. ENNEVER, Eliza (I154)
8440 Recorded as Jane Ennever, mother-in-law. GRIFFIN, Elizabeth Mary (I258)
8441 Recorded as Jane on the page before her grandparents, with whom she was living. BRITTEN, Jennie (I24148)
8442 Recorded as Jane Taylor, widowed, living with her daughter-in-law, Laura Ellen Taylor (nee Harris). BUCKNER, Jane (I17841)
8443 Recorded as Jane, born South Hornsey. LANGWITH, Jane Sarah (I6408)
8444 Recorded as Jefsey (Jessey). HOUSE, Jane (I13977)
8445 Recorded as Jemmah. DOYLE, Johannah (I14745)
8446 Recorded as Jennie WASSERBACH, Annie Julia (I10417)
8447 Recorded as Jennie S. FARMER, Sarah Jenny (I9456)
8448 Recorded as Jennie. THWAITES, Jane Emily (I30917)
8449 Recorded as Jennie. MARSTON, Jane (I30919)
8450 Recorded as Jenny, BADCOCK, Janet (I33650)
8451 Recorded as Jessie GRADY, Elizabeth (I1109)
8452 Recorded as Jessie E D Elworthy. ELWORTHY, Jessie Ethel (I3282)
8453 Recorded as Jetrude. DOWN, Gertrude (I15620)
8454 Recorded as Jim, aged 9m. Believed to be James b1892 who is unaccounted for.
James Michael Ince b12/1900 (Regn 1901 March Mile End) is believed to be the son of George Henry Ince & Eliza Snelling. 
INCE, James (I7219)
8455 Recorded as John BAKER, John (I23253)
8456 Recorded as John A Savage. SAVAGE, Albert Henry W (I19940)
8457 Recorded as John C. NOTINI, John (I33067)
8458 Recorded as John Curtis ENEVER, John (I14669)
8459 Recorded as John Enever.
Dwelling number 108. 
ENNEVER, Joseph Samuel (I694)
8460 Recorded as John Ennever. TADMAN, John Wicker (I452)
8461 Recorded as John Furlong at Charlotte's marriage. FURLONG, George (I13441)
8462 Recorded as John H. ENEVER, John (I18276)
8463 Recorded as John Henry. GRIFFIN, John Thomas (I8274)
8464 Recorded as John Hills, pauper aged 70. HILLS, John (I5040)
8465 Recorded as John Meldrum's nephew although Elizabeth Meldrum is recorded as having had 1 child but the entry has been deleted presumably by the enumerator. MELDRUM, Stanley Arthur (I609)
8466 Recorded as John on Eliza's marriage certificate. BROOMAN, Richard (I3281)
8467 Recorded as John on Elizabeth's marriage certificate. COCHRANE, Thomas (I1899)
8468 Recorded as John Secker.
No father's name or occupation given for Sarah Jane. 
Family (spouse) F439
8469 Recorded as John Tadman and as a florist presumably to disguise John Wicker Tadman's different name to his father. WICKER, John (I6375)
8470 Recorded as John Tadman. WICKER, John (I6375)
8471 Recorded as John W. INCE, John (I1618)
8472 Recorded as John William Hannaway. ENNEVER, John William (I168)
8473 Recorded as John, 3 weeks old. FURLONG, Walter (I23618)
8474 Recorded as John. UREN, William John (I2006)
8475 Recorded as John. Boarding with Richard Adcock & family, his future in-laws. POTTON, William (I464)
8476 Recorded as John. Visiting the family are Chas & Francis Hollier and Ernest John (Born Germany) BISHOP, Philip Jordan (I20678)
8477 Recorded as Joseph, possibly in error. ENNEVER, John (I211)
8478 Recorded as Joseph. FRANKLIN, John Robert Tyler (I24044)
8479 Recorded as Joseph. Visiting the family are Annie M Churchyard and 2 sons. ENEVER, Henry Joseph (I14789)
8480 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. Family (spouse) F3634
8481 Recorded as Julia Nugent on transcript of Emily's marriage. BREE, Julia Nugent (I9726)
8482 Recorded as Julia.
Records her mother as born France. 
WASSERBACH, Annie Julia (I10417)
8483 Recorded as Kate. NOTINI, Catharine Alice (I33072)
8484 Recorded as Kathleen L. LENSH, Catherine Edith (I7447)
8485 Recorded as Kirby. Family (spouse) F1069
8486 Recorded as Kiston St. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
8487 Recorded as L May Enever. UNKNOWN, Mae L (I15008)
8488 Recorded as Lame. CHALLIS, Sarah (I19317)
8489 Recorded as Larna. ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella (I33562)
8490 Recorded as Launcelot W Morris. MORRIS, Lancelot William (I3007)
8491 Recorded as Leah. SMETHAM, Louisa (I3987)
8492 Recorded as Lena. JONES, Elna Louisa (I5402)
8493 Recorded as Lensh. LYNCH, Daniel Peter Joseph Aloysius (I1529)
8494 Recorded as Lensh. Aged 61. ENNEVER, Frances Ann (I1343)
8495 As a living person is linked to this information, further details have been withheld. SMITH, Les Royston (I12469)
8496 Recorded as Leona. ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella (I33562)
8497 Recorded as Leona. ENEVER, Lorna Beatrice Estella (I33562)
8498 Recorded as Leontine. ENNEVER, Ida (I35754)
8499 Recorded as Lilian A Commons. Family (spouse) F3535
8500 Recorded as Lillian E Thomas. HIBBITT, Sarah Elizabeth (I3343)

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